Alex Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Alex Name Meaning and Origin

The name Alex is one of the common names found among the previous generations. Although this name was widely used as a boy’s name, it can be considered be a gender-neutral name. The name also entered the girl’s name list in 1950; however, it soon faded away from the list. This name experienced significant popularity after the 1980s; however, it started losing its fame from the late 2000s.

What Does Alex Mean?

The meaning of a name can be considered vital when deciding on a name for your child. In this context, knowing the meaning of Alex is essential. This name means “protector or defender of humankind.” Therefore, this name has a powerful meaning which makes it an appealing name choice.


Shortened from the name Alexander or Alexandra, the origin of the name Alex stems from Greece. The name is also associated with Alexander the Great, one of the most powerful military commanders in the 4th Century BC.




  • Al-ex
  • Ael-ax


2 syllables


4 words

Name Variations/Spellings

A name can have a broad set of variations that describes its significance across different cultures. The same goes for Alex name variations which come from different origins. Therefore, some of the other spellings for Alex are:

Name Origin
Alek Urdu
Alik Greek
Alecs Greek
Alexx Greek
Allex Greek
Alix French
Aleks Russian
Allix Greek
Alyx Greek
Aleix Catalan

How Popular is The Name Alex?

The name Alex was popular in the 1800s and 1900s. However, the name slowly began declining in the popularity list. As per the Alex popularity index, the name started losing its popularity from 2013 onwards. According to the data obtained from Social Security Administration, the name ranked among the top 100 baby names list till 2012. It ranked 62 in 2000, 2001 and 2003. The name moved to the 80s rank from 2008, where it ranked 84. The gradual use of the name was evident in the popularity ranking of the name.

The consistent decline of the name’s popularity in terms of boys’ and girls’ names is evident over the last ten years. The SSA data indicates the lack of the name’s use where it ranked 93 in 2010, 95 in 2011, and 98 in 2013. The name dropped from the top 100 list in 2013 by ranking 110, followed by 128 in 2014 and 134 in 2015. The Alex baby name ranking was 153 in 2018, 165 in 2019, and 182 in 2020. Although the name’s fame has faded, it still maintains a stable position among the top 200 baby names list.

Interest in Alex – Worldwide

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In the last decade, the name Alex has experienced a slightly declining curve in terms of interest. It reached its highest peak in August and October 2012. After that, the name’s popularity dwindled; however, it ranked high in November 2020, denoting the persistent interest in the name. However, the name has maintained a rank of over 60 in the global trends.

Interest in Alex – US

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In the US, Alex’s name has stayed chiefly with rank 65; however, it has never dipped below 40 in the last ten years. The name experienced sudden spikes in popularity in November 2014, followed by March and July 2019. The name’s interest skyrocketed in November 2020, which indicates the effective use of the name in the country.

Popularity of the name Alex


Where is The Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Alex – Worldwide

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In the last decade, the search trends of the name Alex has been found the highest in Honduras. The other countries where the search trends have been popular are Guatemala, Romania, the Dominican Republic, and the United Kingdom. These five countries can be considered to be the ones that use this name the most.

Search trends of Alex – US

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In the US, the search trends of the name Alex are observed to be in Rhode Island. The name has also been popular in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey in the last ten years. This suggests fair use of the name in these cities, making it a popular choice of name for children.

Middle Names That go With Alex

Many individuals don’t give priority when selecting middle names. But they play a vital role in maintaining a balance of your child’s overall name. This list presents some of the double names with Alex:

Flynn Louis
Banks Dean
Ford Bridge
Graham Jeremy
Blake Holt
Jace Lyle
Kyle Dane
Reeves Pierce
Shane Trent
Nash Kent


Famous People Named Alex

Celebrities have a distinguished impact on various aspects of our lives. The increase or decrease of a name’s popularity also depend on such stars. Therefore, some of the famous celebrities named Alex are:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Alex Rodriguez former American MLB baseball player
Alex Kingston English actress
Alex Auld Canadian ice hockey player
Alex Trebek American TV host
Alex Russell Australian actor
Alex Balfanz American video game developer
Alex Haley American author
Alex Bregman American baseball player
Alex Ovechkin Russian Ice Hockey Player
Alex Van Halen Dutch-American drummer, musician, and co-founder of the rock band “Van Halen”

Similar Names & Last Names

Baby names like Alex have many variants with similar meanings. This denotes the name’s significance across different parts of the world. Hence, some of the other names for Alex, along with family names for Alex, are:

Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Ansel Ross
Osmond Gray
Garrett Ramos
Ned Allen
Baron Wright
Raymond Gomez
Chadd Phillips
Caden Morris
Finley Walker
Sigmund Cooper

Names That Sound Like Alex

A name can have different similar sounding variations. This list presents some of the names that rhyme with Alex:

Callex Felix
Lex Rex
Dex Malec
Lenix Maddex
Malcolm Wallace
Chase Jace
Tobias Damien

Sibling Names Related to Alex

Selecting all your children’s names may seem like a daunting task. Therefore, having a flow among all your children’s names can be an excellent strategy. Due to that, you need to select appropriate sibling names that go with Alex. Hence, some of the sister and brother names for Alex are:

Sister Names for Alex Brother Names for Alex
Aria Andrew
Elanor Evan
Amy Aaron
Layla Leo
Nora Clayton
Amelia Adam
Delilah Eric
Rylee Jensen
Hailey Simon
Maya Tate

Nicknames for Alex

Our near and dear ones give us nicknames that we cherish in our lives. Similarly, your children will also have several aliases. Therefore, some of the quirky nicknames for Alex are:

Ali Al
Ale Xander
Aleo Aloo
Alie Alejandro
Xan Axx


The dwindling popularity of the name Alex doesn’t do justice to it. This is because this is a classic name with a symbolic meaning. Despite the reducing popularity of the name, it still maintains a position within the top 200 baby names list. Therefore, this name has a significant scope of making a comeback in the future.


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