Top 100 Harry Potter Names for Boys and Girls

100 Harry Potter Names for Girls and Boys

Harry Potter lovers always have several reasons to rejoice, and here’s one more. Books and films have been a craze all over the world. Even today Harry Potter and its characters are loved and admired. The characters have names that have French, British, or Latin origins. Many of these are unique and sound witty. It is not only the name of the little wizard that we remember from the books and the films, but you can also find some very cool baby names in the book. Some of these are not easily recognizable but can be the right choice for your baby girl or boy. Choose from these best Harry Potter-inspired baby names. Check out these fantastic names from the Harry Potter series.

Harry Potter Baby Names for Girls

Names in Harry Potter are very eccentric; from cool and light to dark and magical, you’ll find every type of name in the series. Here are 50 baby girl names inspired by loveable characters from the book:

1. Alice

It is an ever-popular name of German origin. She is Neville’s mother in the book. The name means ‘nobility.’

2. Amelia

This English name is derived from the German name ‘Amalia.’ In the Harry Potter film, she is shown as an aunt of Susan Bones. The name means ‘work.’

3. Ariana

It is an Italian name that is a common variation of Arianna. Derived from the name ‘Ariadne,’ it means ‘very holy.’ Ariana is the sister of Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series.

4. Angelina

Angelina is the longer version of the name ‘Angela’ derived from the Greek word Angelos, which means ‘angel’ and ‘messenger’.

5. Aurora

Aurora is a mystical and romantic name meaning ‘dawn’ in Latin. 

6. Charity

Charity is a female name of English origin which means ‘giving’ or ‘kindness’.

7. Cho

Cho is a Burmese name meaning ‘sweet’ used at the start of a female name or at the end of a male name.

8. Charlie

A gender-neutral name from the Harry Potter series, he is one of the Weasleys in the film.


It is a French name that means ‘hardworking.’ She is a member of the Order of the Phoenix. It is an uncommon name.

10. Fleur

It is a French name that is also popular in several English speaking countries. It means a ‘flower.’ She is portrayed as a French girl in the Triwizard Tournament in Harry Potter.

11. Ginny

Ginny is one character from Harry Potter that draws everyone’s attention. She is the love interest of Harry Potter and goes on to become his wife.

12. Ginevra

It is a name from the Arthurian legend that means ‘the fair one.’ In the series, she is Weasley’s daughter and a bold member of the Dumbledore’s Army.

13. Hermoine

It is a Greek name derived from ‘Hermes’ meaning well-born. She is Harry Potter’s best friend, and that makes this name a favorite.

14. Helga

Helga means ‘holy or blessed.’ She is one of the founders of Hogwarts and plays a vital role in the story.

15. Hannah

The name Hannah stems from the Hebrew and Biblical name Channah, which means ‘favor’ or ‘grace’.

16. Hedwig

Hedwig is a Germanic name consisting of the two elements ‘battle’ or ‘combat’.

17. Helena

Helena is a Greek girl’s name, meaning ‘shining light’ and is a derivative of the names Eleanor and Helen.

18. Kingsley

It is a gender-neutral name, and in the series, he is a prominent member of the Order of Phoenix.

19. Katie

Consider it a pet form of Katherine, and the name means ‘pure.’ She is the chaser for Gryffindor in Quidditch.

20. Lavender

It is a Latin name that means ‘blueish.’ The name probably comes from the plant. Lavender Brown is a student along with Harry and was Ron Weasley’s girlfriend as well.

21. Lily

She is portrayed as the mother of Harry Potter. The meaning of this name is pure.

22. Luna

This Latin baby name means ‘the moon.’ It’s one of the first Harry Potter girl names to gain wide popularity. She is a quirky character in the series.

23. Molly

This character drew much admiration in the series. She is the mother of Ron Weasley. She comes across as a motherly figure in Harry’s life as well.

24. Minerva

This cool name is the first name of Professor McGonagall. This Latin name is a little old fashioned, and it means ‘to remember.’

25. Myrtle

It is an Old English name that refers to a ‘flowering shrub.’ In the series, she is one of the important characters in the Chamber of Secrets.

26. Marjorie

It is a name that is derived from Margaret, and it means ‘pearl.’ In the Harry Potter series, she is the sister of Vernon Dursley.

27. Millicent

It is a name that is been used since the middle-ages. It is a name derived from French, and it means ‘strength.’ She is a student in Slytherin in the series.

28. Minnie

This name is quite popular. The meaning of this name is Mother, an informal version of Mother.

29. Matilda

Matilda is a girl’s name of German origin that means ‘battle-mighty’. 

30. Nymphadora

Nymphadora has a Greek origin. It means ‘a beloved’ or ‘adored young girl’. 

31. Olympe

Olympe is a girl’s name and a French variation of Olympia. It originates from Old Greek and means ‘from Mount Olympus’.

32. Orion

It is another gender-neutral name that you can prefer for your daughter. He is the father of Sirius in the series.

33. Orla

It is a name from Irland, which means ‘golden princess’

34. Pansy

It is one of the most beautiful flowers. A very popular name for girls.

35. Padma

Padma is a girl’s name of Sanskrit origins. It also has roots in the Persian language, and this lovely name means ‘lotus’.

36. Parvati

Parvati is a female name of Indian origin that means ‘daughter of the mountain king‘.

37. Polly

It is a very popular name, a female name, a form of Mary.

38. Poppy

Poppy is a character in the Harry Potter series. She is the school nurse at Hogwarts.


The name refers to the Roman Goddess of plenty. In the series, Pomona Sprout is the professor of Herbology at Hogwarts.

40. Petunia

A flowering plant popular in gardens for its bell-shaped white, pink, purple, or red flowers.

41. Ramona

Ramona is a girl’s name of Spanish origin, meaning ‘wise protector’.

42. Rita

Rita has Spanish and Greek origins. It stems from the name Margarita and means ‘pearl’.

43. Rolanda

Rolanda is a girl’s name of German origin which means ‘renowned land’.

44. Roslyn

Roslyn is a beautiful name for girls. It has a Latin origin and is an alternative spelling for Roslin and Rosalind. It means ‘gentle horse’.

45. Ruby

The name Ruby means ‘a precious red stone. It has Latin origins from the word ‘rubber’.

46. Rowena

This Anglo-Saxon name means ‘white-haired.’ In the series, she is the co-founder of Hogwarts- a fictional school of magic for students that teach witchcraft and wizardry.

47. Seraphina

Hebrew. Feminine form of the Hebrew word seraphim, which means “fiery” or “burning” and the Latin name Seraphinus.

48.  Susan

She is portrayed as a student in Hufflepuff. Susan is a Hebrew name. It is a floral name that means ‘lily.’

49. Sybill

Sybil is a girl’s name of Greek origin, meaning ‘a prophetess or ‘oracle’.

50. Wyatt

Wyatt is an old English name for girls meaning ‘brave at war’.

Harry Potter Baby Names for Boys

1. Amos

This Hebrew name means ‘strong.’ In the series, he is Cedric Diggory’s father, who comes across as a brave and loyal man.

2. Aberforth

Aberforth is a boy’s name of Welsh and British origin. In Gaelic, this name means ‘Ëœfrom the river’.

3. Argus

In mythology, he is considered a creature with a hundred eyes. In the series, he is the caretaker of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

4. Alastor

The name is of a Greek origin that means ‘avenger or someone who never forgets.’ He is one of the most famous Aurors.

5. Albus

This Latin name for boys means ‘white or bright.’ In the series, he is the Headmaster of Hogwarts. He is the most lovable character from the Harry Potter series.

6. Arthur

Arthur was the patriarch of the Weasley clan and worked at the Ministry of Magic. The name is derived from the Roman name Artorius, meaning ‘noble or courageous.’

7. Augustus

Augustus was a famous Roman statesman. In the Harry Potter series, he is the dark wizard who is loyal to Lord Voldemort.

8. Cormac

It is an Irish name that refers to a ‘charioteer.’ He is the keeper of the Gryffindor team in the series.

9. Charles

He goes to Romania to study dragons and is the eldest brother of Ron. The name is famous all across Europe and means ‘a free man.’

10. Cedric

It is a Celtic name for boys that means ‘bounty.’ It is one of the sweet baby boy names from Harry Potter. He is the one who gives his life to keep Harry alive.

11. Colin

Colin is an anglicized variant of the Irish names Cullen and Cailean, which imply ‘whelp’ or ‘cub,’ and have Gaelic origins. Colin derives from the Old French name Colle, a shortened version of the boy’s name Nicholas.

12. Cornelius

Cornelius is a Latin-derived name for men. The Latin word ‘cornu,’ which means ‘horn,’ is its source.

13. Draco

He is not a very positive character in the series. However, the name comes across as a powerful one. It means ‘dragon.’

14. Dean

Dean is an English-born boy’s name. The name means a resident of a valley.’

15. Dudley

The name Dudley is a boy’s name with English origins. This name means ‘people’s field’.

16. Filius

The Latin name Filius is typically given to boys. Its meaning of ‘heir’ or ‘son’ will offer the child a fantasy flare to go along with their incredibly bright personality.

17 Fred

The Harry Potter books and films made this name famous again. He is the twin brother of George Weasley and the elder brother of Ron.

18. Frederick

The name Frederick, given to males, means “calm ruler.” Yann Fredericks attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry during Albus Potter’s year as a Gryffindor student.

19. Harry

This name will remain number 1 on the list. It is a strong character in the series and is a sweet name as well.

20. George

Elder to Ron and twin brother of Fred, he is a stable and friendly character in the series. It is a Greek name.

21. Garrick

The boy’s name Garrick is pronounced GARE-ik. The meaning of the name Garrick, which is of Old English origin, is ‘spear-rule’.

22. Gellert

The name Gellert is of Hungarian origin for boys. With the meaning of ‘brave with spear,’ this retro nickname is designed to acknowledge your deeply ingrained history and embrace the traditional methods of living.

23. Godric

Godric is a British-born boy’s name. This Anglo-Saxon name, which means ‘God-ruler,’ is believed to have its origins in the English town of Goodrich.

24. Horace

The name Horace is of Latin origin for boys. Its meaning is ‘season’ or ‘period’.

25. James

It is a classic English name of Hebrew origin. The name is derived from the name Jacob. It means ‘supplanter.’ It is the name of Harry’s father in the series.

26. Justin

The names come from the Latin name ‘Justinus.’ Derived from Justus, it means ‘fair or just.’ Justin is a student in Hufflepuff.

27. Jasper

Jasper is a boy’s name of Greek origin. As Greek has no meaning, we will have to settle with the Persian meaning of ‘treasurer’.

28. Lucius

It is a Latin name that means ‘light.’ He is shown as a pureblood British wizard educated at Hogwarts and is the father of Draco Malfoy.

29. Neville

It is a French name that means ‘new town.’ In the Harry Potter series, many consider him one of the best characters in the Harry Potter series. He and Harry nearly share birthdays, except for the fact that he was born hours before Harry.

30. Orion

Greek in origin, Orion is a boy’s name that means ‘rising in the sky’ and ‘dawning’.

31. Oliver

Oliver is a Latin-derived boy’s name. It has a lengthy history of being related to the olive tree. Oliver, which means ‘olive tree planter’ in Latin, represents peace, honour, and friendship.

32. Pius

Pius is a distinctive, enduring choice to help introduce your baby to your faith. It is of Late Latin origin. It is derived from the name Pio and means ‘pious’ or ‘dutiful’.

33. Percy

The name Percy is of French origin for boys. The meaning of this name is ‘one who pierces the valley’.

34. Phineas

The name Phineas is of Hebrew origin for boys. Phineas, a variant of the Phinehas, which means ‘Nubian,’ alludes to the original inhabitants who previously governed Egypt.

35. Quirinius

Quirinus is a male-given name. Some people think Quirinus, the Roman god of thunder and lightning, is actually the Sabine god of war.

36. Remus

Remus is a male name with Latin roots that conveys admirable tenacity. The Latin word, which means ‘twin’ or ‘double,’ is an obvious connection to the name.

37. Ronald

He is part of the trio, with the other being Harry and Hermione. The name means ‘advice.’ He is the most famous redhead at Hogwarts.

38. Rubeus

Latin in origin, the name Rubeus is used for men. This name, which means ‘red,’ would be perfect for a newborn with a charming crown of red hair.

39. Rufus

Latin in origin, the name Rufus for boys means ‘red-haired’.

40. Severus

Nearly all romance languages have a place for the name Severus. Latin, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish claim it. This word, which means ‘stern,’ is for the world’s serious thinkers.

41. Sirius

While he may be the ‘lunatic’ uncle to Harry Potter, the name sounds cool. It means ‘bright star.’

42. Tom

Tom is a boy’s name that has Aramaic roots. This name, a shorter version of Thomas, means ‘twin’.

43. Xander

The name Xander, given to boys, is derived from the Greek name Alexander, which means ‘defender of humanity’.

44. Xenophilius

Xenophilius means ‘one who loves the strange’ when its Greek roots, ‘Xenos,’ which means ‘strange,’ and ‘phile,’ which means ‘love,’ is broken down.

45. Viktor

It is a Hungarian name that means ‘victorious.’ He is one of the students at Durmstrang.

46. Vincent

He is a student in Slytherin in the Harry Potter series. It is derived from the Latin name Vinventius that means ‘conquering.’

47. Reginald

It is a German name that means ‘the king.’ He is employed at the Ministry of Magic in the Magical Maintenance Department.

48. Seamus

It is a name with an Irish origin that means ‘supplanter.’ Seamus Finnegan is with Harry in Gryffindor.

49. Vernon

Here is another Harry Potter boy name that means ‘place of alders.’ He is the uncle of Harry Potter in the book.

50. Zacharias

It is a Greek name that means ‘the Lord has remembered.’ He is the one who is critique Harry Potter in the series.

Other Cool and Rare Harry Potter Baby Names

Boy Names 

  1. Eric
  2. Ernie
  3. Elphias
  4. Erroll
  5. Everard
  6. Euan
  7. Fabian
  8. Florean
  9. Fenrir
  10. Fletcher
  11. Frank
  12. Gilbert
  13. Graham
  14. Gellert
  15. Gideon
  16. Gordon
  17. Gregory
  18. Gilderoy
  19. Herbert
  20. Hassan
  21. Hengist
  22. Hermes
  23. Hugo
  24. Libatius
  25. Igor
  26. Ivor
  27. Ludo
  28. Mark
  29. Merlin
  30. Malcolm
  31. Marcus
  32. Michael
  33. Morfin
  34. Norbert
  35. Newton
  36. Nicolas
  37. Odo
  38. Oliver
  39. Owen
  40. Paracelsus
  41. Piers
  42. Pius
  43. Percival
  44. Percy
  45. Peter
  46. Rufus
  47. Sanguini
  48. Scorpius
  49. Reginald
  50. Regulus

Girl Names

  1. Arabella
  2. Araminta
  3. Ariana
  4. Augusta
  5. Alicia
  6. Amelia
  7. Agatha
  8. Alecto
  9. Betty
  10. Bathilda
  11. Bertha
  12. Circe
  13. Cassandra
  14. Celestina
  15. Delphi
  16. Dolores
  17. Dilys
  18. Dobby
  19. Doris
  20. Elfrida
  21. Elladora
  22. Eileen
  23. Eleanor
  24. Emmeline
  25. Enid
  26. Ellie
  27. Eloise
  28. Emma
  29. Gwenog
  30. Gabrielle
  31. Hepzibah
  32. Hestia
  33. Kendra
  34. Laura
  35. Mafalda
  36. Mandy
  37. Maisie
  38. Marjorie
  39. Maxime
  40. Mary

These memorable and sweet Harry Potter-themed baby names are perfect for you if you are a fan of books and films. These are stellar options that everyone will love.

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