Top 500 Baby Boy Names Starting With "O"

500 Baby Boy Names That Start With O

If you’ve always wanted names that aren’t very familiar but unique, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve listed some of the most popular O letter names for boys along with names that are unique, rare, vintage, traditional, and unconventional.

When you think of the letter O, American boy names like Oliver, Oscar, Orion, and Otto come to mind. O letter names for boy have been rising in popularity among parents not just because they are outlandish but very unique. Children who bear names with the letter O tend to be creative, dreamy and emotional. They pursue their dreams and get ideas that are outside the box. Besides that, not many kids have names that begin with the letter O.

Giving your child a unique name that begins with O will make them memorable among their peers.

Popular Baby Boy Names That Begin With O

If you’ve been searching for unique names starting with O or are just curious about what options are available, you will find them here. We’ve done our best in rounding up a list of names that not only is unique but stand the test of time. From notable personalities in movies, TV shows to historic figures and ancient names, there’s a bit of everything on our list. Take your time browsing through our list below and enjoy it.

Oafe Oj Opelong
Oageng Ojani Opeyemi
Oagile Ojas Ophir
Oak Ojay Oghonoro
Oaken Ojes Opie
Oakile Ojis Optimus
Oakland Ojitos Opus
Oaklin Ojo Or
Oaklynn Ok Ora
Oaks Okafor Orace
Oan Okal Orah
Oarabile Oke Orai
Oarn Okeith Oraine
Oarona Okemdi Oramel
Oas Okenwa Oran
Oat Okpara Orange
Oatile Okus Oratile
Oatlegile Ol Orazio
Ob Ola Orbin
Oba Olace Orcun
Obada Oladayo Ordean
Obadiah Och Ordell
Obadiyah Olaf Orefile
Obaida Olaise Orek
Obalolu Olamide Orentha
Obama Olamiposi Oreo
Obaro Olan Oreofe
Obay Oland Oreon
Obbie Olandis Ores
Obed Olando Orestes
Obelix Olani Orh
Oben Olaoluwa Ogoro
Ober Olas Orhan
Oberol Olav Oria
Obert Olavi Oriah
Obet Olavo Orien
Obeth Old Original
Obie Oldair Oril
Obinna Oldrich Orinn
Obiwan Oldright Orino
Oblora Oldrik Oriol
Obo Odour Orizon
Oboghene Ole Orlan
Oboy Olee Orlandis
Obra Oleg Orlando
Obree Oleh Orle
Obrempong Olek Orlin
Obrey Olem Ormond
Obriel Odwolfe Orpheas
Obryan Olen Orran
Obryant Olester Orren
O’Bryant Olga Orrin
Obsa Oli Orry
Obsidian Oliber Ohit
Obum Olin Orson
Oby Olinga Orville
Oc Oliver Orvin
Ocasio Olivia Oryan
Ocean Olivier Oryn
Oceane Oliwier Os
Oceano Ollie Osagle
Oceanus Olliver Osal
Oceloti Olly Osald
Oche Olon Osama
Ochi Olonzo Osaze
Ochleng Olorato Osbaldo
Ocho Olorin Osbert
Ochoa Olowin Osborn
Ocian Olsen Osborne
Ociel Olsi Osbourne
Ocious Olsson Oscar
O’Cir Olston Osei
Ockert Olti Oshae
Ocsar Oluchi O’Shae
Octabio Oluf Oshane
Octav Olufela Oshea
Octave Olugaho O’Shea
Octavian Olumide Osiah
Octavier Olutoni Osiris
Octavio Oluwa Oskar
Octavious Odunayo Oskars
Octavis Olvin Osker
Octavius Olympia Oslas
October Olympio Osman
Octopus Olympus Osmond
Od Olyn Osmondo
Oda Olynne Ossian
Odafe Om Ossie
Odaine Oma Osten
Odal Omai Ostin
Odalaletseng Omair Oistin
Odame Omais Osvaldo
Odane Omald Oswald
Odanys Omallet Oswaldo
Odarius Omani Ot
Odas Ofer Otavio
Oday Omar Oteng
Odbayar Omaran Otha
Odd Omarcio Othalive
Oddershede Omarey Othello
Oddie Omario Othman
Oddis Omarion Ojan
Oalo Omarius Ojanomare
Odean Omax Othniel
Odeh Omega Otho
Odehe Omesa Otilio
Odel Omesh Okapi
Obalesh Omg Otis
Odell Omh Otniel
Oden Omish Otoniel
Odette Ommphile Otsile
Odev Omna Ottavio
Odgaard Omo Otto
Occhay Omotola Okello
Odie Omp Otu
Odies Omphemetse Ouday
Odilio Omri Oudom
Odilon On Oumar
Odin Onam Oun
Odinaka Onar Ouse
Odissey Onari Ousman
Odlanler Onas Ousmane
Odoardo Once Ousmania
Odon Ondie Oussama
Odos Ondoy Ov
Odra Ondra Over
Odran Ondray Overcomer
Odrick Ondre Ovid
Ods Oneal Ovidio
Oduwa O’Neal Ovidlu
Odwa Ognian Ovie
Ody Oneil Ovlyan
Odysseas Onesimo Ow
Odysseus Onest Owais
Odyssey Oney Owake
Oen Ong Owam
Of Ongani Owami
Ofa Ongsa Owan
Ofe Onil Owen
Ofentse Onin Owenn
Offek Onion Owin
Offersen Onir Owinn
Offie Onix Own
Ofori Onkagile Owolabi
Og Onno Owolski
Ogaga Onree Oxey
Ogba Onrey Oxley
Ogbeide Onsare Oyalo
Ogden Onsassis Oyed
Oge Onsie Oyisa
Ogene Ogima Oyl
Oggie Ontario Oz
Oggy Onthatile Ozaan
Oghburne Ontonio Ozair
Oghenero Ontreil Ozan
Oghenevio Onuh Ozario
Ogie Onur Ozayr
Ogitchitaa Onxy Ozbej
Ognen Ony Ozcar
Ognjen Onyu Ozell
Oguz Onyx Ozi
Oh Onzie Ozie
Ohaji Oolong Ozlas
Ohene Oopsie Ozric
Oheneba Op Ozwald
Ohm Opal Ozzy
Oisin Ope

Giving your child any of these names beginning with O will create an impact whenever they meet new people as they grow up. When you look back, you’ll be proud you decided to go with a name that was unconventional and very unique. We hope you’ve enjoyed our list and if you have any suggestions you can always write to us for more recommendations.

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