Top 50 Two Syllable Baby Girl Names With Meanings

50 Unique Two Syllable Baby Names For Girls

These are different times, especially when it comes to parenting. When it comes to naming your child, it is a duty no parent can escape. The good thing is that now you have ample choices when it comes to choosing a name. How about names that are short, a distinct sound, and yet very different from the currently popular ones? We give you several options of such two-syllable names for girls that everyone will adore.

Cute 2 Syllable Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Consider these baby girl names with two syllables for your baby:

1. Audra

It is an Old English word. It is a compound name and means ‘noble strength.’ Back in the 1970s, it was a popular name, and now it seems to get back to the charts.

2. Ava

For decades, the name remains the preferred one with the parents of a baby girl. Easy to pronounce, and with a beautiful sound, it means ‘life.’

3. Angel

It is a name that has a strong association with Christianity. The name is of Greek origin and means ‘messenger of God.’ The name has always been famous for girls.

4. Autumn

Pronounced as aw-tum, it comes Latin and means ‘fall season.’ It is a name that is again gaining popularity with the parents.

5. Brooklyn

It is an American name that means ‘New York Borough.’ You pronounce it as brook-lin. It remains an all-time popular name for a baby girl.

6. Cadence

The name comes from Latin and means ‘rhyme.’ Everyone will love this name, and it is adorable by all standards. It is pronounced as kay-dence.

7. Carol

The name is derived from the masculine name Charles. This English baby name means ‘joy.’ Give abundant happiness to your daughter with this name.

8. Ceres

It is an Indo-European derivative that means ‘to grow.’ Your daughter will draw admiration for this name as she grows up.

9. Cezanne

It is a name that sounds classically romantic. It also has proximity to Suzanne. The exact meaning of this name is unknown; however, it indeed sounds artistic.

10. Cora

It is a Latin name derived from the word Kore. In Greek this name means ‘maiden,’ you can also link it to ‘heart.’ It is a good name for the little girl.

11. Dara

Although this name refers to a male in the Bible, for most of us, this sound likes a common feminine name. It is a Hebrew name that means ‘pearls of wisdom.’

12. Dermot

An appealing name that is yet to draw all the attention that it deserves, it is an Old Country name. It is a Scottish name.

13. Diane

It is an Indo-European name that means ‘divine.’ When you hold your baby girl in your hands, don’t you get the same feeling?

14. Darcy

It is an Irish origin name that means ‘the dark one.’ Do not go by the meaning, as the name sounds adorable.

15. Dolly

It is an English origin name that means ‘the gift of God.’ It is an old fashioned two-syllable girl’s names.

16. Dorothy

It is a name with a Greek origin that means ‘God’s gift.’ Express your thankfulness to the Almighty by selecting this name for your baby girl.

17. Felix

A famous name from the pop culture, this Latin name means ‘happy or lucky.’ The sound of the name is appealing. It is smart and loveable as a name.

18. Freida

It is a beautiful name of German origin that means ‘peace and calm.’ This two-syllables name will adore your daughter’s personality.

19. Farah

It is an Arabic name for girls that means ‘beautiful.’ For your princess, can you find a more appropriate name?

20. Gabby

The name is derived from Gabrielle. This English origin name refers to a talkative person. Therefore, it may go well for your daughter.

21. Hannah

They pronounced this two syllables name han-uh. It is a Hebrew name that means ‘grace.’ A well-known name from the pop culture, your daughter will love it as she grows up.

22. Hazel

It is the name of the Old Testament prophet. It is a Hebrew name and has a reference in the Bible. It means ‘dove.’ The name is ideal for the parents looking for a biblical name.

23. Helen

It is a Greek name for girls that means ‘shining light.’ It is exactly what your daughter has brought to your home, isn’t it?

24. Jacob

For decades, the popularity of this name as not declined. Add a nickname with it, for instance, ‘Jay.’ This Old English name means ‘western meadow.’

25. Ira

The name appears in the Bible as one of the ‘mighty men.’ It is a Hebrew name that means ‘watchful’. It is also a popular Sanskrit name that refers to Goddess Saraswati.

26. Isla

This feminine name comes from Scottish and Spanish origin that means ‘island.’ The sweet sound makes this name special.

27. June

It is a Latin baby name for girls. It is derived from Roman Juno. In Roman mythology, she refers to the protector of marriage and women.

28. Kai

The name comes from Hawai and means ‘sea.’ The name has a sweet sound to it and is going to be famous for your little girl.

29. Kate

It is a Latin baby name derived from Katherine. Quite a few numbers of saints were the bearer of this name. Small and beautiful, it an appropriate short two-syllable girl names for your girl.

30. Kira

Pronounced as kee-ra, it has an Irish origin and means black-haired. This name is attractive and a popular one at that.

31. Lane

It is an Old English name that refers to ‘ a small roadway or path.’ It is a name that can be used for either gender; however, it suits girls the most.

32. Lark

It is an English origin name and comes from the expression ‘happy as a lark.’ Wish your daughter a life of happiness with this name.

33. Liv

The name has multiple origins. It is a Nordic female name derived from ‘hilf,’ which means ‘shelter.’ In Swedish and Danish, it means ‘life.’

34. Love

Can there be a name lovelier than this? This name will always remain popular, and it sounds sweet as well.

35. Laurel

For this having a special place of Mother Nature, this name will be suitable. This Latin name means ‘Laurel tree.’

36. Lily

It is a floral name that has been popular for over 30 years. It remains the favored one amongst the parents. The name is derived from the flower ‘lily.’

37. Lola

It is a name taken from the titles of the Virgin Mary. The name originates from Scottish. If looking for a biblical name, it seems perfect.

38. Mila

It is a short and sweet name. It comes from Western Europe, and it means ‘gracious or dear.’ It makes a perfect nickname as well.

39. Mercy

It is a lovely two-syllable name for your little princess. It comes from the Latin word ‘merces.’ It means ‘compassion and forgiveness.’

40. Peyton

Interestingly it is a gender-neutral name. It is an English name that refers to ‘the fighting man’s estate.’

41. Phoebe

The name comes from Greek mythology. Another name for Apollo, it is also a popular name from a TV show ‘Friends.’ With this name, you get sweet nicknames like ‘Phi’ or ‘Bee.’

42. Paisley

It is a Scottish name that means ‘church.’ It is a name that is fast rising in the charts. The name has a beautiful sound and is in sync with the pop culture.

43. Paris

This name comes from the Greek language. It means ‘someone from Parish, France’. The name is strikingly beautiful, and you already know the famous name bearer of this name-Paris Hilton.

44. Ruby

Popular since the 19th century, it refers to a precious red stone. It originates from the Latin word ‘ruber.’ It is a birthstone for people born in July. Your free-spirited baby girl will love this name.

45. Sadie

It comes from Spanish, probably from the tradition of the Virgin Mary. The Beatles made this name famous, and it continues. It is a Hebrew name that means ‘princess.’

46. Stella

Another cool name for your baby girl, Stella, is a Latin name that means ‘star.’ It is a common name in Italy for a baby girl.

47. Thora

It is the feminine version of ‘the God of thunder.’ If you are looking for a unique name, then this name suits perfectly for your baby girl.

48. Willow

The name has a distinct grace to it. It is an English name that comes from a tree. It has always been a popular name for daughters.

49. Zephyr

It is a Greek name for ‘west wind or God of the west wind.’ The name is different and rare. This sweet name will never go unnoticed.

50. Zara

The name has an Arabic origin, and it means ‘princess.’ That is precisely the reason why you would like to choose it for your daughter. After all, the is the princess of your little kingdom.

With this list, we make your task simpler by identifying a name for your little princess that is simple to pronounce and yet has a nice ring to it. These lovely two-syllable names for your little daughter are adorable and fashionable too. When she grows up, she will surely feel proud of her name.

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