Top 250 Modern Indian Baby Boy Names

250 Modern Indian Baby Boy Names

Choosing a name for the baby is an important task. After all, you only name your baby once, so it should be done after considering all possible options. You must have decided different names for your baby, your family and friends may have also suggested some, but you feel that those names are just not reaching your heart. Some even suggested Old-fashioned names and sure they are charming but you just don’t feel them good for your baby. Do you now?

As a first-time parent, you want to set the trend by opting for some unique baby name. Parents today envision a lot for their children even before they are born. Parents want to project and reveal a modern and contemporary image when it comes to raising their children. And this game starts with naming the baby. Parents want their children to become a style icon and what better way to start than giving them a stylish name. The name of a child even displays the sophistication and attitude of the parents. Exquisite, unique and rare names are like precious jewels that sparkle in a crowd and leave an indelible mark on people’s mind. Parents want an edgy, stylish name that has a good meaning. Some parents go for the names that have deep-rooted association and significance to their culture, mythology, and history.

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Modern Baby Boy Names

Modern Indian Baby Boy Names

Undoubtedly it is an exciting task to find the right name for your little one, it could also become daunting when you find the name is not clicking. It is hard to name baby boys, and stylish names for boys are more preferred as they would love it when they grow up to be fine gentlemen. A plethora of options are available to parents, but these options might confuse you. You may feel that the name is perfect, but it would not go very well with your surname. If it goes well with the surname, your family astrologer may not agree to the letter it starts with owing to the unfavourable positions of the planets. So, are you looking for contemporary names for boys that will be apt for your bundle of joy? The Hindu Dharma, Bible and the Quran offer names with deep meanings and significance that would fill your hearts with pride. You can find a list of curated names cherry-picked for your baby boy, and we promise that the variety will leave you spoilt for choice. Take a look at the list below and make your pick for that perfect name to create the impact you desire. We have modern Indian baby boy names starting with d, modern Indian baby boy names starting with b and more! 

1. Aaban

Name of the Angel

2. Aadavan

Literally meaning the sun, let your son shine like its radiance

3. Aagney

One who is born from fire (Son of the fire); Karna, The great warrior, Son of Fire

4. Aakaar

 Form, Shape

5. Aakav

Short and simple it means a “form or shape.”

6. Aamirah


7. Aashman

Son of the sun

8. Abbot

It’s vintage without being out of date and means ‘father’.

9. Abhibhava

Victorious, powerful, and overpowering

10. Abhimand


11. Adair

It means ‘fortunate and powerful’.

12. Ajinkya

 Invincible, Supreme, One who cannot be defeated

13. Alec

Defender of mankind

14. Alif

The first character in Hijaiyah

15. Amr

An old Arabic name

16. Aranya

Originating from Sanskrit, the name means forest

17. Aubrey

An English name meaning ‘power’ or ‘fair ruler of the people

18. Aadesh

Command, message

19. Aadrik

Of The rising sun between the mountains

20. Aahan

Dawn, sunrise

21. Aakash


22. Aarav


23. Aarnik

Being one of a kind or unique

24. Abhay


25. Adhyan

One who is rising

26. Adit

From the beginning

27. Ansh


28. Bharat

Universal monarch, fire

29. Bhargav

Lord Shiva, a good archer

30. Balamohan

One who is attractive, The younger one who is attractive; Young Krishna

31. Barun

Lord of the Sea, the name brings a tranquil effect

32. Bashir

A harbinger of good and positive things

33. Bhadrak

King of Anga according to the Puranas, the name also means handsome, brave, and kind

34. Bishr

Joy, Happiness, and gaiety

35. Brahmadutt

Dedicated to Brahma, Dedicated to Lord Brahma; Devoted to Lord Brahma

36. Bryant

Strong, powerful

37. Chahel

Cheerful and happy

38. Chaitya


39. Chandramauli

Lord Shiva, The one who wears Moon on head, Meaning Lord Shiva;

40. Charun

A great alternative to the common name Varun it means “ one who has beautiful eyes”.

41. Chitral

It means of a variety of colours

42. Chitrarath

Another name for the Sun

43. Cole

Prince of Red Roses

44. Connor

Over of hounds

45. Cordero


46. Chandan


47. Chetan

Full of consciousness

48. Chirag

Lamp, lightsource

49. Daksh

Precious son

50. Darsh

Sight, Handsome

51. Darshil

Perfection, beautiful

52. Deepak

Bright future

53. Dev

Divine, God

54. Devansh

Part of God

55. Dhruv

Pole star, Faithful

56. Dhruvam


57. Dilip


58. Dipankar

One who has the lamp in his hands

59. Divyansh

Part of the divine being

60. Daiwik

Grace of God

61. Daniel

God is my Judge


To be merciful, forgiving, and clever

63. Deekshant

Gift of God

64. Deveshwar

Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva, Lord of the devas

65. Dhir

Your child will value patience and persistence if named this name as it means, “perseverance”

66. Ebadaah

“Prayer to the omniscient Allah.”

67. Ehit

If your little one is a Prince Charming in the looks department, then this should add smiles to his persona.

68. Ekachith

Someone with just one mind, this name is an ideal Hindu name

69. Ekadant

Another name of Lord Ganesha

70. Eklavya

Name of a student who learned archery only by observing

71. Eshaanth

Lord Vishnu’s name

72. Erish

To cherish

73. Faaris

Horseman and knight, this name will bring a sense of valour to your little one

74. Fanishwar

Another name for the Lord of Serpents – Vasuki, it has a deep significance to the Supreme Lord in Hinduism

75. Fintan

This spectacular Irish name means ‘white fire’.

76. Fravash

Name your angel as the “guardian angel”

77. Frey

With its Scandinavian origin, it means the “exalted one”

78. Fuad


79. Gadin

One of the many names of Lord Krishna, it is a different and unusual name if you want to name your child after a Lord

80. Garrett

It means spear strength’

81. Garry

Meaning “a spear”

82. Grahish

One who is the Lord of the Planets, this name could help your star write his own destiny

83. Granthik

An astrologer or a narrator

84. Gulzar

Meaning a gardener, this name would be ideal for that child who brightens up his parent’s life

85. Gaurav


86. Gautam

Remover of darkness

87. Govinda

One who gives pleasure to the land

88. Gurdeep

Light of the teacher

89. Hari


90. Harish

Proud, delicate

91. Harsh

Hoy, excitement

92. Harshad

Bringer of joy

93. Hemant

Winter season

94. Hitansh


95. Hiten

The heart

96. Hrithik

From the heart

97. Haarith

Derived from Arabic, the name means a ploughman

98. Hariaksh

One among the many names of Lord Shiva

99. Harin

Meaning “pure”, the name is fast gaining popularity in the charts

100. Harishva

It is another name for Lord Shiva

101. Haroon

A name of a prophet

102. Henley

An English name meaning ‘high wood’ or ‘high clearing’,

103. Horatio


104. Ibhanan

It is another name for the Elephant God

105. Idhant

Luminous and effervescent

106. Iham

Meaning “expected” the name has a certain uniqueness to it

107. Ikshan

Originating from Sanskrit, it means “sight or superintendence”

108. Irish

No, don’t be baffled. Irish refers to someone from Ireland but also means “Lord of the Earth” in Hinduism.

109. Indra

Possessing rain

110. Ishaan

The sun

111. Ishank

Peak of Himalaya, Lord Shiva

112. Ivaan

God’s glorious gift

113. Jagan

World, universe

114. Jai


115. Jatin

The auspicious one

116. Jeet


117. Jyotiraditya

The resplendence of the sun

118. Jaabir

A consoler and comforter

119. Joshit

It means pleased and delightful

120. Jyran

It means “lost love” and could bring a lot of love and warmth with its authenticity

121. Kahan

Another name for the Lord Krishna

122. Kanal

It means “shining” and could brighten up your child’s life forever

123. Kanav

A name that sounds pleasant yet has a lot of depth, it means “an old yet wise sage”

124. Kabir


125. Kairav

White lotus/Born of water

126. Kamal


127. Kanishk

A celebrated ancient Indian King

128. Karan


129. Karthik

One who gives courage

130. Kavyansh

Intelligent and born with poetry

131. Krish

Dark-skinned one/Black or blue

132. Kshitij


133. Lakshit


134. Lakshya

Person who has high aims in life

135. Lalit


136. Lavish


137. Labeeb

Means sensible and intelligent

138. Lakshan

Auspicious marks

139. Lathan

Meaning ‘God has given’.

140. Leon

Another name for a lion

141. Levi

Meaning ‘joined or attached’

142. Maharth


143. Mahin

A name that means “Earth” unifies with your creator

144. Manayu

Devoted and desirous

145. Mayin

Derived from the Rig Veda, the name means “ one who has the skill to enchant”

146. Milo

soldier or merciful

147. Monty

‘Mountain belonging to the ruler’ or ‘steep mountain

148. Madhavaditya

Of the springtime

149. Mayank


150. Madhavan

Lord Shiva

151. Malhar

A Raga used in Indian music/Giver of rain

152. Manish

The God of the Mind

153. Manoj


154. Manvik

One who is conscious/Intelligent

155. Mihir


156. Miransh

A small part of the ocean

157. Naitik


158. Navin


159. Neil


160. Nihal


161. Nikunj

Loving Home/Lord Krishna

162. Nirav


163. Nitesh

God of Law

164. Naksh

Means “features” or “the moon”

165. Nakul

Named after a famous character from Mahabharata, twin brother of Sahadev, it is also another name for Lord Shiva

166. Naman

Originating from Hindu mythology, it means good fundamental nature

167. Nayan

Means “Eye”

168. Neer

It means “water” in Sanskrit

169. Omkar

Derived from the Hindu syllable “Om” and has religious sentiments to it

170. Onain

Meaning “vision”, this name has quintessential masculinity to it

171. Orman

A seaman

172. Om


173. Pankaj

The lotus flower

174. Parag


175. Parikshit

Name of an ancient king

176. Parth

The person who never misses a target

177. Parthik


178. Parthiv

Son of the Earth/Brave

179. Prashant


180. Prateek


181. Pratham


182. Pratyush


183. Pathin

A traveller

184. Phoenix

The meaning of this Greek name is ‘dark red’

185. Posha

Growth and prosperity

186. Pravir


187. Purav

Keep the direction towards the positive with this name which means “the east.”

188. Qaisar

Born to rule the name means an “emperor”

189. Qays

Meaning “firm”, this name has a resounding effect

190. Rakshan

Meaning the “protector and preserver”, it could ward off the evil eye

191. Rathik

“Rider of the chariot or loved one”, this name will steal all hearts

192. Remy

A French name meaning ‘oarsmen’ or ‘oar’

193. Rodas

The contemporary name meaning “heaven and earth”

194. Raghav

The ocean

195. Rahul

Conqueror of all miseries

196. Rajesh

Lord of Kings

197. Rajiv

Lotus flower 

198. Raunak


199. Reyansh

Part of a stream

200. Rishaan

Lord Shiva/Good human being

201. Rishaank

Devotee of Lord Shiva

202. Rishabh


203. Sachin

The essence

204. Sachit


205. Sahil


206. Sai

One who is divine 

207. Samar


208. Samarth


209. Shamit


210. Sharvil

Omnipresent/ Univeral

211. Sabhya


212. Sahas

Means bravery and courage and it is not meant for the weak-hearted people

213. Sahir

An Urdu name meaning charming and enchanting

214. Salil

Means water

215. Sankalp

It means “determination”

216. Sarin

The helpful one

217. Taizeen

Meaning “encouragement”, it provides the needed nudge

218. Tanay

It means a son

219. Taraksh

It means a “mountain” and your kid will scale up new heights

220. Tarosh


221. Tavish

Strong and energetic

222. Tanmay

Engrossed/Fully absorbed 

223. Tarak


224. Tejas


225. Tushar

Cold/Snow/Fine drops of water

226. Utkarsh


227. Udit


228. Ved

A scripture or text

229. Vihaan

It means “the time of dawn just when the Sun is rising”

230. Vyan

Originating from Sanskrit word “Vyana” it means “breath of life or giving”

231. Vaibhav


232. Vansh


233. Varun

Water God

234. Vatsal


235. Veer


236. Vehant


237. Vivaan

To twist/To plait

238. Vyas

A great sage

239. Vyom


240. Waahid

Means unequal and unique

241. Wuar


242. Xander

Abbreviated from “Alexander” and pronounced as Zander, it means “to defend”

243. Yajvan

A Sanskrit name that means “calm and peaceful”

244. Yuvan

Means healthy and young

245. Yakshit

Someone who is made forever

246. Yash


247. Yashvir




249. Yuvraj

The crown prince

250. Zev

Meaning a deer or wolf, it sounds different yet appealing

The name that a baby is given becomes his identity, making it important that you choose the perfect one that has a solid meaning. Our Baby Names tool makes it easy to find a name for your baby boy, according to gender, numerology, rashi, religion, and more, which is both modern and meaningful. Choose your preferances and pick your favourites from a list of relevant names along with their meanings. You can make this a fun activity to do with your better half or family, or just go through the list until you find the name that stands out to you. Give your little one the perfect identity.

Trends keep changing, and you want to stay with the tide. Hope this compilation helps you narrow done names for your little one. Short names for babies are also common these days. Stay updated and enjoy the process of naming your son!

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