Top 30 Baby Girl Names That Mean Queen

Top 30 Baby Girl Names That Mean Queen

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For every parent, their daughters are queens! It does not matter if parents belong to an aristocrat family, but their daughters are princesses, and they provide all comfort and luxury to their daughters within their means.  Selecting a suitable name for a baby girl who is no less than a princess is challenging. According to the latest trend, parents are looking for unique names which are cool, adorable and currently in fashion. If you are looking for same, you have come to the right page as below we have listed out some names that mean Queen in different languages.

Beautiful Baby Girl Names Meaning Queen

Your search for a baby girl name that signifies Queen comes to an end here. Here we are putting some Irish, Greek, Arabic, Latin, English, French, Sanskrit, Hebrew, and African names that mean Queen.

Names                                    Meaning
Alexandra Alexandra is a Greek word, and it means defender of man.
This lovely name is deeply associated with Princess Alexandra.
It is also the name of the first-born child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
The first English Royal child was named Alexandra.
Alice Alice is a cute and adorable name, and it means noble or kind.
Alice is an English originated name.
This name got popular with the “Alice in Wonderland” Disney female character, who was a young girl with a great imagination!
Berenice A classic name with Greek roots and it means Bearer of victory.
This name is attached to a remarkable history; it was a queen’s name.
She was the wife of King Ptolemy I of Egypt.
Diona Diona is an English baby name which means from the sacred spring.
This name is unique, and a perfect choice for your baby as this name came
from a Diona, a Greek goddess, Queen and wife of Zeus, the King of the Gods.
Elizabeth Elizabeth word represents Queen in Hebrew.
A Hebrew originated word means God is my abundance.
This name was popular among England Queens which made it widely used.
Juno This name has Latin roots, and it means Wolf Queen or Queens of the Heavens.
Juno is an ancient name that sounds as new.
This name was also the name of a powerful Roman goddess.
Kahina It is an Arabic originated name that means soothsayer.
Queen baby name Kahina is the regal choice of name for your baby girl.
This name was 422nd most popular baby name in France.
In the 7th century, Kahina was a rebellion against Islamic expansionism
in North Africa.
Ketevan A Beautiful Georgian originated word means Queen of the house.
It was British-Georgian singer Katie Melua’s birth name.
Malika It is a famous Arabic name that means Master of Queens.
It was used for Queens during Ancient time.
There are also a few popular actresses with the same name.
This name is quite attractive, and it is used in the Multi-Cultural Community.
Malka Malka comes from the Hebrew word, which means Queen.
Morrigan A Classic Irish Originated word which means Phantom Queen.
This name was given to the ancient Goddess of War,
which was also symbolized as a crow.
Proserpine Proserpine is the Roman name of goddess Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld.
Persephone’s story is very popular in classical mythology.
Quanda An English origin word which means Queen.
Queenie Queenie is an old English word which means the ruler or the Royal Lady.
It is a sort of nickname given to Queen.
Rani A beautiful and simple name for your beautiful princess.
Rani is a Sanskrit word, and it was used for King’s wife during ancient times.
This word is quite popular in India, and nowadays it is becoming
famous all over the world.
Raina It is a classic name that means like a Princess or Queen.
It is a Latin-origin word.
Raine An old French Queen was named as Raine.
A perfect name if you are looking for French originated word which
means Queen.
Rainey An Anglo-Irish Originated word which means Queen.
It’s a trendy name which a Queen used to name her daughter in ancient times.
Rainy An American Classic name means Abundant Blessings or Queen.
This word came from Brittany.
Reggie A Latin originated word means the Abundant Ruler.
Queens used this in Germany.
Regina A name of Latin, Italian and Romanian origin that means the Queen, The Ruler.
It is also the name of a Christian Saint.
Reina A Spanish word for Queen. A Spanish Queen was named with the same.
Reine It is a French origin word that means Queen.
Reinette A French royal word means Queen, used by
Madame de Pompadour (mistress of King Louis)
Rhiannon A Welsh originated term means Queen. It’s an ancient Celtic name.
A famous American Musician was named the same.
Saowanee Saowanee is a Thai origin word. Thailand’s Queen has the same name.
Thailah A Thai origin word which means Queen.
Thema An African originated name means Queen.
Victoria A Latin word which means Goddess of Victory.
Tiana A Russian originated word means Queen.

A name is something that becomes one with your identity and personality throughout life. We can never choose our names; it is a gift given to us by our parents! So, parents select a perfect name for your baby girl to make her feel positive, happy, and proud. We wish you luck in this exciting quest to find the ideal name for your little one. Happy parenting!

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