50 Elegant Long Baby Boy Names

50 Elegant Long Baby Boy Names

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Parents in any country or community always take naming their babies as a serious decision. Choosing a child’s name requires more effort as the name is just not a name, but it shapes the identity of a person.  The child’s name is his unique identity by which he is recognised throughout his life. Most parents want to name their child with an elegant and timeless name with a positive meaning. A powerful and meaningful name defines a baby’s personality as the baby grows up. So choosing a beautiful name is an important task for any parent. Short names are cute and easy to pronounce and project a modern personality. Whereas a long name for a baby boy depicts a strong personality and character throughout his life. A long name describes a serious personality when the child grows up. So parents are choosing long elegant names for their baby boys which are meaningful and have a secure origin.

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50 Perfect Long Baby Names for Boys with Meanings

Selecting a name from the long old fashioned boy names ensures the name will be powerful and with character. A boy needs a respectable name as he grows up to create a positive image in the society and his peers. Parents usually prefer to choose a long boy name that can be shortened for a matching nickname. This serves a dual purpose to have a meaningful first name and have a stylish nickname. For example, Sebastian makes for a good first name, and its diminutive form Seb is a great nickname for any boy.

Here’s the long baby names we’ve put together for you. Choose from this long boy names list for the perfect name for your baby boy.

1. Abraham

This name is of Hebrew origin and means “father of multitudes”. In the Old Testament, Abraham was the husband of Sarah. The popular name is also famous due to the president of America.

2. Alessandro

Alessandro is a variation of the name Alexander. The Italian origin name just like its English original means “defender of humankind”.

3. Avalon

This unique name is a variant of Avallach. The name refers to the island of Alavon and means “orchard of apples”.

4. Alistair

This noble-sounding name means “defender of the people”. The name is of Scottish origin.

5. Archibald

Archibald means “noble and brave”. The name’s short form Archie is also a popular name.

6. Augustine

This Latin origin name means “venerable” or “great”. The name is popular due to St. Augustine. Its variation Augustus meaning “magnificent” is also very popular.

7. Bartholomew

Bartholomew was the name of one of the apostles of Jesus. The Hebrew origin name means “son of the farmer”. Its shortened form Bernie is a cool nickname.

8. Beauregard

This elegant boy’s name means “beautiful gaze”. Its short version Beau is a popular nickname.

 9. Broderick

This unique boy’s name is of Irish and Welsh origins. The name means “descendant of Bruadar” in Irish and in Welsh “son of Rhydderch”. Rhydderch means “brother”.

10. Cameron

This elegant boy’s name is of Scottish origin and means “a crooked or bent nose”.

11. Channing

This Irish and English origin name is the perfect first name for boys. The attractive name means “wolf” in Irish.

12. Christopher

Christopher is a popular English name meaning “Christ-bearer” or “bearer of Christ”. The name is of Greek origin and is derived from “Christophoros”.

13. Cleveland

Cleveland is a popular name of a place meaning “from the cliff land”. The name is of English origin and is a combination of two words, cliff, and land.

14. Constantine

This elegant boy’s name is of Latin origin and means “steadfast or constant”. The name is derived from Constantinus.

15. Demetrius

This Greek origin name means “follower of Demeter, who was the goddess of the harvest”. The name is popular as it is also the name of Greek sculptor from the 4th century.

16. Dominic

Dominic is an elegant boy’s name of Latin-American origin. The name means “Lord”.

17. Elijah

This boy’s name is of Hebrew origin meaning “the Lord is God”. It’s Latinised form Elias is also a popular name.

18. Emerson

This popular boy’s name means “son of Emery”. Its shortened form Manny makes a cool  nickname.

19. Emmanuel

Emmanuel is a name from the New Testament. This Hebrew name means “God is with us”. The other variations of the name are Emanuel and Immanuel.

20. Enrique

The name is a derivative of Hendrik from Spanish. The stylish name means “head of the household”.

21. Fernando

Fernando is the variation of Ferdinand. The name from Spanish origin means “adventurer”.

22. Francisco

Francisco is the variation of Franciscus. The name is of Spanish origin and means “a Frenchman or a free man”.

23. Gabriel

This adorable name means “God is my strength”. It’s a shorter version Gabe makes a cool nick name.

24. Giovanni

This elegant name is the Italian variation of the name John and means “God is gracious”.

25. Guillermo

Guillermo from Spanish origin is a variation of Wilhelm. The name means “with a will as strong as a helmet”.

26. Harrison

This name which originated as a surname is now a first name. The name means “son of Henry”.

27. Humphrey

This popular royal name is of German origins. The name means “peaceful warrior”.

28. Jamieson

This Scottish name means “Son of James”. The male name has other variations in Jameson and Jamison.

29. Jonathan

Jonathan is a popular Hebrew name for boys meaning “God has given” or “gift from God”. The name is the longer version of Nathan from the Old Testament.

30. Leonardo

Leonardo is a Latin origin name meaning “lion”. The name was made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo its diminutive form, makes a perfect nickname.

31. Leopold

This sophisticated boy name means “bold people”. The name comes from Old High German origin word Liutbalt.

32. Lorenzo

This popular masculine name is of a Latin origin. The name means “from Laurentium”.

33. Maximilian

This strong and elegant boy’s name means “greatest”. The old-fashioned name is derived from Maximilianus a Latin name.

34. Montgomery

This name is the variant of Montague which means “pointed hill”.

35. Muhammed

Muhammed is an Arabic popular name for boys. The name is the name of the main prophet of Islam. The name means “praised or commendable”.

36. Nathaniel

This name is the variation of the Grrek name Netanyahu. The Hebrew origin name means “God has given”.

37. Nicholson

The elegant boy name is a variation of the name Nicholas of a Greek origin meaning “loved by all”. The name also means “son of Nicol”.

38. Obadiah

This name is of a biblical origin. The Hebrew word means “God’s work” and is used in the Bible for a servant of God.

39. Randolph

This name is a classic boy’s name meaning “shield wolf”. The name is a variant of Randolf and refers to “having strong warrior roots”.

40. Reginald

This elegant boy’s name is a variation of Reynold. The German origin name means “ruler”.

41. Remington

This a place name of old English origin. The name means “settlement on a riverbank” or “a person from the raven estate”.

42. Roberto

Roberto is the Italian version of the popular name Robert. The name means “bright fame”.

43. Roderick

This beautiful boy name of German origin means “glory, ruler, and king”.

44. Salvatore

Salvatore is a masculine name of Italian origin meaning “saviour”.

45. Sebastian

This name from Latin origin means “venerable”.

46. Tennessee

Tennessee is a long elegant name borrowed from the State of Tennessee in the US. The name refers to “a gathering place” and is of Native American origin.

47. Theodore

This elegant boy’s name is of Greek origin and means “a divine gift”.

48. Timothy

This name of biblical origin, it means “a person who honours God”.

49. Vladimir

Vladimir is a boy’s name and it is of a Slovak origin. The name is derived from Wladimir and means “great ruler”.

50. Zachariah

Zachariah is a name of Hebrew origin, and it means “God has remembered”. Other popular variations of the name are Zachary, Zaccaria, and Zechariah.

Every parent in the world wants to name their baby boy with a meaningful and elegant name. So when picking a name for their baby, they give much emphasis on meaning and origin. Choosing a long classic name ensures they choose a meaningful name.  An elegant name is always timeless and indicative of good virtues.

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