Top 68 Basque Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

68 Basque Names for Boys and Girls

Welcoming a newborn in your life is indeed the best feeling in the world. Being a parent, you would want the best of everything for your baby. Finding an ideal name for your baby can prove to be a daunting task. Basque names have gained popularity throughout the world lately as they are beautiful and have deep meanings. Parents often select names which sound good to the ear but have even better meanings.  If you are looking for Basque girl and boy names this article is perfect for you! In this article, we have covered both Basque male names and Basque female names. 

Popular Basque Baby Boy Name

A person’s name stays with him forever. So, it makes it a crucial decision for the parents to select the name that becomes a permanent identity for their baby. Looking for a name that will make your sweet little boy’s personality shine? We are here to help you out with these

trendy Spanish Basque names. Choose a name that your kid will grow into from some of the most beautiful and unique French Basque names for baby boys given below.

1. Abarran

It is a Basque variant of the name Abraham, which means ‘the father of a multitude.’

2. Aitor

This refers to the ancestor of the Basque community. Its meaning is ‘father.’

3. Ander

It is the Basque substitute for the name Andrew. It is a simple and short name with meaning ‘manly.’

4. Andone

It is a variant of the name Antony, which means a flower. It is a very cute name that will make the personality of your little one blossom.

5. Antton

This name is also a variant of Anthony. This is a perfect name for your cute baby as its meaning is ‘priceless.’

6. Argider

Argider means ‘beautiful light.’ It is a unique name and is pronounced as ‘ar-zhi-der.’ This makes the right choice of name for your son if you want a rare name for him.

7. Basajaun

This name is a combination of two words- Baso and Jaun. Baso means ‘woods’ and Jaun refers to ‘the Lord.’ So, Basajaun is the Lord of the woods.

8. Benat

This classic Basque name has a special appeal associated with it. You can even shorten this name to call your little one ‘Ben.’

9. Bolivar

The famous namesake of Bolivar is the South American revolutionary named Simon Bolivar. The meaning of Bolivar is ‘mill at the riverbank.’

10. Eneko

This wonderful name is the cutest name for a baby boy as its meaning is ‘my little one.’ What can be a better name for your little one than Eneko!

11. Ganiz

This name is considered to be a variation of the name ‘John.’ It is a very nice name, which means ‘God is gracious.’

12. Gorka

A Bosque variant of the name George. Its meaning is ‘farmer.’

13. Iker

Its meaning is ‘visitation’ and it was also the name of the famous soccer star, Casillas.

14. Ilari

It is a very happy name as its meaning itself is ‘happy and cheerful.’ It is a sweet and short name for your baby boy.

15. Itzal

The meaning of this unique name is ‘shadow.’ It is a very rarely heard name.

16. Markel

This name refers to the planet Mars. It is a very popular name across the English-speaking countries.

17. Palben

This name is very rare and its meaning is ‘blonde.’

18. Xavier

This name is of Basque origin and is a very common name across the world. Its meaning is ‘bright.’

19. Zorion

This funky little name means ‘happiness.’ You can shorten it to call ‘Zori.’

20. Zuzen

It is a very cute and different name with meaning ‘just.’

Unique Basque Names for Boys

1. Agrider

It is a widely used name that means ‘beautiful light’.

2. Amets

The name means ‘dream’ in Basque. 

3. Basajuan

The name comes from Basque myth and means ‘lord of the woods’.

4. Brilliant

The name means ‘to sparkle’.

5. Illari

The name means ‘dawn’ or ‘bright’.

6. Inigo

The name comes from the Castilian rendering of the medieval Basque name Eneko. It translates to ‘my little love’.

7. Mattin

The name comes the Latin name Martinus. It means ‘like Mars’.

8. Mikel

It is the Basque form of Micheal. It means ‘who is like God’.

9. Samso

The name means ‘man of the Sun’.

10. Xabier

The name is of Basque and Arabic origin. It means ‘new house’.

Popular Basque Baby Girl Name

The smile of your little daughter fills up your day with a ray of sunshine. You would want to name your little princess with a name that makes her bloom even more. If you are looking for classic Basque names for your little princess, we give you a list of the best names to choose from. Let it be the rare ones or the common Basque names, we have got you covered for this. Express your love towards your beautiful daughter by giving her a name she will admire her whole life.

1. Ainhoa

It is the name of a town in France and is a very cute name for your girl.

2. Alasne

This name has its origin in the Euskara language and its meaning is ‘miracle.’

3. Amaya

It is a name that has gained worldwide popularity lately. It is a trendier version of the common name ‘Maya.’

4. Arantxa

It is a Basque name that refers to a ‘thorn bush.’

5. Arrosa

It is a variant of the very commonly used names Rose and Rossa.

6. Elixane

This name is a unique variant of the name Elizabeth and its meaning is ‘pledged to God.’

7. Erdutza

This name refers to the Virgin Mary. It also means ‘snow’ and signifies purity.

8. Iara

The meaning of Iara is ‘happy.’ This is a short name, which is easy to pronounce and remember.

9. Itziar

This is the name of a village in Basque. It also means an ‘old precious stone.’

10. Izaro

It is a cute and short name for your baby girl, which is derived from the name of an island on the Spanish Coast.

11. Jakinda

It is a Basque variant of the name of the flower ‘Hyacinth.’

12. Joska

Joska is the Basque version of Josepha, which means ‘Jehovah increases.’

13. June

It is a Latin name that is very popular in Basque. It is derived from the name of a Latin goddess, Juno.

14. Leire

This name is derived from the name of a monastery in Spain. It is pronounced as ‘Lay-ree.’

15. Lourdes

The famous namesake is the singer Madonna’s daughter. Its meaning is ‘craggy slope.’

16. Naiara

This is a name derived from the name of the city of Najera in Spain.

17. Nekane

It is a very fresh and unique name for a baby girl and its meaning is ‘free from sorrow.’

18. Nerea

It is a Basque variant of the name Nere. Its meaning is ‘mine.’ It is a short name having an appeal to it.

19. Urraca

Its meaning is ‘magpie.’ It has been a popular name amongst the royal ladies.

20. Uxue

It is derived from the name of the Spanish town Ujue. Its meaning is ‘dove.’

Unique Basque Names for Girls

1. Ainara

The name is of Spanish and Basque origin. It means ‘wanderer’.

2. Aroa

The name means ‘era’ or ‘time’.

3. Berezi

This Basque name means ‘special’.

4. Eider

The name is of Basque origin and means ‘beautiful’.

5. Hirune

The name means ‘trinity’.

6. Irati

The name is of Spanish and Basque origin. It means ‘fern field’.

7. Maia

The name means ‘high meseta’.

8. Maialen

It is the Basque form of Magdalene and means ‘of Magdala’.

9. Ximenia

The name is of Basque origin and means ‘he has heard’.

10. Xuxa

The name means Queen.

Gender-Neutral Basque Baby Names

1. Ane

It is the Basque form of the name Anna. It means ‘favour’.

2. Asier

The name means ‘the beginning’.

3. Erdune

The name means ‘snow’.

4. Inaki

The name means ‘ardent’ and ‘fiery’.

5. Josune

It is the Basque form of Jesus. It means ‘God is salvation’.

6. Koldo

The name means ‘famous warrior’.

7. Miren

It is the Basque form of the name Mary. It means ‘beloved’.

8. Oihane

The name represents someone from the forest. 

Basque names have an exotic sense associated with them. These names are attractive and are sure to grab everyone’s attention. Let it be the names for the baby girls or boys, Basque names are in trend globally. We have provided with the top-notch Basque names for both girls and boys. Choose the perfect name for your baby from the list given and make their personalities more confident and outstanding.

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