Top Baby Names of 2020

Top Baby Names of 2020 for Boys and Girls

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One of the first difficult decisions to make for your little munchkin is choosing the ideal name for them. Of course, it has to be a name you and your spouse agree on. But, it also has to have a lovely sound to it and work with your surname, all while having a charm of its own!

If you are due in the coming year, this list of the most popular girl names and boy names of 2020 will give you some amazing baby name ideas. So, grab a pen and paper and let’s get started!

Most Popular Baby Names of 2020

While thinking of a name for your baby, chances are you’ll lean towards the popular names – either because you want to avoid any old-fashioned one, or you’re only looking for inspiration. Your baby will live with the name you give them for the rest of their life, so it better be good! Make sure you choose the right name that is popular yet a safe option.

Check out this list of the popular boy names that were the most sought-after in 2020. And for your darling daughter, we’ve got the top baby girl names for you to browse through. Baby name searching has never been this fun!

Boys Girls
Aayansh Aashvi
Avyukt Prisha
Kiyansh Saanvi
Sriansh Anaya
Rihaan Anvika
Nirved Aarvi
Ashvik Rutvi
Aarav Trishika
Avyan Aadvika
Shriyan Mishika
Vivaan Siara
Anvit Divisha
Aadvik Ishanvi
Sharvil Mahira
Ivaan Shreenika
Krishav Pranshi
Aarush Mayra
Ayaan Anaisha
Vihaan Amayra
Shivansh Aahana
Rishaan Advika
Yuvaan Saanvika
Kiaan Nitara
Advait Ayra
Rudransh Anvi
Reyansh Arika
Kriyansh Anika
Avir Saisha
Shreyansh Shreyanvi
Shlok Avyuktha
Aviraj Kiara
Manvik Aarna
Krishiv Shanaya
Darsh Niya
Adhrith Aadhya
Hridhaan Dhanvi
Nihit Aavya
Viaan Dhvija
Tanush Samaira
Agasthya Avika
Pranith Aarohi
Rishit Ira
Daksh Srinika
Dhruv Siya
Krithvik Mishita
Aanay Driti
Viraj Hritvi
Nivaan Misha
Atharva Tishya
Daiwik Vihana
Pransh Advita
Ishaan Kashvi
Rian Jisha
Samarth Aadhira
Viransh Miraya
Mivaan Kaira
Shaurya Amaya
Anmay Pranavi
Ritvik Manasvi
Ved Ditya
Ridit Ruhi
Dhruvit Aaradhya
Charvik Shanvika
Aryash Nainika
Adhvik Naisha
Shrithik Dviti
Kian Dhruvi
Advit Tanishka
Aarnav Riyanshika
Jiyaan Ivanshika
Dakshith Sanvi
Divyansh Mysha
Aarsh Viha
Kairav Mishka
Akshant Nirvi
Avyaansh Samriddhi
Satvik Vedika
Shayan Aaditri
Kavyansh Tanvi
Ruhaan Shanvi
Kanishk Anshi
Medhansh Ananya
Prayan Rithanya
Taksh Sudiksha
Aahan Pranika
Naksh Devanshi
Vedansh Naira
Aashrit Inaaya
Yakshit Akira
Aabir Takshvi
Rishaank Kiana
Sharvin Niva
Rishan Sharvi
Divit Nihira
Druvish Shrinika
Ahaan Anishka
Mihit Anaika
Svar Shrestha
Paarth Shivanshi
Rushank Drisana

Unique Baby Names/New Entries in Baby Names During 2020

Unique Baby Names During 2020

As a parent, you would want your child to stand out from the crowd. Likewise, you would want a name that’s as unique as your little one. But how do you go about finding a distinctive name? The good thing is that, with our list of unique baby names in 2020, you now have an abundance of names to choose from. You can select from names that are short, have a distinct sound, and yet very different from the currently popular ones. Having a fun and unique name can go a long way in helping your child create a good first impression wherever they go. The following list consists of some cute and unique girl and boy names which might be just the right pick for your baby!

Boys Girls
Aarib Aditri
Adyan Advaita
Ahan Aizah
Aryadita Alina
Ashaz Amaira
Ashwat Anvita
Dhanvin Bhuvika
Dhruvin Dhiyanshi
Dhwnit Ivana
Dhyan Jenika
Dikshant Jhanvi
Dwij Mauli
Ekansh Nihan
Kiyan Nuhaa
Krishnav Pragya
Manas Rigvedita
Manasvin Sehrish
Mourya Siaraa
Nirvaan Siddhi
Prajwal Smaya
Prathyush Taneesha
Purvansh Thaswika
Sanvith Thiya
Savya Viyana
Zohan Zara

Short & Cute Baby Names of 2020

Short & Cute Baby Names of 2020

Short names for babies are gaining popularity in the modern-day as they are easy to pronounce. That being said, a short name will also make it easy for your child to interact with the people around them effortlessly. It also helps ensure that they are always remembered by everyone who hears the name. As a short name consists of a few letters, and up to two syllables, it does have a powerful tone and also the right amounts of rhythm and simplicity. It can be a bit challenging to choose a short yet cute name for your baby who’s on the way, but to your luck, there’s plenty of inspiration to help you make this crucial decision. Take a look at these cute girl names and short boy names that were trending in 2020! Fingers crossed, you’ll find one that’s going to be oh-so-perfect for your munchkin!

Boys Girls
Aadi Adya
Ahad Aeny
Amay Aira
Anav Aiza
Ansh Anvi
Arav Arna
Arik Avni
Ariz Ayra
Arsh Dira
Aruj Diti
Avi Diva
Avik Divi
Avin Diya
Avya Eira
Ayan Eva
Dev Hiya
Dian Ira
Divy Jia
Druv Jiya
Dugu Kiah
Ehan Kiva
Emad Kiya
Emir Kuhu
Evan Kyna
Evin Neha
Eyan Nira
Gian Niva
Ihan Nivi
Ivan Niya
Jay Nysa
Juan Pihu
Kush Reva
Luv Reya
Meer Ria
Neel Riya
Neev Rua
Neil Ruhi
Ojas Sara
Ovi Savi
Parv Sia
Rudr Siya
Svar Syra
Veer Tiya
Vian Urvi
Vyan Vani
Vyom Veda
Yash Viha
Yug Viya
Zayn Ziva
Zian Ziya

Popular International Names of 2020

Popular International Names of 2020

In addition to Indian names, international names, too, seem to be a big hit in 2020. After all, the boundaries of traditions and beliefs are changing at a fast pace in this ever-connected global world. Unlike earlier days, where the culture or tradition dictated a person’s name, giving your baby an international name in this modern world can be considered a good option. When looking for an international name, you need not limit your options to those from just one country. As you can see from this list of the top global baby names of 2020, people are going for Hebrew names like Elijah and Abigail, Greek names like Sebastian and Sophia, and even Latin names like Lucas and Olivia. So go ahead, and have a glance at our list of the most popular names from around the world. Who knows? There’s a name here that’s sure to catch your fancy!

Boys Girls
Alexander Abigail
Benjamin Amelia
Caleb Aurora
Carter Ava
Elijah Charlotte
Ethan Chloe
Ezra Ella
Gabriel Emily
Henry Emma
Isaac Evelyn
Jack Hannah
Jacob Harper
James Isabella
Leo Isla
Liam Layla
Logan Luna
Lucas Maya
Luke Mia
Matthew Mila
Michael Olivia
Noah Penelope
Oliver Scarlett
Samuel Sophia
Sebastian Willow
William Zoe

With this, we wind up our list of the top 2020 baby names. We hope this helps you in your quest for finding the perfect name for your baby. Happy baby name hunting!


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