Top 500 Baby Boy Names Starting With "F"

500 Baby Boy Names That Start With F

Choosing a name for your boy can be tricky but not when you’ve decided on the first letter. American boy names like Finn, Felix, Fernando, and Frank are rising in popularity in the U.S. and internationally. These are among the top 100 and there are many names from Netherlands, Germany, and Russia that are being runner-ups to them.

From names with a charming note to ones that sound serious, alluring and smart, there’s a whole lot of variety on our list. Some of them are from famous cartoons and movie characters while the others were borne by Kings and rulers of ancient dynasties. We’ve ordered them alphabetically and also based on their popularity. There are even titles from notable historic figures that you will find here and some names that have ancestral ties. Have fun going through our list.

Popular Baby Boy Names That Begin With F

We’ve compiled a list of the most popular baby boy names starting with F. Whether you are looking for a unique name, matching names for siblings, or are simply curious about F letter names for boys, this list will be of help. Browse through it, take your time, and have a look below. We’re sure you will find something that you like.

Fa Fedyenka Flemming
Faafouina Feenix Fletcher
Faber Feivel Flin
Fabian Feko Flinn
Fabion Fela Flint
Fabius Felduard Floinn
Fablon Feli Floki
Fabrice Felic Flor
Fabricio Felician Floren
Fabricius Felicien Florence
Fabrizio Felicks Florent
Fabio Fard Florentino
Fabrizzio Feliks Florenz
Fabulous Felipe Florian
Fabumi Felix Florice
Fabunni Fell Florizel
Faby Fellice Flourish
Fabyan Felp Flowers
Faarth Felt Floyd
Face Felton Fluffy
Fachri Fender Flynn
Fachtan Fendi Fofo
Fachtna Feng Foike
Faaris Feni Fok
Facu Fenian Folarin
Facundo Fenix Frazzle
Fade Fennec Folke
Fadejimi Fennel Folsom
Fadel Fenrir Folvos
Fadeyka Fenris Fonzell
Fadeyusha Fairlee Fonzie
Fadhel Fenro Fonzo
Fadhian Fent Fonzy
Fadi Fentan Forba
Fadii Fenton Forbes
Fady Fentse Ford
Faedon Fenwicke Forde
Faelan Feo Forest
Faelen Feodore Forrest
Faerwald Fading Forrester
Fafner Ferd Forseli
Fagen Ferdie Forsythe
Fagioiino Ferdinand Fortino
Faha Feremonie Fortunato
Faheem Faer Fortune
Fahman Ferenc Fosco
Fahmy Faredun Foster
Fahri Fairleigh Fotios
Faiden Fergus Fotis
Fain Ferguson Fouad
Faaz Feri Four
Faine Ferke Fowler
Fairfax Ferko Fox
Fairly Fermin Foxworth
Fairs Fermont Foxx
Fairy Fern Foyle
Faith Fernado Frabian
Faizan Fernandito Framier
Fake Fernando Fran
Fakey Ferne Frazzy
Falco Ferni France
Falcon Fernleigh Francescantonio
Falke Ferny Francisco
Fallon Ferris Franciszek
Fallou Ferron Franck
Fallq Festu Franckie
Falm Fetus Franco
Falsi Feynman Francois
Falsol Fezile Francola
Falt Finlo Francsezar
Fam Fiacre Frandscus
Fame Fice Frang
Famere Fidal Frankie
Fan Fidan Franklin
Fane Fidel Franklyn
Fang Fidelis Franko
Fanian Fidello Frannsaidh
Fanie Fidencio Frano
Fanish Field Frans
Fanny Fielding Frantz
Fano Fields Franz
Fant Fife Frieza
Fanta Fig Franzis
Fanuel Figaro Franziskus
Faodhagan Figgy Frasco
Faol Fighter Fraser
Faolan Fikayo Frasier
Farah Fiker Frazier
Farali Fikri Fred
Faramount Fikunayomi Freddie
Faramundo Filemon Freddy
Faran Filex Fredek
Faraz Filiberto Fredrich
Farbod Filippo Free
Farboud Filippos Freeman
Farbound Fill Freitz
Farcry Fillan Frem
Fares Fillin Fremont
Fari Fillmon Frence
Farid Fillmore French
Fariji Filman Frenki
Farish Fimidara Freowine
Farley Fin Fresco
Farmin Finch Fresh
Faron Findlay Frewyn
Farouk Findley Freyer
Farquharson Finesse Freyr
Farran Finest Freys
Farras Finian Frici
Farren Finlas Frida
Farrier Finlee Friday
Farrin Felixion Fridolf
Farrington Finn Fridolph
Farrokh Finnan Friduwulf
Farrow Finnbheara Fridwolf
Farrs Finneas Friedrich
Fars Finnegan Frigyes
Farson Finnehas Frijole
Farss Finnick Frisco
Farvardin Finnigan Friso
Fashawn Finnish Frist
Fasolaki Finnlee Fristo
Fast Finnobarr Frits
Fatdaddy Finral Frizzy
Fate Falgun Frodo
Fateh Facca Froggie
Fatehbir Fintan Froglet
Fatheen Finubar Froilan
Fathi Finvarra Fron
Fatmir Fionan Frono
Fatou Fionn Frosch
Fatt Fenderick Frosche
Fattie Fellow Frost
Fairlight Fionnbarr Frosti
Faunus Fionnlagh Frosty
Fairman Fiorello Froylan
Faustino Firas Frutoso
Fausto Firdaus Fryderyk
Fauston Fire Frysil
Favian Firman Fudali
Favoured Firmin Fudge
Fawkes First Fudhall
Fawnes Firth Ful
Fawz Fisher Fulgencio
Fay Fishy Fulk
Faydan Fiske Fuller
Fayden Fitz Fulton
Faivish Fitzgerald Freezer
Fantino Flagolion Fumani
Fayette Fitzhugh Fung
Fayo Fitzpatrick Furio
Fayt Fiyero Furkan
Fayth Fjord Furken
Fayto Flainn Furmaan
Faz Flake Furman
Faze Flamino Fadendra
Fazzy Flanagan Future
Fe Flanary Fynbar
Feardorcha Flannagain Fynbos
Febe Flannan Fynch
February Flannery Fynn
Fede Flart Fann
Fedele Flash Fynnick
Federico Flat Fyodor
Faramon Flavian Fyodore
Fedor Flavio Fysher
Fedora Flavion


Our well-curated list has hopefully made finding your boy’s name with the letter F easy for you. If you have any suggestions, feel free to write to us and we will get in touch.

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