70 Popular & Adorable Nicknames For Penelope

70 Cute Nicknames for Penelope

It is essential not to fall prey to trendy options or feel pressured while living up to the choice of family naming tradition while choosing a name for your little one. You may end up regretting your decision. You can easily mold a flexible and beautiful name like Penelope into smaller nicknames to fit the feel. This old-school gem is very much in fashion even to this day to make her presence known in the popularity charts. Common nicknames for Penelope can be creatively conceived to invite praise and flatter your little angel’s personality.

Meaning and Origin of Penelope

Penelope is a feminine name that dates back to the 16th century originating in Homer’s epic poem “The Odyssey.” Considering the fame of this Greek mythology, Penelope has been used in many countries worldwide. Either derived from the Greek pÄ“nÄ,” meaning “thread of a bobbin,” or penelops, a type of duck, Penelope has two possible origins that give two meanings to the name. As per the mythological story, Penelope was the wife of Odysseus in Homer’s Odyssey, who was taken care of by a duck when she was an infant. Later, she made countless suitors wait by pretending to weave a garment while her husband, King of Ithaca, wandered at sea after completing the Trojan War. Penelope vows not to remarry by cleverly weaving a burial shroud for Odysseus’ dying father. She never intends on completing this task to keep her commitment to her husband. Thus Penelope translates to ‘weaver’ and ‘worker of the loom’ in Greek. Her name has thus become synonymous with loyalty, making it a perfect choice for any resilient little girl.

Nicknames for Penelope

Cheesy or crazy, nicknames can highlight the unique personality traits of your child that only a parent knows best. Cute nicknames for Penelope that sound hilarious are intended for unadulterated fun, not for bullying, name-calling, or targeting a child’s target’s self-esteem, sense of self-worth, and self-confidence. Here are some adorable nicknames for the name Penelope that might help to strengthen the relationship and positively shape a child’s character.

  1. Penny
  2. Nellie
  3. Pen
  4. PJ
  5. Nel
  6. Penelapie
  7. P-pie
  8. Pippa
  9. Perper
  10. Nellopie
  11. Pip
  12. Pilliopino
  13. PenPen
  14. Elle
  15. Ellie
  16. Lopi
  17. LollyPoppy
  18. Elope
  19. Nell
  20. Nelle
  21. Nels
  22. Pena
  23. Penn
  24. Penney
  25. Penay
  26. Penae
  27. Pipsy
  28. Pipa
  29. Peanut
  30. Pippy
  31. Poppy
  32. Popi
  33. Popaki
  34. P.Lopes
  35. Lola
  36. Polly
  37. Posy
  38. Pixie
  39. Persephone
  40. Phoebe
  41. Calliope
  42. Posey
  43. Ploppy
  44. Ella
  45. Lolly
  46. Loopie
  47. Pee-Pee
  48. P-Bean
  49. Oppy
  50. Penge
  51. Nellpipi
  52. Pennylope
  53. Lady P
  54. Peeps
  55. Lollipop
  56. Perpy
  57. PercyPhone
  58. Pelly
  59. Peppa
  60. Pepsi
  61. Pandora
  62. Peone
  63. Punky
  64. Napoli Pizza
  65. Pe
  66. Pie
  67. Lollie
  68. Lope
  69. Poe
  70. Pen-Lo

Popularity of the Name Penelope

Penelope broke into the top 1,000 names in the United States in 1920. After gracing the 941st spot in 2001, it slowly made its way into the top 200 names in 2011, eventually making a giant leap in 2013 when its popularity index reached number 56. Since then, Penelope has made considerable progress by climbing up to the charts to occupy the 26th spot among the most popular girls’ names in 2018. According to Social Security Administration data, the most popular year for Penelope was in 2019, when it stood at No. 22, followed by the rank at No.25 as of 2020. This sudden boost in the popularity of this classic name starting with P can be linked to the birth of Penelope Disick in 2012, daughter of reality star Kourtney Kardashian or daughters of actresses Tina Fey and Anna Chlumsky, and musician Taylor Hanson of the band Hanson. The glamorous image of the Spanish actress Penelope Cruz may have even boosted the popularity of this name in recent years. This name has also been used in the Harry Potter series.

Famous Celebrities With the Name Penelope

The world’s highest-paid celebrities who reach dizzying heights of success are hopeful contenders for everlasting fame. Many iconic Penelopes have worked hard to remain in the limelight for years together and bask in the glory of their stardom. Here are some notable celebrities with the name Penelope who may cast a spell of wonder on the minds of parents looking for a name that’ll make their child turn heads wherever they go:

Name Who She Is
Penelope Cruz Spanish Actress
Penelope Ann Miller American Film Actress
Penelope Spheeris American Director
Penelope Wilton English Actress
Penelope Fitzgerald English Novelist
Penelope Margaret Lively Egyptian British Novelist
Penelope Anne Constance English Actress
Penelope Houston American Singer
Penelope Jane Leech English Child Psychologist
Penelope Mitchell Australian Actress

Variations of Penelope

Variations of Penelope have gained recognition in other languages and cultures around the globe. Parents who appreciate the unusual alternative forms of the name might consider new choices from ever-more-diverse origins entering the global lexicon every day.

Name Origin of Variation
Pelcia Polish
Penelopa Polish
Penelope Spanish
Pinelopi Greek
Pipitsa Greek
Popi Greek
Lopa Polish

A name like Penelope can convey the cultural background, set expectations of a person’s socioeconomic status, honor a relative or prestigious figure, recall traditional values, or emphasize individuality and modernity. Unique nicknames for Penelope can be minimalistic, sweet, or trendy that indicate the defining aspects of a child’s identity and uphold the profound meaning of the name. So, choose a nickname for Penelope that suits her personality with the help of the suggestions provided here!

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