Top 62 Star Wars Names for Boys & Girls With Meanings

62 Popular Star Wars Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Spanning decades, Star Wars is an iconic film series that has left an indelible mark on the minds of viewers. When one thinks of pop-culture baby names, Star Wars names are a must-features on the list. And why not? From the innumerable movies in the Star Wars universe, there are various beautiful names to pick for your precious little baby! It will also make an interesting story to tell your kids one day about the origins of their names. The Star Wars names are cool as well as unique, to say the least! Within the characters, places and vehicles that have become household features, we can find Star Wars-themed baby names. Read this compiled list of baby names from Star Wars to celebrate and pay an ode to the greatest movie franchise in recent times. We’re pretty sure you’ll have a couple or more favourites from this list!

Star Wars-Inspired Baby Names for Boys

Read on to shortlist Star Wars Boy names for your bonny boy!

1. Ahsoka

Sounds like Asoka, but Ahsoka is Anakin’s headstrong Padawan.

2. Ackbar

Akbar was a Mughal warrior, but Ackbar was introduced in the “Return of the Jedi” and was remembered for spotting trap.

3. Anakin

There is a lot of doubt about Darth Vader’s birth name, but this one indeed soars in popularity. The sound of the name makes it appealing with its Sanskrit origin that means “warrior”.

4. Ben

Sounds familiar, but has a deep connection with Star Wars. It is the nickname of Obi-Wan and the name of Han and Leia’s son.

5. Bodhi

Known for his courage and resilience, Bodhi was the original rogue Empire Kid. Different and unique, it is a great pick.

6. Cassian

A rebel from Rogue One, Cassian was Jyn’s aide. A human in the galaxy, he was a survivor and endured the Rebellion. The name means “curly-headed” in Welsh.

7. Dameron

The second name of Poe is an excellent choice for a first name too. It sounds trendy, cool and chic.

8. Falcon

The name of Han Solo’s legendary starship, it played a significant role in the Rebel Alliance. A great name, it is also the name of a bird.

9. Finn

Finn was a former Stormtrooper who left the First Order to escape. His journey took him to a Resistance pilot who christened him Finn, and that stuck.

10. Han

One of the fallen characters of Star Wars’ Han Solo will always be remembered and is an excellent name for a boy. Short, sweet yet impressive it will seamlessly blend with any second name.

11. Hux

General Hux, led the First Order troops and was an evil character. But the name is of English descent and sounds cool.

12. Jedi

Jedi’s are selfless knights or warriors who fight with a vengeance and have a deep philosophy behind their existence. Born to become Padawan apprentices, they exhibit a sensitivity to the Force after years of training.

13. Jyn

The protagonist of Rogue One, Jyn was another brave rebel who steals the plans of the Death Star to destroy it. An excellent name that starts with “J”.

14. Kylo

Kylo Ren was known for his short temper and unique lightsaber. Robust, resilient and aggressive, the name has a trendy feel to it.

15. Luke

Luke was a Jedi whose story is chronicled throughout the whole series. Meaning “light-giving”, Luke can also be a short form for Lucas.

16. Lando

Inspired by the character Lando Calrissian, the name means “land or territory”. A perfect name for parents who want to name their boy as an entity.

17. Mace

Mace was renowned for his purple lightsabre, lack of patience and disputes with the Senate. Simple and robust, the name sounds like a weapon.

18. Maz

Maz is a wise smuggler in the Force Awakens series and has a Hebrew origin to the name. Maz could be a short form for Mazee or Mazan.

19. Obi

The legendary Jedi and mentor to Luke Skywalker, Obi is a name if you want your kid to be named after a Jedi Master.

20. Orson

The original director of Death Star Orson Krennic has a name that sounds perfect. A name that has a pretty lilt to it and will gel well with any last name.

21. Owen

Owen was Luke’s uncle who took him under his care after Anakin went to the Dark Side. The name has a Welsh origin and means “young warrior.”

22. Poe

Peo Dameron is a Resistance Leader and a fighter pilot. He is a tough guy, and if you want your boy to be strong and brave, then Poe is the best way to start.

23. Ren

Kylo Ren was Ben Solo’s dark side name. The name may seem cumbersome but is reminiscent of Wren with a twist.

24. Solo

A character portrayed by Harrison Ford, the name is such a unique one that will make your kid stand out from the rest.

25. Vader

You want a Star Wars name, and you like the dark side, Then why not settle for Vader (another name of Death Vader). An unusual choice but a cute one, come to think about it.

Star Wars-Inspired Baby Names for Girls

Star Wars Inspired Baby Names For Girls

The epic saga of movies has a lot of female characters that are equally fierce forces to reckon. If you are looking for Star Wars girl names then shortlist one of these:

1. Aayla

Aayla Secura was Twi’lek Jedi and a strong force in the series. A lovely sounding name, Aayla, is a great pick.

2. Allana

The name of Han and Leia’s granddaughter, Allana was a Jedi-in-training with a strong connection with the Force. The name is of Irish origin and means “dear child”.

3. Amidala

The second name of Padme, Amidala, was the Queen of Naboo at a very young age. A very royal yet modern and contemporary name.

4. Aurra

Aurra is a Bounty Hunter, and the name has such a beautiful sound to it. It also sounds very similar to Aurora or Aura.

5. Barris

An olive-skinned Jedi, Barris Offee was an apprentice with the powers to heal people. If you want your girl to be a healer, then choose this one.

6. Breha

Breha is the adoptive mother of Leia, queen of Alderaan. The name is unique and will blend with any last name.

7. Carrie

Carrie Fisher was the actress who played Princess Leia. The name means “ pure in deed and thought”.

8. Eisley

A spaceship on the Tatooine planet, Eisley sounds sweet, lilting and melodious. Obi and Luke met Chewbacca on Mos Eisley while on their quest to Alderaan.

9. Estrella

Spanish in origin, the name means “star”. Esterlla is a great sounding name and is very different and will be perfect for parents who want a name with the letter “E”.

10. Hera

A skilled female pilot in Star Wars Rebel- Hera was born to an influential family. Hera meaning “protector” is also the name of the Greek goddess of family and home who is wife to Zeus.

11. Kiera

In Clone Wars, Kiera Swan was a female Weequay pirate. The name is a variant of the English variant Ciara.

12. Leia

The First Lady of Star Wars, Leia was beautiful, thoughtful, tenacious and sincere femme fatale. Leia is a variation of Leah and means “weary”.

13. Luminara

A green-skinned female Jedi master, Luminara Unduli commanded the 1st Elite Corps of the Grand Army. Meaning “ light” the name radiates positivity.

14. Luna

Luna is related to the moon. Luna means “no moon”, and there is a character named Luna in the famous Harry Potter series too.

15. Lyra

The name of Jyn Erso’s mother, Lyra is a melodious and sweet-sounding name. It is also a great name that will go with any last name.

16. Numa

A Twilek child, Numa built a home for herself in the tunnels of Nabat and helped Obi-Wan during the Clone Wars. Obi was supported by her to stop the droid forces and set the Twi’lek’s free.

17. Padme

With roots in Sanskrit, Padme is a variation of the word Padma that means “Lotus Flower”. Padme was an optimistic and courageous mother of the twins Leia and Luke and known to be a strategic and thoughtful leader.

18. Pluma

Pluma Sodi is a female Kage and also the sister of Krismo Sodi. The character was kept in a chest and guarded by Boba Fett and later freed.

19. Rebel

It was the Rebel Alliance that conquered the empire in the Return of the Jedi. It was all about good winning over evil. Name your daughter Rebel to help her conquer all odds.

20. Rey

An unusual name, the character Rey was equally uncommon in the series too. Rey overcame her complicated past to discover her Jedi powers.

21. Star

A celestial-sounding name, the name just draws inspiration from the galaxy that Star Wars is all about.

22. Sabine

Sabine Wren is a Mandalorian by birth and an expert in weapons. Fierce and brave, the name has a history connected with the Roman Empire.

23. Sky

Name your child “Sky” incorporating the elements of nature and pay homage to the iconic Skywalker family. You could choose to spell it as Skye too.

24. Tallie

Making a short appearance in The Last Jedi, Tallie is a talented fighter pilot in the Resistance. Tallistan Lintra is the full name.

25. Zam

A sassy pick, Zam Wessel was the female bounty hunter and assistant to Jango Fett. Zam was also an alien shapeshifter in the disguise of a grey lizard.

Unisex Star Wars Inspired Baby Names

You’ve got to check out these cool unisex names for your little baby boy or girl!

1. Bail

Bail means ‘valley’ or ‘city fortification’. In Star Wars, Bail Organa was the Republic Senate’s justice-focused representative.

2. Baze

Baze means ‘collector’ or ‘falcon’. In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Baze was a practical soldier protecting his homeland.

3. Carnor

This is a unique sounding name. Carnor was the aspiring Sith Lord and the Imperial Army’s Sovereign Protector.

4. Enfys

This name has Welsh roots and means ‘rainbow. In Solo: A Star Wars Story, Enfys was the marauder and leader of the Cloud Riders.

5. Ewan

Everyone’s favourite character of Obi-Wan Kenobi was played by Ewan McGregor.

6. Ford

This beautiful gender-neutral name means ‘river crossing’. Ford Harrison played the role of Han Solo in the Star Wars series.

7. Grogu

The name of the cutest baby Yoda! So apt for your little one!

8. Koska

Koska means ‘scythe’. Koska was the female Mandalorian, 

9. Migs

The meaning of Migs is ‘pne who has natural love for life and people’. Migs was a mercenary in The Mandalorian.

10. Morgan

The name Morgan means ‘circling sea’. Morgan Elsbeth helped build the Galactic Navy during the Galactic Empire.

11. Qin

The name Qin means ‘being respectful’. Quin was a prisoner who appeared in The Mandalorian.

12. Toro

Toro means ‘bull’. In The Mandalorian, Toro was the human bounty hunter.

From classic to wild, Star War names are iconic and traditional at the same time. So go ahead and take your pick from this list to name your kid from a galaxy far away.

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