Rose Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Rose Name Meaning and Origin

The name Rose is one of the most beautiful names in existence. The name reached its utmost popularity from 1896 to 1921, when flower names were significantly popular. The name used to be in the top 20 baby names. Although the name faded after this period, it was able to break into the top 200 girl names from 2014.

What Does Rose Mean?

Parents always want to choose a name that best suits their children. Therefore, they consider many things, and among them is the meaning of a name. The meaning of Rose is “a flower.” It is one of the most common and famous flowers. Therefore, naming your child Rose can be ideal if you love flowers. You can also choose this name if you want your child to have a famous name whose meaning can be traced back to Old English.


The origin of the name Rose is derived from the Latin word “Rosa.” It denotes the perennial flowering plant, which is among the genus Rosa. The name came into existence in England when introduced by Normans in the Middle Ages. The name’s origin is also linked to the Germanic name “Hrodohaidis.” This name is composed of two words where “hrod” means “fame” and “heid” means type.




  • Rose
  • Rohz


One syllable


Four letters

Name Variations/Spellings

The variations of a name differ in the context of first, middle, or last name. They signify the origin of the name across the world. Similarly, other spellings for Rose can refer to the name’s origin in different cultures or religions. Therefore, some of the Rose name variations are:

Name Origin
Roos Dutch
Roese Old English
Rosalie German
Rosaria Italian
Rosalía Galician
Rohese Old English
Rosa Spanish
Rozálie Czech
Róisín Irish
Rozália Hungarian

How Popular is The Name Rose?

The name Rose was vastly popular during the 1890s, after which it slowly faded from the popularity list. As observed in the Rose popularity index, the name rose back up in the popular names list. According to the Social Security Administration, the name ranked 299 in 2000, after which it dipped back into the top 500 list. The name ranked 330 in 2002, 343 in 2006, followed by 348 in 2008. The name started gradually going back into the popularity list from 2008 onwards.

The Rose baby name ranking has been steadily increasing since 2009 where the name ranked 349. In 2010, the name ranked 336, after which it entered back into the top 300 list. As per SSA data, the name Rose ranked 258 in 2012 and 225 in 2013. The name entered the top 200 list from 2014, where it ranked 194. From that point onwards, the name has increased in rank, denoting the interest in flower names. The name’s rank was 123 in 2018, 115 in 2019, followed by 113 in 2020. This suggests the name would soon enter the top 100 girl names list.

Interest in Rose – Worldwide

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The interest in the name Rose has been gaining an upward slope in the last decade. With a rank of above 60, the name reached its highest point in June 2015. The name’s interest increased in June 2016, April 2019, and February 2021. It shows the positive inclination of the name’s use across the world.

Interest in Rose – the US

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Over the last decade, the interest in the name Rose has been gradually increasing. The name has a consistent rank over 55. It reached the highest rank in June 2015 and spiked in January 2018 and April 2019. Although the name dipped in November 2020, it regained its interest from May 2021.

The popularity of the name Rose


Where is The Name Most Searched

Search trends of Rose – Worldwide

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According to the search trends in the world, France ranks the highest for the name Rose. It is followed by Tanzania, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. These are the top five countries where the name has ranked the highest in the last ten years, indicating the name’s high use.

Search trends of Rose – US

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The search trends for the name Rose indicate Nevada ranking the highest in the last decade in the US. Oregon, Oklahoma, California, and Illinois are the other cities among the top five where the name is the most searched.

Middle Names That go With Rose

Middle names are considered an integral aspect in preserving a family’s heritage. It can also be dedicated to a historical figure. Therefore, you should carefully consider the various choices before deciding on a middle name. Accordingly, some of the double names with Rose are:

Elizabeth Charlotte
Amelia Hermione
Felicity Eleanor
Madeline Josephine
Clarissa Victoria
Ophelia Aurora
Melody Louisa
Annabelle Miriam
Juliette Fiona
Tabitha Destiny


Famous People Named Rose

Celebrities have a considerable influence on various trends in the world. The same goes for name trends, and it’s popularity. Therefore, some of the most famous celebrities named Rose who have a significant influence on the name are:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Rose Hill British actress
Rose Cleveland Acting First Lady of the United States from 1885 to 1886
Rose Rollins American actress
Rose Zhang American golfer
Rose Combe French writer
Rose Nabinger German singer-songwriter
Rose Stone African-American singer and keyboardist
Rose Pacatte American film critic and Catholic nun
Rose Pere Māori New Zealand educationalist and spiritual leader
Rose Napoli Canadian playwright and actor

Similar Names & Last Names

Several names have a wide range of variations. This is the same for baby names like Rose that have other similar names. Hence, this list comprises of the family names for Rose and other names for Rose:

Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Rosalie Log
Rosaline Flores
Rosana Gray
Maryam Cooper
Rosette Rogers
Sabrina Evans
Rosina Carter
Raisa Hayes
Kalyna West
Roselyn Gomez

Names That Sound Like Rose

Many names have similar-sounding names that act as great alternatives. Some of the names that rhyme with Rose are:

Josie Jesse
Terrisa Louise
Jaysie Ambrosia
Rhoda Pearl
Josie Romi

Sibling Names Related to Rose

Selecting proper sibling names is necessary. You can choose sibling names that go with Rose that complement the names of all your children. Therefore, some of the sister names along with brother names for Rose are:

Sister Names for Rose Brother Names for Rose
Lily Jared
Willow Ash
Primrose William
Jasmine Aaron
Holly Ren
Iris Anthony
Flora Trevor
Dahlia Calix
Daisy Chrisanto
Poppy Quill

Nicknames for Rose

Nicknames stay with us for a long time because they are affectionately given to us. Hence, some of the popular nicknames for Rose are:

Rosie Rosa
Rois Rozsi
Rosalin Ross
Rosemary Roe
Rae Rosabell
Rosita Sei
Rosetta Sienna
Rosanna Roz

The name Rose has been gradually increasing in popularity. This suggests people’s inclination towards flower names where Rose is one of the most beautiful names. The name was able to enter the top 150 baby names list from 2017. It continues to rise with time and therefore has significant potential of entering the top 10 in the future.


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