Top 100 British Girl Names With Meanings

100 Popular British Names for Girls

Choosing a name for your baby can be a challenging task for a parent. Every name that you think of may remind you of someone or may have some positive or negative association that you may not want in your baby’s identity. The cute names of the baby mark a place for her in the world. It is, therefore, natural for parents to choose the best one for their little darling. In this article, we present to you a thoughtful and meaningful list of British female names for baby girls for you to choose the perfect name for your little darling.

Unique British Baby Girl Names

If you are looking for unique British girl names that have a joyful vibe and are also popular, there might be one or several on this list of top British baby names for girls that could resonate with you. These old British names have a distinct style of their own. Let’s explore these pretty names and find out what they mean.

Name Meaning
Ada Ada is a unique German originated name which was brought over to Britain by Normans. It means ‘of a noble kind’.


Adelaide is a popular girl’s name having German roots. It means ‘noble or nobility’.


Abigail is primarily a female name of Hebrew origin that means ‘Joy Of The Father’.

Adeline This English name could be pronounced in two ways; Adelynn’ or ‘Adeleen’, depending upon your preferences.  It is a German name that means ‘noble and serene’.
Agatha A Greek-influenced name derived from Agathos, which means  ‘good, honourable’.
Aisling This name has an Irish origin girl and is quite popular in the UK. It means ‘vision, dreams’.


Aisha is a feminine name of Arabic origin, meaning ‘alive and healthy’.

Anne Anne is a cute tiny Latin name for girls derived from another name from Ann. In Hebrew, the name means ‘favour’, or ‘grace’.
Anwen This name Anwen is a famous name of Welsh origin, and it means ‘very fair’.  It could be pronounced as Ann-wen.
Barbara The name Barbara is a popular English baby name that is derived from the Greek Barbaros and means ‘foreign’.
Beatrix This name for baby girls has a Latin origin and is quite a popular English name too. It means ‘blessed’, or ‘traveller/voyager’ and can be chosen for the meaning you want to emphasise on.


Blanche is a feminine name that means ‘white’ in French.


Beatrice is a popular feminine name of Italian and Latin origin. It means ‘she who brings happiness’.


Bella is a feminine name of Latin and Italian origins. Translating to ‘beautiful’.


Bethany is a popular girl’s name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘house of figs’. 

Bryce This is a pretty unisex name meaning ‘alert, ambitious’.  This name is of Celtic origin and might have been derived from the element ‘bri (force, strength)’. At present, the name also means ‘speckled/freckled’.
Carla Carla is a baby girl name pronounced as KAR-lah. This name is of Old German origin, and it means ‘free man’.
Carol The name Carol is a classy English name for baby girls. It means ‘a free person’ or ‘a song’.


Cecilia is a girl’s name having Latin origin. It means ‘blind’.

Cressida Cressida is a sophisticated name you can choose for your daughter. This name has a Greek origin, and it means ‘gold’ or ‘golden’.


Chloe is a feminine name of Greek origin meaning ‘blooming’ or ‘fertility’.


Charlotte is a popular female name of French origin that means Free.


Clara is a feminine name with Latin origin. It means ‘bright and shining ‘.


Daisy is a girl’s name of English origin that means day’s eye.


Deborah is a popular girl’s name having Hebrew origin. It means ‘bee’.

Deidre Deidre is a short and classy name of Irish origin, and it means ‘she who chatters’.
Delisha This is an English name for a baby girl meaning ‘gives pleasure’, a perfect name for your little bundle of joy.


Dominique is a popular gender neutral French name having Latin roots that means ‘of the Lord’.

Dylan Dylan is an English name meaning ‘Sea’. It’s a gender-neutral name that is rising in popularity.
Ebrill A beautiful Welsh girl name, which means ‘April’ or ‘born in April’. People with this name tend to be disciplined and believe in building their lives on a solid foundation of order and service.
Edie Edie is a short and sweet baby girl name meaning ‘prosperous in war’.


Edith is a feminine given name derived from the Old English words ēad, meaning ‘riches or blessed’.

Evie Evie is a famous nickname of English origin, and it means ‘diminutive form of Eve’.


Erin is a Gaelic Baby Name that means Peace.


Edwina is a feminine name of English origin which means Rich and Prosperous Friend. 


Elizabeth is a popular feminine name, having Hebrew roots that means ‘My God is an oath’.


Florence is a delightful feminine name with French and English roots. It means ‘blossoming’.

Freya Freya is a favourite name among British parents. Freya is a Scandinavian origin name that means ‘Goddess of Love, Fertility, and Beauty’.
Frideswide Frideswide is the recent form of an old English name meaning ‘peaceful’. The babies with this name are quite muscular but very quiet like saints.
Georgina The name means ‘farmer’ but is a cute choice of English names for your baby girls.
Gillian Gillian is a popular name in Great Britain which is slowly gaining popularity in the US also. It’s a name of English origin, and means ‘youthful downy’.
Gladys Gladys is a female name from the Welsh and means “country/nation’.


Georgia is a feminine name having Greek origin that means ‘farmer’.


Hannah is derived from the popular Hebrew name Channah, which means ‘favour’ or ‘grace’.

Hattie Hattie is a sweet girly name of American origin, and it means ‘home ruler’.
Isla Isla is a short and sweet name pronounced as eye-la. The name has a Scottish origin and means ‘island’.
Isobel Isabel is a famous Scottish name, and it means a Scottish form of the name Isabel which means ‘consecrated to God’.


Imogen has Celtic roots and means ‘maiden’.


Julia is an ancient Roman name most commonly used for girls. It means ‘supreme god.’.

Jasmine Jasmine is a Persian origin name and very popular in the UK. It means ‘the Jasmine flower’.
Jessica Jessica is a Hebrew biblical name meaning ‘gift’ of ‘God beholds’. Shakespeare’s play first used the name in ‘the Merchant of Venice’.
Joleen Joleen is a unique feminine English name which means ‘God will increase’ in the Hebrew tradition.
Kate Kate is a royal name meaning ‘pure’, ‘clean’, and ‘chaste’. Most of the girls named Kate are gorgeous, talented, friendly and spontaneous.


Katie is a popular girl’s name of British origin. It means ‘pure’.


Kirsten is a popular feminine name having Scandanavian origin. It means follower of Christ


Lacey is a gender-neutral name having French roots. It is derived from the French word Lacy

Layla The name is an adorable name for baby girls, Layla has an Arabic origin, and it means ‘Night/black’. It is a stylish name perfect for the little lady.
Lettice The name Lettice is a Latin baby girl name that means ‘joy’. People with this name are quite defensive and perhaps a little withdrawn.


Lilly is a feminine name of English origin that means ‘the Lily Flower’.

Lynlee Lynlee is a stunning English name which means ‘affectionate and adoring’. It is a girl’s name of English origin.
Maisie This one is a cute feminine name of Scottish origin meaning ‘pearl’ or ‘child of light’.
Marlena This name is an English version of Marlene, meaning ‘variant of Madeline’ or ‘woman from Magdala’.


Maria is a popular feminine name having Latin origins. It means ‘of the sea’.

Maryam Maryam is a variation of the name Mary. It is also derived from the Arabic name, Mariam/ Miriam. It is a sweet-sounding name that would make a girl feel like a princess. It means ‘mistress or lady of the sea’ or ‘sea of sorrow’.


Maya has Hebrew roots that means ‘water’. In India, this name means ‘an incarnation of goddess Lakshmi’.


Mildred is a female name having English origin that means Mild Strength.

Myrtle A name derived from a reliable, scrubby, flowering shrub with firm roots and staying power. It’s meaning is ‘a shrub’.
Nancy Nancy is an English feminine name of Hebrew origin, and it means ‘Grace’.
Nicola Nicola is an exotic name mostly found in the UK. It is a name of English origin, and it means ‘victory of the people’.
Nora Nora is an Anglo-Norman which means ‘Honor’ in Latin.
Olivia The name Olivia is a girl’s name of Latin origin meaning ‘olive tree’.


Odessa is a popular female name having Greek origin that means ‘Long Journey’.

Pearl Pearl is an English name that is associated with innocence and modesty.


Phoebe is a popular girl’s name having Greek origin that means ‘radiant, and shining’.

Poppy Poppy is a cute name for a cheerful little girl. It is Latin origin name that means ‘from the flower’.
Rosie This name also has a Latin origin, and it means ‘rose’.  Rosie has been a popular name for babies in England and Whales during Victorian times.


Ruby is a name of Latin and French origins, and it means a ‘deep red precious stone’.


Rose is a delicate baby girl’s name having Latin origins. It means ‘rose’ and ‘flower.’


Regina is a popular Latin feminine name meaning ‘queen’.


Sadie is a popular girl’s name having Hebrew roots meaning princess. 

Sandra Sandra is an English name for baby girls which is widely used as a short form of Alexandra or Cassandra. It means ‘unheeded prophetess’.


Sara is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin that means ‘princess’.

Tamsin Looking for an unusual name your little darling? Here’s one name you would fall in love with? Tamsin is an English name that means ‘twin’.
Tara The name Tara is a tiny sweet baby name of Irish origin. The meaning of the name is ‘ where the kings met’.
Teagan This is a unique Welsh name meaning ‘beautiful’, ‘attractive’ or ‘perfect’. It could be used for a boy as well as a girl. This name is pronounced as Tay-gan.
Tilly Tilly is a unique name of English origin. It means ‘battle strength’ and is a variant for the German name Matilda.


Thea is a girl’s name having Greek origin, meaning ‘goddess’.

Tracy The name Tracy is taken from the Irish word ‘teach’ meaning ‘war-like’, ‘brave’, ‘fighter’ or ‘superior’.
Una Una is a beautiful dreamy name trending in the UK. This name is of Irish origin, and it means ‘one’.
Unity Unity, as the name suggests, means ‘oneness’. This cute name for bay girls is of American origin.
Velvet A soft spongy name for a baby girl, Velvet is an English origin name meaning ‘soft’.
Verona Verona is a name that has been widely used by parents seeking baby names for girls. The name Verona means ‘Truth’ and is of Italian origin.
Victoria The name Victoria is a girl’s name of Latin origin. It means ‘Victory’ and is derived from the ancient Roman goddess of victory.
Violet This English name means ‘Purple/blue flower’. It is a   perfect choice for parents who love all things floral. These flowers grow in a cluster and hardly need any attention to thrive. The girl with this name would be able to overcome all obstacles in life.
Vivian Vivian is a Christian girl name of  Latin origin meaning ‘lively’. This name is an ancient personal name and a saint’s name too.
Wendy Wendy is a beautiful feminine name of English origin and very popular in the UK and US. The meaning of the name Wendy is ‘friend’ or ‘blessed ring’.
Yasmine Yasmine is an exotic girl’s name of Arabic/ Persian origin, and it means ‘jasmine flower’.


Willow is a classic name of English origin that means ‘willow tree’ or ‘freedom.’


Zoe is a popular female name of Greek origin, meaning ‘life’. 

Zara This name of English origin means ‘princess’; perfect for making your baby feel like royalty.

We hope these English names for baby girls give a distinct identity to your little one. Choose the one that resonates the most with you and your baby’s personality, and it is sure to make your little darling feel special and loved.

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