Micah Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Micah Name Meaning and Origin

Micah is an old Hebrew name that appears numerous times in the Bible, including a chapter called the “Book of Micah” from the Old Testament. It means “Who is like God?” Traditionally considered a unisex name, it can be a variation of the English masculine name Michael, which is also very popular. However, Micah can be seen as a modern alternative that even girls can use.

What Does Micah Mean?

Derived from Hebrew origin, Micah means “who is like the Lord or prophet?” It may also refer to the metal Mica in Latin. The suffix Yah in Yahweh means “who is like Yahweh?” that comes from Michaiah or Michaihu, which is Mikhayhu in its modern and Mîḵā́yhû in Tiberian forms. Micah is spelled Micha in German and Dutch.


A favorite among the Jewish, Micah has been picked up by the 17th century Puritan pilgrims. Micah is a shortened version of Micaiah, an old Hebrew name that also means “Who is like God?” Micah of Moresheth was a prophet who predicted the fall of the kingdom of Jerusalem and the return of the people to the house of the Lord, followed by the coming of the Messiah. Myka is a softer alternative to this name for a baby girl. Micah finds a mention in literature as in Arthur Conan Doyle’s historical novel called ‘Micah Clarke.’ Other fictional characters include Micah in Charmed, Emily Owens, MD, Heroes, and The Seven Realms series by Cinda Williams Chima.




  • Mai-kuh
  • My-cah
  • Mike-ah
  • My-kuh


2 syllables


5 letters

Name Variations/Spellings

Micah name variations may have ethnic or fashionable alternatives that may bear the same essence of the name. Here are some of the other spellings for Micah that stem from other languages and cultures but have more than one same or different meanings.

Name Origin
Micajah Bible
Micha Dutch, German
Michaias Greek
Michaeas Latin
Micheas Latin
Mikhah Hebrew
Mikhayahu Hebrew
Miguel Spanish
Misha Russian
Mikhail Russian
Mikel Basque
Mischa Russian
Mikkel Danish

How Popular Is the Name Micah?

Micah is predominantly a boy’s name that has been used in the United States ever since 1946, with over 1,12,246 boys given the name in the past 200 years. In 1998, Micah reached the 582nd spot of the most popular baby girl names in the United States. The name gained maximum popularity in 2007 when its usage went up by 115.19%, with 3305 babies named as Micah in the USA that year. Micah has been in the top 200 names since 2000, as a common choice reaching its peak in 2011 at position 102. The Micah baby name ranking stands at the 107th position among the most famous name in the United States as of 2020. According to Social Security Administration data, the Micah popularity index has risen to break into the top 120 popular names just a decade ago.

Interest in Micah – Worldwide

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As per search trends data, interest for the name Micah has recorded a consistent search value of over 20 for the past six years, reaching 100 in July 2016. The lowest value was recorded at 17 in June and July 2018 consecutively.

Interest in Micah – US

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Over the last ten years, search trends for the name Micah have recorded a consistent search value of over 15, reaching 100 in July 2016. It managed to accumulate a score of just 14 in April 2016.

Popularity of the name Micah

URL: https://www.ssa.gov/cgi-bin/babyname.cgi

Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Micah – Worldwide

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Nigeria has shown the highest interest for the name Micah as per the search trends data over the last ten years. Ghana, Kenya, United States, and Jamaica make up the top 5 countries in the chart. With over half of the Nigerian population practicing Christianity, a Biblical name like Micah with a beautiful meaning referring to God makes it a worthy contender as a baby boy name in the country.

Search trends of Micah – US

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Among the sub-regions of the US, the name Micah has been searched most in Hawaii over the last decade. The District of Columbia, Tennessee, Nebraska, and Iowa follow close behind, making up to the top 5 sub-regions of the US that have recorded the highest search trends value for Micah.

Middle Names That Go With Micah

Deciding on a middle name for your child can be exciting as it honors a family member or a heritage. Some of the double names with Micah that may perfectly pair up with the first name and the last name:

Samuel John
Phillip Reuban
Theodore Nathaniel
Benjamin Ronald
Donovon Sebastian
Jonathan Julian
Charles Darius
Xavier Jones
Paul Laurence
Frederick Finnian

Famous People Named Micah

Celebrity monikers have the power to influence the name selection process for a newborn. Here are some of the famous people called Micah who are noted for their outstanding achievements:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Micah Gunnell American Comic Book Artist
Micah Hyde American Football Player
Micah Johnson American Baseball Player
Micah Kogo Kenyan Long-Distance Runner
Micah Owings American Baseball Player
Micah P. Hinson American Musician
Micah Stephen Williams American Actor
Micah Barnes Canadian Pop singer-songwriter
Micah Stampley Gospel Singer
Micah Fowler Actor
Micah Brown Canadian Football Player
Micah Caskey American Politician
Micah Downs American Basketball Player

Similar Names & Last Names

Baby names like Micah closely resemble each other, although they may or may not imply the same meaning. Family names for Micah are thus essential to represent the honor of the family. Here are some of the other names for Micah that have a fresh appeal.

Other Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Abigail Albert
Levi Altman
Josiah Armstrong
Ezra Ballard
Malachi Barnes
Machau Brown
Macha Boyd
Macie Evans
Maaike Hart
Macey Fowler
Maggie Hannemann

Names That Sound Like Micah

Names rhyming with Micah are easy to spell and pronounce in English. Here are some names that sound both strong and soft as Micah, irrespective of gender:

Mickey Micky
Miche Micaiah
Micheil Michon
Michio Michelangelo
Micael Michau
Mick Michal
Michele Caleb
Matthew Morgan
Taylor Jordon
Riley Bethany

Sibling Names Related to Micah

Fun, cute or unique sibling names can be chosen to match a particular set of brothers and sisters and make all their names sound matching. Here are some of the best sibling names that go with Micah:

Sister Names for Micah Brother Names for Micah
Ruth Graham
Chloe Noah
Madelyn Tristan
Camille Abram
Lavinia Stellan
Veronica Jameson
Natasha Finley
Miriam Kenneth
Juliet Rowan
Josephine Oakley

Nicknames for Micah

Nicknames or pet names carry personal qualities that best describe a specific behavior or nature of a child. Here are some of the most adorable nicknames for Micah that express your intimate feelings for your child.

Mic Mickey Moo
Mikachu Macaroni and Cheese
Mocha Mico
Micah.Deez.Nuts Michifu
Mi mi Micahruuu
Micduck3 Meekah
Mecca Meica
Mycar Micha
Mick Meems
EM Mac


Micah is a traditional name that is primarily popular in Finland, Japan, and English-speaking countries. Most people believe that a baby is a gift of God or resembles the divinity of God, and a respected name like Micah, with its Biblical origin and beautiful meaning, is most suitable even in contemporary times.


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