Top 95 Mountain Baby Names For Boys & Girls With Meanings

95 Mountain Names for Boys & Girls

If you are expecting a baby, you want to name your child something unique. You will want that name to be a reflection of your choices. So, if you are a nature lover and spend a lot of time outdoors, simply jogging or hiking, then it is no surprise that you would want the name to be nature-related. Names that mean mountain are a great choice since they are mighty and strong. Every parent would want their little one to grow up to be a strong adult. This list will help you find excellent mountain-inspired baby names for your little princess.

Names That Mean Mountain for Boys

Parents have always preferred names that exude strength, bravery, and might for their boys! These mountain boy names perfectly signify towering heights and lofty peaks. Scroll on to read more!

1. Aadrik

This unique name means ‘The rising sun between the mountains’ and will make an excellent name for your baby boy, who is the sonshine (sunshine) of your life.

2. Aaron

The name Aaron means ‘mountain of strength.’ The name has a Hebrew origin, and in the bible, it was the name of the older brother of Moses, and he was the first high priest of Israelites.

3. Adrigu

The name translates to ‘Daughter of the Mountain Goddess.’ This gender-neutral name comes from Sanskrit origin and will make for a perfect baby name.

4. Agastya

The meaning of the name is ‘mountain thrower,’ and it is of Sanskrit origin. The other meaning of the name is ‘a wise man.’

5. Bahuketu

This Indian-origin name means ‘peaked’ or ‘a mountain.’ The name is taken from the Hindi language and makes for a decent baby boy name.

6. Berg

This is a Dutch or German name given to a person who lives on a hill or by a mountain. It is a popular Eastern European name, and in Old Norse, it means ‘hill’ or ‘mountain.’

7. Bergen

A beautiful gender-neutral name of Scandinavian origin, Bergin is a peaceful name that translates to ‘one who lives on a hill.’ It is the perfect name for nature lovers who love a hilly escape!

8. Birtle

This name is derived from Old English, and the meaning of the name is ‘hill of birds.’ A name variation is ‘Bertle,’ which is a masculine option.

9. Bray

It is derived from Old French and Cornish and stands for ‘borderland’ or ‘hill.’ Another variation of the name includes ‘Brae.’

10. Cadfan

This is a beautiful name with a Welsh origin. It is famous for its unique meaning, ‘battle peak.’ This name also belonged to a 5th-century saint.

11. Carmelo

This name has a Spanish and Hebrew origin, and the meaning of the name is ‘cultivated terrain.’ It is widely used as a name associated with the home of Prophet Elijah, Mount Carmel.

12. Chogori

A unique gem borrowed from the Balti language spoken in Tibet, this unconventional but handsome gem stands for ‘big mountain peak.’

13. Darryl

This name has been popular since the late 19th century. The meaning of the name is ‘mountain cranberry.’ It is believed to be borrowed from a Norman-French word.

14. Delmont

This is an Old French name taken by the English language many decades ago. The name Delmont means ‘of the mountain.’

15. Doruk

This handsome mountain baby name translates to ‘mountain top’ and ‘peak.’ It is of Turkish origin and an eclectic choice for your baby boy.

16. Elbio

This name has a Celtic origin, and the meaning of the name is ‘he who comes from the mountain.’ This unique name is an uncommon name for boys, but it is a unique name.

17. Ermal

A suave name that evokes vivid imagery, Ermal is an Albanian name that means ‘wind that blows in the mountain.’

18. Gandhamadhan

Gandhamadhan is a unique name with G that means ‘mountain part.’ This Indian-origin name is also translated to ‘one which is huge and immovable.’

19. Giri

The meaning of this name is ‘from the mountain.’ This name is derived from Indian languages and is a common yet outstanding name for your baby.

20. Girijesh

It is a perfect name for a boy with its roots in Indian origin. Girijesh means ‘God of the mountain’ or ‘Lord of the mountains’ and is also one of Lord Shiva’s many names.

21. Grisha

While this Russian name translates to ‘watchful guardian,’ it can also be taken as a symbolic reference to someone who watches over the snow-covered peaks in the region.

22. Hamilton

The origin of this name is Scottish. This is also seen in Old English, where it means ‘crooked hill.’ Some believe the meaning of the name is ‘beautiful hill.’

23. Hallberg

This name was derived from the Swedish language, and the meaning of the name is ‘rock mountain.’ Some people believe the name is rooted in the Old Norse Language.

24. Haran

This Hebrew-origin name means ‘mountaineer.’ The unique name is a good choice for your little one.

25. Harel

A masculine name of Hebrew origin, this name is the ultimate blessing for a baby boy. It stands for ‘Mountain of God.’

26. Hilliard

This name has its roots in Old English and Old German. The meaning of the name is ‘yard on a hill.’ In German, it means ‘fortress’ or ‘stronghold.’

27. Himadri

Himadri means ‘snow mountain,’ ‘the Himalayas,’ or simply ‘Himalaya.’

28. Indrakeel

Indrakeel is an extremely rare name that means ‘a mountain.’ If you want to name your baby with I, this is the name to go for!

29. Kalind

This name has various beautiful meanings like ‘mountain,’ ‘bestowing arts and skills,’ and ‘The Sun.’ It’s a cool name for a baby boy that means mountain.

30. Kiri

Kiri is a name borrowed from the Khmer language. This mountain boy’s name is of Cambodian origin and stands for ‘mountain summit.’

31. Knox

The meaning of the name is ’round hilltop.’ It is believed to have been derived from the Old English Word’ cnocc.’ It was used as a surname for people who lived on round-topped hills.

32. Langdon

This is an Old English name which hasn’t lost its charm till date. The meaning of the name is ‘from a long hill.’

33. Montague

A suave name of French origin, Montague means ‘pointed hill’ or ‘steep mountain.’ It is a sophisticated choice for your little prince!

34. Montel

Montel means ‘mountain.’ Montel is an Italian baby name. This name is also considered to be the abbreviation of Montgomery and Montague.

35. Morven

This name is Scottish Gaelic and translates to ‘huge mountain.’ The meaning is also believed to be ‘a child of the sea.’

36. Nagaja

Nagaja is of Indian origin and means ‘Daughter of the high hills.’ If you are looking for a baby boy’s name with N, this name must be on your list!

37. Ormond

Of Old English origin, this classy name means ‘bear mountain, ‘protector,’ and ‘kind-hearted.’ It is an adorable name for your cuddle bug!

38. Puma

This name is trendy because of the athletic wear brand, but it is a strong option for your baby boy. The name means ‘mountain lion’ and is derived from Latin.

39. Thaba

Thaba is a unique name that has African roots. It translates to ‘mountain’ and is a mighty fine choice for your newborn son!

40. Vermont

This name is derived from French, and it means ‘green mountain.’ This name is believed to have become popular after the explorer Samuel de Champlain named Vermont’s Green Mountains’ Verd Mont.’

Baby Girl Names Meaning Mountain

Mountains evoke images of serenity, tranquillity, calm, and peace. But they also symbolise might, majesty, power, and strength. These mountain girl names combine the best of both worlds!

1. Aadrika

This unique name means ‘mountain,’ ‘hill,’ ‘an apsara,’ or a ‘celestial nymph.’ This makes for a great name for your girl.

2. Aarin

A Hebrew-origin name meaning ‘mountain of strength,’ a perfect for your daughter who is your strength.

3. Adrija

The name means ‘daughter of the mountain Goddess.’ A beautiful name starting with A will surely make it to your list!

4. Amalthea

This name has a Greek origin. The name belonged to a mountain goat in Greek mythology who nursed infant Zeus.

5. Amaya

This has a Japanese origin, and the meaning is ‘night rain’. But this is also the name of a mountain in the Basque region of Spain.

6. Bhagini

Bhagini means ‘she who is fast like a mountain stream.’ The name Bhagini is of Indian origin, which makes for a beautiful baby girl name.

7. Cadha

This baby girl’s name has Scottish origins, and it means ‘steep mountain.’ The other variation of the name is ‘Cadhah.’ This name is a head gem that is apt for your precious angel!

8. Chermona

This name is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of the name is ‘holy mountain.’ The variations of this name are ‘Chermonah,’ ‘Chermonna,’ and ‘Chermonnah.’ It is pronounced as ‘Ker-Mow-Naah.’

9. Delfina

This name means ‘dolphin’ and has a Latin origin. However, the name also refers to an Oracle who lived on Mount Parnassus.

10. Dharasutha

The name translates to ‘she, who is the daughter of the mountain’ and is an Indian-origin name that starts with the letter D.

11. Gairika

Gairika is a Bengali name, and the meaning of this name is ‘Mountain Born.’ It’s not a common name, but it is still a unique option for a baby girl’s name.

12. Hermona

This name originates from the Hebrew word, and the meaning of the name is ‘from the mountain peak.’ The name is pronounced as ‘her-mow-nah,’ and it is a pretty option for your little one.

13. Himalaya

Himalaya means ‘abode of the snow.’ The Himalayas are a mountain range in South Asia and would make for a unique name for your baby girl.

14. Ida

This name was derived from the Greek word, and the meaning is ‘hardworking.’ Mount Ida is where infant Zeus was cared for in ancient Greek mythology.

15. Imberg

Derived from Medieval English, this timeless classic stands for ‘strong mountain. It is a lovely name for your little girl!

16. Jael

Jael is an adorable name with Biblical significance and refers to a ‘mountain goat.’ This Hebrew mountain girl’s name is not a sheepish pick for your little munchkin!

17. Kohinoor

Kohinoor is a stunning mountain baby baby name of Persian origin. It translates to ‘Mountain of Light’ and is befitting of your ray of sunshine!

18. Mauna

A pretty name of Hawaiian origin that masks its might, Mauna translates to Long Mountain. It also refers to the largest active shield volcano on Earth. Can there be anything grander than that?

19. Mekhala

This beautiful name means ‘slope of a mountain belt’ and makes for a unique name for your daughter.

20. Naganandini

The name means ‘mountain born.’ The name is the combination of two words, naga and nandini.

21. Neelaja

This is an Indian-origin name. Neelaja means ‘river which flows from the sapphire peak’ or ‘river starting from blue mountain.’

22. Ninhursag

Ninhursag is an ethereal mountain girl name for your precious angel! It is of Sumerian origin and translates to ‘Lady of the Mountain.

23. Nouf

Nouf is a baby girl’s name that means ‘highest point on a mountain.’ This name will always encourage your little one to reach heights and succeed.

24. Odina

This name is believed to have been derived from Germanic or Native American-Algonquian, and the meaning of the name is ‘mountain.’

25. Olympia

Olympia has a Greek origin, and it means ‘from Mount Olympus.’ Mount Olympus is home to Greek Gods, and it was also a Saint’s name.

26. Orea

Not to be confused with a delicious Oreo, the name Orea is a Greek name for girls that means ‘from the mountain.’ It is a pretty name for your little girl!

27. Orestina

The name Orestina has an Old Greek origin but is mainly used in Italian. The meaning of the name is ‘mountain dweller’. Another variation of the name is ‘Orestilla.’

28. Parvati

Parvati is a name engulfed in mystique and spirituality. It is a Sanskrit name borrowed from Hindu mythology. It refers to Goddess Parvati, who is referred to as the ‘Daughter of the Mountain’ and is considered the daughter of the personified version of the Himalayas, King Himalaya.

29. Peri

This name originated from the Greek language but is widely used in English. The name means ‘mountain dweller,’ and people from several cultures use it.

30. Rahdwa

Also spelt Radwa, this name refers to Mount Radwa in Saudi Arabia. It is a beautiful name for your stunning daughter!

31. Samara

This exotic and lovely name means ‘Watch Mountain’ and is of Hebrew origin. This beautiful name gained its popularity in the ’90s. The name is pronounced as ‘Sa-Mey-Ra.’

32. Shasta

This name is believed to have been derived from a Native American tribe called Shasta. There is also a mountain named after this tribe. The meaning of the name is ‘three-peaked mountain,’ and it is pronounced ‘shahst-uh.’

33. Shyla

Shyla is derived from Hindi, and the meaning of the name is ‘daughter of Mountain.’ It is a fantastic mountain girl’s name.

34. Sierra

This American name refers to the Sierra Nevada, a rugged mountain that borders the states of California and Nevada. This is a majestic name to bestow upon your little one!

35. Skaoi

This baby girl’s name is derived from Old Norse, and according to mythology, it is the name of the Goddess of Skies and a ‘mountain giantess.’ This name is pronounced as ‘Sk-Awiy.’

36. Tara

The name Tara has a Gaelic origin, and the meaning of the name is ‘hill.’ This is a beautiful feminine mountain name.

37. Valborga

This name has a Swedish origin, and the meaning of the name is ‘mighty mountain’. It’s not a common name, but it is still a unique option.

38. Xela

A highly unique yet elegant mountain girl named Xela is of Greek origin and translates to ‘from the mountain’ and ‘angel.’

39. Zaltana

This is also a Native American name, and the meaning of the name is ‘high mountain.’ It has an exotic and strong sound to it, and the best part about the name is that it does not belong to any specific culture.

40. Zonda

This name has an Andean-Equatorial origin, and the meaning of this beautiful name is ‘a pass in the Andes Mountains.’ It is a rare yet pretty name for your little one.

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Mountain

Just as mountains transcend borders and rise to new heights, these gender-neutral mountain baby names will inspire your little ones and motivate them to face every obstacle and reach for the skies!

1. Aspen

Paying homages to the snowy mountains of Aspen in Colarado, this gender-neutral mountain baby name is so adorable!

2. Blue

A name that brings calm and beauty with it, Blue refers to the colour of the same name – something you see a lot of when you’re high up on a mountain!

3. Canyon

This name refers to the Grand Canyon, which also stands for ‘a deep valley with steep cliffs and edges.’ This is a rugged gender-neutral name, if there ever was one!

4. Cypress

This elegant name refers to the Cypress Mountains in Canada, known for being a ski destination atop its snowy peaks!

5. Denali

A mountain in Alaska, it is one of the highest peaks in North America. This is a mighty name your little one will surely come to love!

6. Denver

Paying homage to the state in the U.S., known for its rugged terrain, Denver is a cool gender-neutral mountain baby name!

7. Everest

This name is made for parents and little ones who are ready to rise and shine above everyone else! It refers to Mt. Everest, the highest peak in the world!

8. Gatlin

Gatlin is an ode to Radford Gatlin, a humble man who opened only the second store in the Gatlinburg region of the Smoky Mountains!

9. Kelly

Kelly’s Mountain, also known as the ‘place where the geese land,’ is an Irish range that serves as inspiration for this gender-neutral name that means mountain.

10. Lan

A mystical Chinese mountain baby name, Lan translates to ‘mountain’s mist.’ It is an amazingly tranquil name to bestow upon your bundle of joy!

11. Mari

Mari is a lovely Japanese gender-neutral name that takes on different meanings based on the way it is written in Kanji. When inscribed like this, ‘万里,’ it translates to ‘long distance,’ which is what the way to the top of a mountain is!

12. Phou

Borrowed from the name of Phou Bia, the highest peak in Laos, this lovely name that means mountain is a head-turner!

13. San

A reference to the San Jacinto Mountains in Southern California, this is a wonderful name to bestow upon your little conqueror!

14. Vesper

The snowy slopes of the Vesper Peak in Washington State serve as inspiration for this name. It is an unconventional yet contemporary mountain baby name!

15. Zenith

One of the few mountain baby names starting with the elusive letter ‘Z,’ Zenith translates to ‘the highest point’ or the ‘point directly above your head.’

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Mountain Name

Naming your little peanut is a momentous occasion, but it cannot be taken lightly, as it is something your child will carry with them forever! When picking mighty mountains names for your newborn baby, you should keep the following things in mind:

  • Pick a name that resonates with you, whether it be the sound, the meaning, or its broader cultural significance
  • Research the meanings of names thoroughly and see if they align with your values and beliefs
  • Pick a name that is easy to remember and pronounce by friends or family. No matter how cool a name is, it won’t matter if people can’t say it or recall it!
  • Start by looking at physical mountains in your birthplace or that of your child to use that as inspiration and pay homage to your roots
  • Pick names that are culturally significant to you or reference a location you hold dear
  • While standing out matters, sometimes the simplest names make a lasting impression


1. What are the Advantages of Choosing a Mountain-Inspired Baby Name?

Choosing a mountain-inspired name for your baby will instil confidence in them, teach them that every goal is attainable, that success is born from hardship, and to face every obtain head-on – come wind, rain, storm, or snow!

2. Do mountain-related names have positive connotations?

Baby names that mean mountain always have positive connotations, symbolising strength, resilience, bravery, greatness, and infallibility. This makes them the perfect choice for your little one, as it serves as both motivation and inspiration.

3. Are there any common elements used in names inspired by Mountain?

Mountain names are generally inspired by real-life mountains and hills and often directly reference them. Other than that, it can refer to natural beauty found around hilltops and mountains, flora and fauna found in such regions, and mythical beings noted to have some connection to the hills.

4. How does a name inspired by a mountain reflect an individual’s character?

Having a name inspired by the mountains denotes that the person is brave, confident, willing to stand tall in the face of adversity and strong enough to face physical, mental, and emotional adversities!

Consider the above names for your child. We are sure your child will love whatever you name them, and we even thank you for giving them such a beautiful name!

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