Top 100 Swedish Girl Names & Their Meanings

100 Swedish Names for Girls & Their Meanings

If you are parents to a baby girl (or are soon going to welcome a baby girl in your family), you must be in search of a beautiful and meaningful name for her. As a parent, you will want a name that connects her to her roots but is also unique to make her stand apart from the crowd. An extraordinary name can make your little one extraordinary, at least that’s what numerologists and astrologers believe. If you’re looking for a Swedish name for her, we have some Swedish girl names suggestions that you might like.

Sweden is a Scandinavian country with rocky shores and quiet forests. Its beauty lies in its unique scenic topography and so are the names in Sweden, distinctive. Swedish names give you a flavour of the country’s rich culture and some of them are very different from names in other countries. There is beauty in their old female names in Swedish too which are still popular.

Popular Swedish Baby Girl Names

The cute Swedish names for girls that we have collated here are one of the top ones being used in Sweden. So, if you travel there, do not be surprised if you hear these names a lot.

1. Adahlia

This meaning of this name is ‘a flower’ or ‘a noble person’. This name is derived by adding prefix A to dahlia, a flower, which is named after the Swedish botanist Anders Dahl. This name could also be the variant of Adalia, which is derived from the name Adal, a German name.

2. Agda

A Swedish version of the name Agata which means ‘good-hearted’. This name means ‘pure’. This name would be perfect for your innocent little girl.

3. Agnes

The name Agnes is of Greek origin and means ‘chaste’ or ‘sacred’. In Greek, the name is ‘Hagnes’. A beautiful name for the little lady.

4. Agneta

This name means ‘pure’. This name could also seem to be inspired by St. Agnes of Rome. Isn’t that a sweet name for your little girl!

5. Alice

Aalis was a shortened version of the German name Adalheidis. It means ‘of the nobility’. From Aalis came Alice which is a very popular name in many countries now. Alice also has roots in Greek where it means ‘truth’.

6. Alma

In Latin, Almus means ‘nourishing’ and Alma has come from there. The name Alma which is of Latin origin means ‘soul’ and ‘nurturing’.

7. Andrine

Mostly used in English speaking countries Andrine means ‘brave’. This would be a befitting name for your brave little girl.

8. Barbro

This name of Scandinavian origin comes from the name Barbara which means ‘foreign’. This was also the name of the famous Saint Barbara.

9. Berget

A Swedish form of the name Bridget, this name means ‘strength’ or ‘the exalted one’.

10. Birgitta

It is an Irish name which means ‘higher one’ or ‘strong’. It is believed that a person with this name will have leadership qualities.

11. Clara

This name has come from Rome and it means ‘clear’ or ‘bright’. It would be a perfect name for your little girl.

12. Ebba

A shorter form of German name ‘Eberhard’, it means ‘strength”’. This name is a variant of Ebbe, which is an old English name.

13. Edith

It is an English name which means ‘riches’ or ‘blessed’. It was also the name of famous nun in 10th century St. Edith.

14. Ellie

The name Ellie is of Hebrew origin and another form of the name, Eleanor. It means ‘God is my source of light’.

15. Elsa

The name Elsa is of Hebrew origin and means ‘joyful’. This name also means ‘noble’.

16. Eva

This name is derived from a Hebrew name and it means ‘life’.

17. Filippa

This name has its roots in Greek, Italy, and Sweden. It is the feminine form of the name Philip and means ‘a lover of horses’.

18. Freja

A Scandinavian origin name, it is famous across many parts of Europe. It is a short form of Freyja and means ‘noblewoman’.

19. Gunilla

This has origin in Sweden and means ‘battle maiden’. Your little girl may grow up to be a fearless woman with this name.

20. Gustava

This name of Swedish origin means ‘staff of the Gods’.

21. Helmi

Helmi is a Finnish name meaning ‘pearl’ or ‘bead’. It is a cute name with a beautiful meaning.

22. Hilma

A popular name in Germany and Scandinavian countries, Hilma means ‘protective helmet’.

23. Ines

Ines is a name of Portuguese origin and means ‘pure’. This meaning of this name is as good as it sounds. If you want a short 4-letter Swedish name for your baby girl, you can definitely consider this name.

24. Isabelle

This name is of French origin and means ‘pledged to God’.  It is believed that a girl with this name tends to be spiritual and idealistic in nature.

25. Jannicke

Jannicke is a variation of the Scandinavian name Jan. It means ‘God is gracious’.

26. Jolande

It is a Swedish version of the French name Yolanda and means ‘a violet flower’. The name Jolande has feminine charm to it.

27. Julia

The name Julia came about from ‘Julius’, a popular old Roman family name. The literal meaning of this name is ‘youth’.

28. Juni

The name Juni though is of Scandinavian origin, it is also a popular Finnish and Swedish name. It denotes the month of June and it has quite a few meanings such as ‘born in June’, ‘youth’, and ‘desired’.

29. Karila

It is the feminine version of French name Charles. It means ‘free man’.

30. Kristina

This name of Scandinavian origin is another form of the name ‘Christina’. It means ‘to make holy with oil’. A classic and timeless name for your child.

31. Lajla

This name pronounced as lie-lah has is a popular Danish and Swedish name. The meaning of the name is ‘a dark-haired beauty’.

32. Laura

In Latin Laurus means ‘bay laurel plant’ and symbolizes victory. Laura is a feminine form of this name.

33. Leah

A name of Hebrew origin, this was the name of the first wife of Jacob as per old testament. This name means ‘weary’ or ‘cow’.

34. Lily

Lily is the name of a beautiful flower and stands for purity and passion. It has origins in old English. A charming name with a beautiful meaning for a girl.

35. Linnea

This name of Scandinavian origin means ‘a lime tree’. A famous Swedish botanist also bore this name, Carl Linnaeus.

36. Lovisa

Lovisa is a Swedish form of the French name Louise. It means ‘renowned battle maid’ and is a very popular name for girls in Sweden.

37. Maja

A name of Scandinavian origin, it has roots in Germany and Arabia. It means ‘splendid’.

38. Mareeba

It is a Swedish version of the Latin name ‘Marina’ and means ‘from the sea’ or ‘a place to meet’. It has a calming and soothing tone and very suitable for your baby girl.

39. Margareta

A name of Latin origin, it means ‘pearl’. A wonderful name with a beautiful meaning.

40. Maria

Maria was the mother of Jesus. This biblical name means ‘rebellious’ or ‘a child longed for’.

41. Melissa

Melissa means a bee in the Greek language. An Italian poet also used this name for a fairy in the 16th century. The meaning of the name is a hard worker.

42. Miah

This name is enormously popular in Sweden. But this name has its roots in Russia and Spain. The name Miah means ‘dear’ or ‘great’ in these origins.

43. Mira

A romantic name that has roots in Latin. It means ‘ocean’, ‘admirable’, and ‘peace’.

44. Nicole

This name has French and Greek origins. It means ‘victory of people’. This name is popular because of the famous actress Nicole Kidman.

45. Nova

A Latin name meaning ‘new’, and would be a beautiful name for your little princess.

46. Pixie

Pixie is a charming name which means ‘vivacious’. In traditional lore, Pixies are short fairies who dance through the night. This name has Celtic, Swedish and Cornish origins.

47. Ronja

This is a modern Swedish name for girls. This name is of German, Hebrew, and Scandinavian origins and means ‘God’s joyful song’. Ronja is also the name of the book by the famous Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren.

48. Rosel

It is a Swedish name derived from the flower rose. Your little girl would love this name on growing up.

49. Saga

This is an old Norse name and a very popular name in Sweden. It means ‘seeing one’ in Old Norse. It also means ‘story’.

50. Sally

A name used in English speaking countries; it ranks in top 100 names in Sweden. Sally is a popular name and it means ‘princess’.

51. Sigrid

This has Scandinavian origin and women from old Norse were called by this name. It has many beautiful meanings like ‘wisdom’ and ‘victory’.

52. Stella

The star girl of yours deserves this name which means ‘star’. The name Stella is of Latin origin and means ‘star’.

53. Stina

A diminutive of Christina, this name is of Scandinavian origin. It means a ‘Christian woman’.

54. Teresia

A name of Spanish origin, it is also the Swedish version of Theresa. It means ‘reaper’.

55. Tindra

This name of Swedish origin means ‘to twinkle’ or ‘to sparkle’.

56. Ulla

Ulla is a unique name of Scandinavian, German, and Norse origins. This name means ‘will’ or ‘determination’.

57. Vera

A name with Russian and Latin roots, it means ‘faith’ or ‘truth’.

58. Victoria

This was the name of the goddess of victory in Roman mythology and it also means ‘victory’.

59. Vilhelmina

This is one of the traditional Swedish girl names and it means ‘determined protector’.

60. Wilma

The name Wilma is of Scottish, German, and Swedish origins and it means ‘resolute protection’.

Unique Swedish Names for Girls

Most parents wish for their daughter to have a beautiful name and grow up to be a strong and independent individual. This starts right from when you name your little girl. Here are some unique Swedish names for your baby girl.

1. Effe

This unique name is of Swedish origin and translates to ‘well-spoken’. It is indeed a sweet name for your baby girl!

2. Noah

Noah is derived from the Biblical figure Noah in Hebrew. The name is most likely of Babylonian origin from the word “nukhu” meaning repose or rest.

3. Alvinia

Alvinia is a name of Old English origin. The name is quite unique and means ‘magical being’. The name is a variation of the names Alvina and Elvina.

4. Annalisa

Annalisa is a girl’s name of Scandinavian origin. This beautiful name means ‘oath of God’.

5. Caren

The name Caren is derived from the Welsh words ‘Car’ meaning love and ‘en’ meaning one. The name means ‘beloved’.

6. Elina

Elina is a beautiful name for a beautiful little baby girl. The name is of Slavic origin and means ‘noble’ or ‘kind’.

Cute Swedish Names For Baby Girls

Swedish names are cute and have beautiful meanings. You should definitely consider giving your baby girl a Swedish name. Here are some cute Swedish names for baby girls.

1. Agata

This is a variation of the popular name Agatha. The name gained popularity when parents started naming their girls after the author Agatha Christie. The name means ‘good’ or ‘honourable’.

2. Astrid

The name is a modern form of the name Ástríðr. It is of Scandinavian origin and means ‘divinely beautiful’.

3. Belinda

This name is coming back with a bang as more and more people choose to give their children traditional names. The name is of Swedish origin and means ‘beautiful’.

4. Brigitta

Birgitta is the Swedish and Icelandic form of the Irish name Brighid. Brighid was the name of an ancient Celtic goddess. The name means ‘strength’.

5. Carina

Carina is a unique name which has many variations. Th particular variation of the name is of Swedish origin and means ‘pure’.

6. Cecilia

The name was generally applied to Roman women who belonged to the plebeian clan of the Caecilii. Since then, the name has popularly been used in Europe as it means ‘dim-sighted’.

7. Dagmar

Dagmar is a name which is gender-neutral in nature. The name is derived from the Old Norse name Dagmær, which translates to ‘day maiden’.

8. Dahlia

The name comes from the Dahlia flower which was named after Swedish botanist Anders Dahl. The name means ‘valley flower’.

9. Edia

The name is derived from the Latin name Aegidius. The name means ‘protector’.

10. Eleonor

Eleonor is of Hebrew origin. The name comes from the Hebrew element ‘el’ meaning ‘god’ and ‘or’ meaning light. Hence, the name means ‘God is my light’.

11. Elisabet

This is a variation of the name Elizabeth. The name Elisabet means ‘God’s promise’.

12. Frideborg

Frideborg is a classic Swedish name for girls and is a beautiful and unique name. It means ‘peaceful’.

13. Froja

The name is the Scandinavian form of Freya which comes from the Old Norse word frauja. The name means ‘mistress’ or ‘lady’.

14. Gabriela

The name has multiple origins as it is a very well-known name. The name is the feminine name of the Hebrew name Gabriel. The name means ‘God is my strength’.

15. Gala

This beautiful and short name is of Swedish and French origin. It is a festive name which means ‘singer’.

16. Gerdy

Although this name sounds manly, it is most definitely a beautiful lady’s name. This unique name is of Swedish origin and means ‘strength of a spear’.

17. Gotilda

This unique name is of Swedish origin and means ‘strong’.

18. Hedvig

The name Hedvig has Germanic origins and is also used as a surname. The name means ‘strife’ or ‘contention’.

19. Helena

Helena is a beautiful name of Latin origin. It is in fact the Latin version of the name Helen. This sweet name means ‘maiden’.

20. Ida

It is believed that the name is related to the Old Norse goddess Iðunn even though the name has ancient Germanic etymology. The name means ‘prosperous’.

21. Inga

This name is perfect for parents who love mythology. Ing is the name of a Norse deity who represented peace and prosperity. The name means ‘guarded by Ing’.

22. Jannike

This unique name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘Yahweh is gracious’.

23. Judit

Judit is a female name derived from the Hebrew name יְהוּדִית or Yehudit. The name is a variation of the name Judith and means ‘praised’.

24. Kaja

The name is considered to be a derivative form the of feminine form of the name Karl. Hence, this Swedish name means ‘jackdaw’.

25. Karin

Karin is the Swedish form of the name Katherine. The name means ‘pure’.

26. Karolina

The name Karolina is the feminine version of the name Karl. The name is of Scandinavian origin and means ‘manly’.

27. Kia

Kia is quite a popular name and most of us have heard about the company Kia that manufactures vehicles. The name is of Swedish-Scandinavian origin and means ‘christ-bearer’.

Traditional Swedish Girl Names With Meaning

It’s always rewarding to stick to your roots. You learn a lot more about where you come from and where you belong. It is very common for parents to give their children traditional names for this reason. Here are some traditional Swedish Girl names:

1. Annika

Annika is a beautiful name which is the Swedish pet form of the name Anna. The name is also a variant of the name Anneke in the Netherlands. The name means ‘graceful and merciful’.

2. Blenda

Blenda is a sweet and beautiful name which means ‘heroine’. The name is of Swedish origin and is an adorable name for your little one.

3. Hanna

The name Hanna is of Swedish origin and it means ‘gracious’. The name is a beautiful twist to the classic name Hannah.

4. Ingeborg

Ingeborg is a Germanic female name which is derived from Old Norse word Ingiborg. The name means ‘protection’.

5. Ingrid

The name is derived from the Old Norse name Ingiríðr. The name has many variations and means ‘loved’ or ‘beautiful’.

6. Kajsa

The names Kajsa, Kaisa or Cajsa are variations of the name Karin, which in turn is a variation of the name Katarina. The name has been used in Sweden since 1540. The name means ‘pure’.

7. Sussane

Sussane is a popular name with deep origins. The name has many variations and is commonly used in the English-speaking world. The name means ‘lily’.

These are some Swedish baby girl names which are very popular. Go through these names and note down the ones you like. We understand that as a parent it is your responsibility to pick the best name for your baby. So consider the names given in this list and do research (and some more research) before you select that perfect name for your girl!

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