Yuki Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Yuki Name Meaning and Origin

Yuki is a Japanese name used for both genders, although they can be romanized the same way when vowel length is not transliterated. It can mean “snow,” “happiness,” “snow flower,” and “snow princess,” mostly apt for a baby born in winter.

What Does Yuki Mean? 

Derived from Japanese origin, the meaning of Yuki is ‘snow’ or ‘lucky.’ Yuki can be written with a combination of a YU, meaning ‘gentle’ and KI meaning ‘hope.’ It can also come from Yu meaning ‘reason, cause’ combined with ki meaning ‘valuable’ or ‘chronicle.’ In any case, the meaning of Yuki has a positive association and a magical quality that gives your child’s personality a lift.


Japanese names have a unique sound representing a different meaning according to the context. When used as a girl’s name, Yuki is a youthful and straightforward Japanese name commonly written with different characters or Kanji combinations. Like, the character meaning “happiness” can also be pronounced Yuki. Whereas, as a boy’s name, with a long U, the meaning of Yuki is “courage.” Yuki is a foreign-friendly name that is easy to pronounce and spell in other English-speaking countries of the world.




  • Yoo-KEE
  • Yu-ki


2 syllables


4 letters

Name Variations/Spellings 

Yuki name variations imply the range of available choices for parents to consider. These other spellings for Yuki put a unique spin on a common name. Here are some of the Yuki name variations and other spellings of Yuki that may offer versatility to the baby naming game:

Name Origin
Aki Japanese
Yoko Japanese
Beki Hebrew
Kiki Spanish
Miki Japanese
Niki Greek
Soki Hebrew
Sukie Hebrew
Viki Latin
Yula Russian
Yuta Hebrew

How Popular Is the Name Yuki? 

The Yuki popularity index shows an upward trend in the number of babies given the name during 1987-1990 and 2001-2004. Its highest popularity ranking reached the 3487th spot in 2004 with 43 babies named and the 2,937th spot in 2018. Sometimes the name Yuki has been more popular as a girl’s name, and sometimes it has been more popular as boys. As per the SSA records, the popularity trend for Yuki has been moving upward for a while. However, in recent years, the Yuki baby name ranking has dropped and settled mid-point at 4,046 as per the latest 2020 data.

Interest in Yuki – Worldwide

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A consistent search value of over 60 has been recorded on interest for the name Yuki reaching 100 in July 2014. The lowest value was recorded was at 40 in Nov 2018.

Interest in Yuki – the US

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Search trends for the name Yuki show a search value of over 40 reaching 100 in Aug 2014. It scored the lowest value of 39 in Feb 2019.

Popularity of the Name Yuki 

URL: https://www.ssa.gov/cgi-bin/babyname.cgi

Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search Trends of Yuki Worldwide

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Interest in the name Yuki has been highest in Indonesia in the past ten years. Singapore, Japan, the Philippines, and Turkey have made it to the top five positions. With the Japanese occupation of Indonesia fostering cultural amalgamation, it is no wonder that a Japanese name like Yuki has managed to garner the highest interest among parents of Indonesia.

Search Trends of Yuki in the Us

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Among the sub-region of the US, Hawaii records maximum searches for the name Yuki over the last ten years. Oregon, California, New Jersey, and Alaska queue up as the first five cities where search trends for Yuki project highest interest.

Middle Names That Go With Yuki 

Middle names can distinguish your child from others with the same first and last name, including other family members. Here are some suggestions of the best double names with Yuki that may add elegance to the given name:

Torey Suzu
Ken Kami
Miki Taji
Sora Nikki
Asahi Ren
Nana Jin
Cho Rei
Akira Hina
Yui Himari
Sara Yua
Ichika Akiko

Famous People Named Yuki 

Celebrity names have an aura and charm that may inspire parents to choose them for their newborns. Here’s a round-up of some famous people called Yuki who has outshone others and set the bar for success high for others to follow:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Yuki Kashiwaga Japanese idol singer of girl group AKB48
Yuki Bhambri Indian Pro-tennis player
Yuki Kajiura Japanese composer of music for anime series
Yuki Yamada Japanese Voice Actor
Yuki Nagasato Japanese Soccer Player
Yuki Kobayashi character from American/Canadian TV show “The Troop”
Yuki Amane character from “Steins; Gate”
Yuki character in the game “Yakuza 0”
Kaai Yuki Japanese Vocaloid
Yuki Ebihara Japanese Javelin Thrower

Similar Names & Last Names

Baby names like Yuki can generate an equal amount of curiosity as the original name. Family names for Yuki complete the first name and may connect a person with their roots. Here is a compilation of some of the other names for Yuki that may pique your interest:

Other Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Nagisa Sato
Aiko Suzuki
Zoe Cook
Dante Diaz
Haru Coleman
Miki Dimick
Shiho Evans
Hiro Felch
Luna Garcia
Wendy Gray
Kimi Harris

Names That Sound Like Yuki 

Names that rhyme with Yuki play with the words and sound of the name for an aesthetic effect. Here are some names that sound like Yuki that may offer the right kick of alliterative musicality and sound cute too:

Yoshe Yoshiaki
Yachi Chiako
Yasuo Yukia
Yogi Yuji
Yoshiko Yoshiki
Yessica Yuzuki
Yeshaya Yasu
Yu Jie Yash
Yi Ze Yukiko
Yaxha Yuuki

Sibling Names Related to Yuki 

Sibling names must be chosen by keeping in mind the nature of the relationship between them. Here are some of the best sibling names that go with Yuki, including both sister names for Yuki and brother names for Yuki, to sow the seeds of a solid lifelong bond:

Sister Names for Yuki Brother Names for Yuki
Umeko Kad
Midori Haruka
Mai Vin
Kyoko Karr
Naoko Durand
Candy Jaraxle
Rasia Drizmar
Ebele Durion
Yumi Hando
Gardenia Acheron
Gypsy Hiro
Ayame Norio

Nicknames for Yuki 

Nicknames have been used throughout history to connect with someone on an exclusive level. Here are some of the nicknames for the name Yuki that may make your child feel extra special and boost their confidence:

Yukah Yukicchi
Yu-Chan Yukkii
Yukii Yukko
Sky Yuki Yuki-Suki
Seishi Yukirin
Yuki modo solo Yuka
Sohma-kun Hyuki
Taiga Yuki Yukiyo
Yummy Yuuki Yukon
Colossalissee Yukiko
Yukio Yukie

Japanese names reflect the child’s heritage. You may choose a Japanese name if you like the sound of the name or its meaning. A name like Yuki means happiness can reflect your hopes for a cheerful and spirited child. It is also a nature-inspired name that activates our imagination and evokes winter scenes. Thus, Yuri is a short and sweet four-letter name with a vowel ending that is most suitable for babies born in December when the beautiful snow covers our surroundings.


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