100 Names That Means Healer for Boys & Girls

100 Baby Names That Means Healer

If you are looking for a name that has a spiritual ring to it, choosing a name that means a healer can be a good option. Healing is a wonderful quality to have in a person. Any ailment, be it physical, emotional, mental or psychological, can be treated by healing energy. Names that mean healer bring positivity to a child’s life and are available all around the world in different languages. So we’ve compiled a list of baby names meaning healer for your baby girls and boys.

Choosing a name for your baby is an important step and often the most confusing, yet it is the fun part of being a parent. Everyone wants a unique, beautiful and meaningful name. Your children will be associated with that name for life and this is the first gift you give them as parents. We have compiled a list of names for baby boys and girls that mean a healer. The word healer has a beautiful meaning to it and would bring positivism to the child’s life. 

Names That Mean Healer for Boys

Names that mean healing have a significant positive effect on children. Below is a list of names for boys names that mean healer.

1. Aeson

Before Jason, it was Aeson. This variation of name had commanded the hearts and minds of the warriors. Aeson means ‘healer’.

2. Alaunus

Alaunus is the name Sun God in Gaulish. It also means prediction and revenge, which also happens to be related to the Greek god Apollo. The name Alaunus signifies ‘brightness’.

3. Apollo

Apollo is the Greco-Roman Lord’s name for light, sun, music, and healing. Apollo is a quite well-known name in the world and carries a lot of historical background to it. 

4. Arpachshad

Arpachshad, a Jewish name meaning ‘healer or helper’, is the name of one of Shem’s children, Noah’s oldest child. If this name sounds too old for you, you can take its variant, Arphaxad.

5. Arphaxad

Arphaxad is a Biblical name meaning ‘a healer’ or ‘a releaser.’ A perfect name for a baby boy that starts with A.

6. Asa

A simple, sober, and scriptural name, Asa, means ‘expert, healer, or an individual born in the morning sun’. This is a uni-sexual name that sounds equally good on females.

7. Ase

The name translates to ‘a doctor’ or ‘a healer.’ The term healer is associated with ease and compassion. Ase is sure to be a suitable name for your baby.

Ase - Names That Means Healer

8. Ashwinkumar

This baby boy’s name is an Indian-origin name. In India, the name Ashwinkumar means the ‘healer of Gods’.

9. Bhesaj

Bhesaj is an Indian-origin name that means ‘Lord Vishnu – the healer.’ A beautiful name that starts with B.

10. Bliant

In Arthurian mythology, Bliant was Selivant’s brother who fought against Lancelot but was eventually defeated. The name Bliant signifies ‘healer’. Bliant is also a unisex name.

11. Chiron

Chiron is a centaur known for its great knowledge and healing capabilities. This is a two-syllable word which sounds soft and romantic and has an ancient mythological background as it comes to the Shakespearean era.

12. Daktari

Daktari means ‘a healer.’ This name is of African origin. The name Daktari is pronounced as DAHKTAARiy.

13. Edi

The name Edi is the German form of Edward, meaning ‘wealth,’ ‘fortune’ and ‘guard’.

14. Errapel

Errapel, the name means ‘divine healer’, is a well-known name in Israel, yet has never been in vogue or made famous in various parts of the world.

15. Eshmun

Eshmun was a Phoenician healer God and made a very unique baby name that starts with E.

16. Galen

Galen is the name of a second-century physician who developed the basis of medicine. Galen means ‘quiet or healer’.

17. Giasone

This is an Italian-origin male name and means ‘to heal’ or ‘healer.’ The name GIasone has Latin and Greek origins.

18. Grannus

Grannus is a Gaulish God associated with the cooling fountain, also known as the healing spring, in the city of Granum.

19. Hale

A popular name meaning’ hero.’ The name also means ‘from the hall.’ Before being used as a first name, Hale was used as the surname.

Hale - Names That Means Healer

20. Heka

The God of Heka was an ancient Egyptian god related to wellness, healing, and health. It is a name that is easy to spell. 

21. Helem

Helem, an Israeli word, signifying ‘to dream or to heal’. This name is slowly losing its existence. However, if you like the sound of it, you can definitely pick it up for your boy.

22. Hickey

The name Hickey comes from Israel, and it means a healer. 

23. Iason

Iason is the root word from which the name Jason is derived. It comes from the terms “iȃsthai”, which means ‘heal, treat’ or “iȃtrikós” which signifies ‘healing’.

24. Jaison

Jaison, Jason’s variety, is found in Greek mythology. Jaison’s meaning is ‘healing’.

25. Jayr

Jayr, which means ‘healer’, has been used in America since the founding of the provinces, all thanks to the Puritans. Despite being an old name, it’s a rarely used one.

26. Josiah

Josiah is one of the biblical words that means healing from a multitude of old and archaic names. This Jewish name indicates that ‘Jehovah Heals’.

27. Josias

Josias is a variant of Josiah, which also has the same meaning as Josiah. 

28. Ken

Ken is a boy name with various origins. In Japanese, Ken means a strong and healthy boy. 

29. Lee

Lee is a very common middle name, but the name can also be used as a first name. Lee means’ pasture’ or ‘meadow’.

30. Lenus

This is a very unique American-origin name. The name translates to ‘bestower of health and general good fortune’.

31. Maponus

Maponus is a Gaulish god associated with water in the healing spring. Other than that, he is identified with verses, songs and compositions.

32. Maximon

Maximon is a Latin origins name that means ‘greatest.’ Maximo is a welcoming change to the classic name Max and would certainly stand out among baby names.

33. Melchi-Shua

Melchi-Shua is a name of Israeli origin. In Israel, this name means the king of health or a magnificent king. 

34. Ninazu

With enthusiasm for the healing names at its climax, would-be mommies and daddys can take up Ninazu for their baby’s name. It means God of healing in the Sumerian religion.

35. Ninurta 

If you consider your baby to be a little divine figure, then you can choose to name him Ninurta, the name of the Mesopotamian lord of the South Wind and healing. 

36. Rafael

Rafael signifying ‘God has healed’, is certainly a fantastic first blessing to give your child. It also shares its meaning with Archangel Rafael, known as the healing angel.  

37. Rafal

Rafal is a Hebrew and an Israeli name. It means God’s healer.

38. Riki

This is a unisex name with Japanese, German, and Scandinavian origins. The name can mean ‘strength,’ ‘power,’ or ‘powerful leader.’

39. Salim

This beautiful name with S is pronounced as sa-LEEM. The name comes from Arabic origin and means’ peaceful’.

40. Val

A short name Val, means ‘valiant.’ This Latin-origin name is for those future brave hearts that are ready to change the world from day one.

41. Wong 

If you need a name from the opposite side of the world, you can pick Wong, the main name of the Chinese god who has the power of healing.

Names That Mean Healer for Girls

Baby Girl Names That Mean Healer

If you have a girl and her name means healer, there is quite a possibility her traits while growing up could also be similar to the positive traits of a healer. Here are some names for you for your little daughter that mean healer.

1. Aala

This one is for parents who want their girls to be named with intense names. Aala means ‘a person who chases and heals’. 

2. Aceso 

Aceso, the goddess name for recuperating and sickness, is a case of a fanciful female healing name. 

3. Airmed

The name Airmed comes from the Irish mythology. A woman named Airmed was known for her ability to heal people during battle. There goes a folklore that healing herbs sprouted from her tears and healed the body of the injured.

4. Althea

This sentimental and ethereal name comes from Greek folklore and has a peaceful ring to it. Althea implies healing power. 

5. Amethyst

Amethyst has been utilized in healing and enchantment since time immemorial. As Amethyst is a birthstone from February, it would be best utilized for a young lady from February. 

6. Beiwe

An easy-to-pronounce name for your little one that starts with B. The name is associated with the fertility of plants and reindeer.

7. Bona

Bona, the main name of the Roman goddess of virginity, ripeness, and healing, qualifies as being one of the most practical alternatives for legendary names. 

8. Brighid

Brighid, signifying ‘strength and force’, is the name of the goddess of fire, verse, intelligence, and healing. 

Brighid - Names That Means Healer

9. Cannenta 

Cannenta is an extravagant and ladylike Latin name, signifying ‘healer’.

10. Carmentis

This name is derived from the Latin origin and means’ patroness of pregnancy and birth’ or ‘healer’.

11. Eir

Eir, the name of the Norse goddess, exemplifies healing, mercy, and help. This light and vaporous name is multi-social, delightful, and fairly extinct. You can opt for this name if you are looking for a name that is not very common.  

12. Eirny

Eirny, a Scandinavian name, means ‘new healing’. 

13. Elethea

Elethea means ‘healer.’ The origin of this name lies in Greek.

14. Emma

Emma, the generally acclaimed name, has numerous takers everywhere throughout the world. So no big surprise individuals decipher it unexpectedly. While its most regular meanings are ‘widespread, complete or whole’, in Teutonic, Emma signifies ‘healer of the universe’. 

15. Febris

Febris is an ancient mythological name that originated from Rome. It is literally translated to fever. A goddess named Febris was known to cure malaria and fevers. 

16. Galena

Galena is the female variant of Galen and signifies ‘healer or quiet’. Besides, Galena is likewise the name of a sort of lead. 

17. Gro

Gro is a Danish signifying ‘to develop, to heal’, has never really been a standard female name. 

18. Iaso

Iaso, the name of the goddess of remedies, cures, and healings, sounds ladylike in a larger number of ways than one. We especially love this ‘o’ finishing. 

19. Ianuaria

On the off chance that straightforwardness isn’t your cup of tea, you can decide on taking on this complex name for your girl child. Ianuaria, the name of a Celtic goddess, is related to healing.

20. Leigh

Leigh has several meanings. In Celtic, Leigh signifies ‘healer’. This name can likewise be spelt as Leigha. It is a unisex name.

21. Meditrina 

In case you’re not shy about utilizing a fanciful name for your girl, opt for Meditrina, the Roman goddess of healing. Meditrina is enabled with the appeal to reestablish well-being when exhaustion, summer, or winter sets in. 

22. Panacaea 

Panacaea, the little girl of Asclepius and sister of Hygieia, was the goddess of healing utilizing remedial prescription. It’s her name from where we got the word Panacaea, which implies a remedy for all illnesses. It’s said that Panacaea would convey an enchantment mixture, which she used to recuperate individuals and keep the disease under control. 

23. Rafaela

Regardless of whether you spell it as Raffaella, Rafaela, or Raphaela, this excellent name will always summon pictures of a lady with dark eyes and long, streaming hair. Rafaela signifies ‘God has healed’. 

24. Reselda 

Reselda, an enchanting Latin American name which means healer, is getting a charge out of moderate degrees of utilization in European nations.

Reselda - Names That Means Healer

25. Sekhmet 

Sekhmet is the Egyptian Healing and Medicine Goddess’s name. We doubt his name’s got enough takers in the 21st century. 

26. Shaushka 

Shaushka, implies goddess of war, fertility, and healing, was never really hyper-trendy in the Hittite mythology, but has always proved the test of time.

27. Sirona

The name Sirona belongs to the Celtic healing goddess. In the eastern Gaul, the figure of Sirona appears in carvings near the German sulfur springs. Even its temples are built near the thermal springs and healing wells.

28. Żywie

Żywie is the wonderful name that is given to the goddess of health and healing in Slavic mythology. Żywie is not just unique but is also a distinctive choice for your little princess.

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Mean Healer

Gender-neutral names that are supposed to be not biased and can be used for both boys and girls are all the rage right now. Here are some of the most awaited unisex baby names that mean healer.

1. Aja

Aja or Ajá is an exotic baby name of Yoruba origin, which means ‘spirit of herbal healers.’

2. Altheo

Altheo is a cute spin-off of a Greek girl named Althea, which means ‘healer.’ This name can be used for both boys and girls. It is also believed in Latin, Al means ‘to’ and Theo means ‘God’ or ‘God’s gift.’ Together in Latin, Altheo means ‘to God.’

3. Aroha

With Maori origins, Aroha is an exotic and sweet baby name that literally translates to ‘love,’ symbolising healing and compassion. Love heals everything, pain and scar, isn’t it?

4. Bodhi

Bodhi is a beautiful Sanskrit name taken from Buddhism. The name translates to ‘enlightenment’ or ‘awakening’, symbolising inner peace and healing. Bodhi is also related to the concept of attaining nirvana by letting go of the ego, greed, and materialistic world.

5. Chilyoja

Originating in Korea, Chilyoja is surprisingly rare in its homeland. This unusual Korean name means ‘healer.’ If you are looking for a rare name for your tiny tot, this could be an option.

6. Curandero

You’ll only find this name common in Latin American homes and very rare in other parts of the world. Curandero is a term used for a group of traditional healers and shamans in Latin America who heal people with their unique traditional practices. Therefore, Curandero is synonymous with ‘a healer.’

7. Dhanvantari

Dhanvantari or Dhanvantri is a Sanskrit name which refers to ‘the physician of the gods.’ This name is quite popular in India and among Indians across nations, bringing prosperity into their homes.

8. Eirian

Not exactly meaning healer, this Welsh name refers to ‘bright’ or ‘beautiful,’ symbolising the touch of a healer. It’s a winner in our books, combined with the fact it sounds so classy and stylish.

9. Fewashi

Fewashi is a lesser-known gender-neutral name that certainly demands attention. This name is of Amharic (an Ethiopian Semitic language) origin and means ‘healer.’ Parents looking for a rare healer name will be satisfied.

10. Haoma

If you’re looking for a wholesome, mystical healing name, look no further than Haoma. This Avestan name, Haoma, belonging to the Zoroastrian religion, refers to a divine plant. It is believed that after pressing with water, the Haoma plant is consumed to improve physical strength and alertness and promote healing.

11. James

James is an elegant Hebrew name which refers to ‘supplanter.’ The name is popular in the healing shift after the first African American doctor of the 19th century, James McCune Smith, who did great work in abolishing slavery.

12. Jengu

With African origins, Jengu is a name rather popular in India. The Sawa people of Cameroon regard Jengu as a water spirit, and when worshipped, these water spirits bring fortune and cure illnesses.

13. Kadaklan

Kadaklan refers to the Filipino deity known to have taught people to cure themselves. If rare and unusual names are the category you are looking for, you’ll love Kadaklan.

14. Kaiwhakaora

Love bold and long names? If yes, then you’ll find this rare Maori baby name (even for the natives) interesting. Kaiwhakaora means ‘healer’ in Maori.

15. Kalmin

This Scandinavian name, meaning ‘strong man,’ represents strength and vitality.

16. Kenzie

Kenzie is a cool and trendy baby name, perfect for both boys and girls. This Scottish baby name means ‘the fair one.’

17. Leighis

Pronounced LEYE-sh, Leighis is a Scottish and Irish name with Gaelic roots, meaning ‘heal’ or ‘remedy.’ This is a playful option for parents looking for a unique and rare name.

18. Loco

Loco is a variation of the original name Loko, who is considered as the master healer or magician in Haitian culture. It means ‘born at dawn.’

Loco - Names That Means Healer

19. Manami

Manami is a wonderful Japanese name, meaning ‘loving beauty,’ symbolising the healing power of care and love.

20. Nuray

Nuray is a voguish and ramp-ready name of Turkish origin, which translates to ‘radiant moon.’ The beauty and essence of the moon capture the healing light.

21. Rafiq

Symbolising a companion’s protective comfort, Rafiq is a splendid Arabic name. The name spectacularly embodies the healing power of compassion.

22. Raphael

Raphael has Hebrew origins and means ‘God has healed,’ capturing the power of divine healing.

23. Rudelle

Rudelle is a German baby name which means ‘famous.’ The name is not just unique but is also a distinctive choice for your snuggle bunny.

24. Salud

Salud is a wonderful Spanish baby name meaning ‘health,’ symbolising healing powers.

25. Shifa

We are bonkers over this name! Shifa is an Arabic name which literally means ‘healer.’

26. Shërimi

We’ve got our hands on one of the rarest names on the planet. Shërimi is a cutesy Albanian name meaning ‘healing.’ It is pronounced as shuh-REE-mee and can be used for boys as well.

27. Solace

Solace means ‘comfort in.’ This gender-neutral is one diamond in the rough, and parents are advised to pick it before some eagle-parents make it mainstream.

28. Sonzwaphi

If you’re not intimidated by the idea of giving your baby a highly rare and unique name that makes people wonder, Sonzwaphi is one of the top options to explore. This extraordinary name represents the ‘Zulu god of healing.’

29. Swnw

Hats off to one of the most modish and Milan-style baby names that mean ‘healer’ in Egyptian. Before you make any assumptions, it is spelt soo-noo.

30. Zale

Giving us celestial vibes, Zale is a short and chic baby name ideal for both genders. This Greek-origin name means ‘strong and healing,’ symbolising strength and vitality.

31. Zivanka

Of Slavic origin, Zivanka is Incredibly pretty and ethereal-sounding! It means ‘full of life,’ representing the power and mends of life and its ever-flowing energy.


1. Why Should You Choose A Name That Means Healing For Your Baby?

Choosing a name that means “healing” for your baby can hold special significance for various reasons. Children with a name related to healing come out to be compassionate, empathetic, benevolent characters. Thanks to the meaning of healing, children also develop the innate feeling of helping others.

2. Are There Naming Ceremonies For Healer Names?

While there may not be a specific naming ceremony exclusively for “healer names,” many cultures and communities have separate recognised traditions for naming ceremonies that celebrate the arrival of a new life and bestow a name upon the child.

Finding a name can be confusing, as there are hundreds and thousands of names to choose from. A name with a powerful meaning, like a healer, can definitely bring positivism into your newborn’s life and to everyone around them. 

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