Eliana Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Eliana Name Meaning and Origin

Eliana is primarily a feminine name related to the old French name Elaine. In Hebrew, Eliana means “God has answered.” It may also have originated from the Greek “elios,” meaning “god of the sun,” referring Eliana to “daughter of the sun.” Thus this name became commonly used by Christian communities around the world.

What Does Eliana Mean?

The meaning of Eliana in Hebrew is ‘my God has answered.’ Derived from Akkadian or Assyrian languages, the meaning of Eliana is ‘My God has answered me.’ It is composed of three Hebrew elements, El, which means ‘God,’ ‘ANA,’ which means ‘ANSWERED,’ and Yud, located after EL. Hence, the meaning of this name has indicated your child’s birth as an answer to your prayer or divine blessing of God.


Derived from Greek origin, Eliana means “mercy.” In its Hebrew origin, Eliana means “my God has answered.” The Hebrew variation of Eliana was taken from the elements el (God) and ana (answered). It is also a variation of the Late Latin name Aeliana, which is supposed to feminize the male name Aelianus. Eliana also appears diverse in ItalianSpanish, and Portuguese languages despite coming from Hebrew roots. Eliana has, in fact, a wide global appeal as it heard in Israel, Spain, Portugal, Russia, and Italy. Eliana could have also evolved from the French name Alienor, which could either be a form of Helen, from the Greek Helene meaning “light” or Selene, meaning “moon.” It was first introduced to England in the 12th century by Eleanor of Aquitaine, wife of King Henry II.




  • El-ee-ah-nah
  • E-lia-na


4 syllables


6 letters

Name Variations/Spellings 

Depending on the particular origin, the other spellings for Eliana may look different but carry the same vibe. Here are some interesting Eliana name variations that bring versatility to the baby naming table.

Name  Origin
Ana Hebrew
El Greek
Eli Hebrew
Ella Hebrew
Elle French
Ellie English
Elly Greek
Eleana Hebrew
Elia Hebrew
Elyana Hebrew

How Popular Is the Name Eliana? 

Eliana first appeared on the charts in the 1990s in the United States because popular names like Ella and Anna were gaining momentum. Eliana’s popularity has soared high in the top 1,000 female names for the past sixteen years. According to the Social Security Administration data, Eliana baby name ranking stands at the 93rd spot as the most popular name used by females in the United States in 2016, breaking into the top 100 most popular girls’ names for the first time. It almost broke into the top 50 names, ranking at the 53rd spot in 2020, racing way ahead of its sister, Elliana. Eliana popularity stands at 39th position as of 2022 data. Although Eliana has been used worldwide for ages, Christian Slater put the name on the map in America when he chose to name his daughter with this beautiful name.

Interest in Eliana – Worldwide

A consistent search value of over 40 has been recorded on interest for the name Eliana reaching 100 in July 2014. The lowest recorded value was at 27 on Feb 2020, Dec 2020, and Feb 2021, respectively, on the popularity scale.

Interest in Eliana – the US

The search trend for Eliana in the US reached its peak up to 100 in Sept 2012. The lowest record value was 31 in the popularity index in Aug 2016.

The Popularity of the Name Eliana

URL: https://www.ssa.gov/cgi-bin/babyname.cgi

Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search Trends of Eliana – Worldwide

Global search trends record the highest value in Brazil, followed by Spain, Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia. With Brazil having the ninth largest Jewish community globally, a Hebrew name like Eliana has gained significant acceptance among parents living in Brazil. 

Search Trends of Eliana – the US

Among the metro cities in the US, Oregon has recorded the highest search value of 100 in the last ten years. New York, District of Columbia, California, and Canada have made it to the top five positions where search trends for Eliana have been recorded as the highest. 

Middle Names That Go With Eliana

Middle names can double the effect of a name by adding an interesting extension to it. Here are some possibilities of pairing up while considering double names with Eliana to choose to retain or drop them from the given name:

Britney Chloe
Madeline Natalie
Donna Addison
Adele Adeline
Alexa Adrienne
Alondra Alice
Angela Arden
Astrid Anais
Beth Bernice
Carmen Claire
Carys Charlotte
Cosima Faith
Elizabeth Elin

Famous People Named Eliana

Popular personalities named Eliana stayed in the limelight for years due to their immense contribution to their professional field. Here are some celebrities named Eliana who can inspire parents to name their child so with the hope and desire that they would live up to the glory of the name:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Eliana Alexander Mexican actress
Eliana Benador Swiss-American consultant
Eliana Bormida Argentine architect
Eliana Cardoso Brazilian professor
Eliana Chavez Colombian sprinter
Eliana La Ferrara Italian Economist
Eliana Gaete Chilean track and field athlete
Eliana Gil Ecuadoran Clinician
Eliana Gropman American ice dancer
Eliana Jones Canadian Actress
Eliana Garcia Laguna Mexican Politician
Eliana Pittman Brazilian Singer and Actress

Similar Names & Last Names 

Baby-names like Eliana may hit the same style note but still maintain their uniqueness. Family names for Eliana can preserve the continuation of the family symbolize essential family connections, genealogy, and bonds within a group of people. Here are some other names for Eliana that may cater to a range of tastes and sensibilities:

Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Liliana Thompson
Eliora Harris
Elodie Moore
Emilia Taylor
Elsie Sanchez
Gianna Clark
Amara Jackson
Alina Lewis
Aurelia Walker
Arabella Young

Names That Sound Like Eliana 

Rhyming names for Eliana can form fantastic alternatives that sound phonetically similar but differ in their spelling and pronunciation. Here are some names that rhyme with Eliana, which offer great naming options but are not perfectly the same:

Abiona Agraciana
Abriana Alastriona
Adianah Arriana
Aubriana Albiona
Audriana Breiana
Aviana Breona
Alexandraeana Caeliana
Aimiliona Catriana
Emilia Cleona
Camillia Elviana

Sibling Names Related to Eliana 

Sibling names that go with Eliana can be chosen to emphasize that the children are a pair or to complement each other’s names. Here are some of the most suitable sister names for Eliana and suitable brother names for Eliana that might form a pleasing combination as a sib-set:

Sister Names For Eliana Brother Names For Eliana
Natasha Arlo
Tasha Asher
Adelaide Felix
Addie Milo
Daisy Roman
Thea Victor
Althea Vincent
Isadora Xavier
Cassie Simon
Trina Sebastian

Nicknames for Eliana

Parents or close family members can creatively create nicknames to appear in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Here are some of the most adorable nicknames for Eliana that may not just sound sweet but uphold the character traits of your child:

Elle Ellie
Lana Lanie
Lee Ana
Lela Lena
Neli Lina
Ani Annie
Elin Elise
Lia Elu
Yana Elbean

Eliana is a fashionable pick for the modern girl, shunning all her cuteness to stand out in the crowd. Your little Eliana is the perfect answer to your prayers for a lovely girl. She has effortless femininity yet the strength that makes her a confident person full of sophistication and will to take on the world. Girls named Eliana have an inherent softness that she uses to impress anyone wherever she goes. No wonder parents are loving the elegant Eliana, as its in-demand El- start and -ana suffix trend is ruling the popularity charts.


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