Jennifer Name Meaning

  • Name :jennifer
  • Meaning :fair phantom or wave white,jennifer how to a girl's name is pronounced jen-ee-fer, jen-if-is. it is welsh origin, and the meaning of jennifer is "fair and soft. from gwenhwyfar, which also can mean "ola blanca". variant of geneva. mythology: king arthur stories, guinevere was arthur ' s queen. the name became popular thanks to the movie of celebrity jennifer jones. literary: bernard shaw used the name for the character of jennifer dubedat in "the dilemma of the doctor" (1905). jenifer is a variation of the spelling, mainly, in cornwall. see also gaynor and ginevra. actresses jennifer gray, jennifer jones, jennifer jason leigh, jennifer o ' neill, jennifer aniston, jennifer connelly, jennifer garner, jennifer lopez.,the fair -, the shade white, white wave,women, of white magic
  • Gender :Girl

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