Zara Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Zara Name Meaning and Origin

Zara is a girl’s name of Arabic-Hebrew origin and an Italian surname. Among the multiple origins of Zara, Zahrah is a significant variation derived from the Arabic Zahrah, meaning “radiance.” Zara can also be a diminutive of the Bulgarian name Zaharina, a feminine form of the Hebrew Zechariah. Today, Zara is a modern name belonging to the Spanish fast-fashion empire of the same name. Britain’s Princess Anne bestowed this Arabic name upon her daughter in 1981, which gave this name an instant upper-class status.

What Does Zara Mean?

Derived from the Biblical name Sarah of Hebrew origin, Zara means ‘princess, lady.’ Furthermore, derived from the variation of Zahrah, it is an English name, and the meaning of Zara as per this origin can be ‘blooming flower’ or ‘God remembers.’ Zara is also a habitational name derived from the Italian city of Zadar on the Dalmatian coast in former Yogoslavia. This topographic name comes from the Basque word Zara meaning ‘wood’ or ‘thicket.’ As per the Quranic names, “Zara” means ‘pinnacle’ and Zahra means ‘blossoming flower’ which by extension means ‘splendor’ or ‘dawn.’ So both of these names, while of different derivations seem to have a relation to being the “very best.”


Zara is an English form of the literary name Zaïre, presumably derived from the Arabic name Zahra by the author Voltaire. It is also the variant of the Biblical name Sara. This strong and desirable name is often used in early movies and novels to represent an attractive character from the East, like Greta Garbo’s character in the 1932 film ‘As You Desire Me.’ In 1981, Britain’s Princess Anne named her daughter with the Arabic name, defying the royal convention and thus bestowing Zara an instant upper-class status.




  • zarr-ah
  • Zar-ah


2 syllables


4 letters

Name Variations/Spellings

Other spellings of Zara are common enough to sound different in different languages and accents. Here are some of the Zara name variations that are distinguished alternatives with culturally or religiously significant associations:

Name Origin
Cara Irish
Isla Scottish
Mara Hebrew
Sadie Hebrew
Sarai Hebrew
Seira Japanese
Tara Irish
Violet Latin
Zora Slavic
Sara Hebrew

How Popular Is the Name Zara?

The Zara popularity index never really took off since reaching the 442nd position in the US in 2014. However, in other countries, it is a much more commonly used name. According to the Social Security Administration data, the Zara baby name ranking has grown moderately popular in the US over ten years, reaching the 238th position in 2020. Celebrities like Zara Anne Elizabeth Phillips, daughter of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips of England; the late Zara Cully, an actress who voiced Mother Jefferson in the cartoon The Jetsons; Zara Larsson, a Swedish singer; and Zara Turner, a British actress, have made this name famous.

Interest in Zara – Worldwide

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A consistent search value of over 40 has been recorded on interest for Zara, reaching 100 in November 2017. The lowest value was recorded was 46 in February 2012.

Interest in Zara – US

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Search trends for the name Zara show a search value of over 30, reaching 100 in November 2016 and June 2021. It scored the lowest value of 34 in January 2012 and February 2012.

Popularity of name Zara


Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Zara – Worldwide

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Interest in the name Zara has been seen to be highest in Spain in the past ten years. Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Greece, and Poland make it to the top five positions. With Christianity being the largest and Islam the second-largest religion of Spain, this short and stylish name of Arabic-Hebrew origin has become immensely popular for parents in Spain.

Search trends of Zara in the US

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New York is the sub-region in the US where the most searches for the name Zara have been recorded the highest in the past decade. District of Columbia, New Jersey, California, and Maryland are the top 5 cities where search trends for Zara have been registered to be the highest.

Middle Names That Go With Zara

A middle name can be an excellent support to a formal given name. Here are some suggestions of the best double names with Zara that may give you options to choose between names.

Rosa Blue
Eve Joy
Nell Wren
June Frances
Faith Lily
June Daisy
Kate Quinn
Claire Anne
Jess Hope
Blake Ruth
Esme May

Famous People Named Zara

Celebrity names can add a star dimension to a person’s personality. Here are some of the most popular personalities named Zara, who may have been idols in their own right:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Zara Abid Pakistani Model
Zara Aldana Filipina Celebrity
Zara Cully American Actress
Zara Davis English Windsurfer
Zara Levina Ukrainian Pianist and Composer
Zara Nelsova Canadian Cellist
Zara Northover Jamaican Shot putter
Zara Dawson English Actress
Zara Phillips Equestrian, Olympian
Zara Leander Swedish Singer
Zara Dolukhanova Armenian Soprano Singer
Zara Sheikh Pakistani Model
Zara Peerzada Pakistani Model
Zarifa Pashaevna Mgoyan Russian Pop Singer
Queen Zara Character in “The Secret History of Queen Zara and the Zarazians”
Zara White Character in “Need” series by Carrie Jones
Zara Amaro Character on TV’s “Law and Order: SVU”
Zara Carmichael Character on British TV series “Doctors”
Zara Nutley British TV Actress
Zara Yaqob Emperor of Ethiopia

Similar Names & Last Names

Baby names like Zara indicate the versatile appeal of the name. Family names for Zara can be explicitly inherited as they are today. Here are some of the other names for Zara that have a similar vibe:

Other Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Layla Lopez
Zora Cassidy
Zoe Marley
Amara Jenkins
Aria Madison
Serena Hansley
Valentina Huxley
Sienna Gray
Nova Ford
Pippa Pierce
Maya Beckett

Names That Sound Like Zara

Names that rhyme with Zara can have a better melodic or lyrical appeal than the classic name. Here are some names that may be conceived with the phonetic effect of the original name. :

Zariya Amara
Zarabeth Valentina
Zarina Yionna
Zareena Rhia
Zarinda Neve
Zari Lena
Zary Aisha
Zaria Siera
Zarahlinda Azalea
Sarah Karina

Sibling Names Related to Zara

Sibling names can be matched to build a relationship of a lifetime. Here are some of the well-thought-out sibling names that go with Zara:

Sister Names for Zara Brother Names for Zara
Ada Finley
Ivy Kenzie
Maeve Kane
Meena Max
Jamila Nixon
Alia Rylan
Farah Zack
Shea Peter
Nura Zain
Salma Harry
Iesha Luke
Melissa Joshua

Nicknames for Zara

Nicknames can be good representations of a formal name. Here are some of the cute, funny, and wacky nicknames for the name Zara:

Zaray Zaz
Zee Queen Zara
Zu zu Zed
Zazzy Zars
Zeezoo Zollipop
Ziggie Zar Zar
Zoobroob Zaziboo
Zizi Zazza
Zii Zaria
Zary Zezy
Zarabear Zada

The meaning of the name Zara encompasses style and grace fit for your little princess. Its meaning represents the beauty of a flower and the power of a princess, which make it immensely popular among present-day parents.


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