Top 80 Turkish Boy Names WIth Meanings

80 Turkish Baby Names for Boys

Turkey is home to one of the oldest, long-established cultures in the world, with history and tradition that speaks for itself. The naming practices of the nation have also been well followed. At birth, the child is given one or two names, most of which are gender-specific. Selecting a suitable name for a baby boy who is no less than a prince is a challenging job. We’re listing some of the most famous Turkish Islamic baby boy names in the world, and we’re also telling you what they mean, so you can pick one that best fits your boy. So, what are you waiting for? Pick the most suitable one from this list of Turkish male names.

Popular Turkish Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Here we are putting some cool Turkish boy names and some other unique names.

1. Aagha

Aagha word means one who can have control over something, Lord, Chief. This is a noble name that represents the efficiency and positive qualities of a person.

2. Adlee

A perfect name for your baby boy if you are looking for modern names. Adlee in the Bible means the one who is measured by God. It means ‘just or fair’ in Turkic.

3. Ahmet

Ahmet is an Arabic derived word and this name is the principal transliterations of the name  Ahmed which means a disciple of Mohammed.

4. Alibek

Alibek is a stylish combination name with the Persian name Ali and the Turkish title Bek. The meaning of the name is chief or ruler.

5. Altan

If you are looking for a name which means sunrise, then this is the apt name. Originated from the Turkish language, Altan means crimson sunrise.

6. Aslan

Aslan in Turkish means lion.

7. Bahadir

Bahadir is a sophisticated Turkish name referring to one who is brave and determined.

8. Balian

A royal name for your baby boy which means King or the Lord. In the 12th century, this name was given to the noble crusader in the Jerusalem Kingdom.

9. Baris

A unique name that has been popular nowadays as this Turkish name represents the character of a person. This name means peaceful, quiet and calm.

10. Behrem

Behrem in Turkish stands for the planet Mars.

11. Berken

Berken in Turkish refers to someone who is of strong blood.

12. Burak

A charming name that has a strong meaning combined. This name means to be fast and remains as strong as a lightning bolt.

13. Can

Can is a highly popular name in Turkey which refers to a person full of spirit and life. Can Yaman is a famous Turkish actor bearing this name.

14. Candana

A trendy name is derived from an Arabic word and it means a sincere and honest person.

15. Candon

Candon is a voguish Turkish male name suitable for your little champ if you are looking for a modern name. It means an honest man.

16. Cahil

Cahil is an ideal name for your little one as this word means young and an innocent person.

17. Cenk

Cenk is a sassy baby boy’s name with a lot of oomph to it. The meaning of the name is one who wins a war.

18. Cetin

Cetin is a classic Turkish name meaning a tough, hard and strong person. This is a famous Turkish name used by most of the traditional and modern families.

19. Ceyhun

Ceyhun is a regal name for your smarty boy and it’s also the name of a central Asian river.

20. Duman

A smoky name for your baby boy which also has an inner meaning of a person’s quality. Deman means one who is very helpful and supportive.

21. Demir

A strong name for your strong boy meaning is for one who is made of iron.

22. Efe

Efe is an elegant variation of the name which means elder brother and for someone who has immense strength and affection.

23. Eldar

A widely popular name Turkish baby boy name, which means the person is born to fight with fire.

24. Emmad

Emmad is a unique and wonderful-sounding boy’s name, meaning leader.

25. Emre

A variant of Emre, this name has more English look than Turkish. So, if you are looking for a multilingual-ish name, then this could be it. Emry means an older brother or a helpful and loving friend.

26. Esmaeel

Esmaeel is a modern variant of the name Ismail and refers to one of the prophets mentioned in the Quran.

27. Guney

Guney is a well-known first name for boys in Turkey. It means south.

28. Gyula

A cool baby boy name which is a Hungarian royal title. This can be the best name if you are looking for cool names or nicknames.

29. Galip

A quality name for your brave boy meaning winner or a victorious man. This is an uncommon baby boy name.

30. Hakan

This name means the Emperor or Ruler. Hakan is a popular Turkish forename, based on the Turkish variant of the imperial title Khagan.

31. Hamit

Hamit is a Turkish version of the Arabic name Hamid, which means loving or praised.

32. Hidir

Hidir is a trending boy’s name in Turkey, the meaning of which is unfortunately unavailable.

33. Hosmunt

Hosmunt is a Muslim originated word. Turkic people use these words to name their baby boy. Hosmunt means a clever person.

34. Hasad

Hasad is an Islamic word. Hasad is a name that means harvest or reaping. Hasad is a name used by parents to name their baby boy.

35. Halil

Halil is a word with different meanings. Halil is an Arabic word that means bosom friend. In Turkish, Halil word means an intimate friend.

36. Ihsan

Ihsan means compassion. A classic name for your prince with a charming personality.

37. Ibrahim

Ibrahim is an Arabic originated word and it means friend of God or father of the nation. This is another most popular name for a baby boy all over the nation.

38. Kaan

Kaan is an affectionate name that means king or ruler. Many parents want this as their son’s name as it means kings of kings.

39. Kahraman

Kahraman is one of the most exotic-sounding names which means hero. your son is the hero of your life so this can be the best name for you.

40. Karawan

Karawan is a very uncommon name which is based on an expression used to ward off the evil eye.

41. Latafat

Latafat is a Turkish originated word meaning elegance. This can be spelt in different ways so one of the variant spelling is Lataphat.

42. Levent

Levent is a masculine name meaning good-looking.

43. Latifah

Latifah is an adorable name for your son as this means elegance and some people also spell this name as Lateefah.

44. Metin

Metin is a classy and ramp-ready Turkish boy’s name meaning authority or someone who has high authority or power.

45. Mesut

Name your handsome boy as Mesut which means happy or pleasure. A best-suited name for your bundle of joy.

46. Murat

A short and attractive name for your little darling king. Murat means a wish that comes true.

47. Mesich

Mert derives from the Persian word mard, meaning man or man. Mesich is the Turkish version of Mohammed. It means appreciation or recognition.

48. Neval

A stylish and cool name which means an original place or the new city. It has been observed that most of the Muslim parents use this name for their baby boy.

49. Niroop

Niroop is a sleek and sexy name for your little Champ. Niroop means a bright sparkling appearance.

50. Nijaz

Nijaz is a very cute name and would be a perfect name for your son. Nijaz mean want, desire or wish.

51. Nouis

Nouis is certainly a rare and unique-sounding boy’s name which stands for a bright appearance.

52. Oguz

Oguz is a common Turkish name meaning priceless or valuable.

53. Okan

This is a fancy Muslim name. Okan means an individual of a noble nature with a respectable and noble look.

54. Orhan

Orhan is an attractive and ancient Turkish name meaning great leader. The name also belonged to the Ottoman Empire’s longest-reigning sultan, Orhan Ghazi.

55. Osmanek

A fascinating name which means a person with an expressive and vibrant nature. Osmanek’s name is a famous Turkish name used by many other religions as well.

56. Otar

Otar is a short and jaunty name which stands for meadow.

57. Ozan

A decent name meaning a composer or a storyteller. Ozan has a charm in the name and a famous poet has been named the same.

58. Ozanich

Ozanich in Turkish stands for bard.

59. Rifaat

A sweet and simple name for your baby boy. Rifaat means a high-status person or a rank holder.

60. Roshan

If you’re looking for a gender-neutral Turkish name, you’ve just found your diamond in the rough! Roshan means light or bright.

61. Safet

A brilliant name for your one and only boy meaning pure. Consider this name for your child.

62. Soner

Soner is a cool and friendly boy’s name, meaning the last man standing.

63. Sukru

Sukru is a literal Turkish word for grateful. People have been using this word for baby names successfully.

64. Suleyman

Suleyman means peace. Sulayman is a Turkish form of the Greek and Latin name Solomon, a variation of the Hebrew name Shelomoh, originating from the Hebrew word shalom means ‘peace.’

65. Sevket

A powerful name for your strong boy which means power and dignity.

66. Tabib

Tabib is a sophisticated first name which refers to a doctor or someone who cures sick.

67. Tamraz

This different and unique name means a strong god.

68. Tarkan

Tarkan is a notable Turkish masculine name which means bold or strong.

69. Tanju

An admirable name for the happiness of your life. Tanju is an ideal name which means the blessing which you have received from god.

70. Tengiz

Tengiz is a Turkish version of the Mongolian name Chinggis which basically evolved from the name Deniz. The meaning of Tengiz is a sea or ocean.

71. Truong

Truong is a bold name that refers to a meadow or a college.

72. Tabeeb

An authentic name which means a doctor or a physician. This can be a perfect name for a child who goes into the same profession when he grows up.

73. Tuncay

Tuncay is a combination of a trendy and classy name which refers to a moon composed of bronze or a moon that reflects in bronze color.

74. Ulubek

Ulubek is certainly an aristocratic Turkish name meaning great chieftain.

75. Yadgar

This Turkish name itself shows the meaning of the word. Yadgar means memorable.

76. Yusef

A well-deserved name for your little boy which means the appearance of Joseph. It means God will rise.

77. Yildiz

Yildiz is a traditional name which means star. A perfect name for your baby if you are looking for names starts with Y.

78. Zehab

Zehab is a Turkish Islamic word which means gold.

79. Zeki

Z is the last alphabet and Zeki is a simple and intelligent name for your little one which means clever and intelligent.

80. Zhumabek

Zhumabek is a combination name which is made by combining two names Zuma, meaning Friday, and the title bek meaning a chief. This name is popular in Kazakhistan and Turkey and means minister in charge of Fridays.

A name represents the quality and character of a person. Names also represent the personality of a person, and choosing a name with its meaning is a difficult task for parents. Choosing a name is the most significant gift offered to the infant by their parents, and it has been noted that both of the parents end up with debate while choosing the name. So wishing you the best of luck in choosing a perfect name for your boy. Happy Parenting!

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