60 Cute Nicknames For Sarah

60 Cute Nicknames for Sarah

Parents and other family members usually gift an adorable nickname to a child to show their affection and establish a special connection. Thus, nicknames can be the best attributes to judge the personality traits of a person. Common nicknames for Sarah can be cute, conventional, or made up of words that have little to do with their real name. Nevertheless, they have become popular in recent times due to the beautiful meaning of the original name that can help to enhance your child’s personality.

Meaning and Origin of Sarah

Often translated as “princess,” Sarah’s more literal meaning in Hebrew and Persian is “woman of high rank.” Sarah can also be better interpreted as “noblewoman,” “lady,” or “happy.” This name rose to prominence as a significant character in the Old Testament book of Genesis. There are also a few non-significant characters named Sarah in the Quran. Sarah was the Biblical wife of Abraham, the father of Judaism, and she is better known as the matriarch of the Jewish faith. She became most famous for bearing a son, Isaac, at the age of 90. Her descendants became the Hebrew people through Isaac. In Modern Hebrew, Sarah means “woman minister,” and in Islam, it means “Purity.”

Nicknames for Sarah

Nicknames are informal monikers that act as substitutes for the proper name. Here are some funny nicknames for Sarah that can help to connect with your child and comfort them with the warmth of your call.

  1. Sadie (originally a diminutive of Sarah)
  2. Sally
  3. Sal
  4. Sar
  5. Say
  6. Sari/Sarrie
  7. Shay
  8. Rah
  9. Sassy
  10. Sraha
  11. Sahara
  12. Sarebear
  13. Sarah bug
  14. Sarah Boo
  15. Sarah Muffins
  16. Sarabel
  17. Sarah Bella
  18. Sam Sam
  19. Que Sarah Sarah
  20. Rah rah
  21. Sara Ray
  22. Sarahah
  23. Shara
  24. Sierra
  25. Sar Sar
  26. Sasha
  27. Airy
  28. Ara
  29. Essie
  30. Larah
  31. Sallie
  32. Sammie
  33. Sae
  34. Sarah Sue
  35. SusieQ
  36. Sara Lee
  37. Sookie
  38. Sarry
  39. Princess
  40. Sarla
  41. Ari
  42. Kala
  43. Capa
  44. Salty
  45. Noble
  46. Sari
  47. Sattie
  48. Sadie
  49. Sarah Connor
  50. Sarah Munchkin
  51. Sarah Beara Boo
  52. Syrup
  53. Soso
  54. Sare Bear
  55. Sarina
  56. Sarahnator
  57. Sarahtron
  58. HAHA
  59. Saracha
  60. Saroo

Popularity of the Name Sarah

According to the Social Security Administration’s list of most popular names, Sarah was pretty famous at the beginning of the 1900s, after which its popularity tapered off. However, Sarah’s popularity tapered off after maintaining a top form in the 1980s and 1990s, when it consistently ranked at 3rd, 4th, and 5th position. It made a comeback in the late ’70s, where it held its spot among the top ten names through 2002. Today, Sarah continues to rank high at 87 on the baby name charts. At its highest rank, the name was at 823 among boys in 1989.

Famous Celebrities with the Name Sarah

Many famous Sarahs have outstanding achievements backing their claim to fame. Here is a roundup of the notable personalities with the name Sarah who can inspire you to name your little munchkin:

Name Who She Is
Sarah Brightman English Soprano
Sarah Jessica Parker American Actress
Sarah Palin American Politician
Sarah McLachlan Canadian Musician
Sarah Orne Jewett American Novelist
Sarah Silverman American Comedian
Sarah Michelle Gellar Actress
Sarah Ferguson Duchess of York
Sarah Bernhardt Writer
Sarah Silverman American Comedian and Actress

Variations of Sarah

Many variations of Sarah have found their way across the globe to multiple languages and cultures! Here is an updated list of variations of the name Sarah that might sound interesting to you:

Hara (Maori) Kala (Hawaiian)
Saara (Finnish)  Sara (English)
Sara  Eastern European) Sarai (Biblical Hebrew)
Sarrha (Biblical Greek) Sassa (Swedish)
Sorcha (Irish) Suri (Yiddish)

Sarah is a sweet-sounding name that has stood the test of time. It has gained an invaluable girl-next-door status and continues to wow parents with her simple beauty. Sarah’s unique nicknames are the real name’s spin-offs that highlight its elegance and strong religious association with the Bible.

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