100 Popular & Adorable Nicknames for William

Top 100 Nicknames for William With Meaning

A nickname or moniker is a substitute for the proper name of a person. It is commonly used as a form of endearment or amusement. A nickname is usually a short and delightful way to communicate the language of love. After the birth of a baby, parents often have the perfect baby nicknames lined up for their precious child based on their physical or character traits that motivate people to identify them by a colloquial name. From old-fashioned to really wacky, gibberish, and ultra-cool ones, there are certainly more ways than one to call out your bundle of joy. Those looking specifically at cute nicknames for William might consider options that live up to this historical name with a touch of royalty.

Finding the right nickname is undeniably a challenging task for most parents. William is a strong masculine name with a long history dating back to the Norman era in 1066. Its Old High Norman French name was “Willaume,” before it was introduced to England. Anglo-Saxon Chronicles used “Willhelm.” Later the name was used as the Old Norman form of “Willame.” This popular name originated in Germany, where it is found in a compound form as Willehelm – Willeo meaning “Will,’ for determination or desire, and ‘helm,’ meaning Protection or helmet. Therefore, its meaning is “Determined protector “or ‘strong-willed warrior.’

William is an anglicized version of the original Wilhelm and is usually referred to knights and warriors. As cultures worldwide have adopted the name with local variations, it takes varied forms in different languages from the original. Chinese families give nicknames to newborns to protect them from evil spirits. The Coast Salish people gave their babies nicknames that they used throughout childhood. Borne by a couple of British royals and Hollywood stars, the most adorable nickname of William with spelling variations has found a way into the hearts of new-age parents looking to name their babies. It has stayed among the most popular names in England for centuries and has been one of the most popular baby boy names in New Zealand in 2019.

Similarly, it is one of the most common baby boy names in the United States, holding the #5 position according to the Social Security Administration. Due to the renown William Shakespeare as the greatest dramatist of all time, its pet form developed independently as given names in their own right. So, considering its power as a name, William has become a favorite worldwide due to its strong and noble meaning. Hence it must have nicknames that live up to its majestic stature and never goes out of style.

100 Short Names for William

There are many different ways to express your feelings of love for your baby and occasions to suit the usage of a pet name. Nicknames can be creative enough to make your child stand out in the crowd. If you want to pick one from the funny nicknames for William that will tickle the bones and remind us of our ties, this curated list given below can be your best guide.

1. Bell

This nickname has its origin in Scottish and northern English. Derived from Middle English belle ‘bell,’ it is a metonymic occupational name for a bell ringer or bell maker or a topographic name for someone living ‘at the bell.’

2. Bella

This female version of your favorite name William comes from Italian origin and means ‘beautiful.’

3.  Billy-Bob

As Bob is a name of English origin meaning ‘bright frame,’ this double male given name is the right nickname for William.

4. Billy-Bear

Derived from Old German Wilhelm, Billy Bear is an adorable nickname for your baby who deserves a bear hug.

5. Belson

This English patronymic name comes from the personal name Bel(e) or a metronymic short form of the female personal name Isabel. It combines Yiddish female personal name Beyle (see Belin) German Sohn ‘son’ to form Belson.

6. Billford

Derived from Bill or paper money and ‘fold’ in the 1800s, Billford is a thin, flat, folding case most often made of leather used to carry paper money in the pocket.

7. Big Willy

This nickname refers to ‘someone who acts without any thought’ or someone ‘with a large than life character.’

8. Billy Boi

This name came with William of Orange (King Billy), who won the Battle of the Boyne in 1690. The Billy Boys came from an area to the east of Glasgow city center Bridgeton. It could refer to a boy who makes tea and does other jobs for a group of workers.

9. Bill

This name of English and German origin is a short form of Billard, which means ‘sword.’

10. Billiam

This name of English origin means “Chivalry and might.”

 11. Bilson

This English patronymic surname is derived from the name of an ancestor, ‘the son of Bell.’

12. Billie

This nickname with a tomboyish charm is a part of the growing trend for using boyish nicknames for girls. It is often combined with other names – Billie-jean and Billie Jo.

13. Bo

Derived from Scandanavian Bua, this popular nickname means ‘to live.’

14. Billy

This habitational name comes from Romano-Gallic Billiacum, a combination of the Gallic personal name Billios (Latin Billius) and the locative suffix acum.

15. Gee

Pronounced as ghee in Europe and jhee in the US, this hip and trendy sounding nickname is easy to remember.

16. Goulielmos

Endowed with a Mediterranean accent sound that’s exotic, Goulièlmos is the Greek variant of William.

17. Gugghiermu

This Greek form of William is a variant of Guillermo which is popular in the Aeolian islands of Sicily. Gugghiermu I was a well-known ruler of Sicily during the mid-12th century.

18. Guglielmino

An Italian variant for Guillermo, Guglielmino carries a Latin influence and is used for the youngest or beloved child of the family.

19. Guglielmo

This nickname is an Italian take on Guillermo that is a variant of the Greek form of William. Guglielmo Marconi was a famous scientist and the inventor of the radio.

20. Gui

Deriving from the Spanish version of Guillermo, this creative nickname may have come from the Italian personal name Guido derived from the Germanic name Wido, Wito or Wido.

21. Guildhelm

The name Guildhelm was commonly used by the Dutch for knights and warriors. It combines the words ‘guild’ with ‘helm’ to mean ‘a gilded helmet.’

22. Guy

This short and sweet nickname comes from the French Guillaume and means ‘guide’ or ‘leader.’

23. Gill

Gill may be a hypocorism of the given name William (Guillaume). Derived from Irish and Gaelic origin, Gill means “servant.” It is a topographic name of Northern English, Scots, and Norwegian origin derived from Old Norse gil ‘ravine’. In Hebrew, this masculine given name or by name means “joy, gladness.”

24. Guillen

This shortened nickname used in the Aragon valleys of Spain is pronounced as ghee-len. It is also a surname in the USA.

25. Guilherme

This nickname is a cognate of William and has a Spanish or Portuguese origin and means ‘determined protector.’

26. Goodwill

Derived from the Middle English compound gode or ‘good’ and will ‘desire,’ and means ‘ favorable disposition.’

27. Guillaume

Derived from the old Germanic origin, it means ‘vehement protector’ or ‘with a gilded helmet.’

28. G-Will

This unique nickname with an alphabet can be a trendy choice for children.

29. Gwilym

This nickname of Welsh origin is a traditional choice and sounds honorable.

30. Helms

Formed by the Anglo-Saxons of Old Britain, Helms is originally a surname derived from the Old English word helm, meaning ‘covering.’ Later, it took on the meaning of ‘a roofed shelter for cattle.’

31. Hillbilly

This name is often used to refer to the hill folks and is used by the people living in the southern regions of the US.

33. Iam

This creative nickname is taken from the ending of the name William.

34. Illiam

The ending of the given name William comes from the Latin words ‘istunus’ or ‘iustus,’ meaning ‘just.’

35.  Lia

This nickname for the female version of William belonging to Greek origin means ‘bearer of good news.’

36. Liam

This independent name in England and Wales dates from 1932 is an Irish short form of Hebrew Uilliam and means ‘warrior’.

37. Little Willy

Willy means “resolute protector” (from Germanic “willio” = will/desire “helm” = helmet/protection) and “will,” “desire” (from Germanic “willio”) and “bold” (from Germanic “bald”).

38. Memo

Memo has a German origin and means determination, aspiration, hood, shelter, and shield. It is primarily a female name of Latin origin that means ‘note to remember.’

39. Silly Willy

Willy is a colloquial name for William and refers to someone who deliberately acts funny.

40. Tuck

This unexpected medieval nickname means ‘son of Toke’ and is inspired by William “Tuck” Andress, a popular American Jazz musician.

41. Uiliam

Pronounced u (il)-leam, this nickname of Germanic and Celtic- Gaelic origin means ‘Will, desire helmet, protection.’

42.  Ulick

This nickname is of Irish and Gaelic origin means ‘little William.’

43. Vilhelm

The meaning of the name Vilhelm as per the Swedish baby names is ‘determined protector,’ and as per the Teutonic baby names, it means ‘Resolute defender.’

 44. Villem

Villem is an Estonian nickname of Old German derivation and means ‘determined protector’.

 45. Vilho

This name of Finnish and Germanic origin means ‘strong mind and protection.’

 46. Ville

Used as a Finnish and Swedish name for boys, it might have originated as a variant of the name Vilho that means ‘resolute protection.’

47. Vilhjalmur

Often used a patronymic surname of Icelandic origin, it is a variant of Vilhjalmsdottir, which means ‘daughter of Vilhjalmur.

48. Viljami

This Finnish form is primarily a male name of Scandinavian origin that means ‘With Gilded Helmet.”

49. Vilyam

This Turkish nickname means ‘warrior of God”.

50. Viljem

This nickname is used in Slovenia, meaning ‘willed helmet.’

51. Viliamu

This Polynesian mispronunciation can be used as a nickname in the Samoan language.

52. Vilmos

This nickname of Hungarian origin means ‘determined fighter.’

53. Wallam

Wallem is a Persian variation of William and comes from the Anglo-Norman personal name Walweyn, the Old German forename Waldwin, or the Old English personal name Wealdwine, which means power-friend.

54. Wally

Parents seeking any gender-neutral nickname with “W” for their child can settle on for Wally. Derived from Welsh origin, this name can simply mean “Welshman” or ‘ruler of the army.’

55. Whit

This short, sweet, and contemporary nickname may mean ‘a good-natured boy’. It may be known mostly due to the American football player Whit Canale.

56. Wiley

A creative nickname for “W” names, Wiley derives from an Old English origin.

57. Willa

Derived from the Germanic origin, it means ‘resolute protection.’ It represents the strength and graceful beauty of the Willow tree.

58. Willard

Willard is a little more formal nickname that still honors William. It may be an Americanized form of the German cognate Willhardt. Derived from the Germanic root words, it means ‘desire’ and heard means ‘hard.’

59. Willem

This Dutch and West Frisian masculine given name is a version of William. It comes from the Old High German name Willahelm, a combination of wil, meaning ‘will’ and helm, meaning ‘guardian.’

60. Will

This common nickname for William comes from Old English and Old German origin and means “desiring peace, will helmet, or protection.”

61. Willie

Primarily a male name of German origin, Willie means ‘With Gilded Helmet.’ It also means ‘valiant protector’ in Teutonic language. Famous characters like Willie Mays (baseball player), Nelson (musician), and Roald Dhal’s Willie Wonka (from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory).

62. Wills

This cute English nickname for William, Windsor of England, means ‘helmet’ or protection.’ The addition of s to Will lends it an extra creative flair.

63. Willster

This nickname is most suitable for a person with a bright personality. Will means ‘desire,’ and Ster comes from Old English sterre meaning ‘star.’

64. Wim

This shortened version of the German version of William, Wilhelm, and Wim can be pronounced either “whim” or “vim.”

65. Wylie

This nickname with a unique spelling has an Old English origin and means “clever, crafty.”

66. Wally

This Welsh nickname is an urban word in Scotland that refers to someone pale and colorless-looking, looking unwell.

67. Wilbur

Derived from the medieval nickname ‘wildbor,’ Wilbur means ‘wild boar.’ It is originated from Old German, meaning ‘brilliant’ or ‘resolute.’

68. Wilkin

This nickname used in England and Wales means ‘son of William’ as kin is the diminutive suffix that means relative.

69. Wilson

This Scottish and English patronymic surname means “son of Will,” which was popular since medieval times.

70. WillYum

Will Yum has an alternative spelling of the name that reinforces the Yumminess or cuteness of your baby as a nickname.

71. Willie-O

The addition of an extra vowel at the ending works as a symbol for the nickname. Willie in Teutonic means ‘valiant protector’.

72. Wil Yam

This nickname combines the German Will and Yam, meaning “sea” in Ugaritic, also an ancient Middle Eastern god.

73. Willionaire

This nickname is sure to spell success and usher in prosperity in your child’s life. Even if the B is replaced by W, it hints at the wealth of a person.

74. Wilmo

Mimicking the cartoon “Elmo” in Sesame Street, this nickname means ‘resolute spirit’ in German baby names.

75. Wilt

This German nickname comes from eke-names, or extra names is generally given to an extremely wild and passionate person.

76. Wimp

This nickname is derived from the occupational surname that describes a maker of ‘wimples,’ an Olde English veil associated with nuns.

77. Wombat

Derived from the Eora Aborginal community that inhabited the Sydney area, this nickname for William refers to a chubby baby as Wombats are muscular furry animals.

78. Wooly

This Anglo-Norman topographic nickname is given to someone who lives by a spring or stream. It comes from Middle English wolle, wulle ‘spring’, or ‘stream.’

79. Wull

This Scottish abbreviation of the name William means ‘vehement protector.’

80. Wullie

This Scottish diminutive of William with a stunning spelling means ‘resolute protector.’

81. Willa

This Germanic girl’s name means ‘resolute protector.’ It is short for Wilhelmina derived from Wilhelm or William.

82. Willamette

This nickname is a female form of the strong German name William meaning ‘willing protector.’

83. Wileen

This Irish nickname is a feminine form of Eileen that in its Gaelic, Scottish origin means “bright, shining one.”

84. Wilemina

This feminine nickname is Wilhelm or William’s Dutch and German form, derived from the Germanic Wil that means ‘desiring peace’ or ‘determined protector.’

85. Wilma

Wilma is a girl’s name of German, Scottish, Swedish origin means “resolute protection.”

86. Willow

Derived from the Middle English wilwe, this nickname refers to the Willow Tree noted for its flexibility and graceful appearance.

87. Weilian

Cai Weilian was a Chinese painter who popularized this name that can be used as a pet form of William.

88. Wiriamu

William can be translated as Wiriamu in Japanese, which is a good nickname for your baby. It means “helmet or protection.”

89. Wim

Popular in Germany and Netherlands, this nickname for boys means ‘resolute protector’ and has other variations like ‘whim,” “vim,” and “win.”

90. Wimmy

This fancy nickname means ‘staunch protector’ can be given to the most playful child.

91. Willie-01

Powered by the number 1 at the ending, this nickname makes a trendy choice for your boy.

92. Wilburt

This nickname of German origin means ‘brilliant.’

93. Wilmar

This Old German nickname means ‘string desire.’

94. Wilfredo

This Old German nickname means ‘desires peace and safety.’

95. Willkie

Derived from Old German William, Willkie means “will helmet.”

96. Wilkes

This friendly nickname is a short form of William of Anglo-Saxon origin.


Used as a masculine first name in Germany, Wellem can be a nickname for William that employs Luxembourgish pronunciation and spelling.

98. Willian

A variant spelling of English and French William, this nickname means ‘determined choice.’

99. Willa

Willa is a short Old Frisian honor name for the ancestral William, meaning ‘joy, delight.’

100. Waljan

Waljan is a Gothic nickname that means ‘to wish.

The urge to rename a baby with a nickname is something people have experienced throughout history — for better or worse. Whispered at the bedside before sleep time or used to lift a spirit, these nicknames for the name William are full of compassion and tenderness and convey the depth of our affection. There is an element of purity in a nickname calcified in affection that soothes a wailing baby and represents a Morse code of closeness.

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