Top 80 Nicknames For Sebastian

80 Cute Nicknames for Sebastian

A nickname can be the best identification mark and calling card for a child. Sebastian is one of the most beautiful vintage names for baby boys that has a wide range of potential nicknames to go with it. Unique nicknames for Sebastian can be creatively formed by breaking down this three-syllable given name.

Meaning and Origin of Sebastian

Sebastian is both a given name and a surname from the ancient Greek word ‘Sebastos,’ meaning “venerable,” which comes from Sebas, meaning ‘awe’ or ‘reverence.’ Sebastos was translated from Augustus’s title was used in the Roman empire. The Greek name comes through the Latinized intermediary Sebastianus which refers to a person in Asia Minor who came from a town called “Sebaste” that is now the city of Sivas in Turkey. The name is mainly popular thanks to Saint Sebastian, a 3rd-century Christian saint martyred by the Roman emperor Diocletian. Saint Sebastian is a favorite saint within the Catholic Church, who served as the patron saint of archers, athletes, and those who desire a saintly death. Over the years, this traditional name has been embraced by most Christian countries.

Nicknames for Sebastian

Sebastian is a versatile name that can have a variety of nicknames to suit different personalities. Sebastian’s funny nicknames are not intended to hurt feelings but to express our love for our beloved child. Here are some adorable nicknames for Sebastian that may become your child’s favorite:

  1. Baz
  2. Tatan
  3. Basty
  4. Ian
  5. Ashton
  6. Tian
  7. Bassy
  8. Sebs
  9. Sebum
  10. Bastian
  11. Zeb
  12. Bash
  13. Sep
  14. Sepi
  15. Sepp
  16. Zebby
  17. Basha
  18. Basti
  19. Bas
  20. Bastion
  21. Ash
  22. Sian
  23. Sebas
  24. Sev
  25. Sebbie
  26. Sebbel
  27. Sebby
  28. Basto
  29. SJ
  30. Sab
  31. Bast
  32. Seb
  33. Basher
  34. Bazza
  35. Bastee
  36. Spaz
  37. Binnie
  38. Son
  39. Chin
  40. Sebastixi
  41. Sea
  42. C-atian
  43. Seban
  44. Sebito
  45. Sebstar
  46. C-bass
  47. El Cbas
  48. Supertian
  49. Seabass
  50. Spasti
  51. Seblink
  52. Basil
  53. Chachan
  54. Bitas
  55. Cheba
  56. Bean
  57. Sass
  58. Bazzy
  59. Sebrero
  60. Sebacho
  61. Ba-chin
  62. Beau
  63. Semba
  64. Be-be
  65. Sen
  66. Bashful
  67. Sacha
  68. Shaan
  69. Tiana
  70. Bay
  71. Bae
  72. Sabine
  73. Bia
  74. Astia
  75. Sasha
  76. Ebiee
  77. Subby
  78. Saebae
  79. Sebi
  80. Sebiano

The popularity of the Name Sebastian

Sebastian has seen unprecedented growth in its popularity over the past several years, surging into the top 50 names in the U.S. in 2013. According to the Social Security Administration data, it has risen to reach the 18th spot in 2018 and 2019 consecutively. Finally, this modern yet trendy name has managed to cement its number 19 as per the latest 2020 data.

Famous Celebrities With the Name Sebastian

Distinguished personalities around the world with the name Sebastian are remembered due to their fame and fortune. Here are some notable celebrities with the name Sebastian who’re stalwarts in their professions:

Name Who He Is
Saint Sebastian Martyred Christian Saint
Sebastian Coe British Politician
Sebastian Stan Actor
Sebastian Maniscalco Stand-Up Comedian
Sebastian Vettel German Race Car Driver
Sebastian Bodu Romanian Politician
Sebastian Binder Austrian Opera Singer
Sebastian Aho Finnish Ice Hockey Player
Sebastian Edathy German Politician
Sebastian Giovinco Italian Footballer

Variations of Sebastian

Variations of Sebastian have emerged with different spellings and pronunciations in diverse languages to make nickname selection easy for parents. Here are some ethnic variations of the name Sebastian:

Name Origin
Bastian Bastian
Sebastian Spanish
Sebastiani Swahili
Sebastiano Italian
Sebastianos Greek
Sebastiao Portuguese
Sebastijan Croatian
Sebastiaan Dutch

Sebastian is a classic masculine name rapidly catching up with the other trending names in the popularity chart. Although it doesn’t have a feminine form, it might eventually become a gender-neutral name. Regardless of the gender, common nicknames for Sebastian are sure to become the next talk of the town due to their sophisticated charm and earn respect, as the meaning of the name suggests.

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