Top 105 Greek Mythology Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

105 Baby Names Inspired By Greek Mythology For Boys And Girls

Greece is a lot more than beautiful seaside, fantastic climate, and delicious cuisine. Its heritage, culture, and mythology are what attracts everyone the most. The ancient Greek mythology has been an inspiration for several hit Hollywood movies and best seller books. The stories from their mythology are an inspiration and make an interesting topic for discussion. It inspired us to expand our minds and imagination. Furthermore, their contribution to science, astrology, philosophy, medicine, and the Olympic Games is worth acknowledging.

With its contribution as rich and varied as these, you will also have a good choice if you are looking for baby names inspired by Greek mythology. Their heroes, deities, Gods, Goddesses, and others are sufficient enough to inspire baby names best suited to today’s time.

Greek Mythology Baby Names for Boys

1. Adonis

It is a popular name that means ‘extremely good looking and handsome.’ In their mythology, he is the beloved of Aphrodite.

2. Apollo

It means ‘manly beauty.’ In Greek mythology, he is the God of knowledge, enlightenment, music, arts, and prophecies.

3. Argus

As per Greek mythology, he was a man with a hundred eyes and built the Argo. The name means ‘shining.’

4. Adrian

In Greek mythology, the name is often referred to as a wealthy person. Even in modern times, this name remains a trendy choice.

5. Aegeus

In Greek mythology, he was the father of Theseus, who killed a monster. The name means ‘protector.’

6. Alec

In Greek, the name means ‘the defender of mankind.’ Its new inference means ‘someone helpful by nature.’

7. Ajax

The names from the Greek word ‘Aias.’ In Greek mythology, he was a brave warrior who led the Greeks in the Trojan War.

8. Agamemnon

The name means ‘steadfast or loyal.’ In Greek mythology, he is known to be the leader of the Greek expedition to Troy.

9. Atlas

This well-known name from Greek mythology means ‘to carry.’ In Greek mythology, he is forced to support the sky on his shoulders.

10. Alexander

The name means ‘man’s defender’. 

11. Basil

The name is of Greek and Arabic origin. It means ‘royal’ and ‘kingly’. 

12. Caesar

The name represents a thick head of hair. You may also recognise it from the name Julius Caesar!

13. Castor

It is a proper name for a baby boy. He was the son of Zeus and twin brother of Pollux. It is an uncommon name these days.

14. Calix

It is a popular baby boy name for parents looking for a name inspired by Greek mythology. It means ‘handsome.’

15. Christophe

This name has some famous name bearers, including the great explorer Christopher Columbus. It refers to ‘a Christ-bearer.’

16. Cicero

It was often used by Greeks to conduct their display of classical education. The name means ‘historian.’

17. Demetrius

The name is derived from Demeter that refers to the mythological Greek Goddess of Harvest. Demetrius refers to ‘lover of the earth.’

18. Dennis

Dionysius was the Greek God of wine, and a follower of this God is called Dennis. The name refers to a person who is ‘wild and carefree.’

19. Deo

It is a baby name for your boy that will draw a lot of praise. This Greek name means ‘Godlike.’

20. Dionysus

In Greek mythology, he is the God of wine, fertility, and festivals. This name today is associated with an independent personality with a positive mindset.

21. Damon

It is a name from Greek mythology, also popular in English and Irish cultures. The name means ‘gentle.’

22. Damian

The name means ‘to tame’ and also represents the Greek goddess of fertility, Damia. 

23. Egan

This short and sweet name means ‘little fire’. 

24. Eros

As per Greek mythology, he was the son of Aphrodite. Eros made people fall in love with him with his arrow. The name the purest representation of love.

25. Evander

Evander was the Arcadian hero in the Trojan War. In Greek, it means ‘a good man.’ It is a perfect Greek mythology boy names for your baby.

26. Flavian

The name is of Latin origin and means ‘yellow-haired’. 

27. Glaucus

Glaucus became immortal after eating a magical herb as per the Greek mythology. Although it is a gender-neutral name, it is more preferred for baby boys.

28. Griffin

The name means ‘lord’ or ‘prince’. 

29. Homer

The name means ‘pledge’ and ‘security’. The name was famously borne by the Greek poet Homer. 

30. Helios

He was a Greek God and son of Hyperion and Theia. The name means ‘sun or sunshine,’ as he was also the God of the Sun. It is a typical Greek god name for boys.

31. Hades

It is the name of the Greek god of the underworld. 

32. Hector

He is a Greek God who as the greatest fighter in the Trojan War. The name means ‘to check or restrain.’

33. Hermes

In Greek mythology, he is the God who represents travel and trade. Son of Maia and Zeus, the name means ‘messenger.’

34. Icarus

The name means ‘follower’. 

35. Jason

He is considered a Greek hero, who is well known as the leader of Argonauts. This Greek name means ‘healing.’

36. Jace

The name represents a healer or a lord of salvation. 

37. Kronos

The name’s meaning is ‘to cut’. 

38. Lycus

He is the legendary ruler of Thebes and a friend of Hercules. The name means ‘wolf.’

39. Leander

It is a popular boy’s name referring to the lover of Hero. The name refers to ‘lion of a man.’

40. Melanthios

It is a combination of two Greek words. ‘Melas’ means ‘black,’ and ‘anthos’ refers to ‘flower.’ This name finds a mention in Homer’s epic.

41. Midas

The name means ‘touch of gold’. It comes from King Midas in Greek mythology who had the ability to turn anything into gold by simply touching it!

42. Nicholas

The name has reference across several cultures. It refers to ‘victorious people.’ The name has been popular in Europe in the Middle Ages as well.

43. Nicos

It sounds more of a nickname. However, this Greek origin name means ‘people’s victory.’ The name is full of charm and energy.

44. Orpheus

The name means ‘beautiful voice’.

45. Prometheus

In Greek mythology, the name refers to a person who stole from gods and gave to humans.

46. Perseus

In Greek mythology, he is known as a demi-god who defeated Medusa and rescued Andromeda. It means ‘to destroy.’

47. Thanatos

In Greek mythology, he is known as the God of Death and resides in the underworld with Hades.

48. Troy

It is the name of the famous city of Greek mythology. It was here in this city that the Trojan War was fought.

49. Theseus

The name represents the son of Aegeus. 

50. Zeus

As per Greek mythology, he is the Supreme God of the Olympians. It can be the right choice if wishing your baby boy strength and athleticism.

Greek Mythology Baby Names for Girls

1. Atlanta

As the Greek mythological lore goes, she was a runner who wished to marry a man who would defeat her in a race. The name means ‘support.’

2. Astraea

Greek mythology considers her a goddess of justice. Daughter of Zeus and Themis, the name refers to ‘a star.’

3. Athena

Athena means a wise person. As per the Greek myth, she is the Goddess of war, law, and craft.

4. Acantha

Although the name means ‘thorn or pickle,’ the sound of the name is appealing. In Greek mythology, she was the fairy loved by Apollo.

5. Adrasetia

The name means ‘inescapable.’ A feminine form of Adrastos, it’s the second name of Goddess Nemesis in Greek mythology.

6. Ariadne

This Greek name means ‘holy.’ This Greek name consists of two Greek elements. As per the legends, she was the princess and daughter of King Minos.

7. Aglaia

This is the name of one of the three Graces or Charites in Greek mythology. It means ‘beauty’. 

8. Briseis

In Greek mythology, this daughter of Briseus gets captured during the Trojan War by Achilles. The meaning for the name is unknown.

9. Calliope

The name refers to ‘a beautiful voice.’ She is the Goddess of epic poetry and was Homer’s muse.

10. Cassandra

This Greek name refers to ‘a woman who entices men.’ She was a princess and daughter of the King of Troy. She was known to possess the quality to predict the future.

11. Clio

In Greek myth, she is the daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne. Clio is the muse of history.

12. Calypso

The name means ‘to conceal’. 

13. Deianeira

Deianeira is a Calydonian princess in Greek mythology whose name translates as “man-destroyer”. 

14. Daphne

The name is emerging as a top choice for parents with baby girls. She was the daughter of the Greek River god.

15. Danae

It is a beautiful name from Greek mythology. She was the princess of Argos and also the mother of Perseus. The name refers to ‘strong faith in God.’

16. Dike

In Greek mythology, she is the Horai and the Goddess of justice. The name is short and sweet, ideal for your little princess.

17. Echo

The name is of Greek and Latin origin. It means ‘reflected sound’. 

18. Erato

This Greek name means ‘lovely.’ She was one of the nine muses of poetry in Greek mythology. It is an adorable and meaningful name for a baby girl.

19. Euphrosyne

It will be more of an unconventional name if you are looking for one. In Greek mythology, she is one of the three graces.

20. Europa

Europa was the princess of Phoenicia and the daughter of Agenor. The name means ‘wide face.’

21. Gaia

In Greek mythology, she is the creator of the Earth and the universe. If you are looking for a unique name for your baby girl, then this name goes well.

22. Hera

This Greek name means ‘queen.’ In Greek legends, she is the wife of Zeus and goddess of marriage.

23. Helen

Here is a name that is known throughout the world. Helen was the daughter of Leda and Zeus and was considered the most beautiful woman in the world.

24. Harmonia

It is a beautiful baby name inspired by Greek mythology, meaning ‘harmony.’ She was the daughter of Aphrodite and Ares.

25. Hebe

She is a Goddess of Youth. Daughter of Zeus and Hera, her name refers to ‘youthfulness.’

26. Hestia

Greek mythology considers her a Goddess of fireplace and domestic activities. The name means ‘hearth or fireside.’

27. Hecate

Hecate is associated with witchcraft and magic in Greek mythology. It means ‘willpower’. 

28. Ianthe

In Greek mythology, Ianthe is a beautiful girl. When she died, the gods made purple flowers grow around her grave. The name hence means ‘purple flower’. 

29. Iris

Here is a name from Greek mythology that sounds cute. The name refers to the Greek Goddess of sea and sky.

30. Jocasta

In Greek mythology, Jocasta was the mother and wife of Oedipus. The name means ‘burning’. 

31. Kalliope

In Greek mythology, Calliope is the goddess of epic poetry and eloquence. The name means ‘beautiful voice’. 

32. Lachesis

The name represents ‘fate’ in Greek mythology. 

33. Leda

We all know her as the inspiration for artists the world over. She was the mother of Helen.

34. Medea

The name refers to a person ‘with a sharp mind.’ In Greek mythology, she helps Argonauts and Jason in capturing the Golden Fleece.

35. Megaera

The name represents a spiteful woman. 

36. Moira

It is a variation of the Greek word ‘Moirai,’ which means ‘fate.’ She finds a mention in the Greek legend.

37. Minerva

The name means ‘to remember.’ She is the Goddess of wisdom. If searching for Greek goddesses names for baby girls, this one seems perfect.

38. Melaina

She is the Goddess of fertility in Greek legends. The name means ‘light or brightness.’

39. Nike

Nike is the name of the winged goddess of victory in Greek mythology. 

40. Nyx

This word means ‘night or a shadowy figure.’ In Greek legend, she is called the Goddess of night.

41. Ourania

The name means ‘heavenly’. 

42. Pandora

The name means ‘all-gifted’ or ‘all-giving’. 

43. Pheobe

It is a nice name inspired by Greek mythology. She was the daughter of Uranus and Gaia, and the name means ‘brilliant.’

44. Penelope

She is the wife of Odysseus in Greek mythology. This name signifies faithfulness, especially in marriage.

45. Rhea

She was the mother of a Greek Titan named Zeus. The name refers to ‘flowing or affluence.’

46. Selena

The name means ‘the moon’. 

47. Selene

This Greek name has been immensely popular in other cultures over the years. She was the Greek goddess of the moon.

48. Sibyl

The name is a variation of Sibylla, who was a prophetess in Greek legends.

49. Thalia

This lovely Greek name means ‘to blossom or flourish.’ The Greek considers here the muse of comedy and poetry.

50. Zeno

Here is another adorable name from the Greek legends. It is a variation of the name Zeus who is chief Greek deity.

Greek Mythology Gender-Neutral Names

1. Artio

This unique name means ‘guardian of the bear’. 

2. Aura

This short and sweet name represents the wind. 

3. Bia

The name is gender-neutral in nature and means ‘white’. 

4. Maui

The name represents a trickster god and is the prefect name for a mischievous little one. 

5. Phoenix

The name is very popular and is derived from the name of a mythological bird. The name represents renewal and immortality. 

It was our compilation of 105 best Greek mythology names and meanings for your baby boy or girl. These gorgeous names are unique in sound, attractive, and connect you to the rich Greek heritage. These Greek god baby names are packed with history and magic. Pick one legendary name for your baby and observe him or her cherish it for life.

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