30 Aristocratic Baby Names for Boys and Girls

30 Aristocratic Baby Names for Boys and Girls

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There is always a little mystic involved with the aristocracy. Be it the furniture in the house or other decors, or even the names, all have a unique charm. Therefore, when it comes to giving aristocratic names to your baby boy or girl, you already know that it will sound exclusive. We have come up with aristocratic names for boys and girls, including names and characters from classic literature.

Elite and Aristocratic Baby Boy Names

Here is a list of aristocratic names for baby boy that you will find interesting:

1. Alastair

It is a Scottish version of the European name Alexander. Although it originates from an old Greek word, it refers to someone who is brave and a guardian of the people.

2. Albert

Coming from the German word ‘Adelbracht,’ it refers to someone noble and bright. This name gained its popularity when the English Queen Victoria named her prince as Albert.

3. Alfred

The meaning of this name is ‘to be a sage or wise.’ Probably inspired by the 9th-century great king called Alfred, it also refers to elf counsel in old English.

4. Alexander

Of Greek origin, the name was one of the several titles given to the mother of Olympian Greek Gods. The direct meaning of the name is ‘defender of the people.’

5. Andrew

Andrew is a common aristocratic name that also refers to the patron saint of Scotland as well as Russia. The meaning of this name is ‘manly or brave.’

6. Alden

A name that got its popularity in the Middle Ages remains an excellent choice even today. It is an English version of Aldwyn and means ‘a wise or old friend.’

7. Bentley

Today we may recognize it as an English car brand; however, it is a common aristocratic name as well. The meaning of the name is ‘meadow with coarse grass.’

8. Cecil

From the Roman clan name- Caecilius, comes the famous English name, Cecil. Quite a few eminent personalities bear this name.

9. Cadmael

A Welsh derivative of Cadfael, Cadmael, is uncommon and yet sounds good. The name Cadmael means ‘war chief.’

10. Caedman

Although an Irish name, it is derived from the ‘Cadman.’ The name means a person who is prudent in his approach. Interestingly in Anglo-Saxon, it means a ‘warrior.’

11. Charles

Derived from the German name Karl, the name gained popularity in Europe with the fame of Charles the Great. The meaning of this word is a ‘free man.’

12. Constantine

A popular name in Greece, he was a great Roman emperor. He was the first emperor from the Roman Empire to adopt Christianity and gave name to the city now called Constantinople.

13. Franklin

The meaning of this aristocratic name is ‘free landholder.’ One of the founders of the United States also had this name – Benjamin Franklin.

14. Fredrick

It is a German name that means ‘peaceful monarch.’ A popular masculine name in Europe at all times, it gives Fred as a perfect nickname as well.

15. Tennyson

A popular name everywhere, it comes from the name Dennis which means the ‘follower of Zeus.’

Elite and Aristocratic Baby Girl Names

Here is another list of aristocratic names for your baby girl.

1. Anne

The name has Hebrew origins and is the French form of the Greek name Anna. It means ‘grace.’ The second wife of Henry VIII and the mother of Queen Elizabeth I has this name.

2. Amaryllis

Not only is this name aristocratic but also floral and that is its beauty. It means ‘to sparkle.’ In Old Greek poems, it denoted the pure pastoral beauties.

3. Aveline

A name with a French origin, it means ‘hazelnut.’ It’s a name for your baby girl that sounds unique. It also connects to the ancient Roman place called Avella.

4. Beatrice

This Italian name means ‘blessed’ or ‘someone who brings happiness.’ Beatrice was the name of Queen Victoria’s youngest child.

5. Charlotte

The name was not as popular in the 18th century, however it’s a now-famous name all across. It is the feminine form of Charles.

6. Cecily

It comes from the Victorian name Cecilia. You can find this name as a character in the famous ‘The Importance of Being Earnest.’

7. Elizabeth

A trendy name since the time of Queen Elizabeth I of England in the 16th century. The meaning of this name is ‘pledged to God.’

8. Gloria

The elegance of this name is impressive. The meaning of this name is ‘glorious.’ The famous singer Gloria Estefan is a famous bearer of this name.

9. Georgiana

For long, the name remained an upper-class domain in England. Although the name means ‘farmer,’ it is fashionable to name your baby girl Georgiana.

10. Louisa

The name has many literary and historical associations. It is originally a Latin word that means ‘a renowned warrior.’ Several famous personalities were the bearers of this name.

11. Maarit

It is a Finnish version of Margaret. It originates from Greece and means ‘a pearl.’ Margaret Thatcher, the former UK Prime Minister, was the most famous bearer of this name.

12. Mackenzie

The name means ‘child of the wise leader.’ Interestingly it can be used both in feminine or masculine form. The name gained its popularity from the American actress Mackenzie Phillips.

13. Octavia

It is a word from the Latin language, meaning ‘the eight.’ In earlier times, it was the name given to the eighth born child in the family.

14. Odelia

Here is a unique name if you are looking for one. It is derived from the German name Odo which means ‘riches.’

15. Olympia

This Greek origin name means ‘from Mount Olympus.’ Named after the highest mountain in Greece, it also has a mention in the mythology. It was considered the home of Greek gods.

These elite baby names are worthy of appreciation for all. Your baby boy or girl will like their aristocratic name when they grow up. Old aristocratic names have a unique sound and appeal to them. The name is sure to add a few refined qualities to your baby when she/he grows up.

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