100 Adorable Hawaiian Names For Baby Boys

Hawaiian Baby Boy Names

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Hawaii, one of the states in the USA, has been able to retain its history, culture, folklore and traditions. Tropical names for boy babies are a tad more cultural here. You will find a lot of boys named after the elements like water, islands, warriors, Hawaiian deities, and names urging them to grow up brave, strong, healthy, sunny and full of grit. Let’s take a look at some cool Hawaiian baby boy names!

List of Hawaiian Names for Baby Boys With Meanings

The most popular Hawaiian names for baby boys are inspired by the sky, fire, land and the sea. It is also common to choose island names for the baby boys. Most Hawaiian names for baby boys tend to start with the alphabets’ K’ and ‘M’; perhaps the influence of the sea! A classic example is ‘Kai’, which means ‘sea’ in Hawaiian. Another famous name is Keanu, meaning a cooling breeze, which gained more popularity after the actor Keanu Reeves hit stardom. The name is preferred by most expectant mothers. But don’t limit yourself. Here are some more meaningful Hawaiian names for young boys.        

Hawaiian Baby Boy Names

Name Meaning
Aheahe The name means as gentle as the breeze’s caress since “Ahe” means the breeze.
Akamai This name with Hawaiian origin means to be the clever or intelligent one.
Aalona This name with Hawaiian origin means “high mountain”.
Akamu In Hawaiian terminology, it means “made from clay or the red earth”. A variant on “Adam” with a biblical reference to God making man from the earth.
Akela This Hawaiian name will add all the nobility and grace to your son’s name. In Hindi, it means one who walks alone.
Elta The devout Christian Hawaiians use this name for baby boys. It means ‘the Lord is mine’ or ‘the Lord is my only God’.
Eusebio Another biblical name for the true worshipper and maybe from the name “Eusephus” or “Josephus” in Latin.
Haikili This name is used to denote the Hawaiian Thunder God.
Hanini In Hawaiian, this means to “pour like rain” and is very apt for the boys born in the rainy season.
Haulani If your son is born to rule, this is a great name as it means the “imperial ruler” in Hawaiian.
Ikaia An inspirational biblical quote to mean “God will deliver” and popular in Hawaii where it originated.
Ioane The name represents the Hawaiian way of saying “one who is in God’s favour”. The name is similar to another English name, “Ian”.
Kaeo This Hawaiian name means strength and is used for the one who is born strong and healthy.
Kahawai Kahawai is a Hawaiian term for the “river.” It is very suitable for your son if you live close to a river.
Kaholo It is a Hawaiian term for speed and means the “light-footed one.”
Kahula In Hawaiian, this term refers to “dancing”, especially if your son is always cheerful and happy when the music is on.
Kahuna The term is used in Hawaii to refer to the “medicine man” or a “wise man.” Did you know that there are over forty Kahuna in folklore? And, over twenty of the Kahuna are just healers! Hawaiian mythology also uses Kahuna to refer to experts in any profession, for example, sorcerers, priests, ministers, etc.
Kalino This Hawaiian name is very apt for the bright and intelligent boy as it means “the brilliant one” or “as bright as the sun”.
Kalon This Hawaiian term draws inspiration from the Sky God and his qualities. It means “the sky”, which in English would also make an excellent name for a baby boy. You can even spell it Kaylon.
Kanoa This Hawaiian name means “the one who is born free” or “the free-spirited one”.
Kanuha If you are naming your son a little later and he tends to sulk a lot, this name is perfect for him because it means “the one which means one who sulks”!
Kanye This Hawaiian name means “freedom” and has the famed Kanye West as the namesake.
Kaui The name means “this youth is beautiful”. The Hawaiin origins use beauty to describe both male and female and refer to inner beauty mostly.
Kilo No, it does not mean Kilogram! Instead, in Hawaiian, it means “the astronomer”, “the daydreamer” or “the one who always observes the stars”.
Kimo This term in Hawaiian means “to supplant” or “replace”. Hence the name could say “the family torchbearer”.
Koa The name is inspired by a warrior and means “the one who is a valiant warrior”.
Kona This name is gender-neutral and may have Italian origins where it means “a lady” or Sanskrit origins where it says “the corner” or “angular”.
Kukane The very masculine name from Hawaii that means “the great man”.
KyeKye The water-inspired Hawaiian name means “to possess oceanic qualities”.
Likeke If your son is born to be a leader and rule try this name which means “the courageous ruler”.
Leialoha The Hawaiians use this term as an endearment and means “my darling son.”
Makanui The name has origin in Hawaiian mythology and means the prince born in the “eye of greatness”.
Makoa This Hawaiian term is used for the one who is both courageous and fearless as it means “a brave and bold man”.
Ori It is a term in the Hawaiian dialect which means “my light”.
Pekelo The name means “steadfast” and “abiding”. The Hawaiians also use it to signify a rock or a stone.

Cute and Unique Hawaiian Names for Baby Boys

100 Adorable Hawaiian Names For Baby Boys

Who says traditional Hawaiian boy names are not cute? You have a long list of names to get through that are quite famous and also understood in the Hawaiian language. Most names are amenable to a quick tweak and are gender-neutral too. For example, Kaleo, Kalua, Kana, Kamuela, etc. The name “Kaleo” is a Hawaiian term meaning a loud sound and denotes the celebratory bang your son made when he was born. The name “Kalua” means the second son or child and is apt for the second child. “Kamuela” is a Hawaiian name for the child who heeds God and is also a term used for preachers and missionaries. “Kana” is a Hawaiian name referring to ordainment by God’s judgment. “Kane” is very common among Hawaiians name that represents the most famed Hawaiian deity, who heads the trinity of Hawaiian gods. That’s why he is known as the God of plants, wild foods, jungles and forests. Here are some more Hawaiian names for you to choose for your bundle of joy. After all, you want a name that is unique for him, will make him proud and also inspire him, don’t you?

Name  Meaning
Ahe “The softly blowing breeze” in Hawaiian is a great short name to choose.
Akoni A Hawaiian name that means praiseworthy and admirable while being short, cute, and unique.
Ailani This Hawaiian name means “the leader” or “Chieftan” and blesses your son if he wants to be a leader of men.
Etana A Hawaiian name meaning “of a strong character”. The term also symbolizes physical strength.
Haleigha In the Hawaiian language, this name means the “East or the House of the Morning or Rising Sun”.
Healani The name is means “haze or mist from the heavens”, perfect for a divine being.
Hikialani The name denotes thanking God for your son or “the one who looks up to the heavens”.
Hilo If your son is born on the first night of the lunar cycle, then this name is apt as it means “on the first night of the new moon”.
Lakopa Expecting twins? The second twin who comes “holding his twin’s heel” is named Lakopa in Hawaii. Remember the biblical Esau and Jacob in the Bible?
Lolana This Hawaiian name signifies the term “to soar.” Yes! All moms want their son’s ambitions and life-paths to soar. Right?
Kahikilani It is a term used in celebration and means “the arrival of the chief”.
Kahikina The name probably signifies the sun’s arrival and refers to the East or dawn. It is a suitable name for baby boys born at dawn or in the East.
Kahiko This name was used during the times of the irresponsible Chief Waia. It is said Kahiko had the power of speaking and was blessed by the Hawaiian Gods to take control from the Chief who shirked his duties.
Kawika This Hawaiian name means the one who is a favourite friend or beloved buddy.
Kawikani If you name your child so, he will grow from strength to strength as the name means “the strong one”. Can also be spelt as Kavikani.
Kayl The name of Hawaiian origin means “born free” or “free-spirited”. You can spell it as Kyle or Kayle.
Keimoni Sure your son is unique and what better way to say it than saying in Hawaiian that he is the one with an ocean of knowledge and uniqueness.
Kekoa The name originates from a Hawaiian term “a brave warrior”.
Kellii This name denotes nobility and is used to address the Chief in the Hawaiian dialect.
Keona The name is derived from Keon, which is praise to God and means “God has been gracious to me”. You can also use Keoni.
Kepakiano The devout believe this name of Hawaiian origin is taken from the term Keoni meaning “the gift from the Gods”.
Kika The name refers to the battlefield and is used to signify the one who is victorious at the battle place.
Konala This Hawaiian name invokes God’s favour and means “the chief of the world” or “the ruler of the earth”.
Konane This Hawaiian name signifies “a brilliant light” and “the enlightened one”.
Kualii It is the way the Hawaiian’s refer to every famous chieftain or ruler.
Kaiholo Names with Kai signify the sea in Hawaiian. This name means the “movement of the sea” or “the roar and roll of the seas”.
Lahahana If your son is born in summer the name is right for him because in Hawaiian it means “the sun’s warmth”.
Lanakila The name means “full of victory”.
Mele This Hawaiian term means “the one who is always merry and happy”.
Moke This name of Hawaiian origin refers to the refined gentleman who is as elegant as the sweet honey.
Nohea The name is similar to Noah and means born beautiful and blessed in Hawaiian.
Puna This name signifies the spring of water in Hawaii.
Uluwehi This name means “with abundant plants” or “a garden like Eden”.
Wakea Named after a deity who was the husband of Mother Earth called Papahanaumoku. They are supposedly the parents of all ruling chieftains in Hawaii.

Other Beautiful Hawaiian Names for Boys

In modern times, beauty is an abstract concept and today’s boys and men are beautiful too! Beauty is an inner dimension and the name of the meaning is perhaps what expectant mothers love most.  It is the very first gift any parent could give to their precious bundle of joy. Endearments are also used as names in Hawaii. Like Kaipo is a Hawaiian name used as an endearment and means my beloved, my darling, etc. Kamaka is an endearment for a dear child and means the loved child. Kamalei is used for an adorable son or child and is also an endearment. Go ahead and look for some Hawaiian inspiration.

Name  Meaning
Aouli This name of Hawaiian origin means “the limitless blue sky”.
Anankoni This Hawaiian name is a form of adaption of the name Anthony.
Bane In Hawaiian, this means “the child that is long-awaited” or “the child born after a long time”.
Ekewaka In the Hawaiian dialect, this name is a form of the English name Edward, and it means “protector of wealth”.
Hani The name has Arabic roots though it means “to move or touch lightly”.
Hale This word of English origin means “healthy” is a popular name that means “the one who hails from the far off valley”, and a variant of the name Harry.
Hanale This name is used to denote the master of the house. It is also the way the locals would adopt the name Henry to their culture.
Iokua A biblical name that means “God will deliver me” in the Hawaiian language. It is adapted from the Hebrew word YehōshÅ«’ a or Joshua and pronounced as its derivative. 
Kaila The Hawaiian term for style makes a unique name for your baby boy.
Kana The name refers to a demigod from the Island of Maui who supposedly became a rope and covered the stretch from Hawaii to Molokai.
Kahiau In Hawaiian, this is the name for a caring individual or the one who is selfless.
Kahoni The Hawaiians call “the kiss” as Kahoni. A unique and very apt name for a baby boy.
Koi This Hawaiian name means to beg and implore. It is a variant of the Greek name Troy.
Kawai This name means born of water and is of Hawaiian origins.
Kelani This name is unisex and means “from the heavens”.
Lono This name is for the child brought up on farms and means the “God of Agriculture and Peace”.
Liko It is a rare name which in Hawaiian means the young flower bud.
Lopaka Of Hawaiian origin, this name signifies a “bright flame” or like the sun.
Makani The name means “the one who flies like the wind”, perfect for a baby boy who aspires to become a sportsman.
Makai If you want your son to be a sea-farer, then this name is for you as it means “the one who heads to the sea”.
Malo The name has Hawaiian origins and connotes a winner who is full of victory. Try spelling variants “Malu” or “Mallo” if it suits you.
Mano The name is used to refer to a shark and is typically a Hawaiian way of adapting a name with Spanish origins.
Maui A typical name from Hawaiian folklore about the Fire God deity who created the Hawaiian Islands by tricking his brothers to fish the land out of the ocean. He is supposed to have bound the sun to slow it down.
Moani This name is a term used in Hawaiin dialect which means “the scented breeze blowing over the land”. You can also spell it Maonee, Mona or Moana if you wish. Remember the Disney character Moana?
Noelani It is another name for boys born on Christmas day. It means “the dew from the heavens” and can be shortened smartly to Lani, Noel, or even used for a baby girl.
Nainoa This term is used for the one who watches over the little children and has Hawaiian origins.
Onaona Sounds exotic and means “one who has a pleasing scent or fragrance”. It has Hawaiian origins too.
Pika It is a Hawaiian endearment for a baby boy who is vibrant and full of life. Adapted from the name Peter with a local flavour perhaps.
Uluwehi This name has a dash of colour and means plants that are lush green and grow well in Hawaii.
Wilbert This name has also been popular and adapted into the Hawaiian language without any changes.

Names with the Hawaiian origin are meaningful and perfect for the parents who want to give a direction to their sons. And, like all mothers with sons, you are right on the mark when you want one that is Hawaiian, sounds exotic and a unique baby name! We hope you do include one of our suggestions either as the baby’s first name, middle name or his nickname. Happy name hunting!

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