40 Popular Peruvian Baby Names for Boys and Girls

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Peru is a gorgeous country, not only because of the famous Machu Picchu but also because of a rich heritage and culture. The Peruvian names are also extremely unique and meaningful. Here’s a list of Peruvian names to choose a beautiful name for your baby girl or baby boy. What are we waiting for then? Let’s begin with some beautiful names for baby boys.

Peruvian Name For Baby Boys With Meanings

1. Alejandro

Alejandro is a cognate of the name Alexander, which has Greek origins. The meaning is “helper or defender of mankind”.

2. Alfredo

The name Alfredo means “elf counsel”. It is the Italian and Spanish variant of the name Alfred.

3. Brayan

Brayan is the Spanish variant of the name Brian. The name is derived from an Old Celtic word meaning “noble”.

4. Carlos

Carlos is one of the most popular Peruvian names for boys and is the Spanish and Portuguese variant of the name Charles. The name means “free man” and has been adorned by different kings in the 16th and the 17th century.

5. Cristiano

The name is derived from the Latin word “Christianus”, which means “follower of Christ”.

6. Dario

Although Dario is a name that is of Italian origin, it is commonly used in Spanish speaking countries. The name means “possess well” or “kingly”.

7. Edmundo

Edmundo is a Spanish variant of the name Edmund. It is a great name for a baby boy and means “wealthy protector”.

8. Emilio

This name has the vibe of a crusader. The name has Spanish and Italian origin and means “rival”. Another variant of the name that is also quite popular in Peru is Emiliano.

9. Fernando

Fernando is a common name across Spanish speaking countries, including Peru. The name is a Spanish variant of the name Ferdinand, and it means “ready for an adventure”.

10. Giuseppe

The name is a variation of the name Joseph, which in itself is a variation of the Hebrew name Yosef. It means “God shall add another son”.

11. Ignacio

Ignacio has a Roman origin and comes from the royal family name Egnatius, which means, “born from the fire”.

12. Javier

Javier is a masculine name in Spanish-speaking countries and is a variation of the name Xavier. The name has Basque roots and means “new house”.

13. Juan

Juan is a very popular name across the globe and is a Spanish cognate of the name John. It is derived from the Hebrew term Yohanan, meaning “God is gracious”.

14. Luis

The name has a French and German origin. It is also an English variation of the name Louis and it means “renowned warrior”.

15. Pedro

The name Pedro is derived from the Latin word petra, which means “stone”. Pedro, too, is a popular name in Peru.

16. Renzo

Renzo is a Peruvian name which means “masculine”. The name itself has a macho connotation attached to it and could also be a short version of the name Lorenzo.

17. Salvador

This name is the Spanish variant of the Late Latin name Salvator, which means “saviour”. Salvador Dali, the renowned artist, bears this name.

18. Santiago

The name Santiago is a combination of two words – Santo and Yago. The name is an old Spanish form of the name James, and it means “saint”. The name translates to “Saint James” and is also the capital city of the neighbouring country of Chile.

19. Tomas

It is the Catalan variant of the name Thomas, which is derived from an Aramaic term for “twin”.

20. Vasco

The name is derived from the medieval Spanish name Velasco, meaning “crow” in Basque. The 15th-century explorer, Vasco Da Gama, adorned this name.

Now, let’s check out some Peruvian names for baby girls.

Peruvian Name For Baby Girls With Meanings

1. Andrea

Andrea is the feminine version of the name Andrew and is commonly used in Peru. The name means “brave”.

2. America

America is the Latinised version of the Italian name Amerigo and means “home-ruler”.

3. Brigida

Brigida is the Spanish variant of the name Bridget. The name has Irish roots but is used all around the world. It means, “the exalted one”.

4. Dayana

Dayana is a name that has Latin origins. It is derived from the name Diana and means, “heavenly” or “divine”.

5. Emely

Emely is a popular Peruvian name for girls. It has Latin roots and is derived from the name Aemilia, which means “rival”.

6. Esmarelda

Esmarelda has a Spanish origin, and it means “emerald”. It is the name of a Gypsy girl in the famous novel, Hunchback of Notre Dame.

7. Fabiana

Fabiana is the feminine form of the name Fabianus. The name has a Latin origin and means “pearl”.

8. Gabrielle

Gabrielle is a Spanish name for girls. It has a Hebrew origin, and it means “Woman of God”.

9. Isabella

Isabella has Italian roots and is a name that can have many nicknames. Isabella means “God is my Oath”.

10. Jacinta

Originating from the Greek language, Jacinta is a Spanish form of the word hyacinth, which is a flowering plant.

11. Luna

Luna is a name that is used in several cultures. The name has Latin roots and means “the moon”.

12. Margarita

Margarita is the Spanish version of the name Margaret. The name also has a Latin origin. In Spanish, it means “daisy flower”, while in Latin, it means “pearl”.

13. Penelope

This name is originally from the Greek language and means “Bobbin worker” or “weaver”. It also has a historical significance, Penelope was the loyal wife of Odysseus.

14. Prudencia

Prudencia is a Spanish variation of the name Prudence. It is a common name amongst Spanish speaking countries, but it has a Latin origin. The name means “good judgment”.

15. Rosalinda

The name has Germanic origins and means “gentle horse” or “beautiful rose”.

16. Rosa Maria

It is the Spanish diminutive of the combination of the names Rose and Mary, but in Latin, the name means “dew of the sea”.

17. Salomé

This name is the Spanish variation of the Hebrew word “shalom”, which means “peace”.

18. Teresa

Although the origins are a bit unclear, it is believed to have Greek origins and is one of the most common Peruvian names for baby girls. It means “to reap”.

19. Xiana

Xiana is a variation of the name Juliana. It has a Scottish origin and means “fairy of the forest”.

20. Veronica

Veronica is another popular that has a Latin origin. It means “she who brings victory”.

It might be a tough decision to choose one name for your little one. These Peruvian names for babies don’t just sound cool, but they are meaningful too. We hope our list helped you today and that you can find a suitable name for your baby girl or boy. All the best!

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