Nicole Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Nicole Name Meaning and Origin

The name Nicole was widely popular after the 1960s, due to which it was a widely popular name in the previous generation. This name was widespread for our mothers and aunts. However, with time, a significant decrease in the name’s popularity can be observed. Although the name is meaningful, it does not get its deserved recognition.

What does Nicole mean?

The name Nicole is the feminine version of the name Nicolas originating from the Greek name Nikolaos. In Latin, the name comes from Nicolaus, which is made of two components- “Nike” meaning “victory” and “Loas” meaning “the people.” Therefore, the meaning of Nicole is “victory of the people” or “people of victory.” The name and its variations are the most used in English, German and French. It is considered that the people with this name are pragmatic and can be persuasive at times.


The origin of the name Nicole comes from French and Greek and is a variation of the male name Nikolaos. It is observed that the language of the name comes from Old English. It is also popular in the Netherlands since the name is associated with high status or influence.




  • Ni-kole
  • Ni-kohl
  • Nic-ole


Two syllables


Six letters

Name Variations/Spellings

A name can have different symbolic meanings or understanding in different cultures and religions. Other spellings for Nicole provide an insight into the name across the globe. It can vary in terms of regions, cultures, and nationalities. Therefore, the following list consists of the different Nicole name variations:

Name Origin
Nicola Greek and Italian
Nicolina Greek
Nicol Ancient English and Scottish
Colette French
Nicholle Greek
Nika Russian
Nikora Maori
Nicolasa Spanish
Nettie Hebrew
Nicolette French

How Popular is The Name Nicole?

The name Nicole has a beautiful meaning, yet it has decreased in popularity over the last decade. The name was the most popular from 1978 to 1988. As per the Nicole popularity index, the name even reached the top 10 ranks in the US, ranking 6 in 1982. According to the Social Security Administration, the name was within the top 100 until 2007. It ranked 31 in 2000 and 86 in 2007, after which the name slipped out of 100 popular girls’ names in the US.

For the global search trends of the name Nicole, the decrease in popularity is evident. The SSA data for the Nicole baby name ranking denotes a significant decline in the popularity of the name. The name ranked 122 in 2010, after which it managed to enter back into the top 100 list in 2013 with a rank of 91. However, after that, its popularity rapidly declined, with being 152 in 2015, 162 in 2016, and 184 in 2017. After that, the name has even slipped the top 200 list with a rank of 266 in 2020. This denotes the drastic decrease in the use of the name. However, with the younger generation looking for unique and trendy names, this name has a chance of sliding back into the popularity list with time.

Interest in Nicole – Worldwide

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The interest in the name Nicole has experienced a gradual decrease in the arc over the last ten years. The name ranked 100 in 2011 on a worldwide scale, followed by August 2012. After that, the name’s popularity decreased, with the lowest score of 49 in March 2020 and April 2021.

Interest in Nicole – the US

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Over the last ten years, the interest in the name Nicole has been inconsistent. However, the interest rank has consistently been above 50, which suggests the interest in the name is still there. In the US, the name ranked 100 in July 2013, followed by rank 99 in June 2013 and 98 in February 2017. The name also ranked the lowest popularity at 55 in September 2018 and July 2021, experiencing a sudden and slight increase in interest after both instances.

The popularity of the name Nicole


Where is The Name Most Searched

Search trends of Nicole – Worldwide

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According to the worldwide search trends of the name Nicole, it has been the most searched in Switzerland with a rank of 100, followed by the United States with a rank of 91. The rest of the top three countries where the name is the most searched are Canada, Australia, Germany, and Austria, respectively. The last two countries recorded the same popularity score.

Search trends of Nicole – the US

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Regarding the search trends of the name Nicole in the US, New Jersey ranks at the top, followed by New York at rank 99. The District of Columbia, Delaware, and Massachusetts are the rest top three regions where this name is the most popular.

Middle Names That Go With Nicole

It is essential to keep the first name in mind when choosing a middle name for your child. Pairing both the names should be done by maintaining the overall harmony of the name. Therefore, some of the double names with Nicole that you can use are:

Jane Morgan
Grace Paige
Dawn Elizabeth
Rae Brooke
Elise Paige
Vivienne Savannah
Sophia Charlotte
Renee Michelle
Bea Belle
Claire Elle


Famous People Named Nicole

The popularity of a name skyrockets when various celebrities have the same name. The name Nicole has a beautiful meaning and can regain popularity with due time. This list names some of the famous people called Nicole:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Nicole Kidman Australian actress
Nicole Vaidišová Czech tennis player
Nicole Sullivan American actress
Nicole Scherzinger American singer
Nicole Oliver Canadian actress
Nicole Pratt Former Australian tennis player
Nicole Cooke Former professional road bicycle racer
Nicole Gibbs American tennis player
Nicole Beharie American actress
Nicole Fontaine Former President of the European Parliament

Similar Names & Last Names

There are various baby names like Nicole that have a similar meaning as the original name. These names act as great alternatives that one can use instead of Nicole. This list provides other names for Nicole and family names for Nicole:

Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Cleo Peyton
Veronica Adams
Victoria Allen
Sia Rose
Bernice Taylor
Merida Gibson
Nyla Brown
Eunice Bailey
Ailsa Anderson
Valerie Clark

Names That Sound Like Nicole

One name can have different variations across the world which have similar sounds. Therefore, the names that rhyme with Nicole are:

Cole Cabriole
Carole Jole
Kamole Nikkole
Auriole Lacole
Luciole Crystole
Viole Oriole

Sibling Names Related To Nicole

When naming all your children, maintaining consistency or similarity among the names can be of advantage. Choosing the correct sibling names that go with Nicole can help all the names complement one another. Therefore, sister names for Nicole and brother names for Nicole are:

Sister Names for Nicole Brother Names for Nicole
Nikita Nathan
Nancy Nick
Natalie Noel
Izzy Nelson
Jenna Nate
Anabella Liam
Naomi Samuel
Mia Felix
Nova Eren
Nellie Theo

Nicknames For Nicole

Nicknames are a great way to call people in informal settings. These names are usually given by family or close friends, where the nickname is often used instead of the proper name. For the name Nicole, some of the nicknames are:

Nik Nikki
Nicol Nikko
Nim Nica
Nich Kelly
Nike Kiki
Nics Coco
Nini Coli
Cole Cola

Naming your bundle of joy can be quite a challenging task. Choosing the name Nicole can be a wise choice because of its symbolic meaning. Although the popularity of the name has reduced in the present decade, the name had adequate relevance after the 1960s. Despite its low popularity rate, the name is beautiful and is one of the classic name choices. With the younger generation inclined towards naming their children according to their meaning, this name has the scope of gaining back its fame soon.


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