50 Popular & Adorable Nicknames For Grace

50 Cute Nicknames for Grace

Grace is a ‘vintage‘ baby name that has been around for a long time but has gained maximum popularity in recent years as there is a growing trend for using old-fashioned baby names. Names with Grace often refer to God, and common nicknames for Grace may imply beauty, gentleness, and generosity. Thus, this virtue name with a loving meaning will help your child stand out among others with equally popular names.

Meaning and Origin of Grace

Derived from Latin origin, Grace was first used to reference the phrase “God’s grace.” In Greek mythology, three Graces depicted the three daughters of Zeus. Each of these daughters is described as being able to bestow a particular gift on humanity, namely Euphrosyne meaning ‘mirth,’ Aglaia meaning ‘elegance,’ and Thalia meaning ‘youth and beauty.’ Grace was recognized as a commonly used name at the turn of both the 20th and 21st centuries. Gracia was, however, a more popular form of Grace in the Middle Ages, which came into everyday use only when the Puritans adopted it along with other Christian attribute names in the sixteenth century. It later traveled with them to America and was used as a virtue name referring to divine grace and the love and kindness of God.

Nicknames for Grace

Nicknames can be the greatest treasures that our parents bestow upon us. Funny nicknames for Grace can make us laugh and add playfulness to the formal name. Here are some adorable nicknames for Grace. :

  1. Gee
  2. Gigi
  3. Gray
  4. Grey
  5. Gracey
  6. Racey
  7. Gracelyn
  8. Gracie
  9. Ace
  10. Rae
  11. Grape
  12. CeCe
  13. G-Dawg
  14. GG
  15. Graceful
  16. Gracamole
  17. Garcie
  18. Gracie Lou
  19. Gracerito
  20. Goose
  21. Gracias
  22. Trigraceotops
  23. Gracy girl
  24. Grace Ann
  25. Gra
  26. Ace racer
  27. Grooce
  28. Gracie Bacy
  29. Gingy
  30. Gracey-Baby
  31. Gwace
  32. Gracer
  33. Baby-G
  34. Grace The Ace
  35. Gia
  36. Grake
  37. Gracent
  38. Gracesoft
  39. GracieWacie
  40. G wagon
  41. Amazing Grace
  42. Graysa
  43. Gracesweetie
  44. G
  45. Gracified
  46. Gracefulness
  47. Gracious
  48. Gegess
  49. Grease
  50. Graici

Popularity of the Name Grace

Grace was a top-20 name in the early 1900s before gradually showing a downward trend in popularity throughout the decades. In the 1990s, it caught attention again by climbing the charts around the turn of a new century. According to Social Security Administration data, Grace has remained in the top 25 names since 2000, ranking at the 13th position among the list of female names in 2004 before losing steam since 2016. It currently ranks at the 28th spot among girl names in America, according to the latest statistics.


Famous Celebrities with the Name Grace

Many famous Graces have earned fame and name in their respective fields through hard work and determination. Here are some celebrities with the name Grace who can add a star appeal to your child’s personality:

Name Who She Is
Grace Bauer American Poet
Grace Jones Jamaican Model
Grace Phipps American Actress
Grace Lumpkin American Writer
Grace Kelly Princess of Monaco
Grace Abbott American Social Worker
Grace Andrews American mathematician
Grace Arnold English Actress
Grace Bannister Unionist Politician
Grace Albee American Printmaker

Variations of Grace

A traditional baby name like Grace may have existed in its variant forms in other languages and cultures. Here are some variations of the name Grace for your baby girl that may sound equally alluring:

Grace (French) Graciela (Albanian)
Grainne (Irish) Grazia (Italian)
Gratia (Latin) Gracja (Polish)
Graca (Portuguese) Grainne (Scottish Gaelic)
Gracia (Spanish) Garazi (Basque)

Grace is a fashionable one-syllable choice that has a common use in everyday speech, making misspellings nearly impossible. Unique nicknames for Grace are commonly embodying the meanings and personifying the definition of the name.

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