60 American Names for Girls & Their Meanings

Are you expecting a baby girl? Surely you have already done everything from building the crib to stocking the closet for your little angel. But, have you chosen her name yet? Choose a name for your baby that your girl will also like all her life. Scroll down to select a distinctly American name for your baby girl.

Unique and Popular American Baby Girl Names

From traditional names to the most common girl name in America, you will find multiple options to choose from. Here are some of the cute American baby girl names along with their meaning. The meaning of the names might help you to choose the best name for your princess.

1. Abigail

Abigail was an intelligent, beautiful and loyal woman, wife of King David in the Hebrew bible. In Hebrew, the meaning of name Abigail is father rejoiced, or father’s joy. In American baby names, Abigail means ‘the father’s joy’.

2. Angelina

Angelina is one of the most common and popular girl names in America. Angelina is of Greek, Italian and Spanish origin that means angel or messenger of God or the guiding spirit.

3. Aria

Aria is the name of Italian origin that means air or song or melody. In Albanian language, Aria means ‘of high values’ or ‘gold’ or ‘treasure’. In the Persian language, it means ‘noble’ and in Hebrew, it means ‘lioness’.

4. Austin

Austin is derived from the Latin name “Augustus”. It is a vernacular form of Augustus and now counted as a Latin American name. It means ‘majestic’.

5. Ava

Ava is a Biblical name which means ‘inequity’. In Hebrew, the meaning of the name Ava is ‘living one’ or ‘life’. In Latin, the meaning is ‘blooming’ or ‘birdlike’.

6. Avery

Avery was originally an English surname, derived from an Old French pronunciation of name Alberich. The meaning of Avery is ‘king’ or ‘power’ or ‘the ruler of an elf (supernatural powers).’ Another meaning of this name is ‘Wise.’ In English, it means ‘counselor.’

7. Barbara

Barbara is the form of the Greek word Barbaros. Barbara means foreign or strange, a traveler from a foreign land. In Greek Barbara means stranger, foreigner or traveler.

8. Brielle

Brielle is a name of French origin. Brielle means “God is my strength”. In Hebrew, it means “God is my Might”.

9. Cali

The meaning of the name Cali in Greek is most beautiful. Cali is the nickname for the state of California also. Cali also means mythological Arcadian who transformed into she-bear and then into the great bear constellation.

10. Cameron

Cameron is a popular Unisex name in Australia, UK, and North America. Cameron is a Christian name that means a crooked nose or bent nose.

11. Carolina

Carolina is a feminine name given in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, English, German and French. Generally, it means “free man” or “freeholder”. It also means “a song of happiness or joy”.

12. Cassidy

Name Cassidy is derived from an Irish surname O’Caiside. Cassidy means “clever” or “curly or twisted haired.”

13. Charlotte

Charlotte is a diminutive of Charles. The name Charlotte is of both English and French origin and it means “free man” or “petite”.

14. Dakota

Dakota is a Unisex name derived from the name of native American Dakota people it means “friend”, “friendly” or “allies”.

15. Dior

The name Dior is of French origin. It means “golden.”

16. Dorothy

Dorothy has been derived from the Greek word Dorothea. It means “God’s gift.”

17. Elena

Elena is the name of Italian origin. The meaning of the name Elena is “the bright light” or “shining light.” In Hebrew, it means “light”, “mercy.”

18. Elisa

The name in Elisa is of English origin. Elisa is a variant of the biblical name Elizabeth. The meaning of Elisa is “God is my Oath.”

19. Elizabeth

The name Elizabeth has been derived from Hebrew name Elisheva. Elizabeth means “my God is abundance” or “my God is an oath.”

20. Emily

Emily is an English name derived from Latin origin. Emily means: “industrious, to strive or rival, flattered.”

21. Emma

Emma has been derived from the Germanic word Erman. It is used as a diminutive of Emmeline and Emilia. The name Emma means “whole” or “universal.”

22. Ensley

Ensley means “once own meadow.”

23. Evelyn

The name Evelyn means “wished for child”. The name Evelyn is of English origin and it was originally a surname.

24. Georgia

The meaning of the name Georgia is “farmer” or “worker of the earth”. It is a feminine name of George.

25. Harley

The name Harley has been derived from the old English words Hara. The meaning of the name Harley is “hare’s meadow”.

26. Harper

The name Harper is of English origin. It means “Harp player”. The name came into the public consciousness because of the famous author Nelle Harper.

27. Heaven

The word heaven is used for the sky or precisely, the dwelling place of God. The name has been derived from an old English word ‘heofon’, and it means “a place of eternal happiness”. It is one of the popular North American baby girl names.

28. Indiana

Indiana means “The land of Indians”. Various Native American tribes are an important part of Indian history, so this name is popular among them.

29. Isabella

The name Isabella is of Spanish, Hebrew, and Italian origin. The meaning of Isabella is “pledged to God” or ‘God is perfection’ or ‘God is my oath’.

30. Jaden

The name Jaden is of Hebrew origin. Jaden means “God has heard” or “Jehova has heard”. Jehova is God in Hebrew.

31. Jasper

The name Jasper comes from Persian origin. The meaning of Jasper is “Treasurer”. This name is associated with a significant ancient story related to Jesus.

32. Jennifer

Jennifer means “fair one” or “fair phantom” or “white waves”. In cornish, the meaning of this name is “fair and yielding”.

33. Jessica

The name Jessica is of Hebrew origin. The meaning of Jessica is “gift”, “God beholds”.

34. Keily

The name keily is derived from Gaelic word O Cadhla. The meaning of this name is “graceful”.

35. Kierra

The name Kierra is the variant of the Irish name Kiara. Kiara means “dark”. In Greek, Kiara means “lord”.

36. Lexi

Lexi has been derived from the female name Alexandra. In Greek, it means “to defend”.

37. Linda

The name Linda has been derived from various sources. In Spanish, it means “beautiful, pretty”. In Germanic, it means ” tender, soft, weak”.

38. Macy

In old French, Macy means “weapon”. This name has other spelling variations like Messey, Macey, and Maci.

39. Madison

The name Madison is used from the surname meaning ” Mad’s son”. Mad is the pet form of Matthew that means “gift of God”. Madison is also associated with the Maud. Maud is an old pet form of Mathilda that means ” battle mighty”. So Madison means “son of Matthew” or “son of Maud”.

40. Mary

The name Mary is of Hebrew origin. It means “bitter”. Mary was also an enduring and popular name in the English speaking world.

41. Memphis

The meaning of the name Memphis is “enduring and beautiful”. The biblical meaning of this name is ” abode of the good”.

42. Mia

The name Mia is associated with the Spanish word ‘mia’ and Italian word ‘mia’, both meaning “mine”. It has also been derived from a Slavic word ‘Mila’ that means ” dear, darling”.

43. Nevaeh

The name Nevaeh, if spelled backward will be heaven and it is of Irish origin. It means “Heaven”.

44. Olivia

Olivia is a popular girl’s name and one of the top names in English speaking and European countries.  Olivia is of Latin origin, meaning “olive tree”. The biblical and old French meaning of Olivia is “peace”. In old Norse, it means “kind one”.

45. Paisley

Paisley is a name related to Scottish town. This name of Scottish origin means “church, cemetery”.

46. Patricia

The name Patricia is of Latin origin and has been derived from the word patrician. The meaning of Patricia is “noble”.

47. Picabo

The name Picabo is of English origin. The meaning of Picabo is “Shining Water” or “Silver Creek”.

48. Presley

Presley is an English surname derived from a place name. It means “someone who dwell near the priest meadow”.

49. Quinn

Quinn is a Gaelic baby name. It is used as a Scottish and Irish surname from very ancient times. Quinn means “Counsel”.

50. Rosalie

Rosaline is of French origin and it means “Rose Flower”.

51. Rylie

The name Riley was originated on a man who died in the battle of Clontarf. The meaning of Riley is “Valiant”.

52. Shada

The name Shada is one Native American origin, meaning Pelican. In Persian, it means “Glad, Cheerful.” It is a beautiful name option for people seeking for native American girl names.

53. Skylar

The name Skylar has a different meaning in different languages. In English, it means “Eternal life and Strength.” In Dutch, it means “a shelter.” In American, it means “the sky; Guarded; learned one, Scholar.”

54. Sophia

The name Sophia is directly derived from the Greek word Sofia. It means “wisdom and skill.”

55. Susan

In Greek, the name Susan means “lotus flower.” According to Hebrew roots, the name means “to be joyful.” In Persian, the name is given to the “lily flower.” In French, it means “female lily.”

56. Tandy

The name Tandy is of Native American origin. Tandy means “flower.”

57. Trysta

The modern meaning of name Trysta is ”beautiful, nice, wise, love and helpful.” It is the feminine form of Tristan and English origin.

58. Winona

Winona means the “firstborn daughter” or “the eldest daughter”. It is a native American Indian name derived from the deceptive word Winunna.

59. Yara

The name Yara is of Arabic and Brazilian origin. Yara means a “water lady” or “a small butterfly.” According to Brazilian mythology, Yara was a gorgeous goddess with fair skin and green hair.

60. Zuri

The name Zuri is used among African Americans as a way of celebrating their heritage. It is a Swahili name, meaning “beautiful.” In the Swahili dictionary, it means “attractive, good, nice, lovely and pretty.”

With our list of unique and cute American baby names, it must be easy for you to decide a perfect name for your princess—happy naming to your baby girl.

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