Nova Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Nova Name Meaning and Origin

Nova is a relatively rare name, and it did not rank in the top 1000 baby names list till 2000. Despite its lack of popularity in the earlier times, the name is gaining new-found fame in the present time because of its unique nature. It is not uncommon but also has a celestial meaning, making it a one-of-a-kind name.

What does Nova mean?

Selecting your child’s name can be a tough choice when you are a mixture of trendy and unique, and Nova fulfills both the requirements. The meaning of Nova is “new” in Latin, and its association with the astronomical term star adds a mystical feeling to the name. In this regard, Nova is a star that experiences a sudden increase in brightness before it fades. The name refers to the creation of a star; therefore, it is an excellent choice for your baby girl.


The origin of the name Nova comes from the Latin word “Novus,” which means “new.” This name can be considered perfect for your child, who is destined to shine like a star.




  • Noh-va
  • Noh-vah


Two syllables


Four letters

Name Variations/Spellings

The variations of a name are different across different parts of the globe. Similarly, other spellings for Nova refer to the cultural or religious significance of the name. Therefore, some of the Nova name variations are:

Name Origin
Genova American
Neva Latin
Noa Hebrew
Nea Finnish and Swedish
Novia Latin
Noova Latin
Novah Latin
Nava Hebrew
Tovah Hebrew
Novella Latin

How Popular is The Name Nova?

The popularity of the name Nova experienced a slow gain in popularity, which was observed in the 19th century. According to the Nova popularity index, the name maintained a presence till 1930, after which it entirely disappeared from the top 1000 list. According to the data collected from the Social Security Administration, names entered the top 1000 baby name list from 2011 onwards. After it entered the list, the name experienced a rapid surge of popularity.

As per SSA data, the name ranked 886 in 2011, after which it ranked 620 in 2012, followed by 526 in 2013. The Nova baby name ranking indicates the name entering the top 300 list in 2014 at 287. The name entered the top 100 list from 2017, where it ranked 94. A steady increase in the name’s demand has been experienced from that year resulting in the name’s rank to 56 in 2018, followed by 51 in 2019. This name ranked 38 in 2020, indicating the significant growth in popularity and potential to further increase the rank.

Interest in Nova – Worldwide

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The trends suggest that the interest in the name Nova has been prominent in the last ten years worldwide. The name has steadily maintained a rank over 70, which is significantly high. The popularity of the name has dipped in December 2016 and July 2017. It reached its highest peak in November 2011, followed by January 2018, and shows a stable curve towards the positive direction.

Interest in Nova – the US

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In the US, the name Nova has experienced popularity from February 2017 onwards. The name’s rank has been over 45 for the last decade and reached its highest peak in November 2018. The name was prevalent in 2018; however, it has experienced a downward trend since July 2019. It experienced a sudden spike in March 2021, which shows the interest in the name is present.

The Popularity of the name Nova


Where is The Name Most Searched

Search trends of Nova – Worldwide

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Slovenia is where the search trends for the name Nova have been the highest for the last ten years. It is followed by Brazil, Bulgaria, Angola, and Mozambique, which shows the popularity of the name in these countries.

Search trends of Nova – the US

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Search trends for the name Nova have been the highest in the last decades in the US sub-region of Virginia. The District of Columbia, Florida, Maryland, and Rhode Island are the cities that follow after Virginia, indicating the name’s popularity.

Middle Names That go With Nova

Middle names help in maintaining the beauty of a full name. They also serve the purpose of honoring loved ones or prominent historical figures. Some of the double names with Nova are:

Katherine Felicity
Liliana Pearl
Eloise Hill
Penelope Tessa
Bethany Brianne
Estelle Diana
Meredith Elise
Annabella Elizabeth
Taylor Stephanie
Vivian Christina



Famous People Named Nova

The popularity of a name surges with the influence of celebrities. Sometimes parents are biased towards naming their children as per their favorite celebrities. Therefore, some of the famous people called Nova are:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Nova Pilbeam British actress
Nova Villa Filipino actress and veteran comedian
Nova Ren Suma American #1 New York Times best selling author
Nova Miller Swedish dancer, singer, actress, and multi-instrumentalist
Nova Ball American director, actress, and writer
Nova Meierhenrich German television presenter
Nova Arianto Indonesian professional footballer
Nova Widianto Indonesian former badminton player.
Nova Peris Aboriginal Australian athlete and former politician
Nova Campbell Daughter of Actress Lake Bell

Similar Names & Last Names

Various names have the same or similar meanings despite the difference in spelling. The same goes for baby names like Nova, where multiple name variations are present. Therefore, some of the similar other names for Nova and family names for Nova are:

Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Celeste Anderson
Zaniah Mitchell
Selina Adams
Roxana Jones
Astra White
Vega Parker
Esther Collins
Roxanne Kelly
Estella Kim
Bellatrix Sanders

Names That Sound Like Nova

Numerous names with similar meanings act as a great alternative from which parents can take their pick. Some of the names that rhyme with Nova:

Ava Valentina
Nora Victoria
Celia Eva
Nina Camila
Kaya Niah
Olivia Zola
Maya Skylar
Stella Starla
Arianna Aria

Sibling Names Related to Nova

Choosing the names of your children should be done in such a manner that it maintains a harmony among all the names. You can select sibling names that go with Nova that are close to the name’s meaning or you find unique. This list comprises some of the sister and brother names for Nova:

Sister Names for Nova Brother Names for Nova
Halley Reid
Ariel Ezra
Fay Atlas
Aurora Orion
Luna Caleb
Carina Christopher
Larissa Draco
Cordelia Zane
Stella Kale
Ophelia Theo

Nicknames for Nova

Nicknames are a substitute used instead of the proper name. These names are used as a form of affection and can be used in informal settings. Some of the eccentric nicknames for Nova are:

Nov Nav
Ova Noah
Nabi Nono
Nana Van
Vi Vannie
Vak Nini

Nova is indeed a rare name with its roots dipped in celestial existence. The name was not popular for quite a few decades but jumped back into the popularity list from 2017 onwards. With its present popularity, the name can be expected to further group in the baby name ranking in the US.


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