30 Eritrean Names for Boys and Girls

Eritrea is a beautiful country in Africa with a rich history and culture. Located quaintly on the banks on the Red Sea, this country has some very beautiful names. Christian newborn babies in Eritrea are given two names, one, which is their birth name and the other, a Christian name that is given during his/her baptism. Here is a list of Eritrean names including Eritrean names from the bible.

Eritrean Baby Boy Names

1. Aaron

Aaron is a wonderful name for a baby boy and has Hebrew origins. The name means “lofty” or “exalted”.

2. Amanuel

Amanuel is an alternative way to spell the name Immanuel, which has Hebrew origins. The name means “God is with us”.

3. Bisrat

Bisrat is a unisex name and is popular amongst girls and boys. Bisrat means “good news”, which is exactly what it is when the baby is born!

4. Dawit

Dawit is a wonderful sounding alternative to the name David, which has Hebrew origins from the word dod, meaning, “uncle” or “beloved”.

5. Fessehaye

Fessehaye is one of the unique sounding Eritrean boy names, which would be perfect for your baby boy. In Tigrinya, it means “eternal happiness”.

6. Girma

The name Girma has a certain kind of sophistication attached to it. The name is also popular in neighboring Ethiopia and it means “Majesty”.

7. Jemal

Jemal is the Eritrean variation of the Arabic name, Jamal. The famous footballer, Jemal Abdu adorns this name, which means “beauty”.

8. Kidane

Kidane is an Amharic expression, which means “my covenant”. It is a wonderful name for a boy due to its unique sound.

9. Mebrahtu

Mebrahtu is a quintessential Eritrean male name and it means “His light”, referring to “God’s light”.

10. Negassi

Negassi is a longer version of the Eritrean name Negus. In biblical and other literature, the name Negus means “king”.

11. Robel

The name Robel is related to the name Girma in its meaning and is a dignified name to give your baby boy. The name means “prince”.

12. Russom

Although the name has Anglo-Saxon origins, it is still widely used in Eritrea and surrounding countries. It is derived from the name Ross and refers to “son of Ross”.

13. Tekle

Tekle is a wonderful and unique name for your baby boy and it means “to plant”.

14. Yohannes

The Eritrean version of the name Yohan, which is the shortened form of the Hebrew name Yohanan. The name means “God is gracious”.

15. Yusef

Yusef also has Hebrew origins but is used across Eritrea and was especially popular in the 90s. The name means “God shall multiply”.

Eritrean Baby Girl Names

Eritrean Baby Girl Names With Meaning

1. Abrihet

Abrihet is a wonderful name for a baby girl and has Tigrinya origins. The name means “light”.

2. Asmarina

The name is inspired by Eritrea’s capital city, Asmara and is a wonderful name. The name means “united”.

3. Bilen

Although the name Bilen has Anglo-Saxon origins, it is used across Eritrea for baby girls and it means “beautiful”.

4. Daniat

Daniat, the name has a very strong connotation attached to it. The name means “judge”.

5. Eden

Eden is derived from Hebrew origins and is famous from the Garden of Eden, in the Book of Genesis. The name means “paradise”.

6. Fatemah

Fatemah is an alternative way of spelling the name Fatima. The name originates from the Arabic language, which means, “one who abstains”.

7. Genet

Genet is a beautiful name, which has origins in Old French through Catalan. The name means “heaven”.

8. Haben

This is one of the popular Eritrean girl names and is used across the country. The name means “pride” and is great for a baby girl.

9. Lemlem

Lemlem is a beautiful and unique sounding name for your baby girl, which has Geez origins. The name means, “green land”.

10. Madihah

Madihah is a popular name amongst the Muslim population of Eritrea. It has Arabic origins and multiple meanings but means “worthy of praise” in Swahili.

11. Mariam

Mariam has Arabic as well as Hebrew origins and is also popular amongst the Muslim population of Eritrea.

12. Rahwa

Rahwa is the perfect name for a girl and has Eritrean origins. It means “satisfied”.

13. Salma

Salma is a name that is of Arabic origin from the word Salama. The name means “safety and well being”. The famous actress Salma Hayek made this moniker popular.

14. Semhar

This name is of Eritrean origin and refers to the Eritrean region or “grasses near a river that never dies”. It is a wonderful name for a baby girl.

15. Winta

Winta is a great name, not only because it is short and sweet, but also because it can lead to multiple other cute nicknames. The name means “need”.

16. Zula

Names starting with Z are usually unique and cool. Zula is an Eritrean name, which means “brilliant”.

Eritrea may not be as popular as other countries in the world but it has a deep-rooted culture and a rich heritage, which must be respected. The names from the country and unique and have a lot of meaning and have been used for many years by generations of Eritreans. In case you want a unique name for your baby, we hope our list helped you make a decision! All the best!

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