Top 40 Boy & Girl Names That Mean "Purple or Violet"

40 Names That Mean Purple or Violet For Boys & Girls

Choosing the right name for your child becomes extremely important because it is probably one of the things that will stay with them for their lifetime. Names inspired by colours are becoming a popular choice for a lot of parents nowadays. These names are beautiful representations of what the colour stands for. So here we are, bringing you a list of baby names inspired by the colours purple and violet. These names are a representation of these lush and rich colours. Go ahead and make the right choice for your child by taking help from this article.

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Baby Boy Names That Mean Purple or Violet

Take a look at some cool names related to purple which you might want to pick for your new-born baby boy:

1. Burgundy

This French-origin name means means’ dark red.’ Burgundy will make for a perfect name for your baby boy.

2. Dhumra

A beautiful Indian-origin name meaning ‘smoke coloured; purple and grey’. 

3. Hadlee

The name means ‘heather meadow.’ and is a great alternative to the traditional names. 

4. Heliotrope

Heliotrope are beautiful purple-coloured flowers and will surely make for a perfect name for your little one.

5. Hyacinth

This unisex name has Greek origin and translates to ‘blue larkspur’ or the ‘precious stone.’ It still holds the same appeal as the sweet and gentle violet.

6. Indigo

One of the most famous baby boy names based on colour. This name originates from the dark bluish-purple dye that is obtained from plants.

7. Kovidar

This unique baby boy name has Sanskrit origins and is used to describe the purple orchid tree. Babies with this name are said to grow up with a good managerial sense.

8. Morado

Taking its inspiration from the color purple and names associated with purple, this modern baby boy’s name has a southern charm to it.

9. Murasakino

In Japanese, it means ‘purple.’ A unique name that you can give to your baby boy.

10. Phoenix

It might be surprising to see Phoenix as a colour name. But it is, in fact, true, and the Greek origin of this word means reddish-purple.

11. Porfirio

This name has a Greek origin. It refers to a purple stone.

12. Porphirios

Having Greek origins, this word is used to refer to something of purple colouring.

13. Slate

Having English origins, this baby boy’s name refers to a purple-grey rock colour.

14. Tyrian

Popularised by the TV Show Game of Thrones, this name refers to a shade of purple dye that was used by the ancient Phoenicians.

15. Viorel

Derived from the word viorea, this baby boy’s name has Romanian origin and is used for the alpine squill flower, also known as the sweet violet flower.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Purple or Violet

Here are some violet baby names to choose from and pick the right name that means purple for your baby girl.

1. Amethyst

Like flower names, gemstone names can also be exotic and are in trend. This unique name represents the purple birthstone for February and is very famous among purple girl names.

2. Bora

This Korean-origin name means purple. A beautiful and short name with a contemporary feel is perfect for your baby girl.

3. Calfuray

Calfuray means ‘violet flower.’ This American origin name is pronounced as kahl-FOOR-eye.

4. Evolet

Pronounced EH-voh-leht, the name is a combination of names Eve – living and violet – colour purple. The name is unique and makes for a perfect baby girl name.

5. Fialova

Fialova is a Czech-origin name meaning “violet.” Although it is used as a surname, you can definitely use this as your daughter’s first name.

6. Fuchsia

The origin of this name can be traced back to the Gormenghast Fantasy Trilogy. It was also the middle name of the daughter of the famous singer Sting as he was a big fan of the trilogy himself.

7. Hyacinth

Though it may not be as sweet and gentle as, say, Violet, the purple-hued Hyacinth still might hold some appeal for the parent seeking a truly exotic flower name.

8. Indigo

This name comes from the Latin word indicum, meaning ‘Indian.’The indigo dye was originally exported to Europe from India. Indigo is a deep colour close to the colour wheel blue.

9. Iolanthe

Iolanthe is a French, Greek origin name meaning “violet flower.” The name is primarily known through the 1882 Gilbert & Sullivan operetta of this name, in which the title character is a fairy.

10. Ione

This unique name is considered to have Greek origins and is associated with an unusual flower and colour of the same Greek origin. This name was popularised by the famous actress Ione Skye.

11. Iris

This very popular name is directly derived from the Greek word ‘Iris’ which means rainbow. In Greek mythology, Iris is considered to be the goddess of rainbows.

12. Lila

The name translates to “purple” in German and refers to the ‘lilac tree’ in Persian. This name is ideal to pay homage to your bundle of joy’s endless potential and possibilities.

13. Lolanthe

This unique name has both French and Greek origins. It means a violet flower and is considered to be the softer version of Yolanda. It is also a famous purple baby name.

14. Lavender

This baby girl’s name has English origins. It is starting to get popularised among the parents as an alternative to Lilac.

15. Lilac

This cute name has mixed origins both English and Persian which means bluish or lilac.

16. Magenta

Having Italian roots, this baby girl’s name means a vivid Crayola colour name that can make a colourful choice.

17. Mauve

This stylish baby girl’s name has a French origin and is known to describe something that is blue in colour. A unique and offbeat name, it is best suited for your child if you want to give the name a Victorian spirit.

18. Phoenix

This unisex name means ‘reddish-purple.’ Give this beautiful and unique Greek-origin name to your baby girl.

19. Roxa

A unique name for a baby girl, Roxa means’ red’ or ‘red-haired.’ Violet colour is a part of the red family and thus makes Roxa a perfect name for your little one.

20. Sigal

The name means “violet.” In modern Hebrew, the word Sigal is used for the violet flower. What a beautiful name to give to your daughter.

21. Sumire

This Japanese-origin name means ‘a lovely violet.’ This unique gender-neutral name makes for a perfect baby girl name.

22. Temenuzhka

A Bulgarian word meaning ‘violet flower.’ You can give this name to your daughter and see her blossom like a flower (thrive in life).

23. Tyrian

Tyrian is a type of purple dye. It was used by the ancient Phoenicians. It’s a unique name you can give to your baby.

24. Violet

The name Violet evokes the beauty, grace, and power of nature and thus makes for a perfect baby girl name.

25. Viorel

A Roman origin name derived from viorea, Virorel means ‘a sweet violet flower.’

This article brings to you some of the most popular and trending names to help you decide and pick the best name for your child. The names are inspired by the purple colour and are in trend. We understand that parenting can be a really difficult job, and that is exactly why we are here to help. We hope that this article was able to help you decide the name of your baby and made things easy for you to an extent. We wish you all the best for your future and hope that your child has a great future ahead.

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