70 Southern Girl Names & Their Meanings

Here is the list of 70 of the finest possible collection of cute names. This has been prepared after analyzing the preferences of southern parents over decades. We are sure that this list would meet your high expectations.

You may be excitedly waiting for the arrival of your little princess. We would like to share your pleasure by presenting a list of pretty southern girl names covering the vintage era to the Modern times.

Pretty & Unique Southern Baby Girl Names

We present some southern country baby names to pick from, considering the inclinations of the southern states covering from Texas to West Virginia and Oklahoma to Florida.

Name  Meaning
Abigail Abigail signifies the joy a father feels about the arrival of his sweet baby girl on this planet. This has its origin in Hebrew.
Alinda An adorable name, Alinda is of English origin and means ‘beautiful’. This gives a lot of confidence to the girl as she grows up.
Ava A hugely popular name, with many celebrities catching on to Ava recently; it has its origins from Hebrew. A variant of Eve, Ava means ‘life’.
Bailie This name is getting popular. It first appeared on TV in 1978 and later in Grey’s Anatomy. It is derived from Bailiff, giving it an authoritative southern appeal.
Blanche Blanche means ‘white’, ‘pure’ in French and German. The name is classy and has become popular since 2018. It symbolises an elegant, strong woman.
Bonnie Bonnie has its roots in Scotland. It means ‘beautiful’, ‘pretty’ and ‘charming’. These are very meaningful attributes that any girl would love to have.
Bryanna This unusual name, a variant of Brianna, is becoming popular. It signifies the great qualities of a southern beauty, strong, honourable and virtuous.
Callie This means a ‘beautiful’ one with a Greek origin. It is also used as a nickname for Caroline or Catherine.
Caroline Caroline has a French origin. It means ‘free woman’, very meaningful in the present context of women demanding freedom to enter all fields.
Charlotte Charlotte is the feminine form of Charles meaning ‘free man’. This has consistently been one of the top names not only in the US but internationally.
Clarice This has an Italian origin, elaboration of Clara, derived from the Latin word Clarus. It means a ‘bright, shining, famous and clear’ girl.
Daphne This has a Greek origin. It has an outdoor tinge, with a meaning referring to a laurel or bay tree, perfect for the south with its warmth.
Dallas This belongs to Texas and is a gender-neutral, but used more for girls. It can be taken as a ‘skilled’ and ‘elegant’ girl.
Davina This has its origin in Scotland and means ‘beloved’. Every parent would love to have their beloved naughty little one by their side as she grows up.
Delilah Made famous by the song “Hey there Delilah”, it was a super hit name in 2017. This has Hebrew origin meaning ‘delight’ for a delightful girl.
Dixie This unique name means ‘tenth’ in French. Dixie also signifies southern country popularised in the 1859 music composition with the same name.
Emersyn This is derived from the gender-neutral name Emerson to a girly Emersyn.  This has gained traction since 2017.
Eldora This has a Spanish origin meaning ‘Gold’. This is derived from El Dorado, an imaginary dreamland in South America rich in gold and other precious metals.
Elora Elora is of Hebrew or Greek origin and is gaining popularity over the years. It means ‘shining light’. Similar names are Eliora and Elnora.
Etta This English origin word means an ‘estate ruler’ to signify a girl in a position of power. It was once a short name for Henrietta.
Feliz Feliz suggests a ‘lucky, happy and a fortunate’ girl. This has a Spanish origin. Some similar-sounding names are Aliz, Deliz and Felice.
Florenza Florenza means a ‘flower, flowering or in bloom’, to signify that the baby girl blooms like a flower. It has its origin in Latin.
Flossie It is derived from the mythological Roman goddess of flowers, with its origin from Latin. Flossie means ‘flowering and flourishing’.
Fredda It has a German origin which means a ‘peaceful ruler’. It is a feminine derivate of the name Frederick.
Gemma Gemma means a ‘precious stone’ with an Italian origin. Similar sounding names are Jemmie and Jemma.
Genia Genia means ‘pure, of royal birth, or wellborn’ of Greek origin. It is a variation of Eugenia and Virginia.
Giselle Giselle is a lovely French origin name derived from the Germanic word ‘Gisil’ which means ‘bright pledge’, an offer for peace.
Grace Parents love to see a graceful, peace-loving and kind girl as she grows up. This is derived from the Latin word gratia meaning ‘thanks, favour’.
Harlene It means a ‘created name’ and is of American origin. It is a combination of the words Harry and Arlene or is a variant of Charlene.
Honora This means a woman of ‘honor, dignity and principles’ which parents would want their girl to inculcate as she blossoms. This is based on the Latin word ‘honor’.
Ida It means ‘hardworking’ and with a Greek and German origin. It is also popular in many European countries. It is recently gaining some traction.
Isabella This is a traditional name which is still popular. This has Spanish and Italian origin with a Hebrew meaning of ‘pledged to God’.
Itzel It means ‘star of the aurora sky’. It has its origins in the Mayan culture in the Central American region and derived from Ixchel, a moon goddess or a rainbow lady.
Ivy This is an English origin popular name in the south derived from the plant of the same name. It signifies fidelity, faithfulness.
June This is derived from the Latin word ‘Juno’, the Roman Queen of Gods and Goddess of marriage.
Kay This was used as a shortened name for the Greek origin Katherine meaning ‘pure’. It is now being used more as an independent name.
Lucille This has a Latin origin. Lucille means ‘light’. It is a French variation of the Latin word ‘Lucilla’.
Madison Madison now becoming popular in the south is an English name meaning ‘son of Maud’. Maud is a pet name for Mathilda, battle mighty.
Maisie Maisie means ‘a little pearl’. It is a shortened name for Margaret. It is a Scottish name, derived from the Hebrew word Margaron.
Memphis Memphis means ‘enduring and beautiful’ in Greek. This name comes from Egypt. The name is unique, a combination of modern and ancient.
Mona Mona is a shortened name derived from Madonna of Italian origin or Monica of Indian origin. It means ‘chaste maiden’ from the Greek ‘monachos’.
Nancy Nancy means ‘grace’, ‘favour’ and has a Hebrew origin, originally used as a nickname before being used as a full name.
Nellie Nellie means ‘sunray’ and is derived from the English name Nelly. It is also from Helen, a shortened name for Eleanor, the shining light.
Odette Odette has a French origin and means ‘wealthy’. Derived from the French word ‘ouda’ meaning rich, it is the female version of the German word Otto.
Reese Reese is a unique name with a Welsh origin meaning ‘ardour’. This is for a confident girl to go places.
Rosie South is known for using flowers as names. Rosie is derived from the flower ‘Rose’, has Latin origin and can be associated with Rose or Roseanna.
Tallulah This pleasant name chosen by a few celebrities means ‘leaping water’ or ‘lady of abundance’. This indicates a strong personality and love for nature.
Tilly This is shortened from Matilda. It has a German origin, means ‘battle ready’ and encourages the little one to be a fighter all the way.
Violet Another name based on a flower. This has Latin origin derived from ‘purple and is very popular. Similar names are Daisy, Lily, and Rose.
Zelda With not many names starting with letter Z, this is becoming popular since 2015. It means ‘gray fighting maid’ and has a German origin.

Old Southern Girl Names

Here are some old-fashioned southern girl names to pick from for your bundle of joy. We have included some classic southern names also to reflect your culture and regional pride.


Names Meaning
Annabelle A vintage name of English origin typifies a beautiful, loveable and graceful baby girl. It is a combination of the Latin Anna for grace and French Belle for beauty.
Aubrey This is a name with an English origin meaning ‘noble or fair ruler’. It was earlier a baby boy name now being increasingly used for baby girls.
Betsy This has a Hebrew origin meaning ‘pledged to God’. It is also a nickname for the English name Elizabeth.
Camellia This name is based on the state flower of Alabama of the same name. It is a combination of the more common names Camilla and Amelia.
Catherine This has a Greek origin which means ‘pure’. It also means ‘innocent’ in the American name. The short nickname is Kate.
Clara Meaning ‘bright’ or ‘clear’, this is popular in the south. It has a Latin origin and is the feminine form of the word Clarus.
Deedee A Welsh and Latin origin word meaning ‘pleasure, delight, divine’, or even ‘sorrowful, broken-hearted’. You can just shorten the name to Dee.
Emma Emma of German origin means ‘universal’. This traditional name has been on top of the charts for four years. It became popular after being used in ‘friends’.
Georgia This is well accepted for a long time and an internationally used name. It sounds classy, sophisticated and you would love to call out your girl by this name.
Gladys Gladys means ‘royalty or princess’. It is from the Welsh name Glwadys. This is a classic southern name for a baby girl.
Jessie Pearl Using double names as a combination of a traditional name with a family name is a southern tradition. Jessie, meaning ‘wealthy’, is of Scottish and Hebrew origin.
Lainey Lainey means ‘bright shining light’ and is derived from the French word Elaine which is derived from the Welsh Helen which is based on the Greek Helene.
Magnolia Inspired by the state flower of Mississippi of the same name, this is another archaic name still popular in the south.
Olivia It is based on the Latin word ‘Oliva’ meaning ‘Olive’. It came to the forefront after founding a mention in the Shakespeare play ‘Twelfth Night’.
Pearl Pearl is a popular name of the nineteenth century making a comeback. It is the state gem of Tennessee.
Savannah This name has since long been a favorite name in the south. It is even now within the top 50 in the list.
Scarlett Another conventional name which is now within the top 20, this shot into prominence with the film ‘Gone with the Wind’ in 1939.
Sutton Probably no name can be more southern than Sutton. It means ‘southern settlement’. It is sometimes used for boys also.
Virginia A vintage name making a comeback inspired by a few celebrities. The state of Virginia was named in honor of Queen Elizabeth.
Winona If your little one is the firstborn, then Winona can be a perfect choice. It means ‘firstborn’ and has roots in the native American region.

We have included some of the sweetest baby names with different meanings and origins for the eager parents to choose from.

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