Top 140 Boy & Girl Names That Mean Traveler or Seeker

140 Names That Mean Traveler or Wanderer For Boys & Girls

Life is an adventurous journey that offers new opportunities for gaining knowledge. Travelling can also significantly expand a kid’s world, boost cognitive development and make them more empathetic toward cultural differences. Thus, parents who want their child to be knowledgeable must look for names that instill a desire to learn and cultivate a sense of scholarly leanings. Names that mean knowledge seekers are unique because the richness of their meaning helps a child set definite goals for themselves.

Names that mean truth-seeker would be most suitable for those who would seek out the truth in the quest to abolish ignorance. Whereas names that mean wanderlust are most applicable for those who are not ready to settle for the mundane and seek interesting adventures in life. Timeless, classic, unusual, and chic names mean that wanderers may have traditional backgrounds representing different global cultures. Country names have become very fashionable in modern times as they might represent a status symbol for most parents. The information given below contains names that mean traveller or knowledge-associated names for both genders that might aid in enlightening your child’s soul with truth and wisdom.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Traveller, Wanderer or Seeker

Those who want to pass on the spirit of adventure to their little voyager may want to pick a name that means traveler, wanderer, or seeker for their little angel.

1. Alissa 

Alissa is a variant of the Phoenician name “Elishat,” which means “wanderer.”

2. Ahima

This Hindu name means “traveler” or “cloud.”

3. Alma 

Derived from Latin, this Celtic name means “an independent spirit.”

4. Asra 

Asra means ‘travel at night’ in Arabic.

5. Barbara 

This English name means ‘a traveler from a foreign land.’

6. Bice 

Bice means “traveler” or “voyager” in Italian.

7. Beatrix

This name of German, Hungarian, Dutch, English, and Late Roman origin means ‘voyager’ or ‘traveler.’

8. Beatrice

Beatrice is a beautiful name of Latin origin which means “one who brings joy”.

9. Brahmacharini

This unique Hindu name means “seeker of Brahman”. It also denotes a devoted female student who lives in an ashram with other students and her Guru.

10. Brooke

This name not only sounds beautiful, but it also has a beautiful meaning too. The name means ‘stream’ or ‘water’.

11. Deidre 

This unique name is of Irish origin and means ‘broken-hearted’ or ‘sorrowful’.

12. Deedra 

This American name means ‘sorrowful’ or ‘wanderer.’

13. Diadra 

This American name means “sorrowful wanderer.”

14. Delia 

This Greek name is inspired by the ‘Delos island.’

15. Dolen

This Dutch name means ‘wanderer’.

16. Elissa

Elissa means ‘wanderer’ in Greek.

17. Everette 

This Germanic name means ‘brave as a wild boar.’

18. Fara

This Old High German name means “traveler.”

19. Fernanda

Fernanda means ‘journey’ in Spanish.

20. Firiba 

Firiba means “traveler” or “wanderer” in German.

21. Forest 

This Old English name means “dweller of the woods” and can refer to a seeker of spirituality.

22. Gitana  

Gitana means ‘wanderer’ in Spanish.

23. Haimi

This Hawaiian name means “the seeker.” Haimi is also another name for Hindu Goddess Parvati.

24. Hester 

Hester means ‘myrtle leaf’ or ‘star’ in Latin.

25. Hollis 

This English name means the ‘dweller of the holly tree,’ referring to the one who is free-spirited and adventurous.

26. Iris 

This Irish name refers to the ‘Greek goddess of the rainbow.’

27. Isra 

This Arabic name represents a “nocturnal journey” or “to travel at night.”

28. Journey

This name is quite self-explanatory as it means ‘journey’.

29. Kai 

Kai means ‘sea’ in Hawaii, ‘willow’ in Navajo, ‘forgiveness’ in Japan, and ‘food’ in Maori.

30. Kaimi

This Hawaiian name means “seeker.”

31. Lara 

Laura means ‘laurel leaf’ in Latin.

32. Lawanda 

This American name means ‘little wanderer.’

33. Lyra 

This Greek name refers to the star ‘Vega.’

34. Margana 

Margana means “seeker of truth” in Sanskrit.

35. Marlowe 

This English name that evokes a sense of wandering means “driftwood.”

36. Mareesha

This name of Hindu origin means “traveler.”

37. Mamga 

Mamga means “wanderer” in Swahilli language.

38. Margi

This Indian name means “traveler.”

39. Matilda 

Matilda comes from the Germanic name Mahthildis, which comes from the Old High German “maht,” meaning “might and strength,” and “hild,” meaning “battle.”

40. Nahomtima 

This Choctaw tribe name means “seeker” or “giver.”

41. Nellie 

Nellie means the ‘shining light’ in English.

42. Nester 

This Greek name means “voyager.”

43. Njeri 

This name of Eastern African origin means ‘traveling one.’

44. Nocona 

This Native American name means “wanderer” or “camper.

45. Peregrina

This Latin name means ‘pilgrim’ or ‘traveler.’

46. Perry 

Perry means “traveler” in Latin.

47. Pleeha 

This Indian name means a “wanderer.”

48. Qaza 

Qaza means “seeker” in Zulu.

49. Reo 

Reo means “at the summit of the mountain” in Japanese.

50. River

A river denotes a “stream of water that flows to the sea.” This English name represents someone who is on a final journey.

51. Saira

Saira means ‘traveler’ in Urdu.

52. Somerild

This Scandinavian name is popular in England and means a “summer traveler.”

53. Serik

This Russian name means ‘love’; and love surely wanders around. 

54. Sojourner

This unique name represents someone who resides temporarily in one place. 

55. Sutapa

This name is of Indian origin and means ‘seeker of God’.

56. Talibah

Talibah is a unique name of Muslim origin. The name means ‘seeker of knowledge’.

57. Traviata 

Traviata means ‘wanderer’ in Italian.

58. Vanda 

Derived from both German and Spanish origins, Vanda means ‘wanderer.’

59. Wanda 

This German name means ‘wanderer.’

60. Wande

The German name means ‘wanderer’.

61. Wandie

This beautiful name is of Slavic origin and represents the tribe of Vandals. 

62. Wandy

This name is quite common, but its origin is Slavic. It, too, represents the tribe of the Vandals. 

63. Yayati

This unique and beautiful-sounding name means ‘wanderer’ or ‘traveller’.

64. Zita

This stunning name has multiple origins; the Greek one means ‘hunter’. 

Baby Boy Names That Mean Traveler, Wanderer or Seeker

Names That Mean Traveler, Wanderer or Seeker for Boys

If you would like your son to share your dreams of exploring the world, here are some of the best collections of names that mean traveler, wanderer, or seeker for your little munchkin:

1. Ace 

This English name means “winner” as it represents an adventurous soul.

2. Aniveshak 

This unique name means “seeker with innate abilities and broad visions”.

3. Arvad 

This Hebrew name means “exile” or “voyager.” 

4. Abir 

This Egyptian, Indian, and Jordanian name with Hebrew roots means ‘to fly” or “soar.”

5. Ahascharah

This unique Sanskrit name means “the day wanderer.”

6. Ahim

This is a Hindi-origin name that means ‘water,’ ‘cloud,’ and ‘traveler.”

7. Bahis

This Quranic name means ‘seeker, learner, researcher, or explorer.”

8. Charaka 

This name of Indian origin means ‘vagabond’ or ‘traveler.’

9. Christopher

Christopher Columbus was a famous traveler, and the name means ‘bearer of Christ’ in Greek. 

10. Csaba 

Derived from Hungarian mythology, Csaba refers to “a shepherd” or “one who wanders with his cattle.”

11. Cliff

This name is of Old English origin and means ‘cliff-side slope’.

12. Dwade

Dwade is of American origin and means ‘dark traveller’.

13. Doran

Doran means ‘wanderer’ in Irish.

14. Edmund 

Edmund means ‘fortunate protector’ in English.

15. Emin 

Emin Pasha was a German adventurer of the Ottoman Empire. Emin means ‘confident”.

16. Faer 

This old English name refers to “a traveler,” “preacher,” or “messenger of good news.”

17. Fasach 

This Irish name means “wilderness.”

18. Faramund 

Faramund means “protector of travelers” in Arabic.

19. Ferdinand 

Ferdinand means ‘journey’ in Spanish.

20. Faron

Faron is of Old English origin and means ‘handsome servant’.

21. Farren

The name is gender-neutral in nature and means ‘adventurous’.

22. Gypsy 

This English name refers to the ‘wanderer’ mostly associated with the nomadic people of Europe.

23. Igashu

This Native American name means ‘wanderer’ or ‘seeker.’

24. Indiana 

Indiana means ‘divine’ in Latin. The adventures of Indiana Jones are legendary.

25. Jagatbehari

Of Indian origin, the name means “world traveler.”

26. Jal

Jal is an English name and refers to a “wandering spirit” or a “traveler.”

27. Jatri 

This Indian name means “traveler” or “passenger.”

28. Jahanjuy 

This Parsi name means “seeker of the world.”

29. Jett 

Derived from the English word “jet,” which means speed, Jett denotes “movement,” “travel,” and “adventure.”

30. Jeffrey

This English name means “traveler.”

31. Kevalin

Of Indian origin, Kevalin is a Sanskrit name that means the “seeker of the Absolute.”

32. Kymani 

This East African name means “adventurous traveler.” 

33. Laukinis

This Lithuanian name means “natural and wild.”

34. Lokachari

It is a Sanskrit name that means the “wanderer of the Earth.”

35. Musafir 

This majestic Arabic name means “voyager” or “traveler.”

36. Mshai

Mshai is a name of Egyptian origin and means “traveler”.

37. Noah

Being of Hebrew origin, this name is quite popular. It means “rest” and “comfort”.

38. Nanyehi 

This Native American name of Cherokee origin means “one who travels” and belongs to the iconic Cherokee tribe leader, Nancy Ward.

39. Nerio 

Nerio means ‘sea traveler’ in Greek.

40. Nestor

Nestor means ‘homecoming, traveler, or voyager’ in Greek.

41. Peregrine 

Peregrine means ‘traveler’ in Latin.

42. Polo

This name of Tibetan origin means ‘brave-hearted wanderer’ and belonged to the famous explorer Marco Polo.

43. Pathik

This unique name is of Indian origin and means “traveller” or “explorer”.

44. Pathin

This name has a beautiful ring to it and an even prettier meaning. The name means “traveller”.

45. Raaheel 

The name is derived from an Arabic word and means “one who shows the way”.

46. Reiziger

This Dutch name with roots in old German means “to travel on horseback.”

47. Rover 

This name of Old English/Irish origin means “traveler” or “wanderer.”

48. Romer

Romer means ‘pilgrim’ in German.

49. Somerled 

This Scandanavian name means ‘summer traveler.’

50. Scott  

This Scottish name means ‘wanderer.’

51. Stian 

This Norse name means ‘wanderer.’

52. Stig 

This ancient Scandanavian name means ‘wanderer.’

53. Satyesu

This unique name means ‘seeker of truth’.

54. Sumarlidr

The name is of Arabic origin and means ‘brownish’.

55. Talib

This beautiful name is of Arabic origin and means ‘seeker of knowledge’.

56. Tarka

This name is quite unique and means ‘wandering as water’.

57. Trent

This is a common name and surname in Britain. It means ‘the flooder’.

58. Tripp 

Tripp means “a journey” in English.

59. Turas 

Turas means “to go on a voyage” in Irish.

60. Ulysses 

The name is the Latin form of the name Odysseus. The name means ‘wrathful’.

61. Vettel 

This Norwegian name means ‘winter traveler.’

62. Viator 

Viator means “traveler and wayfarer” in Latin.

63. Vipinbehari 

This Indian name means “Forest wanderer.” 

64. Wayman

Wayman means “wanderer” or “traveler.” 

65. Wendell

This German name means “traveler in search of something.” 

66. Wendel

This is a variation of the name Wendel. It means “wanderer”.

67. Wilder

This is a popular English and German name which means “untamed”.

68. Zulan 

Zulan means “wanderer” in Zulu.

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Traveller, Wanderer or Seeker

Nowadays, parents are leaning towards giving their little ones gender-neutral names. This allows the child to broaden their horizons and develop a unique personality. Well, here are some names gender-neutral names that mean traveller, wanderer, or seeker:

1. Ajo

The name represents someone who is born on a Monday. It is of Ghanaian origin. 

2. Beitong

The name is a combination of two words. The name means “travelling together”.

3. Bay

Bay is a unisex name of English origin meaning “reddish-brown,” symbolizing the adventurous spirit of a wanderer or traveler.

4. North

The name is of English origin and represents the geographical direction. 

5. Nova

Nova is a name of Latin origin which means “new”.

6. Polaris

This unique name is of British origin and is used as a slang by certain groups of people. 

7. Sailor

This name is quite straightforward. If you love sailing or hope for your little one to do so, name them Sailor! 

8. Sawyer

The name is of gender-neutral origin and is an occupational surname. It means “woodcutter”. However, it was made popular by Mark Twain’s Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Tom Sawyer was a young boy who loved adventures!

9. Wendall

The name is fo German origin and means “wanderer”.

The feeling of wanderlust needs to be instilled in children from a young age, and the perfect beginning is by selecting a suitable name. Thus, names that uphold the wild spirit should have easy-to-pronounce and lucid spellings to make them popular and help a child to stand out in the crowd.

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