50 Soft Names for Girls

Finalising a name for a baby girl can be a daunting task for her parents. Every name is unique; it could remind you of someone, and may have a positive or negative association with it. The name that you pick for your girl will be incorporated into her personality, and remain that way for her entire life. So, here’s a curated list of names that mean ‘soft’ – check them out, and choose a beautiful, soft name for your lovely baby girl! 

50 Soft Girl Names with Meanings

1. Aalya 

It refers to a girl who is very smooth and gentle in disposition. This name for your little princess is cute and adorable.

2. Aderyn

It is a Welsh origin name that means a gentle and soft bird. This beautiful name is perfect for your beautiful daughter.

3. Adin

This name has variants like ‘Adina’ and ‘Adeana.’ It refers to someone slender and delicate.

4. Ahe

It is a Polynesian name for girls that is popular in Hawaiian speaking countries. It refers to a soft, blowing wind.

5. Amor

It is a unisex name although more suitable for girls. This Spanish name means love or someone with a beautiful heart.

6. Adin

This name has variants like ‘Adina’ and ‘Adeana.’ It refers to someone slender and delicate. 

7. Ateebah

It is more popular as an Arabic name for the girl child. It means ‘a person who is soft and gentle’. 

8. Atubah

As you hold your baby in your arm, you have a soft feeling in your heart. This name means ‘soft’, ‘gentle’, and ‘delicate.’ 

9. Aura

Here is a name that is meaningful and has a unique sound to it. The name comes from the Titan Goddess of early morning breeze, and signifies a soft, gentle, energetic, and optimistic nature. 

10. Ballari

The name refers to someone who would always prefer to walk softly and quietly. Will your daughter be fit for this name?

11. Chenille

It means a soft-skinned woman. Your daughter’s gentle touch and soft skin make this name appropriate for her. 

12. Clemence

This name refers to a girl who is merciful, lenient, gentle, and soft-hearted. Give your daughter these virtues by selecting this name for her. 

13. Clemmy

This peppy name can be a derivative of Clemence or Clemencia. Your soft, mild, and pleasant daughter will love this name as she grows up. It also means gentle.

14. Delinda

This English name refers to a soft-spoken person or a flower. See her grow well-groomed lady with this name.

15. Deeba

It is a form of silk, and when you use the word as a name, it reflects the soft-heartedness of a person. 

16. Emmi

This nice-sounding name of Greek origin means a person who is friendly and has a soft nature. 

17. Ermelinda

You can also spell it has ‘Emerlinde.’ It means a person who is soft, tender, and wholesome as a universe. 

18. Eularia

Someone soft-spoken or speaks very gently and sweetly can be called by this name. Will this name be appropriate for your daughter?

19. Euletta

A person who is soft-spoken and speaks a sweet language can be called by this name. It can be a wise choice for your little princess. 

20. Fleur

This name has the perfect French feel to it. It is an ultimate flower name and gives a feeling of sophistication as well softness.

21. Gracia

It is inspired from the Latin name Grace, and means eloquence, kindness, and mercy, which are some important qualities seen in a warm and soft-hearted person.

22. Garbo

All of us will like our daughters to grow up as soft and kind-hearted individuals. This name means ‘kind and gentle’; perfect for your unique little girl.

23. Ghayad

This name symbolizes the delicacy and softness of a woman. Your daughter will be thankful to you for this gift as she grows up.

24. Guladhar

It is an Urdu name with a unique sound to it. Soft like a flower and good to smell, it reflects the kindness and sensitive nature of your daughter. 

25. Gulbadan

Gul refers to the rose flower, and badan means body. This Urdu name means a lady with a body as beautiful and soft as a rose. 

26. Gulbarg

This name has the finesse and a poetic essence that makes it the right choice for your baby girl. It means the soft petal of a fragrant rose. 

27. Jacinta

Here is another Spanish name for your beautiful daughter. The name has Greek origins and is related to the delicate flower, hyacinth.

28. Jennee

This Welsh name is a variant of Jennifer. The name means someone who is smooth, white, flair or blessed.

29. Jessamy

This name refers to the colourful and fragrant flower, jasmine. It adds a soft and flowery spin to the name.

30. Julienne

This girl name refers to individuals who are soft-spoken, noble, kind and generous.

31. Komal

It is a popular Indian name for girls for decades. It refers to softness and tenderness in a person.

32. Lilia

If you find the name ‘Lily’ more formal, consider Lilia as it is undoubtedly distinctive of the dainty name.

33. Layan

This Arabic name is a blessing of a prosperous life. It means soft and gentle.

34. Lilia

If you find the name ‘Lily’ more formal, consider Lilia as it is undoubtedly distinctive of the dainty name.

35. Lydia

Here is another name for you to consider when looking for soft baby girl names. Lydia means beauty that has tenderness to it. 

36. Lyla

It is a popular feminine name from the Arabic culture. The name reminds of the soft and mild light of a beautiful night. It is one entry to the cute soft girl names that you should not miss. 

37. Milana

This name is part ‘Mila’ and part ‘Melania’. In Slavic, it means ‘grace’, and has its sweetness and delicateness intact.

38. Milani

It is a Hawaiian name that means a soft, gentle and affectionate touch – feeling that you have when you take your baby in your arms.

39. Mridula

It is a Hindi name and quite a popular one in Indian culture. It means a soft person with a delicate nature.

40. Mild

Here’s a contemporary name for your girl child. It refers to a person who is kind, soft-hearted and mild-tempered.

41. Namrata

Here is another name from India that has a beautiful meaning to it. The name is symbolic of feminine gentleness or softness. 

42. Nariko

It is a Japanese name, and people often consider it a popular choice for girls’ names there. It means a soft or gentle child. 

43. Narmin

It is an Arabic girl name that means a flower and symbolises delicateness, and softness. For your daughter, this name will draw admiration as she grows up. 

44. Nasima

Your daughter is a breeze of happiness for you. Gift her this name that means ‘a gentle flow of air’. This Urdu name has recently gained popularity in Western cultures as well. 

45. Nhu

The name has a sound that is sweet and difficult to resist. It has a Vietnamese origin and refers to a soft, mild, and harmonious individual.

46. Pariyat

This unique name for baby girl comes from India. It means a person who is beautiful, soft and tender as a flower.

47. Rafiah

The name has an Arabic origin and means a soft-hearted girl who is exquisite.

48. Rugu

It is a Hindu girl name that means a woman who is soft and tender.

49. Winnie

It refers to a fair one who is soft and reflects happiness and purity. With all these traits associated with this name, you should not miss it for your baby girl. 

50. Zubaydah

It is an Urdu name and very popular in the Muslim culture due to its beautiful meaning. This classic name refers to someone who is soft-bodied. 

There has been a growing trend in the last few decades to give names to baby girls that sounds and means ‘soft’. These suggested gentle girl names are meaningful and catchy. Choose a beautiful name that will be cherished by your daughter, who will inculcate these gentle traits, and be admired for the beautiful human being she is.