Top 70 Finnish Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

70 Best Finnish Names for Boys and Girls

Parents, when naming their babies, want names that have a strong meaning and are also related to their roots. It is a given that parents belonging to a certain culture would love to name their kids with a name that bears a strong significance to their roots. It develops a sense of belonging in the child, and the child grows to understand the importance of where their family comes from. Finland, a country that boasts of a lean population, has some great baby names of Scandinavian, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian origin.

In Finland, a baby cannot be given more than four names (first name) by the time he is two months old. Some more rules and regulations govern naming a baby. Parents are not allowed to pick an inappropriate name that could cause a disadvantage to the child in future. Unisex names are not allowed in Finland. Names which spell differently or offend Finnish naming practices are also prohibited. However, there are exceptional circumstances that some names will be considered. Children are expected to take the last name of either of the parents and change it later if they wish. If you are of Finnish origin, here is a list of names from the land of Santa Claus and Nokia that might be suitable for your little one.

Finnish Boy Names With Meanings

Finland has some strict rules and regulations when naming children. The names that parents choose for their child must not be derogatory or offensive. The government dictates that names which could create problems in the lives of children later must be strictly avoided. If you are of Finnish origin and are looking for authentic Finnish names, then your search should hopefully end here. Read on to shortlist a few.

1. Aadolf

Poetic, rhythmic and soothing, Aadolf is a popular boy name in Finland. It means “distinguished or strong wolf”.

2. Aapo

It is the Finnish version of Abraham or “father of a multitude of nations”. The name is preferred mostly by those who follow the Christian faith and need a Finnish name that is close to the Bible.

3. Benu

The name means “blessed”. A lilting sound, the name is authentic to Finland. With just two syllables, it will sound great with any surname.

4. Bertel

Bertel means “bright and skilful”. This name is of German and Danish origin and can be a good choice for your little one.

5. Calle

“A man who is free” is the meaning of the name Calle. This name is a variant of the names Carl or Karl.

6. Daan

The name Daan means “the Lord is my judge”. It is a variant of the popular Daniel and would be a great name for your son.

7. Deyu

The name means “morality preserver”. With just two syllables, the name sounds powerful and contemporary.

8. Edvin

Edvin means “rich or wealthy friend”. Apart from being popular in Finland, this name is also quite well known in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

9. Fidan

The name means “one who makes sacrifices”. A wonderful name, and it has such a powerful meaning.

10. Gabor

The name means “God is my strength”. Another great name especially for a religious family.

11. Gael

The name means “of Gaelic descent” and is a short and sweet name for your baby boy. Another wonderful meaning of this name is “joyful”.

12. Haraldus

It’s a name that sounds mighty and full of valour. It means the “ruler of an army”.

13. Hesekiel

The name has a divine touch to it. It means “God strengthens” or “God will strengthen”.

14. Lari

This name is a shortened version of the name Hilarius. It means crowned with laurel.

15. Igor

Originating from the Scandinavian name Ingyar, the name has different meanings, including “protected”, “warrior of peace”, “bowman,” “archer’s bow”, or “son of the famous one”.

16. Jaak

Jaak is a name of Estonian origin and is a variant of the English names Jacob and James. Pronounced as Yahts, the name means “supplanter”.

17. Jensynn

Of Finnish and Norwegian origin, the name means “God is gracious” or “Jehovah has been gracious”.

18. Kal

A simple and short name, this one means “strong”. The beauty of this name is associated with its deep meaning and significance.

19. Kalle

Kalle is a popular name meaning “free man”. Like the name Calle, Kalle is also a variant of the English names Carl or Karl.

20. Lael

Pronounced as “Laa-ehl”, it means “of God”. What a wonderful name for children who are blessings of God.

21. Levo

It is the Finnish version of the name “Leo”, which is quite a popular name in Finland. It means “to lift up” or “lion”.

22. Matteus

The name means “God’s gift”. Often used in Judaism, it is a popular Finnish name. It is also a Finnish variation of Matthew.

23. Marc

The name means “warlike” and “of Mars”. It is also a Finnish variant of the name Mark.

24. Nepo

A unique name that means “traveller” or “homecoming”. It comes from Nestor, the king of Pylos in Greek mythology. He wanted the Trojan war to end so that he could go back home.

25. Nillo

A Finnish name that means a “crowd of success and triumph”. The name has a sweet sound, and it’s a meaningful name.

26. Odin

Originating from Old Norse language, it is pronounced as “O-din”. The name belongs to the supreme Norse God of art, wisdom, and culture.

27. Oja

It means “ditch” and a name that originates from the habitat in a farm. It can be traced back to the 15th century in Finnish history.

28. Pehr

The name means “rock” or “stone”. It is a variant of the name Peter and has a Greek origin.

29. Quintus

If your son is born on the fifth, then this name is ideal because it means “fifth”.

30. Raakel

A Finnish name that means “ewe”. Sounds different, and it’s also unique.

31. Tanel

The name means “God is my judge”.

32. Uke

It means “rapids” or “God’s blessing”.

33. Vaino

The name means “slow-flowing river”.

34. Werner

This name has a Germanic origin, and it means the “army protector”, “warrior”, and “defender”.

35. Yrjo

The name means “farmer” or “earth-worker”.

Finnish Girl Names With Meanings

Here’s a list of some Finnish baby girl names that you can pick for your little bundle of joy.

1. Ada

One of the most popular Finland girl names, it means “adornment” and “noble”.

2. Aliisa

Spelt with a double “I” and a single “s”, the name means “noble” and “kind”. It is a variant of the name Alice.

3. Bekka

A shorter version of Rebecca it means “to bind”, “join”, or “tie”.

4. Benita

The name means “blessed” and “divine”.

5. Cajsa

Pronounced as “Kie-Sah”, the name is of Swedish origin and means “chaste” and “pure”.

6. Cwen

The name is perfect for your baby girl as it means “queen”. It’s a perfect name for your princess who will one day grow into a queen.

7. Dahlia

Of Swedish origin, the name signifies the Dahlia flower. It is pronounced as “DAL-ye”. The flower is symbolic of dignity and elegance.

8. Ditte

An unusual name for a girl, the name means “gift of God”, “rich and prosperous”.

9. Emese

An old Finnish name, the name means “mother”. It originates from an old Turkic name Eme meaning monther.

10. Eja

Pronounced “Asia”, the name is a Finnish one and completely unique although the meaning is unknown.

11. Fabia

The name means “bean farmer” and is the feminine form of Fabius.

12. Fiia

It means “a flickering fire” and is a short, sweet, and melodious name. It will also sound lovely when a middle name is added to it.

13. Gala

Pronounced as “Gah-lah”, the name means “radiating” or “shining”. It is used widely in Russia or Greece.

14. Greta

The name means “pearl” and this name has been around for many years.

15. Helmy

The name means “gem of the sea” or “pearl” and is very commonly used by followers of the Christian religion.

16. Heta

The name means “love” or “battle”, and it is a variant of the name Helene and Hendrika.

17. Iida

The name is of Finnish and German origin and means “hardworking woman”.

18. Ilda

The name means not just a heroine but “the heroine of the battle”. It also means
“quiet and calm”.

19. Jakki

The name literally means “supplanter”. It’s quite similar to the English name Jackie.

20. Jana

Pronounced as “Ya-na”, it means “God’s gift”, “beloved” and is a popular name in Finland and Estonia.

21. Kaarina

The name means “pure” and “chaste”, and it is a Finnish and Danish variant of the name Katherine.

22. Karoliina

Pronounced as “Kaa-ro-lee-na” it means “a free woman”. It is a variant of the English names Carolina and Carol.

23. Leka

The powerful name means “defender of men”.

24. Linnea

A beautiful name, it means “a girl whose beauty can be compared to a twinflower”.

25. Maia

It means the source of the month of May, and if you have a May born, then this one is ideal. It also means “Goddess of Spring”.

26. Martta

Pronounced as “Mahr-ta”, the name means “lady of the house”. It is a variant of the name Martha.

27. Neea

The name means “one of the flowers” and “lime tree”. It is the shortened version of the name Linnea.

28. Nomi

Lilting in sound, the name means “graceful”, “gentle”, “delightful”, and “pleasant”.

29. Oivi

The means “excellent”. This is the perfect name for your perfect little girl.

30. Pirkko

Of Finnish and Irish origin, the name is pronounced as “Pir-ko”, and it means “powerful” and “strong”.

31. Rali

The name means “the spirited one” is a name of Finnish origin.

32. Senja

Pronounced as “Sen-ya”, the name means “a woman who is hospitable”.

33. Teea

The name means “a beautiful bird” or “happiness”. It is derived from the name Theresa.

34. Ulla

Pronounced as “Oo-la”, the name is of Finnish, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish origin. It means “will” and “determination”.

35. Yrsa

The name is different and comes from the ancient Norse period. It means the “little she-bear”. It is also related to the name Ursula which has the same meaning.

There are plenty of Finnish originals to choose from. But this guide of names for boys and girls offers you a few favourites. Finnish names are mostly of Christian origin, and some of the alphabets are pronounced differently. Finnish and Swedish names have a lot in common too. If you are Finnish or of Finnish origin, go ahead and take a pick from the list given above.

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