Top 100 Pretty & Unique Girl Names With Meanings

100 Beautiful and Nice Names for Your Baby Girl

We understand how nervous you are as a parent eagerly looking for a perfect name for your little princess. The name you choose for your baby sends a signal to the world about the individuality and personality of the child. Forget the extremely usual and common names that every other child has, and think about giving your child a refreshing name that she will be proud of in the future. Elegant and pretty girl names are all the rage right now. If you like to go with the trend and pick something unique yet classy and elegant for your cutie patootie, then we might suggest reading the following article on beautiful baby girl names. We have handpicked a great list of beautiful, rare girl names that you should check out.

Popular Beautiful and Nice Girl Names

There are plenty of beautiful female names that are somewhat hidden in the lot, out of sight of many parents. Below are some of the beautiful old-fashioned girl names, along with cool and elegant names:

1. Abigail

Girls are always daddy’s baby, so why not name your munchkin Abigail, which means ‘a father’s joy.’

Abigail - Beautiful and Nice Names for Your Baby Girl

2. Ava

How about a nice girl name, Ava, for your cutie pie? Ava is the name of a bird and is a popular name for girls.

3. Alina

Teaching your child to be noble is admirable; Alina is a wonderful name, meaning ‘the noble one.’

4. Aurora

Aurora is a romantic and mystical name meaning ‘dawn.’ It has Latin roots. An aurora also means the natural light seen in the sky in the form of polar lights. Aurora was also the name of the popular Disney character ‘sleeping beauty’.

5. Bonita

Bonita is a trendy and cool name for your little angel. Bonita is derived from Latin and means ‘pretty.’

6. Bella

Another stylish and modern feminine name is Bella. Your little munchkin deserves a name like Bella that refers to ‘beautiful.’

7. Beatrix

Welcoming a baby home brings in a lot of joy and a ray of hope for every parent. Beatrix is one such meaningful name for your baby as it refers to ‘she who brings happiness.’

8. Charlotte

A feminine variant of the name Charles is Charlotte and is one of the beautiful long girl names. In French, Charlotte means ‘petite.’

9. Clara

If you see your daughter shining in her life, then an exotic girl name Clara is just great, as it refers to ‘bright, famous and clear.’

10. Cara

Your little angel is the most loved member of the family, and hence, naming her Cara, which means ‘beloved’, is a great choice.

11. Cora

Check out this short and sweet name like Cora, meaning ‘maiden.’

12. Carolyn

Carolyn is a baby name with Italian roots. It is a feminine name meaning ‘strong.’

13. Constance

Perhaps a unique and cool name from C is Constance meaning ‘constant or steadfast.’ This name is derived from the Latin word ‘Constans.’

14. Caroline

If you are a parent looking for a beautiful name, then check out Caroline, which means ‘song of happiness.’

15. Dorothy

Dorothy is a famous name in English-speaking countries. Dorothy is a wonderful name choice for your daughter as it means ‘gift of God.’

16. Eleanor

Eleanor has Greek and French roots and means ‘light-hearted or shining light.’

17. Ellen

Ellen is a short and sweet name, and we all know the famous television celebrity by this name. Ellen means ‘bright, shining light’ and is a popular name in Dutch.

18. Ellie

Ellie is one of those girl names that means beautiful. Let your girl shine bright with a name like Ellie, which represents ‘shining light.’

19. Elena

Your baby girl must have lit up your space. Elena is an adorable name meaning light. This name is extremely popular with the British and French.

20. Emma

Your little angel makes your family complete. Try the name Emma, which is popular in Australia, America, and Denmark. Emma means ‘complete.’

21. Faith

Faith is a beautiful feminine name having English roots that means ‘trust and devotion’. This English name was popularized around the 17th century by Puritans. 

22. Farah

A short and cute name like Farah is a great option for your baby. Farah is derived from Arabic and means joy.

23. Grace

Try a majestic name like Grace for your little girl. Grace refers to ‘decency and charm.’

24. Gabriella

Gabriella is a variant and feminine version of Gabriel. Gabriella refers to ‘God is my strength.’

25. Gwyneth

Gwyneth is a feminine name with a beautiful meaning. Gwyneth means ‘white, blessed.’

26. Hannah

Hannah is a cheerful name which is a Latin variant of the name Anna. Hannah refers to the ‘grace of God.’

27. Isabella

Isabella is another feminine name with a beautiful meaning. Isabella means ‘devoted to God’ and is derived from Hebrew.

28. Jesse

Jesse is a variant and short form of the popular name Jessica. Jesse means ‘gift.’

29. Jessica

Jessica is the name of the daughter of Shylock in the popular Shakespeare play ‘The Merchant of Venice.’ Jessica is a classy name meaning ‘rich.’

30. Joyce

Your daughter not only brings joy into your life but may also keep everyone around her happy with a name like Joyce, which refers to ‘rejoicing.’

31. Kaytlyn

Every parent feels that their daughter is the most beautiful. Kaytlyn is a modern name meaning ‘pure.’

32. Lesly

If you are eager to find a name inspired by nature, then try Lesly, which means sacred garden.

33. Linda

A lovely name and popular pick by modern parents is Linda. Linda means ‘beautiful.’

34. Laura

Laura is a stylish name derived from Latin. Laura is an apt name for daughters as it refers to ‘victory.’

35. Mia

Another lovely name for your daughter is Mia. It is a feminine name meaning ‘mine.’

36. Noah

Another interesting pick for your little girl is Noah. It is amazing to stay calm in any situation in life, so remember that often Noah is an apt name as it means calm and relaxation.

37. Naomi

Take a look at a stylish and catchy name like Naomi meaning ‘pleasantness.’ It is a popular variant of the common name Naomie.

38. Natalie

Natalie had Latin origin and means ‘Christmas’. It is taken from the Latin maxim natale domini, which means ‘birth of God.’

39. Olivia

Olivia is a name derived from Latin. Olivia is a popular feminine name meaning ‘olive tree.’

40. Rihanna

Rihanna is a popular celebrity name and is derived from Arabic, meaning ‘sweet basil.’

Rihanna - Beautiful and Nice Names for Your Baby Girl

41. Rachel

Rachel is the name of Jacob’s wife in the Old Testament. Rachel means ‘ewe’ and is a nice and catchy choice for your little princess.

42. Sophia

Sophia is an attractive name meaning ‘wisdom.’ Sophia is a name derived from Greek and has been a popular name for ages.

43. Susan

Susan is an extremely popular name meaning ‘graceful lily.’ Susan is derived from Hebrew and has a cool feel to it.

44. Sydney

Sadie means ‘princess’, and hence, it sounds like an ideal name choice for your munchkin.

45. Zoe

If you are an adventurous namer, try a name starting from Z like this one. Another peppy and unique name from Z is Zoe. This name is believed to be of Greek origin, meaning life.

Attractive Beautiful Girl Names

When choosing a name for your little wonder of joy, you’d want something that is not only cute and nice but also captivating and head-turning. If you have had this thought, then dear parents, we have something amazing unwrapped for you. Here are extraordinary and attractive girl names that mean beautiful.

1. Adelena

Adelena is a widely famous name owing to its charming feminine feel to it. It is a variation of the name Adela, who was the daughter of a King. Adelena means ‘noble.’

2. Alessia

If you want her to be able to fight for life, Alessia is a good choice as it means ‘defender.’ Alessia is a variant of the name Alexis.

3. Amada

For a unique name, starting with A, try Amada, a variant of Amadeus. Amada refers to ‘one who is loved.’

4. Amelia

Let your daughter remember for life that hard work is the way to success. Name her Amelia, which means ‘a person who is industrious and hard-working.’

5. Angella

Why not name your little angel Angella, which is a variant of the name Angel? Angella means ‘a messenger.’ It represents a biblical name for the messengers sent by God.

6. Barbara

Barbara is a famous name in medieval Britain. Barbara sounds cool and means ‘traveller from a foreign land.’

7. Bellezza

For a pretty and adorable baby like yours, Bellezza is a cool name, as it means ‘beauty.’

8. Catalina

Catalina is a wonderful Spanish name meaning ‘pure.’ Catalina is derived from Greek.

9. Caily

We know that you consider your little angel to be the prettiest, so check out the name Caily, meaning pretty.

10. Calliope

Who knows, maybe one day your daughter might surprise you by becoming a good singer. The name Calliope means ‘beautiful voice.’

11. Davonna

Let your child be a person who leads from the front with a name like Davonna, meaning ‘beloved one.’

12. Daviana

Daviana is another peculiar name starting from D for your little princess. Daviana means ‘beloved.’

13. Davina

Originating from Hebrew, Davina is a cool and elegant name meaning ‘little deer.’

Davina - Beautiful and Nice Names for Your Baby Girl

14. Daynan

One of the latest names from the letter D is Daynan, which is a variant of Dana, and it refers to ‘being kindhearted.’

15. Elsie

Try a unique name like Elsie and let your girl stand apart. Elsie is a pretty name for your beautiful girl. Elsie refers to ‘noble by birth.’

16. Esther

It is a famous name and is believed to be linked to a Persian word which means ‘star.’

17. Evangeline

If you see your daughter as the ray of light in your life, Evangeline is a beautiful name choice as it means ‘bearer of good news.’

18. Esperanza

If you are an adventurous namer, try Esperanza, derived from the Latin word Sperantia, meaning ‘to hope’.

19. Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a name popular with the queens. Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist in the Bible.

20. Fia

Fia is an interesting short name for girls. Fia in Italian means ‘flame.’

21. Faye

Faye is a wonderful mystical name derived from the English word ‘fairy’.

22. Gelisa

Try an interesting name like Gelisa, which refers to ‘a girl with golden hair.’

23. Grisell

A fun-sounding and unique name like Grisell will be a choice of an adventurous baby namer. Grisell refers to a grey battle.

24. Halona

We all know that you wish your little one all the happiness. Halona is an excellent name meaning ‘happy fortune’.

25. Helen

Helen is a cool and classy name derived from Greek. Helen refers to a ‘shining light.’

26. Isa

Isa is a wonderful name with Swahili origin. Isa is a short and sweet name, and it means Jesus. It is a favourite name among the Japanese, Africans, and Australians.

27. Jaymie

If you are looking for a beautiful name starting from the letter J, then check out Jaymie. Jaymie is a rare name meaning ‘supplanter.’

28. Jula

Let your munchkin be young and glowing forever with a wonderful name like Jula, which means ‘young.’ It is a variant of the name Jule and is widely used in Polish, Slovak, and Czech.

29. Kellina

It’s the age of women empowerment, and a name like Kellina is so apt for your baby girl. Kellina means ‘strong-willed.’

30. Kenina

Guiding baby girls to be tougher is great for life. Kenina is a strong name meaning ‘born from the fire.’

31. Laurel

Laurel is a feminine name of Latin origin that means ‘tree or bay tree’. This name is originally gender-neutral.

32. Lilias

Lilias is a wonderful feminine name and a variant of the flower name Lily.

33. Luana

Encouraging children to be content is good in the path of life. Why not convey the same to your daughter often by naming her Luana, which means ‘content.’

34. Madison

Madison has English origins and is popular in the United States, too. Madison is a variant of Mathieson and means ‘son of Matthew’.

35. Maya

Maya is an excellent choice of name, meaning ‘water’ and is a popular feminine name in Hebrew.

Maya - Beautiful and Nice Names for Your Baby Girl

36. Moriah

In the Old Testament, Moriah is a place where Abraham went to sacrifice Isaac. Moriah is also a feminine name of Hebrew origin.

37. Osla

Osla is a regal choice of name for your bundle of joy. Osla means a person who is ‘God consecrated.’

38. Penelope

Penelope is an elegant Greek name that means ‘weaver’. It dates back to the popular Greek mythological poem ‘The Odyssey’. 

39. Quinn

Quinn is a gender-neutral Irish name that means ‘wise leader’. It also has a biblical significance.

40. Ruth

Ruth is a beautiful name to live up to as it refers to ‘a compassionate friend.’

41. Sadie

Sadie means ‘princess’, and hence, it sounds like an ideal name choice for your munchkin.

42. Trixie

Another interesting and fun-sounding name from T is Trixie. It is a famous name these days, and it means ‘she who brings happiness.’

43. Tiffany

Tifanny is a stylish and famous name and is a medieval form of the name Theophania.

44. Zuri

Having a name from the letter Z makes your daughter stand out. Zuri is a sweet name from Swahili roots. Zuri is an apt name for your daughter as it means ‘beautiful’.

45. Zara

Zara is a vibrant and sophisticated name of Arabic origin, meaning “princess” or “to blossom,” symbolizing royalty and elegance. It’s a popular choice for a beautiful and strong girl.

Rare Beautiful and Nice Names for Girls

Feel your precious little girl is more precious and delicate than ruby and diamonds? You are not alone. For your beautiful little cuddle puddle, we have got some beautiful rare girl names with meanings. Check them out now before somebody else picks the name.

1. Aoife

Captivating and beautiful, this Irish baby girl’s name means ‘radiant’ and ‘joyful.’

2. Esme

The name Esme is like a fine wine; it ages with grace. Similarly, Esme is a fine vintage name, meaning ‘esteemed.’

3. Cecily

Although meaning ‘blind,’ Cecily is a joyful name that encapsulates a sparkling and radiant quality, evoking shimmering luminosity.

4. Bellamy

Bellamy is a smooth and classic name with a rustic charm. After being descent for long, it is making its comeback. By the way, Bellamy means ‘fine friend.’

5. Marigold

What a beautiful flower! Who does not love the bright radiance of the beautiful flower, Marigold, isn’t it? If you are on the lookout for a nice flowery name, then Marigold might be an ideal choice.

Marigold - Beautiful and Nice Names for Your Baby Girl

6. Lilith

Sounding similar to the flower Lily, it is not the case. Lilith is a mythological name which means ‘night monster.’ If you have a hyperactive child in your home, the name Lilith will be perfect for them.

7. Kestrel

Certainly a unique and rare gem of a name, Kestrel feels voguish and ramp-ready! The name means ‘bird of prey.’

8. Juniper

Although not rare, it is certainly less used and heard of the name. Juniper is a cute baby girl name, meaning ‘jungle.’

9. Imogen

From the Shakespearean era, Imogen, lost among modern names, is still holding onto its finesse. 

10. Harper

Derived from a beautiful musical instrument, the harpist, the name is rare and ready to be chosen.

It’s frustrating for any parent to spend hours on the internet to find the right name for their baby. After all, a name is the most precious gift children get from their parents. So, take time to analyze the cool and pretty names listed above, find a name that you feel connected to and make a wise decision. The name you choose will be carried on for life by your child.

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