Top 20 Romantic Baby Boy Names With Meanings

20 Most Romantic Baby Names for Boys

If you love reading romance novels or watching romantic movies, we’re sure you simply adore the ever-charming protagonists from those epic novels and movies. Chances are you’ll want to name your child after the characters of the novel or movie you like. And it’s totally okay, in fact, it’s cute. A lot of people like to name their babies after a character from a book or novel. But a romantic name need not come from a book or movie alone, it can come from a romantic destination, author, poet, or anything that you deem is full of love. If you’re soon going to be parents and are looking for some romantic names for your baby, we’re here to help! In this article, we’ve shared a list of romantic baby names for boys. So, read on and make note of the ones you like (or love)!

Romantic Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Read on to follow the list of 20 romantic names for boys.

1. Athens

Athens, the capital of Greece is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. Athens is derived from the word Athenian or Athenakis and can be a wonderful romantic name for your son.

2. Apollo

As per Greek mythology, Apollo was the son of Zeus and Leto. He was the Greek god of poetry, music, art, and beauty. It would be a perfect romantic name for your little one.

3. Byron

If you name your child Byron, you will be naming him after the well-known romantic poet Lord Byron. Lord Byron was the name of an English poet who was a favourite amongst people. Byre means ‘cowshed.’

4. Carl

Carl means ‘man.’ The name Carl was immortalized by the cute characters Carl and Ellie in the movie ‘Up’. Carl is the German version of the name Charles.

5. Caspian

A heroic and romantic name for boys that’s quite popular these days. This name comes from the Caspian Sea. And it would prove to be a very unique name for your child.

6. Dave

Dave is a Scottish baby boy name which means beloved or friend. A cute romantic name indeed!

7. Delmont

Delmont is a cute romantic French name which is popular among millennial parents these days! It means ‘of the mountain.’

8. Darcy

Darcy is one of the most loved characters of all times. Mr. Darcy is one of the two central characters in Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice. If you love reading classics, we’re sure you must have read this novel. Although it’s a last name in the novel, it would make a perfect romantic name for your baby boy!

9. Edward

Do you remember the breathtaking character Edward from the epic movie ‘Twilight’? Well, now you know why this name is on the list! Edward means a ‘rich guard’.

10. Eros

A perfect romantic name for boys, Eros is the name of the God of Love and the son of Goddess Aphrodite.

11. Heathcliff

If you love reading historical romance novels, then you’ll love this name! Heathcliff is one of the main characters in the famous novel ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Bronte. The name means ‘cliff near the heath.’

12. Jack

The character Jack from the epic movie Titanic is etched in our minds. Jack is a very common name among English speaking nation, but this name got popularity from this movie. Jack means ‘God is gracious’.

13. Lancelot

Sir Lancelot is a fictional character in the legend of King Arthur, who is a Knight of the Round table. He is the lover of Arthur’s queen. It’s a unique name which you can consider for your child.

14. Lorenzo

Lorenzo is an Italian name has a romantic charm to it. Lorenzo is also one of the characters in William Shakespeare’s famous play ‘The Merchant of Venice’. He plays the love interest of Jessica, Shylock’s daughter. The name Lorenzo is an Italian or Spanish form of the name Lawrence.

15. Orion

Orion is a romantic name with its roots in Greek mythology. Orion is one of the brightest constellations in the sky’.

16. Orlando

Orlando is an Italian name which means ‘famous throughout the land.’ Orlando is also the name of the lead character in the Shakespearean play ‘As You Like It’.

17. Rafael

An exotic name with a romantic appeal to it! Rafael or Raphael is a significant name for Jewish and Latin people. It means ‘God has healed’.

18. Romeo

Romeo is the protagonist in Shakespeare’s famous play Romeo and Juliet. We’re sure you know this name already. You’ll not find a better romantic name than Romeo for your little boy!

19. Rhett

Rhett means ‘advice or counselling’. Rhett is the name of the main character in the classic romantic novel, ‘Gone with the wind.’

20. Valentino

Valentino is the Italian form of the Latin name Valentinus. This name means brave or strong. This name has a romantic appeal to it.

We hope that the above list of beautiful romantic names would help you select a suitable name for your baby.

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