175 Rare Baby Names For Boys And Girls With Meanings

The beauty of a name is that it is our identity for life. Every parent wants a name for their baby, which is unique and uncommon. Finding such a name is not an easy job, but we help you to find the rare boy and girl names for your little prince and princess so that he/she stands out of the crowd. We give you 175 cute rare baby names. Select your favourite one and give it to your blessed baby.

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100 Rare Baby Names For Boys

How lovely it is to be blessed with the best creation of God, a little angel!! This little angel deserves the most special name in the world, and we help you to find it for him. You can choose the apt one from these rare boy names and bless him with a lovely name for life.

1. Aaron

It is a name of Hebrew origin. Its meaning is “exalted”.

2. Abner

This is a name, which is uncommon and rarely heard. Its meaning is “father is light”.

3. Abram

A male given name with Biblical Hebrew roots, Abram means exalted father. It was initially the title given to the first of the three patriarchs in the Bible, subsequently known as Abraham.

 4. Adjo

Adjo, which means Righteous, is generally a masculine name from Nigerian-African origin.

5. Adlai

Adlai, formerly reserved for boys, has recently evolved into a name that can be used for all newborns. Even though it may be a biblical name that means “God is just,” this name has Hebrew roots.

6. Aidan

This cute little name refers to “fire” or “someone born of fire”.

7. Adan

This vintage name has a Hispanic origin and is very rare to find these days. It is a Spanish variant of the name “Adam”, and its meaning is “the first man on Earth”.

8. Anouk

It is a name of French origin. It is a beautiful name and it means “grace”.

9. Ambrose

It is a beautiful name that is used for both boys and girls. Its meaning is “immortal one”.

10. Anwyll

This name is a very rare choice for your little son. This name of Welsh origin means refers “one who is loved by all”.

11. Aquilla

This is a perfect choice as the name Aquilla means “eagle”.

12. Arlen

It is an Irish name with its roots in the Gaelic language. Its meaning is “pledge” or “oath”.

13. Armand

This unique name could be the right one for your little boy. Its meaning is “soldier”.

14. Aziel

This name is quite rare, abd it has its roots in Hebrew. It has a biblical touch to it, meaning “God is my strength”.

15. Bahari

Bahari, which means One Who Sails, is generally a male African name.

16. Banks

Banks is a given name of English origin that is a transferred use of a surname place name that means “by a bank.”

17. Barlow

The name means the bare hillside.

18. Benedict

It is a lovely name for your little one. The name’s meaning is “blessing”.

19. Bowie

This cute name has its roots in the Scottish language. It refers to “someone who has blonde hair” or is “fair-haired”.

20. Bradford

This name has some retro vibes and means “a broad river crossing”. It is also the name of a town in the United Kingdom.

21. Braylon

This name has been made by combining two beautiful names having contrasting meanings. The two names are “Brayden” and “Jaylen”. Brayden means “brave” and Jaylen means “thankful”. Thus, Braylon means “strong and thankful”.

22. Brennon

It is an Irish name that means “descendent of Brannan”. It also means “rain or a teardrop”.

23. Caspian

It is the name of the lake between Europe and Asia is a rare name fr your little one.

24. Casper

It is a unique name that is popular in Europe. Its meaning is “treasurer”.

25. Calix

Greek in origin, the name Calix is typically given to boys and means Very Handsome.

26. Callum

The Scottish Gaelic name Callum honours the Latin name Columba, which means “dove.”

27. Campbell

Campbell is a Scottish and Northern Irish surname —derived from the Gaelic roots cam (“crooked”) and beul (“mouth”)—that originated as a nickname meaning “crooked mouth” or “wry mouthed.”

28. Cree

This is a perfect name for your little one if you want his name to be unique. It is the name of a Native American tribe and it also mean “highly spirited”.

29. Damon

This is a very beautiful name, which means “the one who tames”.

30. Dario

It is a very rare and lovely name, which is a Latin variant of a Greek name, Darius. Its meaning is “possessor of good”.

31. Dashiell

This rare name refers to the anglicized version of the “De Chiel”.

32. Dale

If you’re looking for a lovely and distinctive nature name for your baby, Dale is a name that is both gender-neutral and conjures up happy images. The word “valley” is derived from the Old English word “dale.”

33. Darrion

The name Darrion, which means “gift,” is a combination of three names: Darian, Darrien, and the Greek name Darion.

34. Dash

Dash is a short form of other Dash-names and also a word name from the English language that means “to run rapidly.”

35. Daven

The Hebrew name David originates from the boy’s name Daven, which means “beloved.”

36. Dewei

It is a beautiful name that has its origin in China. Its meaning is “noble”.

37. Eamon

Irish-born Eamon is a boy’s name. It is Edmund’s Irish equivalent, and it means “rich protector.”

38. Elisha

Elisha is a name of Hebrew origin that is gender-neutral and imbued with dedication and obedient behaviour. It implies that God is my Salvation.

39. Elon

The Hebrew name Elon is a male first name or Jewish surname, meaning “oak tree.”

40. Enrico

Enrico, an Italian male given name and surname, is derived from the Germanic name Heinrich and signifies “homeowner” or “king.”

41. Earl

This name has a very strong and attractive appeal. It refers to “a nobleman” or “a warrior”.

42. Emmanuel

This name has its roots in the Hebrew and Latin languages. Its meaning is “God is with us”.

43. Ezekiel

This is a very fancy name for a baby boy. Its meaning is “God strengthens”.

44. Faraji

Faraji’s meaning in African baby names is “consolation.”

45. Felix

It is a name of Latin origin, which means “happy”.

46. Fitz

Fitz was a patronymic indicator used in Anglo-Norman England to help distinguish people by identifying their direct forebears (pronounced “fits”). It would come before the father’s first name or, less frequently, a title he held. Its meaning is “son of.”

47. Finlay

This name originated in Finland. Its meaning is “fair-haired hero”.

48. Foster

Foster means “one who maintains the forest” in English Baby Names.

49. Gibson

Gibson is of Old English origin, meaning “son of Gilbert.”

50. Gideon

Gideon (Hebrew: גדעון) is a masculine given name and surname of Hebrew origin which translates to “feller” or “hewer” (i.e. ‘great warrior’) in Hebrew.

51. Gus

A shortened version of the Latin names Augustus or Augutine, the name Gus means “majestic”.

52. Hale

By giving your child this Old English name, you can inspire him to be his own hero. Hale is a nickname that also means “from the hall” and “hero.”

53. Hanson

Hanson is a boy’s name that means, quite literally, “son of Hans.”

54. Harlan

The name Harlan is mostly of British origin and is gender-neutral. Harlan, which was first popularised as a boy’s name, is now frequently used as a distinctive given name for both girls and boys. Given its Germanic roots, it can mean “rocky path” or “dweller near the boundary wood.”

55. Hernan

This name has a Spanish origin. It originates from the word, Hernando. Hernando refers to “someone who loves adventures”.

56. Hutton

This name has a Scottish and English origin, and it means “settlement”.

57. Ignatius

This name means fiery. 

58. Imaran

Imaran, which means prosperity, is generally a male name with Arabic roots.

59. Indigo

The gender-neutral name Indigo, which has English and Greek roots, is certain to fit the baby’s rich, vivacious nature. Indigo, whose name is derived from the Greek word Indikon, which means “from India,” is a rich shade of blue with a hint of purple.

60. Isaiah

It is a Hebrew name which means “Yahweh is salvation”.

61. Jacoby

Derived from the Hebrew Yaakov—itself formed from the word akev, “at the heel”—Jacoby means “supplanter.”

62. Jagger

The meanings of the predominantly male English name Jagger include Carter and Peddlar.

63. Jasper

This beautiful baby boy name refers to a “red-coloured precious stone”.

64. Jax

This cute and short name is a contemporary version of the famous name Jackson. Its meaning is “God is gracious”.

65. Jett

It is a unique spelling variant of the name Jet. Jet refers to “a unique precious stone”.

66. Josiah

This is a name of Hebrew origin and is much more unique than the conventional name, Joseph. The meaning of Josiah is “God supports and heals all”.

67. Kalen

It is a name of Gaelic origin, which can be used for both a boy and a girl. Kalen means “slender”.

68. Kapono

This name can be a beautiful choice for your boy. It is a Hawaiian name that means “the righteous one”.

69. Keanu

It is a cute name of Hawaiian origin and its meaning is “cool breeze”.

70. Kenji

It is the name of Japanese origin. Its meaning is “strong”.

71. Kendrick

This lovely name is almost forgotten, and it means “royal ruler”.

72. Lazarus

This is a name taken from the Old Testament, and it means “God is my helper”.

73. Lyle

The meaning of this name is “an island”.

74. Marcellus

This name is derived from the Latin language. It is a beautiful name and its meaning is “young warrior”.

75. Maverick

This is a name unique name for your little one. Its meaning is “someone who has an independent and creative mind”.

76. Maynard

This is a rare name which is derived from the German language, meaning “brave and strong”.

77. Micah

This rare name means “one who resembles God”.

78. Nathaniel

There are many of this name like Nathan or Nate. Its meaning is “gift of God”.

79. Octavius

It is a Roman name. It refers to “eighth”.

80. Orson

This name is derived from the Latin word, Ursa, which means bear. Orson means “a bear’s cub”.

81. Osvaldo

This name is a Spanish and Portuguese variant of the name “Oswald”. The meaning of this name is “God’s rule”.

82. Otis

This is a cute name has a German and English origin, and it means “fortune or prosperity”. 

83. Pharrell

A variant of the name Farrell, this name means “man of valour”.

84. Quentin

A very regal and unique name for your baby, which means “fifth”.

85. Reggie

This name is a shorter version of Reginald. The meaning of this cute little name is “counsel power”.

86. Rehan

This name comes from the Islamic religious text the Quran. Its meaning is “a sweet smelling plant”.

87. Riggs

This name has its origin in Old English. Although the name doesn’t have a clear meaning, possible meaning includes. “son of Rigg” and “someone who lives in a place called Ridge”.

88. Rush

It is a cute name with Old English roots and means “dweller by the rushes”.

89. Sasha

A very trendy name meaning “defender of men”.

90. Sergei

It is a very uncommon name that means “shepherd”.

91. Silas

A name of English and Latin origin, Silas refers to “someone who belongs to the forest”.

92. Terence

It is an adorable name meaning “tender”

93. Titus

This is a name of Latin origin, and its meaning is “title of honour”.

94. Tobias

It is a unique name, which means “the goodness of God”.

95. Treyton

This is an uncommon name for a baby boy. It is derived from the name Trey, which means “tree”.

96. Wilder

Wilder is a name of German origin, Its meaning is “hunter” or “wild animal”.

97. Wren

It is a name from the Middle English period. It is often used for girls as well. It refers to “a small bird”.

98. Zachary

This name is a rare name. Its meaning is “remembered by God”, and you can shorten it to Zack for your son.

99. Zane

This name has a Hebrew origin, and it means “gift of God”.

100. Zyair

This name has its roots in the African culture. It is a very rare name and its meaning is “river”.

75 Rare Baby Names For Girls

Rare Baby Names For Girls

We have here a list of names that have deep roots in history and are also cute and rare girl names. If you choose from here it is very likely you would have an undiscovered name for your baby girl.

1. Abril

This has Spanish origin and it means the month of April. The name has not been in circulation for decades now and if you choose this name, it would be one in a million.

2. Aislinn

It is an Irish name which means “dream”. This beautiful and rare name, with an airy feel to it, will be an apt name for your girl whom you wished and dreamt for.

3. Alabama

This is an American name which is also a place in America. The place means “vegetation collectors” and was made famous by the movie “Sweet Home Alabama”. But it has not been in use for quite some time now and maybe it is the time to pick this and revive this name.

4. Alpha

Alpha has Greek origin and is the first letter in the Greek language. This was quite a famous name back in the 1880s but not anymore. If you make this your girl’s name, it is surely going to be unique.

5. Amanda

A cute name for a girl which literally means “loveable” in Latin. This name is supposed to have been coined in the 17th century but is quite extinct now.

6. Angelita

A befitting name for y our little angle, this means “angle girl”. It has Spanish origin which was used a lot in the ‘80s but not so much anymore.

7. Anita

This name has roots in Hebrew and Spanish. Spanish Ava has come from Hebrew Hannah and all the names mean “grace”.

8. Ashley

This has been a very popular name from the ‘80s till 2000. It is actually a unisex name that has English origin. It means “living in the ash tree”. This name has a ring to it with a nostalgic feel.

9. Barbra

An English name which means “foreign”. It was made famous by the singer Barbra Streisand and was high on the charts for 3 decades but seems to be vanishing now.

10. Bettie

A diminutive of Hebrew name Elizabeth, this means “committed to God”. A pretty name which had gained popularity with the character in the famous “Archie” comics, is now on the verge of extinction.

11. Blanche

It is a French name that has come from the word “blanc” and means “white”. This name was usually given to girls with blonde hair.

12. Bertha

It has German origin and means “bright one”. A befitting name for your little scholar.

13. Cassandra

This was a fashionable name in the U.S just a few years back but is not used so much now. It has Latin and Greek origins. In Greek it means “to excel” and she was a mythical princess of Trojan.

14. Cathy

This name if of Latin origin with a beautiful meaning; “pure”. A classy name that will suit your pure-hearted girl perfectly.

15. Charlize

This is one of the rare badass girl names which is a feminine form of “Charles”. It has south African origin and means “free woman”. It was popularized by the famous actress Charlize Therone but now it is getting away from the mainstream names.

16. Chelsea

This is a name that comes from old English and its literal meaning is “chalk wharf”. It is actually the name of a place.

17. Cheryl

This name is French name originally, which is just the right word to call your girl, it means “darling”. This name has a very sweet connotation and meaning.

18. Cilla

It is a shortened version of “Pricilla”. It has a Latin origin and means “ancient”. This name has an old-world charm attached to it.

19. Cindy

This name came into full bloom because of the famous model and actress Cindy Crawford. It has English and Greek origin. It comes from the Greek name “Kynthia” or English version “Cynthia”. It refers to the moon Goddess in Greek traditions.

20. Claudine

It is the feminine version of the Roman name “Claudius”. It was topping the charts in the 1970s with singer Claudine Longet becoming very popular. It has fallen off the radar in the last few years and would be a good choice for your girl for its exclusivity quotient.

21. Cordelia

This is a name of Latin origin and means “daughter of the sea”. A charming name with a and equally charming meaning, this was also the name of King Lear’s daughter.

22. Cynthia

This has Latin and Greek origin and a twist of the name “Kynthia”. Kynthos was a mountain on the Delos island and this name means a woman from those mountains.

23. Danielle

This is a Hebrew name and also has biblical significance. A feminine version of Daniel, means “God is my arbiter”.

24. Diane

This is a name with many roots. In the Indo-European version, it means divine. It is also the name of the Roman Goddess of childbirth. In French, it means “giver of goodness”. Whichever root you want to consider, this name has a deep meaning and was popular in the times of Princess Diana but not so much now.

25. Dixie

It means “tenth” and English and French origins. This has a cheerful connotation to it.

26. Dolores

It is a Spanish name which means “sorrows”. It has been in popular name in the U.S in the 1920s and 1930s but if you choose it for your girl now, she will be amongst the few with this name.

27. Donna

A feminine version of “Don”, this name has Italian roots. It means “woman” and what better name to give your girl than this!

28. Dorothy

It means “God’s gift”. A unique name nowadays is so befitting for your precious gift. It has an English origin.

29. Edna

This is a Hebrew name derived from the biblical garden of Eden. It means “delight” and your girl is surely your delight.

30. Erma

It has German origins and means “Complete”. It is also the name of the goddess of war.

31. Fenella

An unusual name with an unusual meaning “white shoulder”. It has Irish origin and became famous with Sir Walter Scott’s character in “Peveril of the Peak”.

32. Fiona

This name came about In Scotland and Ireland and since then was a popular name in English speaking countries. It means “fair”, coming from Gaelic word Fionn.

33. Gail

A befitting name for your independent girl as it means “independent”. It has Hebrew origin and a shorter version of the name “Abigail”.

34. Gemma

A perfect name for your gem of a girl as this means “Gem”. It has Italian origins.

35. Geneva

It is a German origin name which means “juniper tree”. A very rare name with less than 200 babies being named after this in the U.S.

36. Giavanna

This has Hebrew origin and means “God is Kind”. This name was once popular in its other version “Giovanna” but quite unheard of now.

37. Hadleigh

This means “heather meadow” and has Old English ties. It has many variants like Hadli, Hadleah, and Hadley and sounds pretty in all the versions.

38. Jacqueline

A feminine form of the French name Jacques, it means “May God shelter”. A name with positive vibes is what your girl deserves.

39. Janice

This has English origin and is a form of the male name John. It means “God is kind”.

40. Jennifer

A Cornish name which means “fair one”. It seems to have come from the name Gwenhwyfar, which is a Welsh name.

41. Jodie

A name of Hebrew origin it means “praised”. This name is very suitable for Jew families and even otherwise.

42. Katherine

This has Latin origin and means “pure”. A name that was once popular is now in the danger of extinction. An apt name for your baby as it signifies someone who spreads peace and harmony in the world.

43. Kay

This is a name from Arthurian legends. It means “the one who stores keys”. It could also be seen as an abbreviation of Katherine.

44. Kelly

There is an ancient Gaelic name “Ceallach” from which this name has been derived. It means warrior and has an appealing sound.

45. Kirsty

A befitting name for Christian families specially as it means “Christian”. It has a Scottish origin.

46. Kylie

The name has Hawaiian as well as Gaelic roots. It means “beautiful” and has feminine charm to it which would suit your baby girl perfectly.

47. Lauren

This is derived from English name Laurence. It has many meanings and one of them is “wisdom”. Your wise girl truly deserves a sweet name like this.

48. Leanne

A name that is open to many meanings. It has English origin and could mean “wood” or “grace” (derived from Anne). It can also be seen as a derivative of the name “Helem” which means “light”. All the meanings are wonderful and befitting for a girl.

49. Marcia

It is a Latin/Greek origin name. Its male version is Marcus and means “someone from Mars”. As per Roman mythology, it is also the name of “God of reproduction.”

50. Melissa

It is a Greek name meaning “honey”. A sweet sounding name with a sweet meaning attached.

51. Mildred

It means “gentle strength”. It has English roots. It has such a profound meaning and so perfect for a girl. It was at the peak of popularity in the early 1900s, though not so prevalent now.

52. Myrtle

This is an English word that is the name of a tree. It has a feminine connotation and sounds sassy at the same time.

53. Nancy

An English name that means “grace”. This is a graceful name for a girl and once quite widely used, is on the verge of waning completely now.

54. Nanette

This has English origin and means “favour”. It was at a peak in the 1950s but has grown out of fashion ever since. Re-introducing this will make sure you have an exclusive name for your girl.

55. Nicole

A name of French origin, this means “victory”. It had become famous due to the famous actress Nicole Kidman but not so much used now.

56. Olga

It is derived from Scandinavian name Helgi which means “hale and hearty”. An auspicious name for keeping your girl always safe.

57. Pam

Sir Philip had first used this name in his poem “Arcadia”. It comes from Greek and means “everything sweet”.

58. Portia

The name of the famous heroine in Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”, Portia has Latin origin and means “offering”. The name has not been used much after 2015 and could be a good choice for a unique name for your girl.

59. Rachel

Rachel was Jacob’s wife as per the Bible. It has Hebrew origin and means “female sheep”.

60. Rhiannon

A Welsh origin name, it means “majestic queen”. This is a sophisticated and lyrical name to give your girl.

61. Rhonda

This has roots in Wales and means “grand”. It is also the name of a valley in Wales.

62. Sallie

Sarah is a biblical name and Sallie is a derivative of the same. She was Issac’s mother. A vintage name was famous around the late 1800 and till the 1960s but not anymore.

63. Samantha

Belonging to old English and Hebrew, it means “Listener”. A name with deep meaning which will resonate with your girl.

64. Shakira

A Muslim name with Arabic origins, it means “thankful”. It gained popularity in the 2000s with the pop sensation Shakira, but has faded now and maybe this is the right time to rejuvenate it.

65. Shannon

It means “Old river”. It has old Irish roots.

66. Sheba

A short form of biblical Bathsheba, this means “promise”. This name has almost disappeared now.

67. Sondra

This is another exotic take on the name Sandra, which has Greek origins. It means “man’s saviour”.

68. Stacy

This name has Greek, Latin and English connections. It means “productive”.

69. Sue

An English name which is after the flower Lily. A pretty name for your pretty girl.

70. Susan

It has Greek roots and is the name of “Lotus flower”.

71. Tanya

It is a name of Hebrew origin and refers to the teachings in Greece. Once a very common name in the English-speaking world, now rarely used.

72. Thisbe

A mythological name that is said to have inspired the play, Romeo and Juliet. It has Greek roots and was the lover of Pyramus.

73. Trish

A very cool name in the 1960s, this has Latin origin and means “noble”.

74. Ursula

A name of Latin origin with the literal meaning of “little bear”. People with this name are very sympathetic.

75. Zelma

A rising name in the 1920s, mostly in America, it has almost expired its fame now. It means “attractive woman”.

Finding the rarest name for your little one might sound like a difficult task, but we make the process easy for you. These names are very different and are unheard of by most of us. Your childs name should carry your essence in it. So, choose from these beautiful names and enjoy parenthood.

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