Top 160 Butterfly Baby Names For Boys & Girls

160 Butterfly Names for Boys and Girls

Butterflies are not just aesthetically appealing insects but represent change, freedom, strength, hope, and personal growth. A symbolic creature in many cultures, butterflies undergo metamorphosis from an unattractive and straightforward caterpillar to an enchanting winged organism that comes in various iridescent colours, bright patterns, and fancy shapes. Traditionally, the butterfly is also closely associated with femininity and romantic love. When naming a child, parents often want to name their child after something beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

Growing in popularity since the 2010s, butterfly names for boys and girls peaked steadily in 2018, with 0.253% of baby girls bearing such names. Several genera of butterflies originate as first names and are translated into different native European languages. When celebrities choose pretty butterfly names for their little ones, butterfly-related baby names come into the spotlight and get wider attention. However you interpret the butterfly, this powerful metaphor can add colour to your child’s identity and boost their confidence for self-expression.

Why Give a Butterfly Name to Your Baby?

Butterflies are widely used in visual arts to represent something lovely and frequently delicate. They have large, vibrant wings. Because of their life cycle, some cultures see them as a symbol of rebirth and power. Thus, it makes sense that baby names with butterfly inspiration are so popular! Who wouldn’t want to give their tiny miracle the name of something so lovely and priceless?

How to Choose a Butterfly Name for Your Baby?

Almost every country on earth is home to a variety of butterfly species. These fluttery species have a strong sense of mystery, enhancing their attractiveness even more. Over 3,500 years ago, butterflies appeared in Egyptian frescoes in Thebes. For the ancient Greeks, it symbolised the goddess Psyche (“soul”) by having butterfly wings. The departed loved ones’ souls were compared to butterflies by both the Greeks and the Romans. In Japan, butterflies are also said to personify a person’s spirit, marital bliss, and womanhood.If you’re losing sleep over selecting a name for your newborn, this curated list of butterfly names for babies.

Popular Butterfly Baby Boy Names

If you thought butterfly names were only for girls, you might be pleasantly surprised by the number of butterfly boy names that set them apart from their peers. Here is a compilation of boys’ most popular baby names that mean butterfly, that carry a sense of wonder and creative spirit.

1. Apollo

Apollo is a Greek-inspired boy’s name that will undoubtedly highlight your child’s fierce side. Although this name means destroyer. 

2. Azure

This name of Latin origin means ‘bluish colour’.

3. Admiral

This name comes from Middle English comes from Anglo-French amiral, meaning ‘commander’.

4. Aphrodite

The word is thought to be from the Greek meaning “risen from the sea”. Aphrodite was the goddess of love and beauty in Greek mythology. 

5. Aideen

The Irish name means ‘little fire’.

6. Alexis

Derived from Roman Catholic origins, Alexis means ‘defender of humankind’ in Greek.

7. Anglais

This English name for baby boys means ‘cheerful and lively’. It resonates with the nature of butterflies

8. Argus

Argus is a slightly bluish or brown Eurasian butterfly and means ‘bright’ in Greek. In Greek mythology, Argus means a 100 eyed monster or a watchful guardian.

9. Bronze

The term ‘bronze’ refers to an alloy of copper and tin as well as the metallic brown hue that gives it its name. 

10. Cassius

This trendy name means ‘helmeted warrior’ which also is derived from Latin origin. 

11. Clodius

This beautiful butterfly is known for its ability to fly at high altitudes. This name translates to ‘poetry’ in Latin.

12. Cliff

A short for of Clifford, this topographical English name means ‘cliffside ford’.

13. Cartier

Cartier is a splendid modern-day gender-neutral name that has its roots in Britain. It means ‘the one who transports goods’.

14. Constantine

Derived from the old French and Latin ‘Constantin’ this name means ‘constant’ or ‘steadfast’. It belonged to the first Christian Roman Emperor, Constantine, the great.

15. Danaus

 The name means ‘someone who urges on horses, a charioteer, or a rider’. Danaus is the great-grandson of Zeus in Greek mythology. Adorned with tiger-like stripes on its wings, it is a type of butterfly.

16. Duke

Duke is a Latin-derived male given name that means ‘leader’. 

17. Ekvall

Ekvall is a Swedish ornamental name that means ‘field’ or ‘oakwood’.

18. Finn

Derived from Irish Fionn, Finn means ‘white’ or ‘fair’. It is a variety of rainforest butterflies.

19. Flutur

Widely used in Kosovo and Albania, Flutur translates to ‘moving along rapidly and lightly’.

20. Farânak

Derived from the word Parvâneh, meaning ‘butterfly’ in Persian.

21. Gilroy

This red and black butterfly gets its name from Scottish origin and means ‘a king’s servant’.

22. Hecate

Hecate means a butterfly or a soul. Hecate is also known as the God of the week and is said to have wings like a butterfly as per Greek mythology.

23. Hitomu

This unisex name of Japanese origin means ‘beautiful’.

24. Itzpa

Itzpa is an Aztec word and means ‘obsidian butterfly’ or ‘clawed butterfly’.

25. Jamides

Jamides is a variant of Jamais, a beautiful butterfly found in the Indomalayan realm. The name also means lover of glades.

26. Jay

Jay means ‘the holder,’ ‘healer’, ‘triumph’ and ‘victory’ in Sanskrit. It is also the name of a tropical butterfly with green spots on black-based wings.

27. Kimmel

Kimmel is a metonymic occupational name for a spicer, literally a supplier of caraway seeds. It has German and Jewish roots.

28. Kwanzaa

The name Kwanzaa is a sweet African name for boys that is derived from the phrase ‘matunda ya kwanza’ which means ‘first fruits’

29. Leander

With roots in Latin, American, English, and Greek languages, Leander means ‘lion man’. According to Greek mythology, Leander is a butterfly and a handsome young man who was the priest’s lover as hero.

30. Leptir

Leptir means butterfly according to the Russian dialectal. The monarch butterfly is also known as a milkweed butterfly. It means the one who urges on horses, according to Greek mythology.

31. Mariposa

Mariposa is a Spanish word for ‘butterfly with wide wings’. It’s a unique name for your beautiful baby boy.

32. Mantech

This name of Ethiopian origin means ‘butterfly’. According to the ancient Greek Origin, it means ‘soul’.

33. Moth

The meaning of the name Moth according to Shakespearean Baby Names is: “Love’s Labors Lost.”

34. Morgane

Morgane is a name of Welsh origin and means ‘dweller of the sea’, ‘sea chief’ or ‘great brightness’. It is also a blue butterfly with a white stripe.

35. Mycalesis

Mycalesis is a bush brown Asian butterfly that means ‘meaning eye’.

36. Orion

According to an ancient Greek origin, Orion is the name of a hunter and refers to a constellation of stars or a type of butterfly.

37. Ordell

This English name means ‘beginning’.

38. Piepel

This German name means ‘an active young man’. Piepel is the name of a moth and butterfly species.

39. Pepe

This name of Samoan origin means ‘butterfly’. Pepe is a pet form of the Spanish name José which comes from the Hebrew Yosef, through the Greek Iosephos and Latin Iosephus, meaning ‘God will give’.

40. Parvana

Parvana has Persian origins and means ‘a notorious butterfly’. This will be suitable for a wanderer or explorer personality!

41. Polikwaptiwa

This is a native American name that means ‘a butterfly sitting on a flower’.

42. Smith

Smith is a sub-species of a blue butterfly. This name comes from the Anglo-Saxon smitan, meaning ‘to smite or strike’.

43. Tan

This Vietnamese name means ‘a new beginning’.

44. Taurins

This name of Latin American origin refers to a yellow-hued butterfly. It is most suitable for a baby boy born under the sign of Tauras.

45. Teter

Teter is an English origin name meaning ‘the son of Tetta’ a baptismal name. It was also a nickname that means ‘someone who was a merry and a happy person’, resonating a butterfly spirit.

46. Titus

This Biblical name appears in the seventh book of the New Testament and means ‘honorable’. He was a Greek disciple and the helper of Saint Paul.

47. Thecla

Thecla is the name of a butterfly mostly found across Eurasia north on the foothills of the Himalayas and North Africa. This Greek name means ‘God’s glory’.

48. Ulysses

Ulysses is the Greek mythological hero Odysseus, who was the hero in Homer’s epic poem ‘Odyssey’.

49. Vivalter

This name of Middle German origin means ‘butterfly’. The meaning of this given name represents innovation, independence, and determination.

50. Xenocles

Xenocles is a famous fifth-century Greek poet. It is also the name of a butterfly species found in Southeast Asia.

Unique Butterfly Names for Boys

Butterflies are unique creatures in themselves. Naming your little one after this magnificent creation of God is one of the choicest things you can do as a parent. Concerning their uniqueness of characteristics and design, babies and butterflies are not all that different. Here are a few unique butterfly-related baby names for boys:

1. Adonis

This name of Greek origin means ‘handsome’ and belongs to the eternally youthful god.

2. Blues

This English name means ‘ivy, blue color’ associated with the colors of the butterfly.

3. Jou

One of the various meanings of this Japanese boy’s name is butterfly.

4. Kamehameha

This Hawaiian origin name means ‘the one set apart’ and refers to the Kamehameha butterfly.

5. Lysandros

According to mythology, this Greek name means ‘liberator, freeing men’ and belonged to the name of Spartan admiral.

6. Monarch

This Middle English name means ‘King’. The monarch butterfly is one of the special varieties of butterflies.

7. Papillon

Papillion in its English form comes from Old French papillon ‘butterfly’ or Latin Papilio.

8. Perhonen

This distinct male name in Finnish means ‘butterfly’.

9. Sommerflue

This Danish name means ‘butterfly’.

10. Xiuhtecuhtli

This name of Aztec origin refers to the ‘God of spirit’ who had butterfly wings.

 Butterfly Names for Boys and GirlsPretty Butterfly Baby Girl Names

Finding the perfect name for your daughter can sometimes be exciting, challenging, or overwhelming. Here are some of the best butterfly names for girls that can add a dash of magic with their beauty and charm to their personalities.

1. Annabella

This English name is a composition of Hebrew Anna, meaning ‘grace’ and French belle, meaning ‘beauty’.

2. Aponi

This name of Native American origin means ‘butterfly’.

3. Ava

Derived from the Germanic word aval, meaning ‘guarantee’ Ava comes from the Latin word ‘avis’ which means ‘bird, birdlike’. In Persian, it means ‘voice, sound’.

4. Alexandra

The Greek Alexandra is the female form of Alexandros, which comes from alexein, meaning ‘to ward off, keep off, turn away, defend, protect’ as aner means ‘man’.

5. Adelpha

Adelpha is a classic girl’s name of Greek origin which means ‘beloved sister’. It is also the name for a genus of butterflies.

6. Aglais

The name of the butterfly genus comes from the Latin ‘Aglaia’, which comes from the ancient Greek mythological character Aglaia, the youngest of the three Charities (Graces), who personifies dazzling beauty and splendor.

7. Beata

Derived from the Latin beatus, this name means ‘blessed’.

8. Bindi

Bindi in the Noongar language of Western Australia, means ‘butterfly’. Bindi in Nyungar language means ‘young girl’.

9. Birabiro

This Ethiopian name means ‘butterfly’ in Amharic.

10. Chouka

This name means ‘butterfly’ or ‘flower’ in Japanese.

11. Chrysalis

This Greek name means ‘cacoon’ and ‘golden’. It comes from the Greek word chrysos – gold, referring to the color of the hard shell that protects them during this stage of development.

12. Cressida

Cressida is a pretty mythological and Shakespearean heroine and means ‘gold’ in Greek.

13. Camilla

Limenitis camilla is a butterfly of the Nymphalidae family. It means ‘helper to the priest’ in Portuguese. It means ‘young ceremonial attendant’ in Latin.

14. Candide

Candida means ‘white glowing, bright’ in French.

15. Delphia

Delphia is a butterfly species that means ‘the womb’. It is a feminization of the Greek place name Delphi.

16. Dolon

Polyura dolon is a subgenus of butterflies found in India. It means ‘scent of a beautiful white flower’.

17. Daire

Daire means ‘fruitful and fertile in Irish.

18. Dorcas

Lycaena Dorcas is the gossamer-winged butterflies found in North America. It means Gazelle in Greek and refers to someone abounded in good deeds and gifts of mercy in The New Testament.

19. Diana

Diana means’ Divine’, derived from Greek, Latin, and Indo-European origins. Diana was a Roman goddess of hunting, forests, the moon, and fertility.

20. Edith

This English name means ‘riches or blessed’ or ‘prosperous in war’.

21. Emillia

Derived from the Latin word aemulus, Emilia means ‘to rival’ ‘excel’ or ‘emulate’ from folk etymology. It means ‘butterfly’ in Greek.

22. Farasha

This Arabic name means ‘butterfly’.

23. Fafelina

This Italian name means ‘butterfly’.

24. Flutura

This Albanian name means ‘butterfly’.

25. Farfalla

This unusual Italian name means ‘butterfly’.

26. Haru

Haru in Japanese means ‘spring season’. Haru in Korean means ‘day’.

27. Jonetta

This name is of Hebrew and Scottish origin, meaning ‘God is gracious’.

28. Juno

This ancient Latin name comes from iuvenis, meaning ‘youthful’.

29. Kimimela

This name of Native American origin means ‘butterfly’.

30. Kalliope

Kalliope in Greek means ‘beautiful voice’.  Its variant Calliope was the muse of epic poetry in Greek mythology.

31. Kelebek

This Turkish name means ‘butterfly’.

32. Kimama

This soft and lyrical Native American name means ‘butterfly’.

33. Lyneth

A variant of the English name Lynette, Lyneth means ‘little beauty’.

34. Laurel

This gentle name comes from Latin Lauras and means ‘laurel tree’.

35. Lina

This Arabic name means ‘butterfly’. It means ‘light’, ‘a ray of sunlight or ‘beautiful girl’ in Persian.

36. Mazarine

The name Mazarine is French in origin. It is the name of a beautiful deep blue hue, which is the hue of the Mazarine Blue butterfly’s wings. 

37. Memphis

A type of butterfly, this name of Greek origin means ‘enduring’.

38. Nova

Derived from the Latin word ‘Novus’ Nova means ‘new’.

39. Phaedra

Phaedra is an ancient Greek name deriving from ‘phaidros’ meaning ‘bright, glowing’ Phaedra was the demi-goddess daughter of King Minos of Crete and wife of King of Athens.

40. Paloma

This Catalan baby girl’s name means ‘butterfly’.

41. Pocahontas

This name of Native American origin means ‘the playful one’.

42. Schmetterling

This German baby girl’s name means ‘butterfly’.

43. Titli

Titli is an Indian girl’s name that means ‘a butterfly’.

44. Posie

Posey is a short form of Mariposa, referring to a bunch of flowers.

45. Vanessa

A traditionally feminine name with Latin origins, Vanessa means ‘belonging to Venus, ‘ the god of love. It refers to the mystic Greek goddess Phanessa, who was fascinated with butterflies.

46. Valeria

Derived from the Latin verb valere, this Latin name means ‘strength’.

47. Vlinder

This Dutch name means ‘butterfly’.

48. Yara

This name of Arabic origin means ‘small butterfly’. Yara was a beautiful green-skinned Brazilian goddess. The term also refers to honeycomb and honeysuckle in Hebrew.

49. Zina

Greek origin and means ‘shining. ‘ It means ‘beautiful’ and secret spirit’ in Arabic.

50. Zinnia

This name has a Latin origin. A beautiful name that means ‘Zinn’s flower’.

Beautiful Butterfly Girl Names

Choose one of these girl names that signify butterfly if you want your little girl to grow up to be a beautiful person who gracefully navigates the numerous stages of transformation throughout her life’s journey.

1. Adelina

As delicate as Adelina may seem, this feminine Italian name has produced many prominent people who have received praise for accomplishments other than beauty. Adelina, which means ‘nobility’, is derived from the Old High German name Adalheidis and is closely related to name bearers who possess more than just position.

2. Cassia

Greek in origin, the name Cassia means ‘cinnamon’. The name Cassia has a sweeter, fruitier vibe that sounds more like a summer’s harvest than the crowning achievement of winter components, despite the meaning conjuring up ideas of festive, spicy pleasure.

3. Dahlia 

Dahlia is a mixed-origin baby girl name. Dahlia, which is most frequently derived from the Swedish word dal, literally means ‘valley’.

4. Ella

Ella is a feminine name with Hebrew, Germanic, and English roots that can mean ‘fairy maiden’ or ‘divine’.

5. Fay

The feminine name Fay is of French origin and means ‘fairy’. It is derived from the Latin word fata, which means ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’ and’fairy’ in Old French.

6. Fern

Fern is a wonderful option if you’re looking for a lovely plant name for your baby that is full of symbolism and meaning. Fern is an Old English baby girl’s name that stems from the Anglo-Saxon word fearn.

7. Fleur

The lovely feminine name Fleur is of French origin. Despite the name’s association with power and resiliency, the name’s meaning of ‘flower’ emphasizes delicacy.

8. Flora

Despite the fact that the Latin girl’s name Flora more precisely means ‘flower’ the term ‘flora’ relates to local plants. Flora is the name of the Roman goddess of spring in mythology.

9. Holly

Holly is a British-born baby girl’s name. This botanical term derived from the holly tree has been used since the early 20th century. The holly tree is closely related to Christmas and symbolizes the thorny crown of Jesus Christ.

10. Jasmine

Jasmine is a Persian-inspired newborn girl’s name. This baby name stems from the ancient Persian word Yasamin and means ‘gift from God’.

11. Kassandra

Greek ancestry gives the name Kassandra to a female. This name, which translates from Greek as ‘unheeded prophetess’ has a rich history. In Greek mythology, Cassandra was an Apollonian Trojan priestess who was cursed with the capacity for prophecy but whose predictions were never taken seriously.

12. Kassia

Kassia is a refined, feminine name with Polish roots, making for a very sweet baby name. The Polish name Kassia, which translates to ‘pure’ will go well with the baby’s soul that has just emerged from the cosmos.

13. Magnolia 

The botanist Pierre Magnol gave the flower Magnolia its name, which is also the name of a French girl.

14. Marigold

‘Golden flower’ means the girl’s name, Marigold, of English origin.

15. Mei

Mei is a Chinese-derived girl’s name. This traditional name, which means ‘beautiful’ and ‘plum’ is ideal for a stunning, bouncing infant.

16. Melina

Greek baby girl name Melina is derived from the word méli, which means ‘honey’. If you are a butterfly, you are bound to be attracted to honey, right?

17. Mirabella

Mirabella is an Italian baby girl name that means ‘lovely’.

18. Olivia

Olivia is a Latin baby girl name that means ‘olive tree’. Since olive trees are associated with friendliness and peace in Greek mythology, the expression ‘to offer an olive branch’ has come to represent a gesture of goodwill.

19. Primrose

The feminine name Primrose, which has British origins, means ‘first rose’. This 19th-century moniker for a lovely pale yellow flower that blooms in the early spring is appropriate for a baby born in the season.

20. Rose 

Butterflies love flowes! Rose, a Latin-derived girl’s name that means ‘rose’ and ‘flower’ is the definition of femininity. The Latin word Rosa, which also refers to the classic and romantic bloom, is where the name’s meaning originates.

Popular Butterfly Names for Girls

Popular names are so much in demand. Anyone would love to have a popular name with a beautiful meaning. Here we have listed some beautiful names that mean butterfly.

1. Butterfly

A butterfly is an Anglo-Saxon word and means ‘licker of milk’ or ‘milk thief’.

2. Claudina

Claudina is a girl’s name meaning ‘lame’ that is related to the Latin name Claudia. It also refers to the caterpillar in its crippled stage before transforming into a butterfly.

3. Cynthia

Cynthia is a feminine name of Greek origin, meaning ‘from Mount Kynthos’. It also symbolises the personified form of the moon Goddess as per Greek mythology.

4. Die

Due is an ancient Celtic river name meaning ‘the goddess’ or ‘the holy one’.

5. Kimana

The name Kimana is a girl’s name of Native American origin that means ‘butterfly’.

Cute Butterfly Names for Baby Girl

Names with cute meanings, and expressions to it always win our hearts. Here is a list of some famous and cute names for your child.

1. Athalia

The name Athalia, which is given to girls, means ‘The Lord is exalted’, making it an appropriate option for a parent feeling the joy of becoming a parent for the first time! Athalia, a female name of Hebrew ancestry, refers to Jezebel’s daughter in the Hebrew Bible.

2. Atlanta

The meaning of the Greek baby girl’s name Atlanta is ‘secure and immovable’. Atlanta, a spelling variation of the Ancient Greek name Atalanta, strongly connects to the goddess of running.

3. Bellona

Latin in origin, Bellona is a feminine name befitting of a warrior. Bellona, named after the Roman goddess of war, was a well-known warrior and commander in combat.

4. Bettina

The name Bettina is of Italian and Hebrew origin for girls. It comes from Elisabetta, an Italian name for Elizabeth that translates to ‘God is my oath’.

5. Cho/Kocho

This Japanese name means ‘butterfly’.

6. Caria

The Turkish meaning of the name Caria is ‘She who flows like water’. Caria is a girl’s name of Turkish origin. Most people with the name Caria identify as Muslims.

7. Celastrina

Butterflies belonging to the genus Celastrina are found in the Palearctic, Nearctic, Indo-Malayan, and Australasian regions. They are part of the Lycaenidae family. You can name your blue-eyed beauty Celastrina. This beautiful blue-hued butterfly Celastrina is also known as the Azure.

8. Cassandra

Cassandra, which means mythological Trojan princess. It is a beautiful name and creative too

9. Chou

The name Chou, which means ‘butterfly’ is generally a female name of Japanese origin.

10. Clothilda

The meaning of the girl’s name Clothilda, a variation of Clotilda (German), is ‘renowned battle’.

11. Clytia

Old Greek in origin, the name Clytia is most frequently used in the Greek language. A variant of Clytie is Clytia (Greek).

12. Euthalia

Euthalia is a female name of ancient Greek origin derived from the Greek word euthaleia. While ‘eu’ means ‘good’, ‘thallo’ means ‘to blossom’.

13. Iris

Iris is a girl’s name with Greek roots that means ‘rainbow’.

14. Josephina

The feminine name Josephina has French, English, and Hebrew roots. This name, which is a feminine variation of Joseph and is a variant of Josephine, means ‘Jehovah increases’.

15. Julia

Julia is a Latin-based girl’s name. Julia, which means ‘youthful’ or ‘Jove’s child’ was formerly an imperial Roman name given to children born into the Caesar family.

16. Kimani

The gender-neutral name Kimani is predominantly an African-Kukiyu name from Kenya that means ‘sailor’ or ‘adventurer’.

17. Kocho

Kocho is a female name of Japanese origin. The traditional word for a butterfly is Kocho. Antenna is represented by the first letters KO. The second one is marked CHO, which stands for a butterfly. It evokes a beautiful and a little enigmatic feeling.

18. Linda

Spanish in origin, the name Linda is a girl’s name that means ‘beautiful’. The term ‘lind’, which means ‘tender’ or a word derived from the linden tree, may also be its Germanic origin.

19. Luna

There’s something endearing about a girl named Luna, who has a name with otherworldly roots with Latin origins. She was the moon goddess in Roman mythology and was frequently depicted racing a white chariot across the sky, demonstrating her audacity and independence.

20. Pandora

Greek in origin, the name Pandora for girls means ‘all gifts’. According to Greek mythology, the gods made the first mortal woman, Pandora, so attractive and pleasant that she drew the attention of every male.

21. Pearl

The English name pearl, which refers to a hard, rounded object created within the soft tissue of a living, shelled snail, is the source of the name Pearl, which is typically given to females. It also means precious.  

22. Selene

Greek in origin, Selene is a female name that means ‘the moon’. Fans of the moon and those who enjoy stargazing at night will adore this name.

Gender-Neutral Butterfly Baby Names

Gender-neutral names are also very much popular. Here we have listed some amazing names with their beautiful meaning.

1. Hitomi

Hitomi means ‘Pupil of the eye’. This name is predominantly a female name of Japanese origin.

2. Icarus

Greek in origin, the name Icarus is largely a gender-neutral name that means ‘follower’.

3. Shalabha 

Shalabha is a gender-neutral name of Indian origin that means ‘butterfly’.

Butterflies are natural entities that convey a special meaning. Having existed on Earth long before humans, butterflies have appeared in the different myths and folklores to intrigue us since time immemorial. Just as butterflies have such a magical presence and quality that draws instant attention, butterfly baby names carrying messages of change, transformation, hope, and positivity can make them stand out in the crowd.

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