Kimberly Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Kimberly Name Meaning and Origin

The meaning of a name plays a huge role in the way parents name their children. Since most people look for that perfect combination of a name that sounds beautiful, has a beautiful meaning, and is trendy enough for the current times, it can be a little difficult. But there are many names that combine all these aspects perfectly, one of them being the name ‘Kimberly.’ So, keep reading to know more about this beautiful and incredibly trendy name.

What Does Kimberly Mean? 

An old-school name, the meaning of Kimberly can be translated to “Cyneburg’s field” or “Cyneburg’s meadow.” In this meaning, Cyneburg is another old-school name originated from old English that holds the meaning of a “royal forest.” In this regard, the name has a highly attractive meaning that relates to nature and the glorious ancient times. As per its English origins, the meaning of Kimberly can also be stated to be “leader,” lending a personality to girls with this name through the meaning itself. Furthermore, Kimberly is also a diamond town in South Africa, which adds a sense of luxury to the name.


The primary origins of the name can be observed to be British, specifically Old English. Furthermore, the name also has English origins suitable for young girls nowadays. While the Old English origin of the name relates to a very nature-centric meaning, the English origin gives the name a beautiful personality that is bound to help your girl strive to become a good person and leader.




  • Kimb(e)-rly
  • Kim-burr-lee
  • K(i)-mber-ly


3 Syllables


8 Letters

Name Variations/Spellings 

Other spellings for Kimberly can give us a peek into how different cultures transform the name and its spelling so that it conforms to the prevalent cultural specifications. So, here are some Kimberly name variations that you can also choose from if you want to incorporate diversity into your child’s name:

Name Origin
Kymbrely English
Kymberly English
Kimmie English
Cymbre English
Kimberleigh English
Kimblyn English
Kimm English
Kymbra English
Kym English
Kimba English

How Popular Is the Name Kimberly? 

The popularity of a name can be assessed by how many babies in a particular year were given the name as per the records of the Social Security Administration. And in the case of the Kimberly popularity ranking since 2000, the name can be observed to be falling in popularity at a gradual but steady pace. It should be noted that the name has not been among the top 50 girl names since the beginning of the millennium, the best ranking being recorded at 54 in 2007. However, the Kimberly baby name ranking is still popular as compared to other similar names, such as Kimber which ranked 682 in 2020 as opposed to the #185 ranking of Kimberly in the same year.

Interest in Kimberly – Worldwide

Interest trends for the name Kimberly have remained considerably positive over the last decade. While the interest score has consistently stayed above 50, with the lowest score of 57 being achieved in March 2018 and December 2019, the highest score of 100 was reached recently in August 2020. This implies that the name remained a considerably hot topic over the decade, probably due to the many celebrities with the name, some of whom have been mentioned below.

Interest in Kimberly – the US

The interest of the US in the name Kimberly is considerably less than that had been recorded worldwide. While the popularity score stayed consistently over 45, the lowest score of 47 was achieved in March 2021 while the highest score of 100 was achieved in August 2020.

Popularity of the Name Kimberly 


Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search Trends of Kimberly – Worldwide

In the case of the global interest over the last decade, among the 52 regions, Kimberly managed to have generated the highest interest in Honduras. This is followed by Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Mexico, which round up the top five countries. From the top five countries, it seems prevalent that the name is far more popular in Central America than any other country or region in the world.

Search Trends of Kimberly – US

Out of the 51 sub-regions of the US, Idaho has generated the highest search interest over the last decade. Wisconsin, Iowa, Alabama, and Connecticut follow in this order to round up the top five sub-regions.

Middle Names That Go With Kimberly 

Middle names play a crucial role in the Western culture. And as important a place they have taken, they are also great at giving the child two options for the name they want to go by. So, here are some equally beautiful double names with Kimberly:

Rose Shay
Beth Sophie
Sofia Blake
Marie Jane
Jean Xenia
Hazel Hilary
Simone Jen

Famous People Named Kimberly 

Kimberly’s famous celebrities have had a crucial role in making the name popular during its peak times and even now. So, here are some of the most well-known celebrities named Kimberly:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Kimberly “Kim” Richards American Actress
Kimberly Noel “Kim” Kardashian American TV Personality
Kimberly Kaye Wyatt Member of “The Pussycat Dolls”
Kimberly Dawn Cobain Sister of (Late) Kurt Cobain
Kimberly “Kimmy” Kopke American Dancer
Kimberly Marie Perry Lead Singer of “The Band Perry”
Kimberly “Alexis” Bledel American Actress
Kimberly Claire “Kimmie” Meissner American Figure Skater
Kimberly Matula American Actress
Kimberly Anne McCullough American Actress

Similar Names & Last Names 

Another crucial consideration when choosing baby names is whether you have one of the suitable family names for Kimberly. If your family name does not go well with it, you can go with other baby names that hold the same or similar meaning. So, here are some other names for you to choose from:

Other Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Fiona Cattrall
Acacia Jones
Meadow Miller
Willow Brown
Daphne White
Daisy Davies
Wanda Beaver
Amadahy Stephens
Asiza Matthews
Fawn Mathies

Names That Sound Like Kimberly 

If you are fond of the way Kimberly sounds rather than what it means, you can also go for similar names in terms of its phonetic nature. So, here are some beautiful names that rhyme with Kimberly to give you an idea of such similar-sounding names:

Kimber Shailey
Kinsley Charlene
Campbell Chantel
Kinslee Ashleigh
Liberty Phoebe
Kingsley Harmony
Hadley Melody
Abby Martina
Beverly Henley
Whitney Bailey

Sibling Names Related to Kimberly 

Choosing brother and sister names for your child is also a crucial consideration associated when naming your child since all the siblings need to have complimentary names. So, if you are looking for sibling names that go with Kimberly, here are some options for sister and brother names for you to choose from:

Sister Names for Kimberly Brother Names for Kimberly
Olivia Vaughn
Zara LandonSteve
Zoey Liam
Audrey Levi
Aubrey Noah
Eloise Oliver
Maya Carter
Noelle Blake
Camille Adrian
Scarlett Elliot

Nicknames for Kimberly 

Adorable, funny, sweet, or spontaneous – nicknames are a must for all your near and dear ones. And when it comes to children, the funnier and more embarrassing, the better! So, here are some adorable, funny, and sweet nicknames that you can choose to call your little troublemaker by:

Kim Kimmie
Kimbie Kimzie
Kimchi Missy
Berlie Kiwi
Kay Kamby
Kim Kam Cymbals
K-Lee Belly
Kelly Becky
Kiki Kiko
Early Libby

Becoming a parent comes with many responsibilities, and one of the first ones is to choose a name your girl will not be embarrassed by when she goes to school, college, or when she starts working. So, choose this classic girls name for your daughter and watch her blossom, especially once she learns to incorporate its beautiful meaning into her personality.


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