Eleanor Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Eleanor Name Meaning and Origin

Classic girls’ names that have withstood the test of time exude charm and grace on another level. Eleanor is one such timeless and classic name for girls, even in this age, with a heavy sound and a graceful appeal. While the name was undoubtedly the most popular in the 1910s to 1930s, parents continue to use it for their girls, even if it is their middle name, if not their first name. So, keep reading to know more about the name and understand why it is a perfect name even now.

What Does Eleanor Mean? 

The meaning of Eleanor is varied, and it differs depending on the origin, which is pretty varied as well. In terms of its Greek origin, the name holds the incredibly beautiful meaning of the “rays of the sun” or a “brilliant, shining light.” On the contrary, as per its Germanic origin, the meaning of Eleanor may be understood as the “noble North.” It can also mean “other Aenor” as per its Latin originated phrase of “alia Aenor,” used to distinguish an ancient woman Eleanor from her mother, who was named Aenor. In this way, the meaning of Eleanor can be stated to differ, depending on the origin, and if you choose the name for your girl, then it would do you well to choose the origin that lends the most beautiful meaning.


As highlighted above, the name may have multiple origins, and the actual origin of the name is not known. It may have come from Germanic, Latin, Greek, French, or even English origins, with the meaning of the name differing in each case.




  • E-le-a-nor
  • Elia-nore
  • Elley-nor


4 Syllables


7 Letters

Name Variations/Spellings 

Other spellings for Eleanor can be a great way of letting you get a glimpse into how the name is used in different cultures and the way the spellings also change with each region. Thus, the following Eleanor name variations are just a few of the many such variations influenced by culture and region:

Name Origin
Eleanore Greek
Leonore Greek/Hebrew
Eleonor Greek
Elinor Greek
Ellinore Greek
Ellenor Greek
Elinore Greek
Elianore Greek
Elynor Greek
Elayne French/Greek

How Popular Is the Name Eleanor? 

The popularity of the name Eleanor can be primarily judged by evaluating how many girls were given the name in that particular year. And for this purpose, data from the Social Security Administration of the USA can be an effective and accurate metric. In the case of the Eleanor popularity ranking since 2000, it can be seen that while the name had begun the millennium with the least popular in all these 22 years, it is now on the way to popularity once again. This is evident because its ranking has been improving with each passing year. And 2020 has been the best year for the name, ranking 22 among the hundreds of other girls’ names chosen by parents. In this regard, it can be stated that the Eleanor baby name ranking is on its way to the top and is estimated soon to become one of the most famous baby names, probably even reaching the top ten or top five names for girls in the near future.

Interest in Eleanor – Worldwide

Despite its popularity in the US, the search interest for Eleanor worldwide has been reducing gradually. While the name started with a strong score of 69 in March 2012, soon reaching the score of 100 in March 2015, the search interest has gradually decreased over the years. This is evident that there have been three instances of the lowest score of 44, all of which have been pretty recently, namely in June 2021, September 2021, and February 2022.

Interest in Eleanor – the US

Unlike the exciting trend observed globally, where there was a clear descent in interest, the level of interest shown in the US over the last ten years has remained consistently in the mid-range. While the highest score of 100 was achieved in September 2014 due to a sudden and sharp increase in interest, the lowest score of 29 was achieved on two different occasions – June 2021 and September 2021.

Popularity of the Name Eleanor 

URL: https://www.ssa.gov/cgi-bin/babyname.cgi

Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search Trends of Eleanor – Worldwide

As for the global search trends, it is worth noting that the name has been the most popular in primarily English-speaking countries, all of which comprise the top five spots. The top spot is occupied by Ireland, followed by the UK, Australia, the US, and finally, New Zealand.

Search Trends of Eleanor – the US

Among the 51 sub-regions of the US, West Virginia has claimed the top spot of generating the most search instances, achieving a score of 100. It is followed by the District of Columbia, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island to round up the top five sub-regions with the highest search interest over the last decade.

Middle Names That Go With Eleanor 

Middle names play a crucial part in making a name sound fuller and charming. While it also gives the child the option to go by either of their two names, the full name sounds more charming when there is a middle name than when there isn’t. So, if you are looking for some great double names with Eleanor, here are some great options for you to choose from:

Abby Addison
Allison Aria
Bianca Camille
Darla Claire
Cecile Collette
Daya Desiree
Eden Eliza
Esther Fern
Giselle Harmony
Lucille Meilani

Famous People Named Eleanor 

Eleanor’s famous celebrities have helped bring the name back to popularity, letting it experience its second heyday. So, if you are having trouble deciding whether it will be a good decision to go ahead with this name for your little angel, the celebrities listed below can help change your mind:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
(Anna) Eleanor Roosevelt Former FLOTUS (Wife of Franklin Roosevelt)
Eleanor Jean Parker American Actress
Eleanor Marie Robertson (Nora Roberts) American Novelist
Eleanor Stackhouse Atkinson American Author
Ella Augusta “Eleanor” Norcross American Painter
Eleanor Emily Hodgman Porter American Novelist
Eleanor Louise “Ellie” Greenwich American Songwriter
Eleanor Suzanne “Ellie” Daniel American Professional Swimmer
Eleanor Nancy Gow (Elle Macpherson) Australian Supermodel
Eleanor Audley American Actress

Similar Names & Last Names 

Similar baby names like Eleanor that hold the same meaning can make great alternatives, especially if you like the meaning of the name Eleanor but not the name itself. For this purpose, the other names for Eleanor given below can significantly assist you. Here are some names and suitable family names for Eleanor:

Other Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Aurora Scamel
Aeliana Scottson
Cyra Galbreath
Elaine Geelan
Arpina Glandell
Helen Glassby
Elidi Neweth
Oriana Norcrosse
Siria Vernel
Summer Vernon

Names That Sound Like Eleanor 

Names that rhyme with Eleanor does a great job of maintaining their phonetic beauty while also giving you diverse options to choose from. So, here are some of these names that sound pretty much like Eleanor:

Lenore Kylor
Aleanor Leanor
Dior Melior
Elienor Sawyer
Gabriella Skylar
Gurnoor Taylor
Gaenor Valory
Hellenor Jolene
Kohinoor Shailene
Honor Krystal

Sibling Names Related to Eleanor 

Choosing sibling names that go with each other is another crucial task of parents, and that needs to be undertaken with immense caution and contemplation. So, here is a list of some excellent sister names for Eleanor and brother names for Eleanor to help you make all your children sound good when called together:

Sister Names for Eleanor Brother Names for Eleanor
Abbie Tyler
Dawn Tristan
Haylie Jared
Catherine/Katherine Jeremiah
Kaylee Brian/Bryan
Cassie Cole
Samantha Dylan
Evelyn Silas
Ariana Ezekiel
Bianca Eli

Nicknames for Eleanor 

While many parents spend a lot of time choosing their child’s proper name, they do not spend nearly as much deciding on their nicknames. This is not right! After all, nicknames need you to be creative and fun, adorable and memorable, all at the same time. So, here are some excellent options for nicknames for your child:

Ellie Nore
Nora Enore
Snore El
Lennie Lenore
Elli Ellen
Nelly Enny
Annie Nealie

Eleanor is a beautiful name that is deserving of the way it is coming back into the spotlight. So, if you want a name that is trendy, classic, timeless, and yet, one of the most popular ones nowadays, Eleanor is indeed the best choice.


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