70 Popular & Adorable Nicknames For Isabella

70 Cute Nicknames for Isabella

A truly malleable name like Isabella can allow mixing and matching nicknames as per the child’s personality. Common nicknames for Isabella are cool aliases covering a wide range of emotions and connotations that a parent wants to convey to their little angel.

Meaning and Origin of Isabella

Isabella is a feminine name that has been interchangeably used with Elizabeth for generations. It is a Spanish and Italian variation of Elizabeth that comes from the Hebrew name Elisheba. Originating in the Middle Ages, it made its way through Spain, Italy, and France, reaching England in the 13th century. There were many royal Isabelles in courts of England, France, Portugal, and Hungary. After being translated into English, Isabella means ‘God Is My Vow.’ Thus, this traditional name denotes a profound, religious, and biblical relation that highlights the importance of life, which is in God’s hands.

Nicknames for Isabella

Nicknames can express your most profound emotion while addressing your child in a private setting. Funny nicknames for Isabella may be intended to lighten the mood and add a fun factor to the time spent together during childhood days. Here is a compilation of some of the best and adorable nicknames for Isabella that may be worthy contenders for your little one:

  1. Bel
  2. Belita
  3. Bell
  4. Chavela
  5. Issie
  6. Isabelita
  7. Bellaboo
  8. Isel
  9. Lola
  10. Lia
  11. Layla
  12. Bebella
  13. Zabella
  14. Lisa
  15. Bella
  16. Belle
  17. Isajello
  18. Issy
  19. Cruella
  20. Ib
  21. Nib
  22. Nibby
  23. Tibbie
  24. Belladonna
  25. Abby
  26. Ibby
  27. Bells
  28. Bellsy
  29. Lala
  30. Bee
  31. Bella-boo
  32. Izzy B
  33. Leaning Tower of Pisabella
  34. Izzie
  35. Izzy
  36. Belize
  37. Zabelle
  38. Isabelly
  39. Bellarina
  40. Billie
  41. Sable
  42. Sabel
  43. Sabela
  44. Isla
  45. Sella
  46. Zella
  47. Bea
  48. Belly
  49. HissyBella
  50. SissyBella
  51. Dizzybella
  52. Sillybella
  53. Wizardbella
  54. Bella Bella
  55. Beller
  56. Bellisa
  57. Silly Bella
  58. Bella Boo
  59. Bellia
  60. Lily
  61. Laila
  62. Isadora
  63. LittleB
  64. Miss Bella
  65. Ella
  66. Isa
  67. Alia
  68. Mozeralla Bella
  69. Bebi
  70. Stella

Popularity of the Name Isabella

In the first half of the 20th century, Isabella has been a moderately popular name, with its ranking plummeting in the 1940s. It was only after 1990 that Isabella began to be used more widely again. In 1998, it broke into the top 100 names in the U.S. It made the top 10 in 2004 and was sat at the second position from 2007 to 2008 before gracing the number one spot in 2009. The release of the movie “Twilight,” featuring the main character Bella Swan contributed to the popularity of the name. It reigned supreme until 2011, before sliding down to the second spot. After remaining in the top 5 until 2019, Isabella ranks at the 7th position as the most popular name for girls as per the Social Security Administration of 2020.

Famous Celebrities With the Name Isabella

Many famous Isabellas have brought this name to the limelight due to their cult status. Here are some notable celebrities with the name Isabella who may have been your favorite inspiration:

Name Who She Is
Isabella Rossellini Italian Actress and Filmmaker
Isabella I of Castile Spanish Queen of Castille
Isabelle of Portugal Regent of Spain
Isabelle Palmieri TV Actress
Isabella Acres American Actress
Isabella Labock Professional Snow-boarder
Lady Isabella Hervey Model
Isabella Boylston American Ballet Dancer
Isabella Bird English Explorer
Isabella Leong Film Actress

Variations of Isabella

Variations of Isabella are unique enough to add diversity to the baby-naming table. Here are some variations of the name Isabella that helps to trace their origins in other races and languages:

Isabel Spanish
Ysabel French
Elizabeth Hebrew
Sabella Latin
Isabelita Hebrew

Teeming with beauty and femininity, Isabella transcends time and age, allowing it to fit a wide array of little girls who would ultimately grow up to be confident and stylish women. Unique nicknames for Isabella incorporate the religious implications of the classic name while staying up to date with modern culture and trends.

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