140 Goddess Durga Names for Baby Girl

140 Goddess Durga Names for Baby Girl

Goddess Durga is known to be the purest form of positive energy. In Sanskrit, the meaning of Durga is “the one who is invincible”. On one hand, she is a powerhouse of purity and the other hand she is the destroyer of all things evil. Durga is an incarnation of Goddess Parvati, who is the wife of Lord Shiva. Goddess Durga is worshipped in the Hindu household with much pomp and show. It is considered to be auspicious to name girl babies after Goddess Durga. In this article, we have covered some names of Goddess Durga that you can give to your baby girl.

Baby Girl Names Inspired by Goddess Durga

Parents across the country choose to name their daughters after Goddess Durga for the beautiful qualities she possesses. If you are an ardent devotee of Goddess Durga, then it is quite natural that you would choose to name your little daughter after her. There are precisely 1008 names for Goddess Durga in Hindu mythology. We will provide you with a robust collection of Goddess Durga baby girl names in this article. Let us look at some maa durga names for girls:

1. Aadya

First, Name of kaddish, The earth

2. Aarya

It is an auspicious name that signifies Goddess Parvati in her benevolent form.

3. Adrija

This beautiful name is associated with Goddess Parvati and Durga. It also means Mountain Goddess.


4. Adya

This Durga devi names is associated with Goddesses Parvati, Kali, and Durga. 

5. Aishani

Symbol of strength, Aishani is synonymous to Goddess Durga. It also brings a feminine touch to this name.

6. Anika

Another name of Goddess Durga personifies her grace, brilliance and pretty face.

7. Ananta

Captures the infinite power and potential of Goddess Durga.

8. Annapurna

Symbolizes the goddess’s ability to sustain life and nourish all.

9. Anwitha

Embodies the enlightening brilliance and wisdom of Goddess Durga.

10. Aparajita

Highlights the invincible and undefeated strength of the goddess.

11. Aparna

Reflects the incredible resilience and determination of Goddess Durga.

12. Bairavi

The name is an ode to Goddess Durga and melody.

13. Baruni

Baruni is a feminine portrayal of Goddess Durga.

14. Bhabravi

It is a name associated with Goddess Durga. 

15. Bhargavi

It signifies Goddess Durga in her most beautiful and charming form.

16. Bhavani

Goddess Parvati, wife of Lord Bhava or Shiva.

17. Bhavya

It means one who is beautiful and virtuous just like Goddess Parvati.

18. Bhagwati

Another name for Goddess Durga, emphasizing her fortuitous grace.

19. Bhairavi

Alludes to the awe-inspiring power and control the goddess has over the universe.

20. Bhavaprita

Showcases the universal affection and love that Goddess Durga bestows.

21. Bhavini

Evokes the radiant beauty and appealing appearance of the goddess.

22. Bhavitha

Looks toward the future, capturing the goddess’s forward-thinking orientation.

23. Bhuvaneswari

Elevates the goddess as the empress of all worlds and the universe.

24. Chandi

The name also means ‘fierce’.

25. Chandika

Diminutive of Chandra, Moon, goddess gastric

26. Chaya

It is another name associated with Goddess Durga.

27. Chiti

Gift of God, Love, Butterfly, Small

28. Chittarupa

It stands for the one who is always in the thought-state like Goddess Parvati.

29. Dakshaja

The name is another name for Goddess Durga. 


30. Dakshyani

Goddess Durga was the daughter of the mighty king Daksha. Thus, she is also called Dakshyani.

31. Deveshi

Chief of the god, Devi

32. Dhriti

Exemplifies the unyielding courage and valor of Goddess Durga.

33. Eesha

It stands for Goddess Parvati in her purest form.

34. Ekansha

The name means ‘undivided’. 

35. Ekaparnika

It means Goddess Durga.

36. Gananayika

The name is of Hindu-Sanskrit origin, and it means Goddess Durga.

37. Gauri

Gauri means fair just as Goddess Durga.

38. Gautami

Suggests the goddess’s role as a dispeller of darkness and enlightener of the world.

39. Gayatri

This is another name for Goddess Parvati and is popular across India. It also signifies mother of all the Vedas and the chant of salvation.

40. Girija

Connects the goddess to her Himalayan origins as the one born of a mountain.

41. Girisha

Furthers the connection to the mountains by labeling the goddess as the queen of peaks.

42. Gyana

Celebrates the infinite wisdom and understanding of Goddess Durga.

43. Hima

The name means ‘winter’ or ‘snow’.


44. Himani

Beautiful as the glaciers of Himalaya, it also stands for Goddess Parvati.

45. Ida

The name is an ode to Goddess Durga, and it means ‘sacred speech’. 

46. Ila

The name is an ode to Goddess Durga, and it means ‘Earth’.

47. Isha

It means the one who protects everyone. Easy to pronounce and write, it is an excellent choice for your baby girl.

48. Ishi

Ishi means Goddess Durga herself.

49. Jaya

Another name of Goddess Durga which means conquest.

50. Jayalalitha

One who was born to be victorious. It is another name of Goddess Durga.

51. Jayanti

Epitomizes Durga’s triumph over evil as the victorious one.

52. Jyotsna

Presents a softer aspect of the goddess, akin to the grace of moonlight.

53. Kaamakya

Granter of Wishes, Giver of Desires.

54. Kaishori

Goddess Parvati who is the consort of Kishor.

55. Kalaka

This is a name synonymous to Goddess Durga. It also refers to the pupil of the eye.

56. Kalavati

It means who is artistic, just like Goddess Parvati.

57. Kalyani

The name means ‘most auspicious’. 

58. Kamakshi

This Lord Durga names means ‘a beautiful lady’.


59. Kanyaka

Choose this beautiful name of goddess Durga for your pretty daughter. It also means the youngest and maiden.

60. Karalika

One that tear, That Which Tears

61. Katyayani

It stands for the one dressed in red.

62. Kaushiki

Kaushiki is a very pretty name that is synonymous with Goddess Durga. It also means one who is draped in silk.

63. Kirati

Another name for Lord Shiva is Kirateshwar. Goddess Durga is often referred to as Kirati, wife of Kirateshwar.

64. Kriya

Performance, Religious or Purified Action

65. Kuja

The daughter of Earth, Horizon, Drama

66. Leelavathi

The name is associated with Goddess Durga, and it means ‘a beautiful and charming lady’. 

67. Leelavati

This is a form of the pervious name and means ‘playful’.

68. Lokeshwari

This beautiful name means ‘world Queen’. 

69. Madhavi

The name is associated with Goddess Durga and means ‘the Earth’. 

70. Mahagauri

Mahagauri refers to the highest virtue of Goddess Durga.

71. Mahamaya

As per religious terminology in Hindu culture, our existence is considered to be an illusion. This name refers to the illusion and is used to describe Goddess Durga.

72. Mahamedha

The name is associated with Goddess Durga and means ‘great intelligent’. 

73. Mahashweta

It signifies the strength of Goddess Durga.

74. Mahati

Mirrors the magnificent and splendid greatness of the goddess.

75. Marudhvathi

Conveys a sense of divine power and overwhelming strength.

76. Mrida

Reveals the nurturing, Earth-like side of the goddess.

77. Muktakesha

Focuses on the divine beauty and free-flowing elegance of Durga.

78. Nandini

Envisions the child as a divine offspring, bestowed with grace and blessings.

79. Navadurga

Acknowledges the nine unique manifestations of the goddess.

80. Niranjana

This name signifies Goddess Durga. It also means a river and a full moon night.

81. Nitya

It means one who is eternal and constant.

82. Niyati

The name is an ode to Goddess Durga and also denotes destiny. 

83. Padmasnusha

This beautiful name is associated with Goddess Durga. 

84. Parameshwari

The meaning of this name is ‘supreme Goddess’. 

85. Pragalbha

A unique name which in Sanskrit means Goddess of power and strength – Durga.

86. Pinga

Distills the elevated spirit and divine essence of Goddess Durga.

87. Pitanila

Links directly to the divine feminine essence that is the core of the goddess.

88. Punyakeerthi

The name means Goddess Durga. 

89. Purala

This name is synonymous to Goddess Durga and is a reflection of her bravery and loyalty. It also means the guardian of all fortresses.

90. Rajani

The name is associated with Goddess Durga and means ‘night’.


91. Rajarajeshwari

The name is of Sanskrit origin and means Goddess Durga. 

92. Ratnapriya

One who is loved by jewels or is always adorned by ornaments.

93. Raudramukhi

Delves into the wrathful, fierce visage of the goddess.

94. Rima

It represents Goddess Durga in her Shakti avatar. It also means the white antelope.

95. Revati

Encourages a life of prosperity, reflecting one of the goddess’s roles.

96. Rudrakali

Unveils the powerful, darker aspects of the goddess’s personality.

97. Rudrani

Expresses the goddess’s beloved status in her relationship with Shiva.

98. Rudrapriya

Highlights the cherished bond between Durga and her consort, Shiva.

99. Sadhaka

It is another name for Goddess Durga. 

100. Sadhana

The meaning of the name is long practice, study, and fulfilment. 

101. Sadhavi

Virtuous, Polite, Simple, Loyal

102. Sadabhuja

Focuses on the multi-armed might and capabilities of Goddess Durga.

103. Sanskari

Good ethics and moral values

104. Santati

This name means the one who grants wishes.

105. Sarbani

This name is very popular among Bengali households and is another name of Goddess Durga.

106. Sarita

It is another synonym for Goddess Durga, and it also symbolises river.

107. Sarvani

Goddess Durga is the epitome of feminity, and her presence brings grace and peace. Sarvani is yet another name of Goddess Durga and means universal.

108. Sattviki

Goddess Durga stands for purity and honesty. Sattviki signifies purity.

109. Satya

Truth, Real, Sanskrit

110. Saumya

A widely used name in the southern part of India, it signifies Goddess Durga.

111. Shambhavi

Shambhavi is also the name of Shambhu’s wife in the form of Goddess Parvati.

112. Sharika

Partner, Mayna, Participant

113. Shivani

It refers to the consort of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati.

114. Shyla

Who is living in the mounain, Goddess

115. Shakambhari

Reveals the goddess’s role as a life-giver and nourisher.

116. Shatakshi

Highlights the all-seeing, omniscient nature of the goddess.

117. Shyama

Taps into the dark beauty and alternative visual aspect of Goddess Durga.

118. Stuti

It means praising Goddess Durga.

119. Sundari

It means one who is beautiful.

120. Sinhayana

Brings to mind the royal and powerful demeanor of the goddess, seen in her lion-riding.

121. Tanishi

It means Goddess Durga.

122. Tanisi

It too means Goddess Durga. 

123. Tanvi

Another name for Goddess Durga, it means beautiful.

124. Tarini

She who frees, Saviour

125. Tapasvini

Sheds light on the goddess’s focused devotion and spiritual commitment.

126. Toshani

This name symbolises Goddess Durga in her glorious form.

127. Trariti

In Sanskrit, this name means efficient, swift and agile like Goddess Durga.

128. Trinetra

According to Hindu mythology, Goddess Durga is three-eyed or Trinetra.

129. Tvarita

This is a unique name for Goddess Durga and stands for her strength.

130. Ugracharini

The name is of Sanskrit and Hindu origin and means Goddess Durga.

131. Uma

This is a very popular name all over India. Easy to pronounce and write, it also has a beautiful meaning. Uma stands for eternal knowledge, splendour, fame and tranquillity.

132. Vajra

It means hard and powerful. 

133. Vanadurga

It represents Goddess Durga and the Goddess of forests. 

134. Varunika

Godess of rain

135. Vidhyavathi

Celebrates the goddess’s role as the epitome of knowledge and learning.

136. Vindhya

Named after the Vindhya mountain range, this signifies unyielding strength and stability, qualities associated with Goddess Durga.

137. Yatee

This is another unique name that is synonymous with Goddess Durga.

138. Yogeshwari

The name denotes Goddess Durga. 

139. Yogini

It denotes one who can control senses. It is also another name for Goddess Durga. 

140. Yashodhara

Embodies the glory and fame that Goddess Durga brings to her devotees.


1. What Is the Significance of Naming a Baby Girl After Goddess Durga?

Naming a baby girl after Goddess Durga signifies strength, power, and protection, invoking the divine qualities associated with the deity. Durga mata names for baby girl bestows blessings for courage and resilience.

2. Are There Any Specific Traditions Associated With Naming a Baby Girl After Goddess Durga?

Yes, in Hindu tradition, naming a girl after Goddess Durga is auspicious. It often involves a naming ceremony with prayers and offerings, seeking blessings for strength and protection.

3. Can I Combine a Goddess Durga Durga-inspired Name With a Modern Name for My Baby Girl?

Yes, combining a Goddess Durga-inspired name with a modern one is a wonderful way to blend tradition with contemporary sensibilities, offering a meaningful and unique name for your baby girl.

Goddess Durga stands for feminine power. All the names we have listed in this article are different names of the Goddess Durga. Some of them might be traditional while some would be unique and exotic. We hope that you find a name that you love for your darling daughter from this article.

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