50 Popular & Adorable Nicknames For Maria

50 Cute Nicknames for Maria

Nicknames are diminutives used to communicate your true feelings for your child, and Maria is an elegant name that echoes femininity. Maria’s unique nicknames have evolved in interesting forms to assist new-age parents in their nicknaming expedition.

Meaning and Origin of Maria

Maria is the Hebrew form of the Latin names Maryam, Miryam, or Mariam. This Biblical name stems from Latin Mirjam with an Egyptian and Hebrew origin. Considered to be Mary and Miriam’s diminutive, Maria means “wished-for-child,” ‘beloved,’ ‘sea of bitterness,’ ‘rebellious’ or “lady of the sea.” With roots in the New Testament, Maria is a variation of Mary, the mother of Jesus as believed in some cultures. Maria can also be a feminine variation of Marius’s Roman name.

Nicknames for Maria 

Suppose the Maria in your life is a sweet girl who makes everyone happy with her bright smile and adorable personality. In that case, there’s no harm in looking for funny nicknames for Maria that can complement her personality without sounding offensive. Here are some endearing nicknames for Maria that can be considered:

  1. Mia
  2. Mariel
  3. Marial
  4. Marika
  5. Marja
  6. Mayra
  7. Marya
  8. Maryria
  9. Mimi
  10. Mamie
  11. Airam
  12. Mar-Mar
  13. Mari
  14. Aria
  15. M
  16. Ree
  17. Em
  18. Moo
  19. Macked-Ou
  20. Maggot
  21. Minion
  22. Ria
  23. Ari
  24. Mary Poppins
  25. McFurry
  26. Merlot
  27. Margarita
  28. Marge
  29. Mad Hatter
  30. Marshmellow
  31. Mimosa
  32. Mookie-Pookie
  33. Marrr
  34. Mini M
  35. Meme
  36. Mitsy
  37. Mariah
  38. Marykins
  39. Marie
  40. Mar
  41. Moon
  42. Marinette
  43. Miru
  44. Riri
  45. Mery
  46. Mika
  47. Mary
  48. La Mari
  49. May
  50. Momo

Popularity of the Name Maria 

Commonly used among Hispanic Americans due to its extravagant sound and uncomplicated spelling, Maria baby name ranking soared in the 1940s till it peaked in 1975 with around 7,531 babies given the name. According to the latest Social Security Administration data of 2020, this reasonably popular name has managed to occupy the 109th spot, with only 2,460 babies given the name.

Famous Celebrities With the Name Maria 

If you dream of your child becoming a star in the future, they need to share a name with a celebrity that will set them apart from all the wannabes and try-hards. Here are some distinguished personalities with the name Maria who can be your inspiration:

Name Who She Is
Maria Bello American Actress
Maria Brink American Singer
Maria Bueno Brazilian Tennis Player
Maria Eve American Poet
Maria Kanellis American Wrestler
Maria Montessori Italian Physician
Maria Shriver American Writer
Maria Salinas American Broadcast Journalist
Maria Kochetkova Russian Ballet dancer
Maria Von Trapp Austrian born American Singer

Variations of Maria 

Variations of Maria offer the flexibility for parents to choose alternatives that may suit girls of different personalities. Here are some strong contenders as variations of Maria that have gained appreciation in other cultures:

Maarja Estonian 
Maleah English
Mariam Biblical Greek
Marie German
Marja Dutch
Mary English
Marya Russian
Mariya Ukrainian

Maria is a stunning short and sweet name that deserves equally cute nicknames. Maria’s common nicknames may cover the gamut between exotic and quirky to stylish and classy that would instantly get accepted and emulated by family and friends.

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