Top 150 Unique, Modern & Latest Hindu Baby Girl Names With Meanings

150 Hindu Baby Girl Names with Meanings

With the goal of attaining moksha (emotional freedom) and being the third largest religion in the world, Hinduism doesn’t lack in diversity nor cultural experiences. From food, clothing, philosophy, and way of life, Hinduism is a lifestyle embraced by many and offers beautiful names. In fact, if you’re planning to give your beautiful baby girl a Hindu name, you’ve come to the right place.

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FirstCry gives you a list of unique Indian Hindu baby girl names that will spoil you for choice.

Unique Hindu Baby Girl Names that Stand Out

What makes a name unique? Maybe it’s the emotion it reflects or the character it resembles. From the Puranas, Mahabharata, the great epics, and Nature itself, there are plenty of popular baby girl names to choose from when it comes to Hinduism. Here is a list of uncommon girl names that are unique and truly worth giving your newborn baby.


Name Meaning
Aadarshini Idealistic – Aadarshini also represents someone who has strong creative talents and is determined in nature
Aaloka Lustrous – for children who are destined to have a successful life
Aamani Spring
Aapti Fulfilment/ Achievement/ One who realizes dreams
Aarushi The sun shining its first rays
Aashita Someone who always wields hope/ Hopeful
Abhikhya Beauty/ Fame/ Popularity/ Role Model
Abhitha Fearless/ One who doesn’t hold back
Anvi Deity of the forest
Anusha Good morning/ Star
Aryahi A name that refers to ‘Goddess Durga’
Asmita Pride/ Symbol of joy or hope
Aishwarya Prosperity/ Wealth/ Abundance
Anala Fire/ Wind/ Expressive
Banhi Fire/ Power/ Purity/ Spirituality
Bhuvi Angel/ Messenger of God
Bhawna Sentiments/ Emotions/ Feelings
Bala Vibrant/ Full of life/ Positive Energy
Baijayanthi Lord Vishnu’s garland
Chitralekha Artistic creation/ Maiden of celestial spirits
Chetna Attentive/ Alert/ Driven/ Intellectual
Chanchala Restless/ Energetic/ Motion
Drishya Sight/ Vision/ Gaze
Drishani The sun’s daughter
Dnyanada Intelligent/ Smart/ Clever
Ekveera Daughter of Lord Shiva
Eeshani Lord Shiva’s wife
Ebbani Desire/ Will/ Passion
Falguni Born in the month of Falgun
Itika Infinite/ Neverending/ Endless
Ismita Individuality/ Uniqueness/ Originality
Ishaana Rich/ Wealth/ Prosperous/ Financially strong
Iraja The wind’s daughter
Jaanvi Ganga, the river/ As precious as your life
Jasodhara Lord Budda’s mother
Jasweer Victorious/ Successful/ Achiever
Meethi Truthfulness/ Soothsayer
Meenal Gemstone/ Rare jewel
Masumi Innocence/ Purity
Manshi A name that refers to ‘Goddess Saraswati’/ Intellectual/ Endeavoring spiritually
Nidhyana Intuitive/ Spiritually guided/ Instinctive
Neeli The colour of the sky/ Represents freedom and tranquillity
Onalika Image/ Picture/ Appearance/ Visualization
Oshmi Persona/ Personality/ Behavior/ Attitude
Oviyam Majestic creation/ Artistic work
Oorja Energy/ Vibrations/ Enthusiasm
Parameshwari Deity Durga
Pavithra Attractive/ Alluring/ Pretty
Prahasini One who always smiles
Pinal God’s child

List of Modern & Latest Hindu Baby Girl Names

We understand that sometimes unique and uncommon names don’t do the trick. Sometimes you just want names that are modern and adaptive to the latest trends. Hinduism doesn’t fall behind in that regard and has plenty to offer. If you’re hunting for names that make your daughter sound modern and on with the times, take a look at this list of newborn baby girl names we’ve crafted.

Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names

Name Meaning
Asvarya Out of the ordinary/ Prodigy/ Genius
Anuradha One who brings joy and welfare
Anupama Unique/ One who cannot be compared or stands out on their own
Akshita Immortal/ One who lives forever
Bharavi One who is under God’s protection/ Author of Kirātārjunīya
Bhagyalakshmi Deity of wealth
Bhuvika Paradise/ Heaven/ Afterlife
Bhavanya To meditate/ Focus/ Be attentive
Bhanuni Alluring woman
Barsha Rainfall/ Monsoon season
Chaitra Aries, the zodiac
Chiti Love/ Affection/ Nurture
Charitrya History/ Past
Dwiti Two sides/ Second in order/ Dual-edged
Diya Lamp/ Candle
Divyathi White/ Unpigmented
Digisha Guided by God/ God’s direction
Diksheeka Modest/ Introverted/ Silent/ Simple-natured
Dhvani Noise/ Disturbance/ Sound
Eartha Born on Earth/ Child of Earth
Eravati Name of a popular deity
Ekakini Solitude/ Loneliness/ Alone/ Solo
Ekadhana A fraction of wealth/ A chunk of wealth
Foolwati As gentle as a flower/ Beautiful like a flower/ Elegant/ Delicate
Gyandevi Goddess of knowledge
Grishma Warmth/ Comfort
Gool Flower/ Blossom
Goldy Crafted from gold
Ganitha Respected
Gemine The Twins, the zodiac
Hasna Gorgeous/ Beautiful/ Attractive/ Pretty
Honnesha Someone who is rich and has authority/ Wealthy individual
Honey The food/ Sweet/ Charming/ Alluring
Hetshree God’s love/ God’s affection
Hatisha One who is free from desire/ One who is not materialistic or world-minded
Isheeta One who is above others/ Superior/ Majestic/ Royalty
Ikshitha Visible/ In sight/ Can be seen by everyone
Isaikani Majestic music/ Music that’s out of the world
Inayata Kind/ Gentle/ Delicate/ Soft-hearted
Iti Start/ Begin/ Launch
Ijaya Sacrifice/ To give up something precious in exchange for another thing
Indrapriya Goddess Lakshmi/ Blue Lotus
Jagruti Awareness/ Attentiveness/ Mindfulness/ Open-mindedness
Jasmit Famous/ Popular/ Well known/ Respected/ Revered
Jigya Curious/ ne who thinks differently/ One who seeks answers
Jabi Pray/ Pay respects to the Lord
Jovita Joy/ Happy/ Pleased/ Uplifting/ Positive vibes
Kruthi Novel/ Work of Art/ Masterpiece/ Book
Krishna Name of a Hindu God/ Divine/ Pure
Kranti Advent/ Revolution/ Change in an era
Kiranya Money/ Wealth/ Prosperity/ Finances
Khushi Smile/ Happy/ Joyful
Lekisha Life/ Existence/ Being/ Animation/ Aliveness
Laksheta Distinguished/ Revered/ Respected/ One who is looked upon by others
Laabha Profit/ Gain/ Yield/ Benefit/ Advantage
Lumbini Gautama Buddha’s birthplace/ A grove
Manshi Woman/ Female/ Opposite gender
Mausami Seasonal/ Alternating/ Periodic/ Infrequent
Neethi Truth/ Sincerity/ Honesty/ Genuine/ Verity/ Certitude/ Reality/ Fact
Odathi Refreshing/ Rejuvenating/ Relaxing/ Restorative
Oindrila A name that refers to Indra’s wife
Oliyarasi/Oilmani/Olikodi Brilliant/ Talented/ Exceptional/ Extraordinary
Oni Shelter/ Refuge/ Cover/ Roof
Ojal Vision/ Goal/ Target
Oshadhipati Goddess of Herbs/ Deity of Herbs
Odati Crack of dawn/ Early morning/ Refreshing/ Rejuvenating/ Restorative/ Uplifting
Prashanti Peace/ Solace/ Tranquillity
Pranidhi Spy/ One who is disguised/ Undercover
Quasar Meteorite/ Micrometeorite
Qimat Of great deal/ Valuable/ Treasurable / Precious
Roshani Brightness/ Luminosity/ Shining
Roohi Soul/ Existence/ Spirit/ The immaterial part of a human being
Riyanshi Cheerful/ Always happy/ Someone who uplifts others
Risha Saintly/ Sacred/ Pious/ Pure-hearted/ Someone who is not evil
Rijuta Innocence/ Purity/ Sacred/ Clean/ Uncorrupted
Ravya Worshipped/ Revered/ Treated like a Deity or Goddess/ Godliness
Ratnaprabha Radiance of the diamonds
Rajlaxmi One who is prophesized to rule over money/ The future ruler of wealth
Rakhi Bond between a brother and sister that is symbolized by wearing a thread on the wrists
Raahi Traveller/ One who is always on the move
Radnya The king’s daughter
Ragi Name of a crop/ Loving
Raina Night/ Night-time/ Dark/ Hours of darkness
Rakshita Protected/ Shielded/ Guarded/ Looked after
Rusama One who never gets angered/ Calm/ Peaceful
Rachana Artistic creation/ Original work
Rudhi Rise/ Grow/ Ascend/ Birth/ Revive
Shivangi Beautiful/ Attractive/ Pretty/ Elegant/ Majestic
Sanjevani Immortality/ Forever living
Sangini Partner of life/ Soulmate
Sadia Lucky/ Fortunate/ Privileged
Sachita Consciousness/ Oneness/ Awareness
Sanvi Another name that refers to the Deity Lakshmi
Twarita Fast/ Speedy/ Quick
Trishona Desire/ Goal/ Passion/ Will
Ushta Happiness that is everlasting or lasts forever/ Luminous
Urmil Lord Lakshman’s wife
Udhyarani Growing Queen/ Emerging Queen/ A queen who is rising or on the rise
Vriddhi Growth/ Progress/ Moving forward
Vishala Expanse/ Space/ Wide/ Openness

Tips for Choosing the Best Hindu Name for Your Baby Girl

Choosing the best Hindu name for your baby girl is no rocket science. But there is an art to going about it. If you’re worried about pairing names horribly, mismatching, or rhyming names in a way that sounds funny to hear, don’t worry- because we’ve been there. Here is a handy guide to choosing the best names for your baby girl. Keep these tips in mind and we’re sure you’ll craft something that flows well and sounds just right.

Tips for Choosing Baby Girl Name

1. Think Family Names

Do you have someone in your family or list of relatives whom you admire? Or maybe you hold your great-grandparents in high esteem and respect their generation? You can name your newborn daughter using one of their names for the first or middle name. This not only connects people generation from generation but is a great way to extend the tradition.

2. Think Character

Maybe you like Sita or any of the characters from the Great Epics and mythological tales. Naming your daughter after any one of them also works. The name reflects the quality of the deity or characters in the ancient tales and it’s a great way to inspire your kids when they grow up.

3. Don’t Forget Your Last Name

The name you pick should go with your last name or flow well. For example, Bharavi Bhattacharya sounds like alliteration and a bit too corny. Also, take into account abbreviations when naming your daughter. Bharavi Sengupta is pronounced B.S. in short and we all know what that means. Your kids may be made fun of in school or by their peers via the acronyms if you accidentally name them something that can be abbreviated to mean something else. Be careful about that point.

4. Go Back to Nature

If you don’t want to give your baby girl names derived from the Epics or from ancient tales, why not try nature? Humans have been constantly studying nature for generations and are still doing that. And nature’s elements portray qualities that you’d love your girl to have. For example, fire or Agni resembles passion, burning desire, or hope. With this in mind, Aashita could be a good name for your daughter. Likewise, think about the element you want and give your child a name that goes with that.

5. Ask Your Friends and Family

It’s hard to brainstorm for baby names alone and remember the saying ‘Two heads are better than one’? Try talking to your family members and friends to see if you can get more ideas. Going on an adventure on the hunt for new names is a pleasure in itself. Just make sure to weed out the weird suggestions when you do take recommendations.

6. Take Into Account Numerology

Hinduism is an ancient culture that follows the principles of numerology. You can apply these when picking a name too. Read some books on the subject or talk to a numerologist to learn more about how this works.

7. Go the Zodiac Way

The final tip is to choose names according to the birth time and your child’s zodiac signs. Matching the zodiac sign with the name is a great way to ensure things go well for your child’s future. Read up horoscopes or get one done by an astrologer and find out what your naming options are. We’re sure you’ll find something that fits.

Aren’t the names above just beautiful? To us, a name is more than just a title. It tells a story and signals tales that are destined or upcoming in the future. When you think of a name, visualize what your child would look like or be like in the future. Maybe 10 or 15 years from.

So the question is – would that name still sound right or be what you want it to be? If that’s a yes, then congratulations! You found your dream name for your baby girl.

Also, congrats on having a daughter. You are truly a blessed family and we mean it. Give a name that makes you cherish memories and one you will never get tired of saying and hearing. That’s the secret.

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