100 Butterfly Names for Boys and Girls


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Butterflies are not just aesthetically appealing insects but represent change, freedom, strength, hope, and personal growth. Their short yet fascinating lifespan mirrors the spiritual transformation and transitory nature of happiness in life. A symbolic creature in many cultures, butterflies undergo metamorphosis from an unattractive and straightforward caterpillar to an enchanting winged organism that comes in a wide variety of iridescent colors, bright patterns, and fancy shapes. Traditionally, the butterfly is also closely associated with femininity and romantic love. While naming a child, parents often want to name their child after something beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

There are numerous species of butterflies found in almost every country across the globe. These fluttery species have an aura of profound mystery about them that contributes even more to their beauty. The image of butterflies was used in Egyptian frescoes in Thebes over 3,500 years ago. It represented the goddess Psyche (“soul”) with having butterfly wings for the ancient Greeks. Both the Greeks and the Romans equated the souls of deceased loved ones with butterflies. We also find that butterflies represent the personification of a person’s soul, marital bliss, and womanhood in Japan.

A butterfly is considered one of the wildlife spirits known as ‘Kachina’ as per the Hopi culture. Aztecs believed that Itzapapalotl is a divine being represented by the Obsidian butterfly. The butterfly is called ‘hu-tieh,’ meaning 70 years in Mandarin Chinese, referring to long life. In some parts of the United States, they are viewed as a sign of good fortune, although black butterflies are considered as impending death. These motifs are used purely for their aesthetic qualities in visual art rather than for religious symbolism for centuries. Several surviving mosaics show that butterflies have been associated with regeneration and renewal due to their changing forms through biological evolution.

Growing in popularity since the 2010s, the use of butterfly names have peaked steadily in 2018, with 0.253% of baby girls bearing such names. Several genera of butterflies originate as first names, and they are translated into different native European languages. When celebrities choose pretty butterfly names for their little ones, butterfly-related baby names come to the spotlight and get wider attention. However you interpret the butterfly, this powerful metaphor can add color to your child’s identity and boost their confidence for self-expression. In case you’re losing sleep over selecting a name for your newborn, this curated list of butterfly baby names for both boys and girls can come to your rescue.

50 Best Butterfly Baby Boy Names with Meanings

If you thought that butterfly names were only for girls, you might be pleasantly surprised by the number of butterfly boy names that set them apart from their peers. Here is a compilation of the most popular baby names for boys will suitable meanings that carry a sense of wonder and creative spirit.

1. Adonis

This name of Greek origin means “handsome” and belongs to the eternally youthful god.

2. Azure

This name of Latin origin means “bluish color.”

3. Admiral

This name comes from Middle English comes from Anglo-French amiral, meaning “commander.”

4. Aglais

Aglais is a beautiful multi-colored butterfly. The name comes from Latin “Aglaia,” which comes from the ancient Greek word meaning ‘splendid,’ ‘shining.’

5. Aideen

The Irish name means ‘little fire.’

6. Alexis

Derived from Roman Catholic origins, Alexis means ‘defender of humankind’ in Greek.

7. Argus

Argus is a slightly bluish or brown Eurasian butterfly and means ‘bright’ in Greek. In Greek mythology, Argus means a 100 eyed monster or a watchful guardian.

8. Beata

Derived from Latin origin, Beata means “blessed.”

9. Blues

This English name means “ivy, blue color” associated with the colors of the butterfly.

10. Chouka

This trendy name means “Butterfly,” which also refers to Japanese flowers of the same name.

11. Clodius

This is a beautiful butterfly known for its ability to fly at high altitudes. This name translates to ‘poetry’ in Latin.

12. Cliff

A short for of Clifford, this topographical English name means ‘cliffside ford.’

13. Constantine

Derived from the old French and Latin “Constantin,” this name means ‘constant’ or ‘steadfast.’ It belonged to the first Christian Roman Emperor, Constantine, the great.

14. Danaus

 The name means ‘someone who urges on horses, charioteer, or a rider.’ Danaus is the great-grandson of Zeus in Greek mythology. Adorned with tiger-like stripes on its wings, it is a type of butterfly.

15. Dorcas

This Biblical refers to ‘gazelle’ in Greek origin.

16. Ekval

This name of Indian Islamic origin means “butterfly.”

17. Finn

Derived from Irish Fionn, Finn means “white” or “fair.” It is a variety of rainforest butterflies.

18. Flutur

Widely used in Kosovo and Albania, Flutur translates to ‘moving along rapidly and lightly.’

19. Farânak

Derived from the word Parvâneh, meaning “butterfly” in Persian.

20. Gilroy

This red and black butterfly gets its name from Scottish origin and means “a king’s servant.”

21. Hecate

Hecate means a butterfly or a soul. Hecate is also known as the God of the week and is said to have wings like a butterfly as per Greek mythology.

22. Hitomu

This unisex name of Japanese origin means “beautiful.”

23. Ītzpā

This Aztec name comes from Ītzpāpālōtl, the name of an Aztec god known as Obsidian Butterfly.

24. Jamides

Jamides is a variant of Jamais, a beautiful butterfly found in the Indomalayan realm. The name also means lover of glades.

25. Jay

Jay means ‘the holder,’ ‘healer,’ ‘triumph,’ and ‘victory’ in Sanskrit. It is also the name of a tropical butterfly with green spots on black-based wings.

26. Kamehameha

This Hawaiian origin name means “the one set apart” and refers to the Kamehameha butterfly.

27. Lysandros

According to mythology, this Greek name means “liberator, freeing men” and belonged to the name of Spartan admiral.

28. Leander

With roots in Latin, American, English, and Greek languages, Leander means ‘lion man.’ According to Greek mythology, Leander is a butterfly and a handsome young man who was the priest’s lover as a hero.

29. Leptir

Leptir means butterfly according to the Russian dialectal. The monarch butterfly is also known as a milkweed butterfly. It means the one who urges on horses according to Greek mythology.

30. Monarch

This Middle English name means “King.” The monarch butterfly is a variety of butterflies.

31. Mantech

This name of Ethiopian origin means “butterfly.” According to the ancient Greek Origin, it means ‘soul.’

32. Memphis

Memphis is the Greek form of the Egyptian name Mennefer. It is a type of butterfly that has wings resembling dead leaves. It means ‘beautiful,’ ‘established,’ and ‘enduring.’

33. Morgane

Morgane is a name of Welsh origin and means ‘dweller of the sea’, ‘sea chief,’ or ‘great brightness.’ It is also a blue butterfly with a white stripe.

34. Mycalesis

Mycalesis is a bush brown Asian butterfly that means “meaning eye.”

35. Orion

According to the ancient Greek origin, Orion is the name of a hunter and refers to a constellation of stars or a type of butterfly.

36. Ordell

This English name means ‘beginning.’

37. Piepel

This German name means “an active young man.” Piepel is the name of a moth and butterfly species.

38. Pepe

This name of Samoan origin means “butterfly.” Pepe is a pet form of the Spanish name José which comes from the Hebrew Yosef, through the Greek Iosephos and Latin Iosephus, meaning “God will give.”

39. Papillon

Papillion in its English form comes from Old French papillon ‘butterfly’ or Latin Papilio.

40. Perhonen

This distinct male name in Finnish means “butterfly.”

41. Smith

Smith is a sub-species of a blue butterfly. This name comes from the Anglo-Saxon smitan, meaning “to smite or strike.”

42. Sommerflue

This Danish name means “butterfly.”

43. Tan

This Vietnamese name means ‘a new beginning’.

44. Taurins

This name of Latin American origin refers to a yellow-hued butterfly. It is most suitable for a baby boy born under the sign of Tauras.

45. Titus

This Biblical name appears in the seventh book of the New Testament and means “honorable.” He was a Greek disciple and the helper of Saint Paul.

46. Thecla

Thecla is the name of a butterfly mostly found across Eurasia north on the foothills of the Himalayas and North Africa. This Greek name means “God’s glory.”

47. Ulysses

Ulysses is the Greek mythological hero Odysseus, who was the hero in Homer’s epic poem ‘Odyssey.’

48. Vivalter

This name of Middle German origin means “butterfly.” The meaning of this given name represents innovation, independence, determination.

49. Xiuhtecuhtli

This name of Aztec origin refers to “God of spirit,” who had butterfly wings.

50. Xenocles

Xenocles is a famous fifth-century Greek poet. It is also the name of a butterfly species found in Southeast Asia.


50 Cute Butterfly Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Finding the perfect name for your daughter can be exciting yet challenging or even overwhelming at times. Here are some of the best butterfly names for girls that can add a dash of magic with their beauty and charm to their personalities.

1. Annabella

This English name is a composition of Hebrew Anna, meaning ‘grace,’ and French belle, meaning ‘beauty.’

2. Aponi

This name of Native American origin means “butterfly.”

3. Ava

Derived from the Germanic word aval, meaning “guarantee,” Ava comes from the Latin word ‘avis’ which means “bird, birdlike.” In Persian, it means “voice, sound.”

4. Alexandra

The Greek Alexandra is the female form of Alexandros, which comes from alexein, meaning “to ward off, keep off, turn away, defend, protect” as aner means “man.”

5. Adelpha

Adelpha is a classic girl’s name of Greek origin which means “beloved sister.” It is also the name for a genus of butterflies.

6. Aglais

The name of the butterfly genus comes from the Latin “Aglaia,” which comes from the ancient Greek mythological character Aglaia, the youngest of the three Charities (Graces), who personifies dazzling beauty and splendor.

7. Beata

Derived from the Latin beatus, this name means “blessed.”

8. Bindi

Bindi in the Noongar language of Western Australia means “butterfly.” Bindi in Nyungar language means “young girl.”

9. Birabiro

This Ethiopian name means “butterfly” in Amharic.

10. Cho/Kocho

This Japanese name means “butterfly.”

11. Chouka

This name means “butterfly” or ‘flower’ in Japanese.

12. Chrysalis

This Greek name means “cacoon” and “golden.” It comes from the Greek word chrysos – gold, referring to the color of the hard shell that protects them during this stage of development.

13. Cressida

Cressida is a pretty mythological and Shakespearean heroine and means ‘gold’ in Greek.

14. Camilla

Limenitis camilla is a butterfly of the Nymphalidae family. It means ‘helper to the priest’ in Portuguese. It means ‘young ceremonial attendant’ in Latin.

15. Candide

Candida means ‘white glowing, bright’ in French.

16. Delphia

Delphia is a butterfly species that means “the womb.” It is a feminization of the Greek place name Delphi.

17. Dolon

Polyura dolon is a subgenus of butterflies found in India. It means ‘scent of a beautiful white flower.’

18. Daire

Daire means ‘fruitful and fertile in Irish.

19. Dorcas

Lycaena Dorcas is the gossamer-winged butterflies found in North America. It means Gazelle in Greek and refers to someone abounded in good deeds and gifts of mercy in The New Testament.

20. Diana

Derived from Greek, Latin, and Indo-European origins, Diana means “Divine.” Diana was a Roman goddess of hunting, forests, the moon, and fertility.

21. Edith

This English name means “riches or blessed” or ‘prosperous in war.’

22. Emillia

Derived from the Latin word aemulus, Emilia means ‘to rival,’ ‘excel,’ or ‘emulate,’ from folk etymology. It means ‘butterfly’ in Greek.

23. Farasha

This Arabic name means “butterfly.”

24. Fafelina

This Italian name means ‘butterfly.’

25. Flutura

This Albanian name means “butterfly.”

26. Farfalla

This unusual Italian name means ‘butterfly”.

27. Haru

Haru in Japanese means “spring season.” Haru in Korean means “day.”

28. Jonetta

This name is of Hebrew and Scottish origin, means “God is gracious.”

29. Juno

This ancient Latin name comes from iuvenis, meaning “youthful.”

30. Kimimela

This name of Native American origin means “butterfly.”

31. Kalliope

Kalliope in Greek means “beautiful voice.”  Its variant Calliope was the muse of epic poetry in Greek mythology.

32. Kelebek

This Turkish name means “butterfly.”

33. Kimama

This soft and lyrical Native American name means ‘butterfly.’

34. Lyneth

A variant of the English name Lynette, Lyneth means ‘little beauty.’

35. Laurel

This gentle name comes from Latin Lauras and means “laurel tree.”

36. Lina

This Arabic name means ‘butterfly.’ It means “light,” “a ray of sunlight,” or “beautiful girl” in Persian.

37. Mariposa

This Spanish name means “butterfly baby.”

38. Memphis

A type of butterfly, this name of Greek origin means “enduring.”

39. Nova

Derived from the Latin word “Novus,” Nova means ‘new.’

40. Phaedra

Phaedra is an ancient Greek name deriving from “phaidros,” meaning “bright, glowing” Phaedra was the demi-goddess daughter of King Minos of Crete and wife of King of Athens.

41. Paloma

This Catalan baby girl’s name means “butterfly.”

42. Pocahontas

This name of Native American origin means “the playful one.”

43. Schmetterling

This German baby girl’s name means “butterfly.”

44. Titli

Titli is an Indian Hindu girl’s name that means “A butterfly.”

45. Posie

Posey is a short form of Mariposa referring to a bunch of flowers.’

46. Vanessa

A traditionally feminine name with Latin origins, Vanessa means “belonging to Venus,” the god of love. It refers to the mystic Greek goddess Phanessa, who had a fascination for butterflies.

47. Valeria

Derived from the Latin verb valere, this Latin name means “strength.”

48. Vlinder

This Dutch name means “butterfly.”

49. Yara

This name of Arabic origin means “small butterfly.” Yara was a beautiful green-skinned Brazilian goddess. The term also refers to honeycomb and honeysuckle in Hebrew.

50. Zina

Greek origin and means “shining. ” It means ‘beautiful’ and secret spirit’ in Arabic.

Butterflies are natural entities that convey a special meaning. Having existed on Earth long before humans, butterflies have appeared in the different myths and folklores to intrigue us since time immemorial. Just as butterflies have such a magical presence and quality that draws instant attention, butterfly baby names carrying messages of change, transformation, hope, and positivity can make them stand out in the crowd.

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